Eazybot KuCoin vs Binance | Not Have $600 to use Eazy Bot | Easybot Solved Problem with KuCoin

Uh, let me take this chance. David just to uh, show like something something about uh kucoin. The difference is between coop coin and and the binance cocoon have some some advantages. Uh our binance one of them is the the trade volume like in binance.

Eazybot KuCoin

We know that the minimum trade that you can make is 10 to 12 to 11 to 11, like you cannot buy with a lower amount. You cannot sell a lower amount in kucoin. Some coins actually can give you the leverage of trading as low as 05. Like 50 cents, so that that that the implication of this is that people of lower uh capitals can still go in, and trade uh safely and trade using the same strategy that we have it, which in violence, we cannot use lesser than 600.

But now in q coin uh the people who wouldn’t have enough capital, they can trade as low as 200 dollars and still the it’s going to be sustaining the market buying on the low until more than 50 percent. Using exactly the same strategy that the people of 600 can can use yeah, this is this. Is these are two important uh uh yeah one one more thing actually on uh on quick coin is that uh kucoin also allows for sub accounts.

Not Have $600 to use Eazy Bot

You can create a sub account inside your own account where you can just use that for trading and keep the main account where you have your assets and everything in a separate, uh basket. Let’s say you keep the main account and then whatever you want to trade in easybot, you put it here in this sub account. If you are trading with another bot or something else, you can put it in another sub account and that’s allowed for for everyone. Even the nonverified account if you’re just uh a user without getting your kycs done still, you can have access to that and make uh sub accounts and enjoy that kind of feature that they have.

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