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We’re going to be talking about easybot we’re going to give you a presentation and discussion on how we are reshaping the future of crypto trading. Now before we get into things. Let’s cover a little bit of business here and we’ll read our disclosure: all information presented here is for informational purposes.

Eazybot Official Presentation

Only presenters are not financial advisors. All presenters opinions are their own and is not intended to be used as a substitute for financial investment advice. Past results are not indicative of future results, so with that being said, i want to tell you a little bit more about our story, so we touched on this for just a moment, but this is such an important part of who we are and where we’re going. So let me tell you it’s inspired by a quote from the great albert einstein who says that we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

So let’s paint that picture. What do we mean when we say crypto made easy for us? It’s more than a catchy slogan: this is our mantra, and it is our story you see for too many people crypto is hard. It can be difficult to learn confusing to understand, and it’s laden with risk.

Eazybot, however, was born from this struggle. During the spring of 2021, our ceo and founder muhammad ali, he was confronted with these realities. Having stumbled through his own challenges and some losses. He saw the potential of an automated crypto trading platform.

He was introduced to a solution that performed well at first, but as the market took a massive drop in the spring, everything changed he and some of those that he introduced to the platform were no longer experiencing the best of crypto and no longer making profits. Well, he was unwilling to allow his friends to sit in frustration and panic. So muhammad went to work for four weeks he leaned into his professional training as an engineer and his passion for numbers, and he began developing a strategy that eventually would allow them to see their trades and their portfolios begin to grow and perform once again over the Following few months that winning strategy evolved even beyond the capabilities of that platform – and this is where the vision for easybot was born, easybot is special for all kinds of reasons that we’ll talk about here today. It’s powered by amazing technology and a brilliant strategy.

However, for us, what makes easybot the most special is that it’s designed for people and for the problems that we desire to solve. We believe that crypto is the future and it doesn’t have to be hard, so we made it easy all right. Welcome to the easybot corporate offices and our ceo and founder muhammad ali. I want to pause here for just a moment, because muhammad is traveling, and i want to give him an opportunity, if he’s in the room, if somebody can uh.

Let me know if muhammad’s in the room, i’d love for him to just pop in say a couple of words, if he’s in a position to do so and if not we’ll keep it moving but uh. Somebody. Let me know if this is a good time for muhammad to come on in david, i’m trying to search for his name.

All the people coming in which we love is uh keeps pushing back to the top. If you’re there, you can raise your hand. Yes, perfect.

Thank you all right at any time. Muhammad, of course you can jump in uh. We know that you’re you’re in motion, so i’m gon na keep moving forward. Guys.

Just stop me. If i, if you see muhammad, i can’t see the participants uh, but what you’re seeing here is uh muhammad in our corporate offices actually uh. That’s where i am right now, and you know what we were doing here, which you see him pointing to we’ll actually talk about that for just a little bit and it’s such an important part of who we are as a company that’s worth jumping into. We like to start this discussion about who easybot is by talking about things that are important to us.

Like our mission, our mission as we see crypto and as we talked about this report from cryptocom, is we recognize that the world of crypto is changing or the world around us is changing and crypto is influencing and impacting that in a massive and major way, and We want to accelerate an easy transition into crypto for everybody by providing an opportunity to everyone. Our vision is to create a bridge to the future through technology in crypto. Now our values there’s the things that we believe in things that we believe that will deliver through our product and deliver through the experience that you have in our product that service integrity, trust, respect, leadership, commitment, patience, quality, gratitude and consistency. So easybot is an automated crypto trading platform and it is ideal for brand new investors and it’s perfect for those of you who might be advanced traders.

Let’s talk a little bit about why easy bite is special. Really in summary, easybot puts you in total control. It allows you to create consistent, profitable returns. You can trade crypto confidently build passive income, you can withdraw your profits at any time and you don’t need to have any experience at all to get the best out of easybot.

Now the shining star of easybot is something we call our oneclick strategy. Our oneclick strategy allows you to set up easybot so that you don’t have to be an expert in order to trade like one listen, whether you’re a beginner in crypto or an advanced user. There is no need for you to spend countless hours, tinkering with parameters, settings and strategies with easy, bots proven oneclick trading strategy.

You can be up and running, closing profitable trades in no time now. Here’s a challenge that a lot of bots and a lot of traders face especially in crypto, is that crypto markets are really volatile and we can see massive drops in the market in any given day and so easybox designed to continue to perform even in a 50 Or more market drop you are actually able to watch your profits continue to go up even when the market is going down, the crypto markets are incredibly volatile and even when there are drops or 50 or more easybot is intelligently designed to continue to trade and make Profits for you no need to sit around and wait for the market to correct easybot is closing trades and profit continually, even during the most severe drops, and, of course, the most important thing here is that easybot never closes on a losing trade. There are only profitable trades ever easybox intelligently programmed to respond to any market condition, keeps you safe from the worst possible possible scenario, which is taking losses with easybot in control.

What is Eazy Bot

You’Ll never have to worry about taking a losing trade ever again now automatic compounding is easy. You can accelerate your earnings and do it on autopilot, with easybox automatic compounding feature you’ll be able to grow. Your crypto earnings, faster than ever easybot, will take all the funds that it earns for you and automatically add them to the calculations of available funds for future trades guys. You ever heard the story of uh whether you would take a million dollars or you take a penny doubled every day for the next 365 days.

The answer to that might not seem obvious if, for the first time, you heard that question, but after you’ve heard it and you understand the math, you understand the power of compounding that’s what that story drives home. The massive amount of growth that you experience when you’re able to add earnings on top of earnings growth on top of growth, that’s what easybot’s doing for you and it’s doing it automatically. In the background now one penny added to another penny in day, one and day two doesn’t seem like a whole lot day. Three, you got four pennies.

Save four you’ve got eight pennies, but allow that to continue to compound and the numbers become astronomical in no time and that’s why patience is so important, but listen for our advanced traders. We haven’t left you out. We made it super super easy for our beginners and those who don’t want to spend a lot of time becoming experts, but for those of you who enjoy trading and who enjoy the market and are just looking for a tool to help you get out of in Front of those screens like coach ken mentioned and allow you to execute your strategy using this really powerful software you’re going to be happy to know that you can have your strategy and be in total control, see with ezybot’s numerous customizable settings.

You are always in total control of your trading strategy, whether you’re day trading, scalping or just tinkering. Easybot puts you in the driver’s seat, with the ability to modify existing strategies or completely create your own all right. So at this point we want to help you get started with easybot.

Getting started is easy start trading with easybot for free. Let me just jump through here and make it really simple, for you create your easy bot account for free step. One open and connect to your crypto account step two and then you start trading with our one click strategy, step three easy as can be. So, let’s talk about what easybot gives you in summary, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, what’s special about the crypto markets? Is they never close? So you get the opportunity to be in the market all the time, never miss an opportunity.

24. 7. Easy bots running for you easy oneclick strategy settings. You don’t have to spend hours minutes days, weeks or months trying to figure out the best possible strategy.

It’s already designed to keep you in profitable trades and you can set it up in no time for our advanced traders. You can absolutely customize easybot. You can automatically compound your earnings, so you’re, not just making profitable trades passively but you’re compounding them. So your growth is faster and guys it doesn’t matter whether you have a large investment or you have a small investment to get started.

Easybox perfect to help you grow your portfolio. It doesn’t matter where you get started, but it does matter that you do get started and best part of all is that you can get started for free, that’s right, absolutely free. In fact.

Let’s talk about what our packages look like, we have three different offers for you, three different packages that can get you started with easybot the first one. Is you guessed it? It’s free, free forever, absolutely nothing! There’s a thirty percent software service fee for every profitable trade that is closed, easybot gets thirty percent. Easybot makes a dollar for you.

You keep 70 70 cents, easy back, gets 30 cents for the effort. Here’s what else you get you get to trade! Two coins! You get to do that on one exchange. You get access to the oneclick strategy setup. We do group support, calls to support you.

We’Ve got guides and tutorials for you as well, and you get access to our amazing affiliate programs and to support that affiliate program. You get access to our professional marketing and training app. Now our advanced package is for those who would like a little bit more diversity.

You want to trade more coins, uh you’d like to pay a little bit less in fees. That package is 250, it’s annual and you only pay a 20 software service fee here. So if easybot makes you a dollar, you keep 80 cents, easybot gets 20 20 cents for its effort.

What else you get again, 10 coins that you can trade up to two exchanges that you can trade on as well, and all the same features that you got in our free package. The oneclick strategy set up support, calls trainings guides, tutorials, earn as an affiliate and our amazing affiliate program and a professional marketing app now for those who are our advanced traders and those who want absolute diversity, you get access to all the coins in easybot. When you choose our vip package, it’s 995 annually.

You also only pay the 20 software service fee per trade. You get all the coins and you get up to five different exchanges that you can trade on and all the features in our advanced package plus oneonone support. So, for some of you don’t want to fit in a group support. Call you like to have somebody that can support you, oneonone or advanced packages for you.

Everything You Should Know About Easybot

So we’ve got you covered no matter where you’re, starting where you’re coming into this industry into crypto. You want to just figure it out start with our free package. You’Ve got it figured out.

You want to get going. Super fast, choose our advanced package. Our vip package doesn’t matter where you start, but it does matter that you do get started now.

One of the things that i think is super important for everybody to understand is where your money goes now, there’s two different places and you talk about the distribution of funds, so your trading funds here are going to go to your exchange. We’Ve got two different exchanges as of today in our prelaunch and our actually today is our our full scale. Launch. We’Ve got two different exchanges for you to choose from coinbase pro and binancecom, so your trading funds, the money that easybot trades for you goes into an exchange, the funds you want to trade with go there and the easybot never actually touches those funds.

So how does easybot actually make you money? Well, the api connection. That’s provided by the exchange allows easybot to connect its software to their software and then it opens and closes trades for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, never actually touches. Your funds has no permission to withdraw funds from your exchange account, so you remain in total control of your assets.

At all times you can stop trading at any time. You can withdraw your profits at any time. You are in 100, total control.

Nobody at easybot ever gets access to your money. Now you’ve got software subscription fees that we talked about and since easybot cannot pull that full funds out of your exchange account there’s some money that goes to easybot and that is to cover your subscriptions. The packages that we just talked about, you want to upgrade to an advanced package or a vip package.

Well, that goes to easybot. If you are, and of course, we also create a small wallet for the software service fees, because we can’t pull them out of your exchange, so that gets set up in a wallet and easybot. That’s it everything else that you’re trading your funds that easybox trading for you any exchange you want to upgrade your package cover your software service fees that goes to easybot easypeasy. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the story of ezybot

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