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Muhammad, you want to come on in brother yeah. Thank you, david uh. Well said i mean, whatever you said, is just reflecting what what we’re doing at the moment and uh. Just again, i would like to emphasize on the point of patience.

We are we’re going through. Some kind of of growing pain – let’s call it this way and we’re trying to resolve things at the back end without having the the to shift the the uh, the date of of launching, even if we had like uh. So i don’t want to go into that details, but even if we have to launch in in phases maybe – but the ultimate goal of this is the the thing that we don’t want to happen.

EazyBot Live Demo

Is that having everything launched and having people having problem with trading? Now, as we speak, i’m doing trading with the bot making sure that everything is working well and uh. The the final product is is working the way it should be with a strategy builtin strategy that programmed in it and uh. Once we scale in a big big volume, we want to make sure that also this applies to everyone.

It’s not like somebody’s having a delay in the trading because of the volume that we’re having and that’s why. That was the main reason we did not launch on 24th. However, the planet was actually to have a full launch on 24th, but we delayed that because of the kind of of of exposure that we’re into we have too many people right. Now, as we speak, i just checked the back end.

It’s we have six thousand and thirty one people already locked into the system in just a matter of i don’t know ten days or or twelve days, so six six thousand people got exponential protein coming. It’s not even there yet um right, it’s coming! So by the time we open we’re, probably going to have 10 15 000 people and uh. Then it’s just going to explode from there exactly.

So that means if we have 15 000, all of them starting trading. At the same time, let’s say each one is coming as a vip package that mean it’s around 20 bucks or 21 votes running for 15 000. So you make the multiplication.

It’s it’s a huge amount of of trades happening and everybody is looking every second at the server. So you can imagine that the kind of work that the box is doing at the back and so we’re preparing for this we’re making sure that everything is going to be working seamlessly without having any problem without having any issues we might pass through. Issues like the registration things that we came through, but we are here to serve. We have uh david been working day and night.

I actually get him back in dubai to the support in this supporting the operations and he have resumed the role of ceo chief operations officer because he is experiencing this he’s dealing with the technical guys he’s dealing also with uh, with other teams to make sure that Things are moving, probably while at the time me personally, i’m focusing on the bot itself making sure that all the features that he wanted to have in making sure that it’s already in and people can enjoy all the features that we have in the box. So we are growing, we are going and the product is is also growing from day to day. I still have too many ideas in my mind to put into the bot, but we cannot have all of them on on the launching date, i mean whatever we promise is going to happen.

It’s going to happen in the luncheon date, but there are even more ideas that comes to my mind from time to time that can improve the book even better and better in the future. But we want to start. We want to launch and see how the reaction of of the of the servers to that we want to make sure that we can accommodate all of these uh bots trading at the same time, and then from there we can put in version two version.

Three version: four uh, three and four of the product and obviously we’ll be in total transparency. If there is anything going on we’re going to be transparent, we’re going to be on top of it until we get the things moving, but right now, from trading point of view, i can tell you that everything is working perfectly the way i wanted it and it’s Working perfectly, let me share this class, i’m so excited to share screens and show uh show you guys the kind of of performance that we have in the bot um i’m not able to share screening. Then the prop says hosts have disabled participants to share screen.

Can you make me as a host um, i i let me see here: breezy you’re, the host, i think you’re gon na need to make uh i’ll. Try, though, let me see, i got it coach um. We need to make an investment in the back office for that yeah. That’s going to be adjustment.

I think he’s going to have to be the host yeah make a there. You go it’s all good, so i’m just going to share screen um, okay, so uh! This is the back office. Actually, i’m the only one who have this bot feature now, so everyone’s going to have it in a couple of days so uh i have like right now, four bots working. I just want to highlight the power of the bot.

I mean: how does it open trade? How does it close trades and uh? How does it perform in time of market is going down? Let’s look at the ethereum classic see. All of this is one trade or one cycle. It started at the price of thirty thousand.

So thirty point uh 74 dollars. The price of the coin was at that time and the market dropped to 299 and then 288 and then 26 and 26. Again. So, while it’s going down, it’s actually opening closing trades and making profit and here again, opt in and close trade making profit.

This often covers six, and then salt cover six made. This profit here up in cover six again because the market was fluctuating. This represents the fluctuation of the market and then closed cover six and kept the profit and again sold cover five and sold cover for unmade profit. Then again both cover four and five and six and then again, salt cover six and five and four and then again both the same.

That means there’s a fluctuation the normal market fluctuation, the market dropped down until the price of 2425, and then it started fluctuating in that area, the buyers and sales buyers and sales buying sales and making profit. And now it’s already made two point: two seven dollars in this cycle. The cycle is still not closed yet uh because the market is still down. However, the the way the bot is working is that this profit, which is being shown here at this place, is actually 50 of the actual profit need.

If you look at this one, when you go back to the recording, you can just make the math uh look at this here. This is cover six buy and this is cover six sell. If you look at the amount of psdt of the selling is 2009 and the amount of buying was 19.

If you minus the 2009, minus 1984 is going to be double of this amount, so this is 50 of the profit. The other 50 is added to the average price of the upper portion of the market and offsetting the price down. I’M bringing the price on right now in this cycle, i’ve met in the month.

The average price on the top for the first three covers have been dropped by three point: five percent already because of the fifty percent of the profit made on those individual small covers here, so the market is going down. Eventually, the market goes lower than this. We have 35 covers waiting for the market to drop, so it will still fluctuate and make the small profit drop.

The average price either the average price goes down to the market price and then close. The whole cycle with profit or the market goes back faster and close that cycle with profit. I don’t want to go too much technically, but i’m still going into that, so just uh so excited uh.

One more example is another coin uh. Here we have ethereum uh. Looking at this cycle here, we have this cycle started at a price of 29 points at 296117 and then closed at 2700, so that means started that high close that low and made profit of orders 414 uh. Let’s reflect this in terms of percentage 4143 divided by the capital of this coin is hundred dollars, i’m 600 six hundred dollars into this divided by six hundred dollars.

That’s a profit of about zero point: seven percent zero point: seven percent! If you are trading one million, it’s going to be zero point: seven percent of one million. If you’re trading 600, it’s going to be 07 percent of 600 and the profit that it’s programmed to take profit at the price of 15 minimum. But the profit which is made here is 25 percent.

Why did we have this additional one percent because we have the uh take profit. Retracement is going to always wait for the market to start dropping if we have uh a rise in the market. In a short time period, then it’s going to follow that price. It’s not going to close it immediately we’re going to wait for the highest market point and then drop down.

Let me show you that in the chart in the actual chart of the coin yeah, this is here. This is the ethereum and we’re talking about this area here this candle. So this specific cell and profit made is on this green candle.

Let’s go back and look at the prices here. Yes, it closed at the price of 20 2700 2700. So this is, let’s look go back and look at this candle. Let me make it bigger.

I don’t know if i can make it yeah see ya. Look at this the price here it closed at this price moment. I was doing the same thing manually.

Oh my yeah last night look look at look at this here now the market started moving up here. It was supposed to close somewhere here, but because the market is moving up, this is one hour candle by the way the market was moving out, so it was following the market movement that was one of the market moving up, and then it went to the maximum And then it retraced moved down and then closed here at 2700, uh yeah, exactly almost almost here, so it went up and then created that take profit and then went down and then closed it here. So we cannot see your screen. I just want to let you know, we cannot see your screen really.

We can eat louis louis lewis. We we are seeing something with your um. With your side. We see you scream, who is here, so i just want to tell you guys, i’m not a professional trader.

I don’t know how to trade manually. I don’t know how to get this done. It’s just the mathematical equations which is built in into the software is represented into this canvas. The traders would understand.

If there is a professional trader, he would understand what a candle means. What a price i request i traded. These bases on the candles two days ago is exactly what you did, but i trade manually it works exactly what you’re doing. I have the trade in my app right now.

Okay, so that’s pretty amazing we’re doing our behalf. It’s doing that! Just keep it there. Let it do the work and it does it perfectly and it works in a second time i mean a normal person cannot work in multiple points at the same time and look every second at the market of each corner.

So here you can open multiple points. You can make multiple trades at the same time and let it work sorry guys for going too much. But you can go back to the recording for the professional traders and you can align yourself and see uh the performance and just because i’m so excited in uh.

About the product as a product itself, because our main focus here about the service that we’re going to give to the people, we’re not just asking people to pay money to pay other people, you know it’s, we have a product that can be sold even without the Referral system, but we want also to give value to the need to the marketers who are actually being burned before i’m the one i’m one of them. I was burned in the past and i was paying uh two companies to trade, my money and then we lost. I think most of us fall into that uh criteria, so this is.

This is real. This is something that and we are opting for any kind of audit if anyone wants to come and analyze themselves and look at our account and the and the exchange and reflect that trades on that we have more than one even actually want to do it. In a proactive way, i’m trying not to approach to some auditing company – i mean numbers auditing company to come every two months, maybe or so to come and look at our own account because we are going to be trading as a company into the builtin strategy and Then and present the the percentage of profit that we got in each coin and that’s going to be audited also.

Officially, we take, we take with some uh official uh auditing company to come over and look at the numbers and just to give a certificate for the people to be more more confident in this okay. Cleveland um is asking how you make the profits on the downtrend. Can you can you explain that to them muhammad? This is what sets us apart, guys from anything we’ve ever seen before.

Uh we’ve also got another feature that also sets us apart, but uh. This is this is very powerful how he has set this up and how he and somebody said, you’re a genius. Let me share with you guys he’s the last one in the world that will um. That feels he’s a genius, but every all of us see it.

Muhammad uh, your mathematical genius, is really going to help. You know the masses, guys it’s it’s amazing, it is, it is, and i’ve said it from the beginning uh when he figured out how to customize with the limited uh parameters that he had over there. I was able to customize and get everybody um back in positive trades again through you know it was a similar strategy, but um this is 50.

They uh they um that one was 10, so just exciting stuff come on in brother share. What you’re gon na show? I’M not gon na explain the the good case scenario, which is if the market is moving up. Obviously it’s going to watch for uh take profit uh.

We have it built in in the strategy at 15 percent. If it goes to one point, five percent, then it starts actually at three point: three: okay, let me just put it in writing. Uh, i’m not good at using this yeah start the trade at three point: three three percent, and i’m i’m just going to reveal the the building strategy here right now.

So three point i don’t know, i think i i should i should consult with with my board of directors before doing this coach and uh david chuda. Should we go into details of of the strategy or uh we just uh, no sure, no, no! Okay! Let me just explain it in in general how the things works if it’s going to start with 33 per first percent of the of the capital and then wait for the market. We have two possibilities: the market goes up or the market goes down or the market goes sideways if the market goes sideways.

That means the normal kind of of market movement in crypto, which is plus minus one to five percent. That’s going to happen, it’s going to be somewhat something like this. Let me just write it down.

Yeah uh, this one is going to go something like this. It’s not going to be like straight straight line. Never so we’re using this small movement of the market to open, buy and sell trades and make small small profit, and that would accumulate at the end of the month to make a good amount of profit.

But let’s take the other uh scenarios. If the market goes up, it’s going to go to 15 percent of 53 to 15 percent. The bot is going to be ready to sell it’s not going to sell it because maybe the market’s shooting higher.

So the market’s going high, it’s going to wait for the market to retrace or to come down by minus 05 percent, and then it’s going to close the trade at the this position. This could be just 11 if it goes to 15 exactly and come back down by 05. It’s going to be one percent minimum profit, but it can shoot up to higher. For the example i just show it was 25.

That means practically. The price went up to 3 and went down 05 and closed at uh 25. So this is a good case scenario and then it’s going to open a new cycle here and then follow the market.

Moving on. Let’s take the other case if the market is moving down, which is the worst case scenario. The market is moving now: uh, okay, yeah.

If the market is moving down, it’s going to open another trade here at the price of minus two percent. But again, it’s not going to open immediately it’s going to work for the market to pull back. It’s going to wait for the market to pull back plus 05 percent.

There is not minus. This is 005 percent and then opponent rate here, because if there is bad news in the market, if there is uh unusual behavior in the market and the price of this coin, that i’m using is dropping dramatically, it’s not going to open any trade. It’s going to wait for the market to move down and raise to the bottom, and then when it starts retracing consolidating again, then it’s going to start buying.

So that will not be buying all the money here. So this minus two percent could be actually even minus. 20 or more or less, it depends on how the market is behaving without us. Looking at the market, it’s going to be just based on this math or let’s say it came here to minus two percent, and then it opened this trade.

This trade here is going to be of a value of one x. I mean one time of the initial trade. Let’s say the initial trade was twenty dollars. It’s going to buy here, another twenty dollars and then bring down the average price to this position.

Let me just put the line with a different color. Yes, this is the average pricing at the middle. So right now the market doesn’t have to go and reach back up to the to the zero point and plus that by 15 percent to sell no just have to go past.

This average price by 15 and and then sell and make profit sell the whole. Both positions and take profit, we call it the average price or the average total price. Let’s say the market did not go up. This is the average price here back again straight line yeah.

This is our average price. Okay, let’s say the market did not cross. That and the market actually kept on dropping, which is possible um. We put it in black again yeah.

The market here took this cover and then went down straight down at the price of minus uh, five percent right now this is the setting. This is all customizable guys you can customize it. You can do it away with the way you want minus five percent. The price of minus five percent is going to initiate an additional order, but that order also requires a pullback of 05.

Then it’s going to buy here that mean if a bad news or something wrong with went to this coin at this time, while the market’s going down it’s going to go straight down. If it goes straight down again, it’s not going to take this position. He is going to take it at the bottom of the market, the lowest point that raised to plus 05 percent and then it’s going to bring the average price somewhere.

So let’s take the worst case scenario like it just hit the the minus 5 and it went up by one by zero point: five percent of the position here here the average price is going to come at this place. It’s going to come down because what you are buying here, let me take it up here. The amount that we’re taking here in this trade in this second cover or second trade, is going to be 2x 2 times the initial order.

So here you have 2x in this one because 1x, here plus 1 xa is 2x. When you get a 2x at the bottom here, it’s going to bring down the average price to somewhere here then now, let’s say the market. If the market goes above this one by 15, it’s going to take profit for all the positions.

If the market did not behave that way and kept them moving down. Let’s say it just hit here and took this cover and then went down again uh at the price of minus uh, eight percent minus eight percent is going to initiate another buy, but that buy is going to be of a value of four x this time. Just to have bigger volume down and bring down the average price again, it is going to have the same kind of 05 percent, 05 percent retracement or pullback. So it’s have to pull back, because if there is bad news, if there is something going wrong with the coin, it’s going to go straight down and that’s not going to buy anything and put you in risk is going to wait for the market to consolidate and Come back again up and then start buying into the market.

Let’s say it came here, just just hit the eight percent minus eight percent and then went up. Then it’s going to buy the position here of the value of uh four x. This time, four x, four times the initial order, that means four multiplied by twenty, that’s eighty dollars and it’s going to again bring the average price down here.

Let me put in a different color, so our final average price is somewhere here, because the big volume is here so right now the market has just doesn’t have to go back up again to the initial uh buying price, plus that by 15 percent to close the Trade no right now we have all these trades combined into one trade and the average price. The zero point is here, so it had to just cross that by 15 15 percent and then start taking profit process follow the market until the highest point. Then, when it dropped by 05, take profit and close the trade up in a new cycle at that market price.

Let’s say it was a bad uh day and the market kept on moving down, which is possible. I mean we cannot control this and it can. It can happen the market went down so after the one two three, the first four uh covers all the first four trades: it’s not going to be taking the average anymore, because if we kept on adding more funds and making this trade down bigger, bigger, bigger bigger, We will consume all the funds that we have whatever the amount we have.

Maybe we need to start with only 01 as initial trade, so it can double down and up so from this point onward, we will have a kind of grid like we will have covers available every almost one percent. It’s not exactly one percent, but i’m just giving as an example. I don’t want to uh put too many complications here, so it goes down to more covers or more trades to open, uh the difference between each point and another between this – and this is about uh. This way, this way yeah this here about minus one percent, minus one percent and likewise the difference between this – and this is minus one percent – minus one percent – minus one percent.

So with this we’re doing so, we are covering until the last one. The last cover here is number 35, so we’ll have 35 trades ready to open uh with a market drop so we’re covering with all of these trade. It’s not only this number, because we have one two uh three and all of them: 35.

So 35 minus 3 is going to be 22. Sorry, 32, 32 trades down those lines is going to be 32, like one percent one percent, one percent up to 32 down up to 35 down, so the total coverage of the market of all of this here is minus 50, approximately 51, okay, 51. On the worst case scenario, worst case scenario means that each cover is taken exactly at the point it was programmed, which is not the case.

It will never be the guess, because we have the the cover pullback. That’s maybe this two percent is actually five percent. If that’s five percent, it’s going to push everything down by another five percent, so 50 50 is going to be 55 percent. If it’s going to the second cover here, if it pushed down instead of five ten percent, then it’s going to add another five percent.

Now we have sixty percent if the last one here at the number, eight or minus eight percent is actually minus twenty percent. That’s going to push it back, so it’s going to push back. Each cover push back push back, so it could be between 50 uh to 70 80 percent.

It could cover up to 80 60 70, depending on the market movement and the coin that you have, but the minimum is around 51. Actually, it’s 50 points, something so to run. The figure is 51 coverage of the market. That means, if the coin that you’re trading is coming down to more than 50 percent in drop still you are safe and the bot is actually trading, but this is not the magic here.

The magic is is happening when the market is going down. We still have this open trade at this position. This position here is still open. So yes, it’s going.

The market is going to go down, so i have to change color every time. I do this, okay, so the market. If it goes down, it’s going to be fluctuating okay, it’s not going to be straight.

Let’s say the market went down here to this point and stayed here. It did not go up so the market’s going to fluctuate it’s going to make us a daily profits or maybe every day a couple of times, because it’s going to buy here, sell here, buy here, sell here and then again buy buy, buy, sell, sell. So it’s going to make this a small profit. So what happens to this trade here, which is having the first four trades and having the average price what’s happening here? Is we’re going to take 50 of the profit that what i just showed now in the back office 50 of the profit made by these small trades yeah by the way this motor is going to be all of them? Is one x? Each one is just one x, one x, one x, one x: it’s not going to double down.

That means around twenty dollars. We need 600 per coin to sustain up to all of this drop in the market. So, let’s take an example, let’s say here: there is a trade that has opened.

Let’s take this uh specific trade here, let me take a different color yeah. This trade here opened here. Oh no, sorry, this color is not visible. Okay, yeah this one.

Let’s say this trade is opened here and closed here. As an example, let’s say, the profit generated by this specific trade was two dollars or two usd two years later. So, what’s going to happen is that fifty percent of that which is one dollar one usdt, is going to be immediate profit shown in your uh elector in the in the bot as a profit. You already made one dollar what happened to the other one though the other one usdt is used to offset the average price, which one is the average price.

Is this one here one here? This is the we call it. The average position average position that combines one. Two three four trades in it so happening here is that this one dollar is taken up here to offset this average price and help it drop down a bit okay.

So while the market is is actually each trade is going to contribute in bringing this average price. I’M not going to show exactly the equation, but it’s a mathematical equation at the back end that make this uh drop in the market. It’s going to offset the average price using part of the profit to offset the price we decided to make it as 50 percent.

So another trade happens, it move it down further. Another trade happens to move it down further and that profit happens. It move it down further and then it keeps on moving down if the market stays yes keeps on moving down down down down until the moment it touches one of the independent covers.

Now this is a cover. We don’t want it to pass that and then we have. We have a trade on the top. Uh is waiting or is going to be closed and loss at this point is going to combine, is going to combine those two lines together to this plus this and make it all as one tray and then move the whole thing down.

So, let’s, let’s put it in a different color, let’s put it in uh, maybe orange here so now. This line here orange line is the new cover that combines this trade and this tray together, so that everything goes down so now, if, when a new trades happen here, it’s going to move the whole thing down a little bit and then again another profit help it Go down go down once it hit this one. It’s going to take this one along the way and then take everything down so here there are two possibilities: one of the two possibilities. The first one is that the market moves up and then cross this one by 15 and close the whole thing in profit and then start a new cycle or if the market doesn’t move, doesn’t move up.

This average price is moving down and hitting the current market price and then goes above that by 15 and close the whole trade close this trade here into this market price and keep profit and start all over again another cycle. This is exactly how it’s how it’s working at the moment, so two possibilities market moves up and close that trade on the top or this trade moves down to the market price and eventually close everything in profit. This is exactly how the bot is working so for the person who was asking how the bots are going to be behaving in the lower market.

I hope it’s clear, that’s brilliant mohammed great analysis and breakdown buddy, that’s amazing! Thank you. Thanks. You

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