Eazy Bot Live Trading, Made 0.55% Profit Today, 7% In 23 Days, Live Affiliate Commission Withdrawal!

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video um, i’m just going to show you guys. Some live trading, that’s currently going on! So oh and a live withdrawal so very, very, very excited guys. As usual i mean the markets.

Are recovering um? It’s going to be interesting to see how the easybot has performed in a bullish market, because again, these these are some. These are the results in the bearish market, the downtrending market. Right now, the market is starting to pick up a little bit, as you can see with matic.

Eazy Bot Live Trading

That’s why matic did so well in that time period in that 50day time period. Also, a good point again to do is with the easy bot is to diversify. Your coin, so that you make sure that you catch all of these opportunities but anyways guys um yeah, so we can expect, i mean in the bullish market. If this was in the bear market in a bullish market.

I know we could probably expect three to four times the returns again, i’m not making any promises or whatever, but i’m just saying you know going based on the data that we have and where the markets are going. It’s gon na it’s gon na get exciting guys. It’s gon na get really really exciting and again what makes it great is you can get excited because um, the returns are generated in your own exchange. All right, let me just add a coup coin.

There, uh coin. Here we go yeah okay, so you can also use kucoin again, if you’re just running for the us users or or for whoever can’t use binance or even if you, if you prefer using kucoin, you can use that as well. So those are the currency exchanges available for easybot.

If you don’t know already right, more exchanges will be added in the future, but anyway. So let’s look at this trade, so i’m here on trade view um. We got a little bit of resistance here on the 45minute chart that it needs to break, but uh yeah the bot board in two positions.

Here it is well in profit. Now, i’m not sure how much i already took profit. This was about.

I don’t know zero point. One percent profit, zero point: zero, zero, one, five, zero point, one five percent: i did add funds guys this does, as you can see, um i added 94 dollars because that’s pretty much what i’m going to withdraw now. You know part of commissions so because, as you can see, my available usdt in my wallet at the moment is 239. I haven’t done the withdrawal yet and but i’ve already i’ve already adjusted the bot for this amount, as you can see it’s buying in mourner.

Okay, so my for some reason my bot is calculated six percent per bin. I don’t know why, because it’s usually three point three percent, but i’ll go with that. I mean bitcoin is likely the one of the actually the worst coin going to trade with, because we could well based on the results and because it’s it’s one of the most it’s well, it’s one of the least volatile coins.

I mean you want to trade, the alt coins more, that have more volatility, more movement right, but stick to the default strategy, guys don’t fidget with this percentage, don’t fidget with these with these um buyins, you know um parameters do don’t just don’t because i’ve tried it In the past – and it’s just – it was a massive bugger up for me um, you know unless, unless you’re a really professional trader knows exactly what you’re doing and you’re watching the markets 24 7, but even so i mean why why you know put yourself under that Stress, if you can just let it all run for you right, let it have an automated system in place already so yeah guys. These two positions now we’re just waiting for them to take profit, and so far as you can see, bitcoin keeps going up so yeah. It looks like it’s going to break through this resistance, so then, where is it going next uh? Well, hopefully it breaks through i mean it could go to 30k next i mean this is oh, this is exciting stuff, so what the bot will do is it will trail bitcoin right. It won’t just take profit at 15, it will trail bitcoin and as soon as bitcoin does a bit of a pullback, a 05 pullback, the bot will um take profit and um.

It will just resume the same process. It always has an initial buyin and then it waits for the market to drop the market drops. Then it waits for it to pull back 05 percent, and then it buys again, and so it continues, brings down your average and eventually takes profit.

So again guys the easy bot can sustain huge market drops and still make a profit, as you see, with ethereum classic. This was now with that vicious crash. I mean that was nasty like ethereum, classic dropped almost down to 12, but the easy bot still maintained your portfolio here and it made a profit and it took a while. Yes, but sometimes you got to be patient guys in this, because this was like a 75 marker drop.

It’s it’s absolutely ridiculous. So in this case it’s better to dollar cost average, because you never know where the market’s going to go. We can assume things like. I thought at the time i was also trading ethereum classic and i thought ethereum classic when it dropped to about 34.

I thought it was gon na shoot up and then it just went went down crazy. So you never know where the markets are gon na. Go. That’s why the easy bot is as measures built in place to handle the market in all conditions right, but obviously, in a bullish market we’re going to see some crazy returns.

I reckon you know like um just going by the data. I think it’s going to again. It’s going to be really exciting.

It’s a really good time to start using the easybot now, so you can benefit from the bullish market, not just from the bear market and the side trending market, but we’re not officially in the bull market. But it’s starting to pick up really nicely. I can even see you with my raven coins.

It’s also up quite a bit for that. I think it’s like up 15 or something for for today, um, so yeah. Let’s quickly do the withdrawal, so let me just show you guys how that works.

So we are going to withdraw 94, not the full um 106 because 105 in a little bit because um yeah, because you always, you always need to keep a little bit of money. Um in your easyboard wallet for the service fees, because you know for every trade every time the bot wins a trade, it takes a small little service fee which goes to the company into the affiliate. So just keep that in mind, as you can see, all these little trades and little service fees that it took, i mean and again guys little profits that add up over time.

All right so yeah just always make sure you have a little bit in your easy bot wallet, because again, easybot has no access to your funds in binance or when it, the easy part, can only trade for you guys. That’s all it can do all right. So we are doing a withdrawal, so what we want to do here is, as you guys can see, there’s a little two dollar fee, so we are going to withdraw 96. I think 10 should be enough because i’m gon na probably get service fee, uh commissions, again.

Uh so yeah i’m just trying to work it out nicely uh yeah, so i reckon that’s. It should be good ten dollars for three weeks because then, because from again from my affiliates, i get service fee commissions, so you know so that should cover my should more than cover my trading fees, all right guys. So yeah super excited. Let me just um choose deposit, because we technically i’m depositing usdt into binance right now select network, because this is very important guys with the deposit or withdrawal make sure you always select the right network, because if you choose the the wrong network chain, you will lose Your money right so yeah we are choosing my.

We are copying pasting the address. It’s making sure it’s correct, trc20, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful um, all right, so, let’s just i’m just gon na double check the address guys. Just always double check even triple check, make sure your stuff is correct, right, otherwise, um you will lose your money, okay and we withdraw and again guys that the what’s the name um the easy bot it always. It always pays you, okay, i’m just going to put in this authenticator code.

You can see it they added. This was actually they added this recently um, it’s a bit of a pain, but i mean then again it’s it’s gon na be good. It’s obviously it’s gon na save you from being hacked so and yeah guys again, i’m gon na make.

The point is okay, put it in again, and the thing is with the with the authenticator code. Is it always changes so so yeah, it’s like basically impossible for people that hack your account plus you have your password and everything and your kyc um, i think, there’s a kyc. I didn’t contribute if i did one but okay, uh yeah, just for added security and, as you guys can see when you look at my package, sales commissions um i’ve. Basically, i’ve received all of that and well now, obviously, i’m withdrawing the latest one service free commissions.

I got that as well no problem, so basically, every time i withdrew, i received my money in my binance account. Otherwise i would have a lot more money in in my easy bot wallet right so again, the point i’m just going to make again guys is um. The only money you’re ever going to send to easybot is either win either for service fees or either when you want to buy the advance packets for 250 or the vip package.

You know if you want to get more out of your trading experience. Traders more coins, things like that guys, but i mean, if you just want to use the free version. It’s fine. You can trade up to two uh bots and two coins with the free version um.

You know so i’ve it guys. It’s it’s free! You can. You can use it connect, simply connect it to your binance account and boom you’re ready to go guys um. It’s like basically the only thing online that i can guarantee 100, that your funds are safe because that’s, basically, your funds are safe in your own exchange.

So yeah um, usually it um. You know i think the fastest i’ve received my withdrawal from easybot was it took. I think that one time it took like a few minutes and the other time it took a few hours, so it’s usually within a day.

So we we won’t see it now, but anyways on my next video. I will update you guys but anyways for interest sake. Let’s see what let’s see when the bot’s going to take profit, i’m not going to stick around too long.

Let’s just see if it takes profit. Well, let’s see if bitcoin i’m hoping bitcoin keeps going so the bot can take more profit, but if bitcoin does pull back a little, the bot will probably take profit around here. 20 35 um, because it’s a 05 percent pullback. So yeah and we will obviously see that you’ll you’ll see the profits generated in in my exchanger.

We currently, if we look at the exchange, are currently about a dollar or so in profit. So that’s roughly roughly. Let me think now. Three zero point.

Zero point: three percent: more or less oh wait a minute! It’s a little bit more! It’s like almost 04 because remember guys we’re basing it off of off of the money, i’m the body’s trading with now not of the money, i’ve added okay. So i’m still adding that money and then i’m gon na i’m gon na work out the percentage based on you know the well the money, i’ve added so yeah, oh well, and i’m going to change coins soon soon. If you guys just wondering, i just want this um this spot to be done for the month um.

As you can see, the name of the bot is 22 uh 5th of july 2022, so that this obviously when i started it up um so far, it’s done. Six point four percent and i kept adding funds to it. I started with a hundred and two dollars made five dollars there, so that was five percent and um with the added funds.

EasyBot Live Affiliate Commission Withdrawal

I made an additional 14, so that was like um. That was basically not i’m at six point four percent and it’s been uh 20 23 days, so it’s pretty solid, especially for the worst performing coin, and i know yes, my buying is slightly more than the default again. I didn’t put in that six percent guys easy bot, just calculated it in in general, but yeah, i’m not complaining so but again guys stick to the default strategy. Do not fidget around with it.

If you don’t know what you’re doing especially, i mean, i would only say, fidget to rounder, if you’re a professional trader like if you profitable on the forex markets, if you, if you’re, just profitable trading crypto, if you’re, if you’re, really good at trading – and you have A lot of time on your hands, then you know by all means you can fidget around with it, but anyways. It’s your choice, guys, i’m just saying from experience. Don’T mess around with it.

I’Ve learned my lesson. I just just to trust the bot it does what it says on the tin, basically uh yeah, so, okay, so we’ve broken through that resistance. I think officially now, hopefully uh yeah, it’s above that resistance level on on the 45minute chart or it’s basically, it’s still testing it a little bit. It’s not quite it’s not quite you know home free yet, and then we got a little bit on the day.

Chart again, um needs to get past this wick at twenty four thousand two hundred to like and then is and then from there there’s not not really any significant resistance until basically 31 400 really strong resistance at 32 000 about so bitcoin breaks through yeah. Yes, it’s just gon na it’s gon na go berserk. So that’s what we’re hoping for right.

So the market insights call in in like um. What what is it a few? Every two weeks is going to be interesting. I mean that the difference in the returns, if you, if you think this is good, i mean i think we’re in for a big surprise. I think we’re gon na see even better returns in the coming two weeks: um wow, it’s just it’s awesome yeah, because crypto just fluctuates all the time, but you want to always have something.

That’s automated that, like the easy bot that that can continue making those little profits for you complete. What’s the name, i keep growing your portfolio for you, as you guys know. If, if you can just keep compounding your returns, then over a few years, just just by investing – i mean you don’t there is an affiliate program guys, but you don’t need to be a part of it if you don’t want to, but it’s very lucrative, i’m just Saying i mean and you’re giving you’re sharing.

This is a a quality based. This is a product based company right, obviously our product being being the bots right, uh being software, but uh, you know it’s it’s. Basically, it’s proven itself to be a money printing machine right, real returns, not like a lot of these other freaking flimsy, weird ponzi platforms that that claim to be trading and they – and the thing is right is, is that you have is that they always promise the Fixed returns, and some this one i reviewed today was was basically like.

You have to lock your initial investment. What’s all that about like? Why do you have to lock your initial investment? I mean you’re supposed to be able to withdraw it’s your money, you’re supposed to be able to withdraw at any time right. So that’s so i mean yeah with easybot. You don’t have that issue, you can you can withdraw, let’s just refresh, i like refreshing it because it’s just like it’s interesting, i can see my portfolio keeps growing.

I mean this is awesome, but yeah i mean in in finance. Kucoin, i mean you literally, withdraw your money instantly to your bank. It’s your money, your your init. Your investment is here.

Your profits are here uh i mean what else do you want right? What else do you want so she’s? How much i’m up so far for today i mean if the bot assume assume assuming right now the bot takes about a dollar profit, then that would be on 272 dollars, because that’s what i’m basing it off now, that would be um gee, almost 04 percent. Plus this would be, let’s say we had 05 give or take so far for the day, which is pretty pretty solid guys, i mean that’s what some of the scam platforms are are promising, obviously you’re not always going to going to make that some days you might Make more i mean there was a day where i made one and a half percent right, but the main thing is the bot also does auto compounding um. So i mean in my case what i did is is i had to take it off because i didn’t have.

I don’t think i had enough money, i’m the to basically use the default strategy when i had 102, but and if i try to basically put it back on a condom, i have to basically um delete this spot and make a new one and then just which Is obviously easy, i mean it’s really simple i’ll quickly show you guys how to do that, but i need to delete this spot and then put on the default strategy order compounding and then you know it’ll be there, but luckily you know i have the time to Now and again check it um. If my if i made some profits, all i do is i simply just just type in um the balance that it’s that that’s in my binance account. You know when it increased, they not made so just for instance, say no.

My balance is 366 like like this, i typed in right and the bot makes a dollar. Then i’m going to type in 367 dollars. Then you’ll see this buying amount will change slightly to say 22 dollars instead of 2196, but the bot will do this automatically. If you have auto compounding and a default strategy on right um, so so just keep that in mind.

You don’t have to take that off. It’s just. It depends um. If you have, i think, if you have like 100 or 200 or something then you have to take it off otherwise um the system can’t work.

Well, i don’t know it will give you error message for the default strategy, but you can try guys um. I haven’t. I haven’t checked that that more recently uh, but you can set it up and you know you can.

Let me know as well like again in the comment section or you can reach out to me. You know my phone number, whatever so yeah anyways uh. Oh there. We go okay, i did that little pullback, like i said when, as soon as bitcoin pulls back, the bot makes sure it takes profit.

You just make sure my body’s active, because oh yeah, it’s just going to wait before it buys in that the the market has to turn, has to make a pullback now to the upside um for the for the bot to buy in. But you look know what guys, let me actually oh, okay, never mind i’ll guess! Guess: i’m sticking with bitcoin uh the worst performing coin, which still made a good profit today by the way yeah, so one dollar and five cents plus the 32. So if you round it up to it’s one point basically 14 dollars, uh, it’s around zero point: five: five percent guys: what are they pretty solid, pretty pretty solid? You can see the difference between like um the fact that i increased the amount. The initial buying is 218 in instead of 16, because again um it should be able to handle it now with the extra usdt.

That’s arriving in my binance account, so yeah guys, let’s just see what bitcoin actually did uh yeah it made that made that pull back. So the bot just makes sure it takes profit, because i mean bitcoin, you never know what it’s going to do. I mean to crypto markets guys it could just go all the way back down there and then you know um, you got ta always make sure you take profits along the way.

That’s something i made a mistake when i used to just huddle crypto. You know i mean it’s also good to huddle coins, but geez you got ta. Take your profits in between guys. You can’t just expect expect a coin to do the hallelujah move.

You know like freaking two times ten times or whatever just like that it just you know most of the time the crypto markets will really bug you up. If you, if you don’t know what you’re doing and that’s again, that’s why the bot is there to do all the heavy lifting for you um, so yeah okay looks like it’s stuck on this on this resistance level and, like i mentioned it, it has to break Through for bitcoin to go further, otherwise bitcoin will probably come down to about that that support level there about 20, 21, 000, but yeah. Let’s see what happens guys exciting times, i hope you’re about as excited as i am about the crypto markets at the moment, because it was something like like um like the easybot, i mean we sitting pretty all right um. That’s that guys! That’s that for this video i think um i’m going to leave it there, uh, if you want to, if you want to have a look at more videos about it uh.

I also do reviews about other platforms. Uh yeah easy bot is basically the main thing i promote that’s at the moment. The only thing i’m promoting because anything worth promoting and other stuff is just shady, and just you know i don’t know i’ve been scammed, so many times by the platforms.

I’Ve learnt my lesson guys to do very due diligence, and the thing is guys once you send money to any any like to anyone right to any other platform. Even if it’s a good platform, you don’t have control of your funds anymore right. So it’s always touch and go because you don’t know how trustworthy the people are, that you’re sending your money to and with easy bot. You don’t have that issue so you’re making the returns plus you have the safety right.

So that’s what i i mean. I’Ve always repeat that, but it’s extremely important, so this is a good video to watch the best trading bot. Obviously, it’s the easy bot, just a nice explanation of how it works here i explained different results of different coins already covered that the market crashed there. I mean if you’re interested in in the affiliate program, easy bot, affiliate rewards, don’t worry about this other stuff metaphors or whatever, i’m not really promoting that anymore.

I just don’t have time for that and it’s just yeah. It’s not worth promoting um. If you want to check out the founders club, that’s also insane and the company overview, so all right, guys, um, don’t uh yeah.

Basically, my signup easybot signup link is below the video. If you want to sign up right away, um you know feel free to join. My telegram group as as well, we are basically share all my team resources with you. You know um really good stuff and we also post daily updates, i guess or weekly updates uh yeah and my phone number is below the video.

If you feel free guys, if you, if you’re just interested in the easy bot, um, feel free to send me a message anytime, guys um i’ll reply as soon as possible because um you know – maybe some sometime, i might be sleeping, it just depends how our time Zones differ but alright guys. Let me stop talking, though, because sometimes i can ramble on, as you guys know, all right guys, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and uh yeah have a good one, as always: cheers

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