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Hopefully, still monday, where you are it, is it’s a beautiful monday here in beautiful central florida, welcome to everyone. That’s on today’s call. This is the corporate update call for monday june 6th, but we get it recorded, recording in progress all right. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a honor and a privilege to be with you every monday we get together.

We do this call and uh. We just want to go through a couple of important things. Updates events uh give an opportunity for you guys to ask questions of the corporate team uh, all that good stuff, and today we have uh. We have a couple of really important announcements that we want to spend some time talking about, and so the first one we want to jump into.


Let’s just get into the good stuff, uh, the first and and uh most exciting announcement. Let me make sure i’ve got it pulled up here is uh we’re gon na. Do something very special for you guys – and i know that you know we talk about this – a lot that we are a product first company, which basically means that uh we’re very, very focused on our product, we’re very proud of the product that we’ve developed and built. We’Ve had an opportunity to prove it in the marketplace.

We’re excited about the results that it’s getting and we believe that, in the long run, easybot is going to be the most amazing crypto trading tool that anyone can possibly use it’s just gon na it gets better over time. It’s able to trade, the market in up and down conditions and we’ve seen that happen, and so we spend a lot of our time really focused on the product. But, as many of you know, probably all of you know if you’re on this call, we do also have an amazing affiliate program.

Uh, the decision to build easybot was was uh one where we would leverage all of those of you who all of our amazing users, everyone who’s enjoying the product, and we wanted to be able to give our users the benefit of sharing it with others who, better To tell about easybot and how powerful it is and how how it can work, but the people that are using it and benefiting from it. So we have an amazing affiliate, rewards program and so for those who are building teams or even just referring a few other. A few other people around along the way we have something that we’re going to do really special for you, guys and uh for the month of june, and this is actually retroactive to the month of june.

We’Ve got an amazing june affiliate promotion that allows you to qualify for up to fifteen hundred dollars. We’Ve got five top positions that can be earned. First place pays fifteen hundred dollars. Then we’ve got a eight hundred dollar prize 700, 600 and 500 for the fifth place.

So lots of money out there to be earned it’s up for grabs, it’s retroactive to june 1st, which means that any vip or advanced package sales or upgrades that have happened for you, and this is only to your direct. So this is somebody that use your personal affiliate id to purchase a vip package, purchase an advanced package or upgrade from a in advance to a vip if you’ve, if somebody in your direct organization who is uh direct to you, your level, one purchases, a vip or Upgrades to vip it will earn you four points for each one of those upgrades. If they, if they upgrade from an advanced package to a vip package, it will earn you three points and somebody who purchases an advanced package will earn you one point.

So the top points will decide our top five positions. Just that simple. We’re really excited about the fact that in the last month we accomplished a number of things.

Cool coin was really the biggest accomplishment of them all, which meant that every single person in the organization, every single person on the planet who wants to be able to use and trade with easybot now has access to an exchange wherein they can do so. And so now is a great time to go out. We’Ve seen amazing, testimonials, heard amazing, testimonials, seen amazing results, and so now is a great time to go out and share easy about with others and uh.

This promotion is a great great way to kick off june. Go into the summer with a nice bonus in place for you all right. Any questions before i move on from the june affiliate promotion, big and exciting news.

Any questions on that. Yes, david, it’s ben, can you hear me uh ben? If you’re talking, we cannot hear you, you can’t hear me, i see you unmuted and i can see your camera on, but we can’t yeah, i mean hey ben. I can hear you um yeah all right.

I think david. It’s all right! Ben you’re gon na i’m, assuming you’re gon na, come on back in anybody else. With questions. Hey coach, i see you coming up david um.

You got ta turn your headset on brother. Oh, maybe it’s me okay! Second, there you go sorry, no problem, brother, not on my problem. It’s a you problem. You got it, you got it.

Can you hear us got it yeah awesome! Isn’T that funny? Sometimes you think it’s everybody else, and it’s you i i i literally just posted on facebook. I said mindset. Has you navigate the problems that you see in the world awareness? Has you realized that you were the problem? The whole time really simple question about those testimonials.

Do we have those typed up anywhere where we can grab them and use them for marketing? Are they videos anything done excellent, great question: they’re uh they’re coming we’re developing those with intention. If you’re on our saturday call, we got a couple of great sound bites. Uh shah, who i think is on our call with us, now gave us a great sound bite. Uh anytime, you guys want to record something and send it up, send it into us we’d love to have it so that we can start publishing and you utilize those.

If you’re building a team, then that’s definitely a useful tool to you, so we are just now in a process. Benjamin of gathering and collecting those. Oh, you got muted again for sure this time. Yeah i mean it myself, uh, so there’s no nothing to copy and paste just yet right is that was that what we’re saying i’m just looking like simple all right cool! Thank you not yet there’s a couple of uh there’s a couple testimonials on the easybot website, but we’re gon na get some really specific user stories that you guys will be able to share and you’ll see those actually come up in our marketing system, which we’ll talk About here later today, uh coach did you want to come back in no i’m good brother, okay, all right any other questions on the july promotion.

Excuse me june. I’M getting ahead of myself on the journal. Failure promotion, any questions on that pretty straightforward.

Hopefully that’s exciting! For you guys lots of money to go into to take into summer. Take your vacation do something really special uh pick a spot, go for it put some money in the kitty for you all right. So, while we’re talking about earning money in the affiliate program, uh coach, i’m going to ask you if you would we’re going to come on.

If you would come in and talk about the uh, we made some changes, uh the leadership team – and we didn’t do this as a as an executive team or a corporate decision. This was done in collaboration. We’re so excited that we we actually had the opportunity to have this discussion with uh some of the leaders in the field, some of our national directors and leaders in the field uh. We had a proposal that was brought to us about a comp plan, change for the package sales and i’m going to let coach talk more about that and then i’ll share the screen and coach.

If you want to walk us through what that change looks like awesome, yeah guys we’re real excited about this, and one of the things that we’ve uh we’ve made a decision as uh. A group of uh executive directors of easybot is to be open when somebody talks to us about some insight that they might have to enhance uh the comp plan or any other any other part of uh easybot. You know we, we don’t make a decision just a handful of people us for no more, but we open it up to the national directors and the top leaders, and then we vote on it.

So one of our one of our leaders came to us. Uh came to me and said: hey. Would you guys be open to a possibility of an adjustment on the soft on the um annual bot sales side of the commissions and what it was? It was um two levels.

It was 40 on the first level and uh 10 on the second level so, and one of the reasons why we did that is so that people that were going out and and working they could get compensated. Pretty quick on that side, but um one of the uh one of the challenges is always uh. You know recruiting and uh if you’re uh, if you’re a builder um getting compensated for the work you you do and also, if you’re, not a builder, getting compensated for your work. You do on that side, but uh isaac brought a uh comp plan, uh enhancement to us and uh.

We uh we looked at it. We broke it down currently the comp planet we have like. I said it’s a two two level: uh fast start bonus kind of a comp plan and if you brought in five people and those five people brought in five, you would uh you’d make uh 4 500 uh with this comp plan, change or enhancement, let’s uh.

Let’s use the correct verbiage on this uh, we opened it up 10 levels, it’s a quali, you qualified down at 10 levels. The same way you do on the software service fees you bring in 10 people, you qualify down all total 10, but the potential here on a 5×10 is 62 million. So we feel that uh, this also blesses uh, those that are not builders, because they’re still getting a good uh. You know commission up front and if you are a builder and you’re not afraid to go out and introduce the best product in the space to somebody that you you love and care about, or somebody you advertise to uh.

We feel that this this comp plan enhancement, is going to be a huge blessing. The goal for everybody should be 10 people, don’t look at that as a huge number, because it’s really not if you opened up a business and you only had 10 sales. That would be a a very dismal business. This is a product that is the best product we believe in this space bar none in a space that is one of the most exciting spaces and cutting edge spaces that an individual could be in in cryptocurrency.

You know this is a mega trend, guys and we’ve got the best product in this megatrend. I believe we have the best product in the history of network marketing. Our product alone could set somebody free financially, so don’t be afraid now that we have the the um, the um funnel systems and the app and everything that’s that’s getting ready to be released on a uh on a full scale. This week i believe and uh david will talk about that once now, that we have all these tools for you guys, you shouldn’t have any problem at all, bringing in 10 people.

Let the tools do the work for you once you allow that to happen, and you you advertise wherever you want to advertise, you can do free advertised advertising, like several people on the call use uh some of the social media platforms like tic, toc and instagram to Advertise they’re bringing in large numbers of people and as long as you take care of those people that you bring in, even if you don’t know them, even if it’s a cold market, you should do incredibly well with this, so it opens up eight more levels and Uh, for if, as you see, we um, we rounded the numbers up for these levels and uh, you know you get 250 on your first level 80. This is for the vip commissions, uh 80, on your second 50 on your third 50. On your fourth. Thirty on your fifth ten dollars on your six ten dollars on your seventh uh, seven, seven dollars and then five and five now guys, if you uh, love this product, we want to encourage you to turn this into a business for yourself this you don’t have to You can become financially independent, financially free with the product alone.

EazyBot New Commisson Plan

If you use a longterm strategy as the bot produces a monthly return for you, okay uh, this has been. This is the only bot we know of that is still turning profits in the down market and we believe the market’s going to turn it’s going to go into a bull market, but this tool that you guys have at your fingertips to utilize gosh. I don’t think there’s any anything close to us out there, so we’ve got the best product turn it into a business. You want to get to your goal of financial independence quicker.

Then. What you want to do is turn this bot into a business for yourself and this this bot, if you do, that, will will give you a phenomenal commissions that you can in turn reinvest in yourself if you chose, if you choose to do so, that’s the beauty Of this we don’t touch your money, we don’t touch anybody’s money. This money is in your exchange, or these the the cryptocurrency is in your exchange.

We don’t touch your crypto you’re, not turning it over to some unknown entity that doesn’t tell you who they are where they’re from and then six months down the road after they’ve acquired several million or several hundred million in some cases, billions um. Then they shut down the website and you know walk away. This is real guys and because it’s real you’ve got an opportunity to be here with us for 20, 30 40 years.

We’re very very excited about this, so turn it into a business. Look at that reinvest in yourself and you’ll see financial independence, a lot quicker than you think you would, but this isn’t a sprint guys, because this isn’t one of those uh uh programs, where you know it’s a uh as bren blaze put it. You know these guys are serial, ponzi, preneurs and uh. This isn’t one of those, so this is more of a uh a marathon than a sprint.

It’s not going to pay as high as commissions as those, but that’s not real. This is real guys so go out. There turn this into something that that can create and generate wealth for you, a lot quicker than anything else that i know out there. That’s real, okay turn it into something that can give you financial free, so everybody’s goal here should be 10 people.

You get 10 people, you fully qualify for both sides of the comp plan on the uh. The annual bot lease sales. One person per level brings you down to 10 levels: 10 people 10 levels on the software service fees.

It’s one person per two levels, so one person open uh, 10 people open up 20 levels for you on that side, very, very exciting, guys, uh david back to you awesome. Thank you. Thank you, coach, and i just want to ask uh isaac – is on the call.

Isaac was the sponsor of this change and i wanted to to uh just ask isaac to jump in and say a couple of words about the update and um and then we’ll open up for a couple. Questions: hey isaac. I don’t know if you saw my message, but hopefully i’m not you’re in a position to jump in here. Can you hear me yeah there you go well thanks for having me um.

This is exciting, guys uh for a number of different reasons, but one of the biggest is that this is going to reward people for going out and sharing this software with people in a big way and the people who are doing uh the work and helping people And helping other people and building and serving their teams, i’m gon na get rewarded. I mean we already everybody already. Does that one, i shouldn’t say everybody, but obviously most of you are already you’re on this. If you’re plugged into this zoom you’re already doing the work, you’re already builders uh a lot of you anyway, but now you’re gon na get paid a lot more for work that you already do.

Uh, because you’re getting paid in depth that money’s gon na be compressing. As well, so it’s just an exciting time. I mean the the the um compensation plan, enhancement, you’ll, see as the days and weeks come uh. It’s just going to show up for those people who are again who are building uh, but even those people who are not building, maybe you’re, not a builder, and maybe somebody else on your team.

You refer someone and they become a builder well you’re, going to benefit there as well. So uh i’m excited about it. It’s exciting and um. I know that um, the team, the executive team – has been working really hard on this.

So we appreciate you guys, hey isaac. I uh i forgot to go over the dynamic compression, which is another phenomenal side to this enhancement. Can you share about the dynamic compression um yeah? I can’t i don’t know if there’s a visual that david or somebody can pull up, because i’m on my phone, not on my computer but um dynamic compression.

Basically uh is a process of a comp plan. Looking for inefficiencies and looking for places where there’s money being wasted and that money compresses to people who are actually building so give to give an example, as you see on this um chart here the qualifications, you can see level two level three. Well, you can see to qualify for three levels. You need to have three uh sales to qualify for four levels.

You have to have four sales and so on and so forth down through ten sales. Okay, so there’s gon na be people who have people on level. One level, two level, three level: four that don’t qualify for, that they may only have one recruit.

Maybe they only have two recruits so they’re qualified for two levels: okay, so those commissions that that go, that pay out five levels or six levels or seven levels or whatever the case may be, would instead of just kind of sitting there in limbo, they would skip The people who are not qualified and roll up to the people who are qualified, okay, and so what that means is that potentially, you could be getting paid. Even though this pays out 10 levels. This could in practice, pay out 20 levels 25 levels because there could be people 25 levels away from you that you’re getting commissions from because there’s people between you and that person who have not qualified for their for their commission, okay, and so this gives everyone an Amazing incentive to go out there and share this amazing software with 10 people uh, because if you do that you’re fully qualified. Not only are you fully qualified but you’re going to also receive uh bonuses that you wouldn’t normally qualify for because there’s other people who have not qualified so dynamic compression allows this compensation plan to be much more efficient and it’s going to also allow everybody who’s out.

There doing the work to get paid a lot more money and again that may not. It may not seem you know in the short term, it may not make a huge difference, but as the team grows and as your organizations grow in depth and a year from now, two years from now, when you guys have hundreds, if not thousands, of people on Your team and some of those people are 20 30, 40 levels away from you. It is going to significantly impact uh your income on a weekly monthly basis, uh, because that money will compress and again it gives everybody on this line, an incentive to go out and max out this complex. Most comp plans are complicated, guys and you got to go out and get three people who got 10, who got seven and you got to get you got to get this level and those three people have to get this level.

It’s like a unsolvable jigsaw puzzle. Okay, uh, it’s a rubik’s cube, that’s hard to unlock. All we have to do is go out and share this with people and the more people you share with the more of this comp plan opens up to you so kudos to the executive team for uh.

Getting this done in short time and uh, i’m excited about it. You know remus. Is this uh sustainable, uh? Yes, remus! All of these commissions are already figured into uh the uh, the comp plan, so it could have gone breakage to the company or we could have done the dynamic compression that gives it back to the field either way. This is all all the uh uh percentages are already accounted for so and i could bring uh muhammad in to answer that question um but uh.

If muhammad’s in the in the house, but uh david, you were going to talk no yeah. I appreciate your answer. Muhammad.

I think muhammad’s coming in come on in definitely so just talking about this from business perspective for the company uh anyway, we are actually sorry uh, giving away that from day one. We we made our question based on that. This is the amount that we’re going to pay for the compensation plan and right now, it’s exactly the same as what it was before.

It’s just. We changed the numbers, but from the company perspective, it’s exactly the same thing. The same amount that we’re paying out, which is the uh 54 percent plus six percent for the matching bonus, is exactly the same numbers, but we just received this uh.

Sorry we’re talking about the package uh sales, it’s 50, that we’re paying out it’s exactly the same amount, but just change of locations instead of having only two levels, is now spreading the same amount among uh, 10 generations or 10 levels for us. It’s the same. So in terms of sustainability, yes, it’s sustainable because we’re not paying more. Yes, there is time yeah.

So i think the other question too, that i want to address is uh and it’s a good question. So thank you. Remus um, with this changing nature of the company.

At all and uh – and it’s a it’s a fair question – today’s call is a little different than maybe some of our previous corporate updates, where a lot of what we’re going to talk about today is focused around our affiliates and our affiliate program, and we are a Company that has a an amazing affiliate program and it is the engine that drives our business. So the the model of our business means that it’s important, that our affiliates are inspired, motivated, that they’ve got a product that works, that they’re excited about sharing that product, and so it’s important that we spend some time uh talking with our affiliates. Of course, we have a business builder, call where we do that we have a leadership call for our team leaders in the field, and here on this corporate update, call we’re not changing at all who we are as a company.

The decision was made before we launched the company that we’re going to build this in tandem or in collaboration with with the leaders in the field we love. You know we love the the model of network marketing of being able to share with other people that we know and the people that know us like us and trust us. I can feel can feel confident that you can refer them a product and a pathway into the crypto industry. So absolutely not doesn’t change anything at all in terms of the dna of our company.

The payout is really just redistributing the funds that were already allocated to package sales, so a special shout out to isaac. Thank you so much for the for sponsoring this change and uh in leading the the discussions that we had around it. I want to just take my hat off to muhammad and coach ken for being open to it, bringing it to the leadership team, and we put it up for a vote and and went with what the leaders in the uh community in the field decided was in Everybody’s best interest, so we’re very, very, very excited about it. The long and short of it is, if you’re here with us for the long run.

If you plan on sharing easybot with with people, this is going to pay you significantly more money than airport than it would have in our previous iteration. So this is, by all intents, an upgrade for anybody who’s intending on building a team in easybody thanks, you

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