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So the question is: is about the difference between the packages uh? Basically, we we made these packages to cover everyone like. We have a free package that people can start joining and start trading without having to pay any subscription. It will be free forever, uh.

The second package is uh. However, this package has some limitations. Limitations. Are people can only trade with two coins, two bots at a time, however, they can still shift between the the coins and stop one final work with another.

EazyBot Packages Explained

They can connect one exchange, one api at a time uh. The second package is the advanced package: that’s costing 250 usdt per year and that allows people to to uh create up to 10 bots at a time or trade 10 coins at a time, and they can connect two exchanges uh. The third package is the vip package.

It cost 995 per year and that allows people to trade all the existing coins. I mean in the pot, which is 21 coins, and they can accordingly create 21 bots at a time. That package also includes a oneonone uh help and set up your set of your account. You will have one specialist to be with you uh, to set up your account or to help you set up your account, because this is your account.

It’s your choice and your money uh, you decide how you want to to trade it, but the our set will take you through the uh, the bot and show you the features and the benefits. So you can decide what’s the best for you. On top of that.

Also, the vip members are going to be having one call every month, one on one that would be 10 to 15 minutes to just follow up and see if everything is going well hope this answered the question. Thank you, muhammad all right. Thank you.

Muhammad. If you don’t mind, if you would speak to the, i think the second part of that question is uh. Is the vip package designed to make you more money? You want to talk about that um. Well, the vip package is basically having the same features technically as the the three package.

However, the the id package gives you, it explores you to more uh coins. Let me give you a small example. If i have uh one million dollars, i would want to diversify.

Eazy Bot Review

Not to have all my coins trading only two points. I want them to trade, all the 20 coins to be able to achieve profit, even if some days some coins are not doing well. The other points will be doing well and that could could be a good uh point for me uh. The other thing is that about the exchanges you can connect up to five exchanges for this package, the ip package – and i know that some people wants to diversify.

Also in terms of not putting all the egg in one basket, so you can put your money into five different exchanges and trade, all of them at the same time, awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Mohammed

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