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Today, in this video i am going to make a live widra in front of you from my easybot account into my binance account so open your binance account and go to wallets and go to spot and from there just click the deposit button there you will have To click the usdt and search for the trc, 20 tron trc 20 code, just click the copy button and that’s it we copied the address and now, let’s move towards easybot account. I will go to the wallet and from there you will click withdraw button enter here. The amount you want to withdraw so i will withdraw 500 and will pass the wallet address. I copied in front of you and click i agree and just double check.

Withdraw from Eazy Bot

The address is fine, go to binance and make sure the address is fine. So we are ready and just click the withdraw button, and here they will send you an otp in your email address and you can see it’s here open the email address and copy the otp. This is one time password and go to easybot account and pass it here. Click submit button and that’s it click withdraw and it is now pending.

It will be with us in within 12 hours of time. So let me show you that i made this withdraw which is pending, and i also want to show you that i made two withdrawals. This is the second where i’m making the first one was 700, this one is 500 and it is still pending. So, let’s wait up to 12 hours, and now i show you that after few hours i can show you that i have received my 500 usd and you can see in binance.

EasyBot Trading Earning

It also gave me an email that the deposit is now successful. I would like to show you in my binance account: i will go to wallets and then i will go to spot account and you can see the usdt is added. Now i show you the history and on top you can see the 498. I click and you can see the details here, so that’s it.

Thank you for watching.

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