(EazyBot) Let Me Use Your Link To Sign This Person Up You Will Earn $100 or $400 Instantly Today

Y’All, so real, quick um, if you missed out on yesterday, remember i told you um i had about like you know three or four or five or six people that’s going to be joining, but that was yesterday. I got those people signed up um. I helped a couple of people.

You know make some money and um. Today i have about uh about about two or three people that confirmed that’s gon na be uh. That’s gon na be joining today.


To show you a little preview. I’Ve got kimberly, that’s gon na be uh joining here shortly, uh, but guys uh, yeah um. Whenever somebody comes in right, so listen up. Whenever somebody comes in they’re either gon na choose the the advanced package or they’re gon na either choose the uh the vip package.

Now the the advanced package is 200 250 one time annually and the vip package is 995 one time annually right. So if you come in – and i use your referral link right and i use your referral link and they either come in – let’s say that they come in at the advanced package. You’re going to earn a 100 instrument all right instantly that you can go ahead and withdraw all right now.

Let’s say that they come. Let’s say that that person comes in at the vip package, you’re going to earn almost 400 instantly in your wallet that you can go ahead and withdraw instantly today, if you want to, but guys you know, you know just reach out to me asap, because i want To help my team win, i want to help my team make some money and um. I want to help you guys. Uh position, yourselves to you know, make a lot of money and not only that guys not only going to be earning 40 upfront when somebody joins depending on the package that they choose, but you’re gon na also make um eight percent.

You know eight percent um on whatever they make. You know for the lifetime of this opportunity, so whatever um profits that they be profits that they’re making from the bot from the crypto bot you’re gon na earn eight percent on what they make. Okay, so um reach out to me asap that way.

I can go ahead and get you started that way. I can go ahead and get you paid and uh that way. You can start earning eight percent um on these people that i put under you uh make okay, so um.

So this person look at this. This is live right now. This person says you’re welcome. I want to come in on the vip, but my money haven’t cleared yet.

Let me ask you: if i do come in on the 250, can i upgrade okay, so this person right now guys i haven’t signed this person up yet i haven’t signed that person up yet so if you want like, if you want to go ahead and get In position right now right and i and i and i use your link and sign this person up you’re gon na make a hundred dollars right now instantly. All right so hit me up asap. I’M not gon na sign this person up yet, but i’m gon na leverage.

I want to leverage to sign up to use somebody else’s link. Well, if you want me to use your link to sign this person up and you you go ahead and make 100 real, quick or even 400, depending if she comes in at the vip making for almost 400. Just let me know dm me: do whatever you got to do um and i’ll go ahead and get you set up, so you can so you can start getting paid.

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