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Hello and welcome back to my channel, it was a bit quiet here. The last few weeks, though i was not lazy. I was still active in my telegram group, of course, and also we me and my partners.

We did a lot of research to figure out new projects, to figure out good projects and also to do a lot of research. So we can find legend projects and not just investing in this scam projects where we are starting gambling. One of the projects which we found is called easybot. If you don’t want to miss what this project is, and also, of course, about other, hopefully littered projects.

Eazybot Review

Please subscribe to my channel leave me a like, and also down below comment me to support me and my channel, so we can spend more time in doing the research and find the good project for you. So we can grow our money, make more money and enjoy the love that we deserve, so one of the projects is called easy bot which i want to introduce you today. Easybot is a trading bot which works with finance or kucoin via rp.

The great thing here is that the money stays with you uh, with your exchange finance, kukan as said, you are still always able to use your coins or tokens. So it’s not frozen or staked, or something like this or we put our coins to another platform, which we don’t trust here. Your coins will stay with finance or kucoin. You are always able to cut the rp, so easybot will not be able to do anything with your cryptos anymore, or you are able to close it manually.

Even the money you assign to easybot, you can adjust it as you want to, or just put it off from binance. So it’s really just you and finds a cool coin who are yeah a lot of your money. So this is a really good thing. An easy bot is claiming to generate a profit of five to twenty percent each month, which is really great and, of course it changes a lot and depends on which coins you are trading.

We tested this in some time. I want to show you the result. So here you can see the results we did.

We started with some coins on, like more than a month ago, with other dodge polygons. We tried tron solana, stellar curve and uni swapped. We started on different dates and we have different capitals, so we calculated it in percent per month and, as you can see, we have some coins who are trading with two percent per month, but even with 10.

So these are our current results: important you to notice that you will have different results than we, and also the results will change a lot depending on which coin you are using. When was your start date? When was your capital? Are you using the default configurations or do you any adjustments, the entry point and, of course, the volatility and the market phase? So but this is some we tested. Easybot is having much more coins which we didn’t test yet, but i definitely recommend you if you use the easy board to choose some coins which are highly volatile, and i will explain you later why and which strategy easy part is using, and also here i um. We made a graph showing you how the profit and easy board just developed, and, as you see here, it goes up up up so some days it was like more or less the same and then goes up, and here it made a great jump.

So it really depends on how the market is currently going. One great thing which i forgot to mention yet is you: can try easybot for free, so easybot is having three different packages and one is the free one with the free one you can trade up to two coins split it on just one exchange, but you also Have the tutorials access to a marketing app? If you want to market it with a free package, you pay 30 percent. So, with a free package, i said you have two coins, you can trade, you have one exchange which you can use and you have to pick 30 service fee. Whenever the uh board is making some profit, 30 of the profit goes to easybot, then we also have the advanced package which i actually bought, and this is costing 250 per year over there, you can trade up to ten coins, which is awesome for a dice vacation And also um change it in two or um up to two exchanges also – and this is why i really recommend the advanced package to everyone who’s using the easy board.

Maybe you can try it or use the free package for one week or so to see the results yourself, but i definitely recommend you the advanced package because you’re saving 10 percent of the service fee. So, with the advanced package instead of 30, you are just paying 20 um from the profit you made and over the long run, this definitely adds up and will grant you much better profits in the long run. So i went for the advanced package and if you have a lot of budget – and you want to have a lot of investment or money allocated to easybot i’ll, recommend you the vip, which is costing almost one thousand dollars per a year there. You also have 20 service fee, but you can trade all the coins which are available with easy board, and you can split it to five different exchanges, which is also really good for risk management and what i also really like about the vip package.

So i consider to buying it in in the near future, is you will have the 101 support calls? So this is also a big benefit in my point of view. So let’s have a look at the dashboard here. You can find my bots, which i am currently using. You can see here.

It takes some time to update it, and you can see here like the polygon. It’s just currently had gave me like one person plus here it’s like almost three percent, and this one takes a long time to update. But here you can see it’s seven percent and i allocated one thousand dollars to each of the coins. You can see here.

The total profit now here curved, i also just appeared with three percent right, so these are the ones which i am currently um keep on testing. These are the profits just for less than 24 hours. Okay, so this account, i just set it up like less than 24 hours, and these are the results of fire rushes, so really nice. So i have three five: six, seven, eight, like almost nine dollars, something like this just within 24 hours, which is really good and um.

I will definitely add new and i will test more coins and see how they go, and i will definitely keep you updated about how my investment goes to you. How my trading strategy goes here with easy bot, so if you don’t want to miss it, i said please support me hit the like button. Leave me a comment also. If you already know this um and which coins you are testing, how was your profit so far within what time period, and also for supporting me hit the subscription bell, of course, and now i want to show you what kind of search your easy part is using.

So i just opened up the um chart from trading view and new unisport usd and the easy bot will work like this. If we are here starting here, easy board is saying: okay, the coin will go down, so it will will buy the coins, of course and uh on short, and if it goes down it will buy more coins and if it goes more one, it will buy even More coins, as soon as it goes up, it will sell and it will sell at the point when the cost average is higher than before. So easybot is using the cost average effect.

It goes down down down down down here. It would have made not much profit, but if it’s above the cost average, it would have sell same goes for this so because of the cost average effect. I really highly highly recommend you, if you’re, using the bot search for some points which are highly volatile.

If it goes up and down and up and down easy boot is perfect for those kind of coins right so don’t use a coin which is like having hardly any volatility so and to prove you that um, you still have the coins with you or it’s connected Via rp with binance, you can go to binance, you can go to spot orders and you have the order history. The trade has to reopen orders and you can see exactly what is board what is sold to which price at what time. So everything is fully safe. Here and i said even in your wallet, the money is still there and you can at any time, um put off your money from finance.

If you want to, and if you need to, though, keep in mind, it is the liquidity of your easy bot. So if you reduce too much of your liquidity from the bot, then you might um, yeah have higher risk or the bots might stop trading. It depends so keep this in mind. So also in my next video, i will not only keep you updated with my profits, but also how to step by step, connect easy, but with your finance.

Eazybot Trading Results

So you can see it and also here in easy board. And second, if you go to your token to your coins to your bots and open it, you will also see here each session same as in violence right, you can see uh they bought or sold to which price quantity and the total profit of each street. So here with this trade, only i made um a 92 cents and i have allocated one thousand dollars here right and they had another trade.

It made me 43 cents yeah. This one is still open. I didn’t bought anything or didn’t, have any profit here.

Yet that’s it for now, if you like this project, please let me know if you want to support me and my channel, that would mean the world to me. If you use my affiliate link down below, i said you can try it for free um, with two coins and if you like it and want to allocate more money to it, then um yeah. I really recommend you upgrading it to the advanced package and yeah.

That’s it for today and see you in the next video, where i’ll explain you on how to set up the easy board step by step and yeah, maybe some more insights about how my investment goes. You

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