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Welcome to the overview for the complimentary marketing app provided by easybot at no time will you ever be charged for this app. This is complimentary of the company to help you either grow your business or share easybot with people that you love and care for all right. Let’s jump in now with every account whether it’s free or paid for with easybot you’ll have access to this app for life now. The first section here is about training, so you can kind of get to know.


Easybot understand what it’s about. You can take a look at the company’s story, which is a collective journey of a number of entrepreneurs all looking to serve the world and help people become financially free. All that’s readily accessible right here.

You can start the lesson and get in there and get some training on this in this section of the training, where you start this lesson, it’ll teach you how to manage your leads with this app, which is very, very easy how to get in contact with them. Things like that, how to use your shareable funnels that are all prebuilt by the company with company approved language, how to add referrals to your business, all really easy training to go through in here. In this area of the training we have access to corporate leadership, full transparency and community support calls. These are recorded calls from the most recent and prominent calls for the company as they give updates and important announcements by the company.

Not every call will be recorded in here. Those are still available live as you go on easybotzoomscom, but all the more important calls will be listed here in the leads area here. This is where you can actually start sharing the information with people that you either want to help build a business or people that you care about that.

You want to share easy bot with you’ll, be able to just do one touch sharing of easybot’s website, easybots premade webinar for you, so you have to do very little, explaining just share it with them. If they’re ready to go ahead and get an account, you can click on the free account funnel and it’ll. Send them to a sign up page where you get credit and they’re put into your organization, and if you want to send the opportunity secret funnel to someone. Looking to build a business and build a team, you can send that right from here as well and again, to be absolutely crystal clear.

This marketing system is a hundred percent complementary for life from easybot. They wanted to do it differently. They wanted to make it easy for you to become financially free and also help other people become financially free because they understand what it is to try and build a business as an entrepreneur very difficult to do that without marketing materials. That make it very easy for.

You to share your business with at no time ever. Will you ever be charged for this app or people that you share this with in order to share any of these? All you have to do is click on this little black arrow on any one of these funnels it’ll. Take you to this following screen here to where you can share it to any app it’s just like any phone app or any link that you’re going to share like this.

As previously stated, you can share this very very easily onto any app that’s readily available onto your phone. You can send it as a text message. You can send it as a link to anything to make it very, very easy for people to find easybot and then also come on board.

Let’s say somebody’s ready to sign up. You can send them to the free account funnel. This will allow them to watch a little short video right here, but also get a free account.

Eazy Bot Marketing App

They can sign up for the webinar and once they submit their information, it comes into your app as a lead, so you can contact them and support them to come on board. Let’s say they submit their information again you’re going to get a notification that says the lead’s been submitted. It’s going to come in here, like this you’ll, be able to see them down below, but you’ll also be able to see their contact information be able to send them prefab messages like this, which are also easily editable and customizable to your liking.

Just by going in these sections and changing what you want and when someone’s ready to hop on easybot, all you got ta do is share your link right here. They go right to your signup page, because you’re the sponsor down at the bottom. That goes right into your organization, and you get credit for it, and they’re in here are some of the no brainer features of easybot that make it too good of an opportunity to pass up using ai technology.

Trade crypto, 24. 7. Never closed on. Losing trade.

Easybot has a proprietary one, click set it and forget it strategy, it’s perfect for beginners or seasoned pros, accelerate your earnings with builtin automatic profit, compounding, unlike any other bot out there, easybot’s designed to make profits in nearly all market conditions. Even if the market drops by 50, it will continue to make profits for you. One of the most important features is that no third parties ever handle your crypto. Your crypto is your crypto.

Easybot Funnel System

It’s always in your control. One of the best things about easybot is that the corporate leadership is readily accessible and transparent. To answer questions all week, long on group calls zoom calls there’s full community support around easybot to help everybody get started and feel supported as they go all that and the complimentary marketing and lead tracking system. The streamline your growing easy y business make easybot the best thing out there in a space, that’s about to explode onto the population.

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