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I’Ll give one more update here about for the existing members. As you know, that cue coin is already been implemented and now users are using it uh. There were 17 coins in in q coin. Today we added two more coins, crv and aave.

So those two are now part of uh q coin. You can go ahead and start your bots using that two coins and we are working also and adding more coins into binance and q coin uh. But we’re studying that we just want to make sure that the coins uh achieve the criteria.


The criteria is that points should be solid. We should not be expected to go to zero or to go to close to zero, maybe uh and uh. They have performed well in the past. They have been there for at least like one or two years, not not less than two years being traded so that it have bigger volume in trading uh.

The other thing that we are also looking at is the daily volume. The daily trading volume – we don’t want it to be small, because if it’s small, then it’s the higher risk, it’s if it’s bigger than it’s uh, it’s a less risk. So we’re looking at that and soon in in a week or two we’re going to add. Maybe three to five more points to uh, both the q coin and uh binance yeah.

That’s all from my side! So coach. The floor is yours. Well, you know i uh um. I was trying to click on that link or actually copy it, and i wasn’t able to do that.

So i’m just gon na go ahead and click there. Now – and here we go now – it’s coming up all right, guys, um the updates that uh are going to be shared. I wanted david to share those another thing, guys uh, that i will share and um you guys that were here last week and on saturday are aware that we’re really really close guys for uh to have the funnel system uh for everybody. There’s no charge for the funnel system, uh, which you know guys.

Eazy Bot Update of KuCoin

I’Ve been doing this a long time. I i’ve i’ve, never seen a company that gave a complete funnel system for free to the to the field. There’s normally always a charge of you know 1999 or 4999.

This is a complete, phenomenal topnotch, funnel system that is coming right now, they’re into finishing the integrations we needed to uh postpone that until the servers were completely integrated, which happened a couple of weeks ago and we’ve had some other top priorities that has pushed us back. A couple of couple of weeks, but we are really really close – i’ve seen it it is phenomenal. So you know you guys will get a topnotch funnel system along with a topnotch bot and if you love the bot, if the bot’s making money for you every day like it is for most people. I don’t know too many people that it’s still not producing form, but if the bot is – and you love it it’ll be very easy for you to share this.

We’re gon na we’re gon na do the the talking and the and the selling for you. You don’t have to do it yourself. You

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