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My name is bryn blais, i’m representing a community of incredible national directors that have chosen to step up here and take this product and this company to the world, and i’m just a voice of manny here. That is just going to be your host for this call, but we’ve got some incredible speakers you’re going to meet from the owners of the company you’re going to get to hear the real longterm vision that they have for this, because the further into the future, you Can see the better your shortterm decisions will be and we’re going to share with you some realistic expectations and how to prepare your mind for the months, the years and the decades to come with this incredible project. So easy bot is a solution to a growing pain or growing problem in the marketplace. There’s a huge emerg emerging market, as you know, cryptocurrency, but some people don’t know where to start and one of the great things about easybot is: it removes the geek requirement and it allows you to sidestep what can be a pretty steep learning curve for a lot Of people with a oneclick strategy with the proven trading tool that you can deploy, it can start trading for you as you earn and learn your way in this cryptocurrency and navigate what can sometimes be quite a shark infested waters.


Because 99 of what you see out, there is designed to take your money from you with easy bot. Your money always remains 100 in your own control, and it will remain that way. It’s a very incredibly powerful tool that you can share with anybody that you can feel good about sharing.

But if you simply want to use it as a trading tool, you’re going to get to hear from the mind behind the software how this company came to be you’re, going to hear some. As mentioned before, the recording started. Some incredible updates here and announcements and you’re going to hear all about what’s going on and been going on in the background you’ll hear from breezy and peter in terms of support you’re going to hear from david, charles and ken chick as well. So with that said, my friends, the first speaker that we have for you here today is somebody that i’ve really grown to admire over the last couple of months as i’ve gotten to know him he’s an incredible heartcentered servant leader that puts people before money.

You hear that in every time he speaks an incredible person that i’m honored to lock arms with and build this project with, and that man is ken chick now. For those of you that don’t know, kinshik is our cofounder and international sales director for the company and he’s going to share with you some insight into his own trading journey and how easy bot is such an incredible solution for what most traders experience on their journey To becoming a successful trader and he’s also going to share with you some of the backstory of how easy bot came to be so, take the mic, my friend brent. Thank you, you’re, amazing uh, for you guys that haven’t got a chance to meet brent. He uh found us about four weeks ago.

He has just stepped up to the plate and is uh is doing such a phenomenal job in just not only building a team but supporting his team with uh with great video content and other content. Um guys are we on speaker view right now, because i see brent in the middle. I just wanted to make sure that we were on speaker view um just for the recording, that’s all but um wow what a journey this has been. I’M so grateful and so thankful uh to be a part of this um as brent said about a year ago, or so we had the opportunity to introduce a trading bot to the west.

I was uh called by a really good friend of mine in taiwan. Paul who, i believe, is on the call right now but paul reached out to me, and he started sending me screenshots of what this particular bot was doing and i’d worked with bots. As brent said, i traded fulltime. I had 13 screens in front of me i’ll talk about that in a minute but um.

I had also been working with companies that were trying to develop bots and i i never saw a working bot um. The the thing that i did see, though, is a lot of scams in this space and um. You know, i think most of us that have been in this space for any length of time have been have been snookered into one of those um.

My last go at that was 2017. I uh made a commitment that i would never do another one of them and i haven’t since then um. I just couldn’t um look at myself in the mirror at the heartbreak that these programs created and what it was, though, is the the owners or the the people who never made themselves known.

Uh created a phenomenal story and they had uh distributors share that story and as great as that story was or, however, it looked, and i looked at hundreds of these things. I’M telling you right now guys if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck. It ain’t an eagle, so we learned to stay away from that and only introduce good, solid programs.

Paul was cut from the same cloth that i was. I won’t go into any any more details, but we had the opportunity to introduce a working bot to the western world and the the the challenges, though, was when the market turned at that time. Back in february the market was screaming, it was going awesome, but in may it turned, and it took about a 55 drop, went from 69 000 down to 29 000.

I think it was about a 55 drop. Now it’s back rising back up, but we’re talking almost a year now that this is uh. This has taken place.

What happened with that bot was that we um we found ourselves uh in a position where our bot had used up. It was trading usdt against the other, uh pairs or against the other tokens, and this was something i had learned as i was day trading cryptocurrency. That trading a stable coin against the volatile points was the best way to trade.

So when paul sent that out to me – and he explained it to me – i said: okay, this this we’re already off to a good start. I started using the bot the bot did phenomenal, but when the market turned, they had us trading more aggressively than we should have, and the parameters of that bot were not set up to to um to withstand that type of a drop in the market and the Good thing about it was spot trading coin for coin, so no one lost their assets. The value of their assets went down just like the rest of the world. Some people left because they didn’t want to just hold uh.

We were hodling and uh, but there were a core of us that believed in this type of trading number one. No one was touching our assets, we weren’t turning our money over or our our tokens over our coins over to some known entity. They were right in our exchange, and this is why i really believed in this, and so when the market turned, though we were hodling just like the rest of the world, but that wasn’t good enough.

Not we wanted to be back in. We want to be back into positive trades and muhammad ali, who was on my team, he’s an engineer by trade. He’s a mathematical genius. You guys will get a chance to meet him.

If you haven’t met him already. He began on his own to look at the. How this bot was designed to be customizable, the bot was customizable, and so what he did is he began to on his own work with the customizable parameters that we had and within a short time, he figured out a strategy for that bot to get everybody unstuck And back into profitable trades now what he did is we. There was no customer support in asia, so we created our own customer support.

We had um a uh daily support, call a zoom call. Every day at two pm. Five days a week muhammad came into the group.

He showed what he had done and then he started training our our support team and got everybody unstuck. At the same time he was reaching out to to corporate in china. They wouldn’t respond.

He needed a few more parameter that he could customize and uh they they. There was no response from corporate in china and uh. On the other side of that, the comp plan was was dismal to say the best, to say the least. I’M sorry, and so i had submitted to paul a comp plan, change suggestion and never heard back from, but at the same time we had some investors that were using the bot that muhammad helped them get unstuck and back into positive traits.

They approached us and said if you would like to approach muhammad, if you would like to design your own bot, we’ll financially fund you, and so nothing that we did. Uh was any major effort other than our own customer support. Breezy and peter had headed that up and he had a support, team, doris and edwards, and – and there were several more that were helping in that room. Thank god for people that had the foresight to see where this could go.

Even though we hadn’t planned on developing our own boat but and for time’s sake guys, let me share something with you. One of the reasons i love this is because i sat in front of computers for hours and hours and hours i had 13 screens opened up to me. I had my bitcoin chart chromecast into my bedroom at night. Looking for entry points and to have a bot do what i was doing 24 7 and do it better than i was doing and and a small fee of of 20 percent myself and many other pro traders would give the right arm for that.

And when i, when i saw this and then we developed our own and ours, ours is working beautifully right now, guys uh, you guys, are all gon na love. It we’ve got uh almost 500 people on the call right now. You guys are positioned right now to literally change the lives of everyone.

You touch with this bot. Here’s what i love about it, i’m going to turn it over to our our next speaker here. Who is a dear friend of mine? Listen our bot our product. We are a product driven company, not a greed, driven company.

We are a product driven company, but we put uh people before profit, guys all the decisions we make come out of a servant. Leadership heart. We are in your corner and we are here to help in every way we can don’t take advantage of that, though guys we are working night and day, every uh little tiny challenge will be solved here very, very shortly.

Uh. Let david explain that, but the reason i love this is because the bot just about alone, could help somebody become financially free and independent. Now, if you want to combine our comp plan with that, you just get there quicker and that’s all there is to it.

Our next speaker is a dear friend of mine who came into the other uh software with us and uh. I had produced training, videos and uh steps on how to to to get this. You know bought up and running and money uh in the bot and all of that, so we can get this thing going.

So i can open up the bottleneck. David came in and did something so much more professional than what i put together and we became very close friends. He became uh an incredible servant, leader to the team and uh man. When uh we were looking at uh doing our own bot, the one of the first persons i called was david.

I said david. You got to come on board with this. This is going to be explosive bro.

So david came on board. He is now our ceo. Our chief operating officer, he has been in dubai since late february, since we had our prelaunch uh extravaganza and um, i’m going to tell you this guy has worked night and day and there’s no one else that i would feel more comfortable with at the helm of The coo than this man right here, david, come on in brother. I love you more than bitcoin and pizza combined all right.

Thank you. Coach uh feeling is mutual. Thank you.

So much and that’s that’s such an amazing story. I know we. We told that story. A number of times and uh – it’s always it’s always uh, really interesting and uh, really exciting, actually to relive that experience.

From this perspective, you know, when you’re, in the middle of something oftentimes it’s difficult to appreciate exactly what it will mean to you in any given moment. You know we went through some challenges, we’ve gone through some ups and downs and it’s really kind of indicative of this entire space of crypto. You know for a lot of you guys for a lot of us that have that have been exploring that have been on this journey of cryptocurrency.

One of the things that’s common about that experience is that you get some bumps and bruises along the way. You know there there isn’t a really good road map that tells you how to stay out of the dark, corners and uh stay away from some of the things that are that can get you hurt and with all great intentions, uh. You can find yourself in some really difficult situations. What happened in the last year? That was really amazing, however, is that, even though we went through some challenges, we developed something that was so important that that was really the relationships we found commonality in our desire to serve and to be of service to others, and really that is the foundation of What we’re going to talk about here today, you know we’re going to spend some time talking about easybot, obviously, and we’re going to talk to you about why it’s special, why we’re excited about it? Why we believe it’s going to be transformative in the crypto space? But i think it’s really very important.

The story that coach ken just shared, because what he’s telling you is a story about people and, at the end of the day, we’re a company that believes in people and as we go through our our mission and our vision. You’Ll get a better sense of that and i think it’s important because you’ll understand why the approach has been taken that we’ve taken in terms of how the bot functions and how you can participate in using it and in sharing it. So i want to start before we actually go into the presentation on easybot itself. I want to share something that uh that came from a report on cryptocom.

This was a report. They’Ve been doing this report now, since i think it’s like three or four years – and i just want to read this uh this exam from this executive summary from cryptocom – and this is important because i want to. I want everybody here to understand the stage that has been set for the market that we’re talking about in cryptocurrency. I know a lot of us a lot of you, some of those of you who are listening or watching this video are brand new to cryptocurrency, and maybe some of you have been exploring for just a little while, but you haven’t quite grasped exactly how massive this Potential marketplace is, and so i think cryptocom did an amazing job in summarizing that in their research and so i’m going to read a couple of this.

A couple of these bullet points from their executive summary. They say we expect the number of global crypto owners to reach 1 billion by the end of 2022. That’s this year, global in case you didn’t know. Global crypto population has increased by 178 in 2021, rising from 106 million in january to 295 million in december guys.

I want to pause right there for just a moment, and i want you to swallow grasp those numbers for just a second 106 million users crypto users in january of last year, we’re talking about a 900 million increase per user increase by the end of 2022, 24 Or so months later, that’s the market that we’re in and we’re still very, very early. This is a massive emerging market. The overall adoption growth in the second half of 2021 is 375 13 higher than the same period in 2020, 33 and a half 333 suggesting an accelerated adoption rate year on year.

Unlike the trend of the first half of 2021 bitcoin drove the growth and outperformed ethereum adoption in the latter, half bitcoin also gained market share in during q3 from all coins. The point here that i wanted all of us to appreciate is that this is a explosive massive marketplace. There are 900 million people entering into this marketplace in a 24month period and it’s still a very early space.

Eazy Bot International Grand Opening

It’s still in its infancy. It’s still very difficult for people to figure out, and so what we’re going to talk about here today is a solution that is going to help create ease for people that are trying to figure out the crypto space. So i’m going to jump into our presentation and share a little bit more about that solution with you today we’re going to be talking about easybot we’re going to give you a presentation and discussion on how we are reshaping the future of crypto trading. Now, before we get into things, let’s cover a little bit of business here and we’ll read our disclosure.

All information presented here is for informational purposes. Only presenters are not financial advisors. All presenters opinions are their own and is not intended to be used as a substitute for financial investment advice. Past results are not indicative of future results.

So with that being said, i want to tell you a little bit more about our story, so we touched on this for just a moment, but this is such an important part of who we are and where we’re going. So let me tell you it’s inspired by a quote from the great albert einstein who says that we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. So let’s paint that picture. What do we mean when we say crypto made easy for us? It’s more than a catchy slogan: this is our mantra, and it is our story you see for too many people crypto is hard.

It can be difficult to learn confusing to understand, and it’s laden with risk. Eazybot, however, was born from this struggle. During the spring of 2021, our ceo and founder muhammad ali, he was confronted with these realities.

Having stumbled through his own challenges and some losses. He saw the potential of an automated crypto trading platform. He was introduced to a solution that performed well at first, but as the market took a massive drop in the spring, everything changed he and some of those that he introduced to the platform were no longer experiencing the best of crypto and no longer making profits. Well, he was unwilling to allow his friends to sit in frustration and panic.

So muhammad went to work for four weeks he leaned into his professional training as an engineer and his passion for numbers, and he began developing a strategy that eventually would allow them to see their trades and their portfolios begin to grow and perform once again over the Following few months that winning strategy evolved even beyond the capabilities of that platform – and this is where the vision for easybot was born, easybot is special for all kinds of reasons that we’ll talk about here today. It’s powered by amazing technology and a brilliant strategy. However, for us, what makes easybot the most special is that it’s designed for people and for the problems that we desire to solve.

We believe that crypto is the future and it doesn’t have to be hard, so we made it easy all right. Welcome to the easybot corporate offices and our ceo and founder muhammad ali. I want to pause here for just a moment, because muhammad is traveling, and i want to give him an opportunity, if he’s in the room, if somebody can uh.

Let me know if muhammad’s in the room, i’d love for him to just pop in say a couple of words, if he’s in a position to do so and if not we’ll keep it moving. But somebody, let me know if this is a good time for muhammad to come on in david, i’m trying to search for his name. All the people coming in which we love is uh keeps pushing back.

You can raise your hand, yes, perfect. Thank you all right. At any time, muhammad, of course, you can jump in uh.

We know that you’re you’re in motion, so i’m going to keep moving forward. Guys just stop me. If i, if you see muhammad, i can’t see the participants uh, but what you’re seeing here is uh muhammad. In our corporate offices actually uh, that’s where i am right now and you know what we were doing here, which you see him pointing to we’ll actually talk about that for just a little bit and it’s such an important part of who we are as a company.

That’s worth jumping into we like to start this discussion about who easybot is by talking about things that are important to us. Like our mission, our mission is, we see crypto and, as we talked about this report from cryptocom as we recognize that the world of crypto is changing or the world around, this is changing and crypto is influencing and impacting that in a massive and major way, and We want to accelerate an easy transition into crypto for everybody by providing an opportunity to everyone. Our vision is to create a bridge to the future through technology in crypto. Now our values there’s the things that we believe in things that we believe that will deliver through our product and deliver through the experience that you have in our product.

That’s service, integrity, trust, respect, leadership, commitment, patience, quality, gratitude and consistency. So easybot is an automated crypto trading platform and it is ideal for brand new investors and it’s perfect for those of you who might be advanced traders. Let’s talk a little bit about why easybot is special. Really in summary, easybot puts you in total control.

It allows you to create consistent, profitable returns. You can trade crypto confidently build passive income, you can withdraw your profits at any time and you don’t need to have any experience at all to get the best out of easybot. Now the shining star of easybot is something we call our oneclick strategy. Our oneclick strategy allows you to set up easybot so that you don’t have to be an expert in order to trade like one listen, whether you’re a beginner in crypto or an advanced user.

There is no need for you to spend countless hours, tinkering with parameters, settings and strategies with easy, bots proven oneclick trading strategy. You can be up and running, closing profitable trades in no time now. Here’s a challenge that a lot of bots and a lot of traders face especially in crypto, is that crypto markets are really volatile and we can see massive drops in the market in any given day and so eazybot’s designed to continue to perform even in a 50 Or more market drop you are actually able to watch your profits continue to go up. Even when the market is going down, the crypto markets are incredibly volatile and even when there are drops are 50 or more easybot is intelligently designed to continue to trade and make profits for you no need to sit around and wait for the market to correct.

Easybot is closing trades and profit continually, even during the most severe drops, and, of course, the most important thing here is that easybot never closes on a losing trade. There are only profitable trades ever easybots intelligently programmed to respond to any market condition, keeps you safe from the worst possible possible scenario, which is taking losses with easy bot in control. You’Ll never have to worry about taking a losing trade ever again now automatic compounding is easy. You can accelerate your earnings and do it on autopilot, with easybox automatic compounding feature you’ll be able to grow.

Your crypto earnings, faster than ever easybot, will take all the funds that it earns for you and automatically add them to the calculations of available funds for future trades guys. You ever heard the story of uh whether you would take a million dollars or you take a penny doubled every day for the next 365 days. The answer to that might not seem obvious if, for the first time, you heard that question, but after you’ve heard it and you understand the math, you understand the power of compounding that’s what that story drives home.

The massive amount of growth that you experience when you’re able to add earnings on top of earnings growth on top of growth, that’s what easybot’s doing for you and it’s doing it automatically. In the background now one penny added to another penny in day, one and day two doesn’t seem like a whole lot day. Three, you got four pennies day.

Four you’ve got eight pennies, but allow that to continue to compound and the numbers become astronomical in no time and that’s why patience is so important, but listen for our advanced traders. We haven’t left you out. We made it super super easy for our beginners and those who don’t want to spend a lot of time becoming experts, but for those of you who enjoy trading and who enjoy the market and are just looking for a tool to help you get out of in Front of those screens like coach ken mentioned and allow you to execute your strategy using this really powerful software you’re going to be happy to know that you can have your strategy and be in total control, see with easybot’s numerous customizable settings.

You are always in total control of your trading strategy, whether you’re day trading, scalping or just tinkering. Easybot puts you in the driver’s seat, with the ability to modify existing strategies or completely create your own all right. So at this point we want to help you get started with easybot and getting started is easy start trading with easybot for free.

Let me just jump through here and make it really simple for you create your easybot account for free step. One open and connect to your crypto account step two and then you start trading with our one click strategy, step three easy as can be. So, let’s talk about what easybot gives you in summary, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, what’s special about the crypto markets? Is they never close? So you get the opportunity to be in the market all the time, never miss an opportunity.

24. 7. Easy bots running for you easy oneclick strategy settings.

You don’t have to spend hours minutes days, weeks or months trying to figure out the best possible strategy. It’s already designed to keep you in profitable trades and you can set it up in no time for our advanced traders. You can absolutely customize easybot. You can automatically compound your earnings, so you’re, not just making profitable trades passively but you’re compounding them.

So your growth is faster and guys it doesn’t matter whether you have a large investment or you have a small investment to get started. Easyboxperfect to help you grow, your portfolio doesn’t matter where you get started, but it does matter that you do get started and best part of all is that you can get started for free, that’s right, absolutely free. In fact. Let’s talk about what our packages look like, we have three different offers for you, three different packages that can get you started with easybot the first one.

Is you guessed it? It’s free, free forever, absolutely nothing! There’s a thirty percent software service fee for every profitable trade that is closed, easybot gets thirty percent. Easybot makes a dollar for you, you keep 70 70 cents, easyback gets 30 cents for the effort. Here’s what else you get you get to trade! Two coins you get to do that on one exchange, you get access to the oneclick strategy setup.

We do group support, calls to support you got guides and tutorials for you as well, and you get access to our amazing affiliate programs and to support that affiliate program. You get access to our professional marketing and training app. Now our advanced package is for those who would like a little bit more diversity. You want to trade more coins, uh you’d like to pay a little bit less in fees.

That package is 250, it’s annual and you only pay a 20 software service fee here. So if easybot makes you a dollar, you keep 80 cents, easybot gets 20 20 cents for its effort. What else you get again, 10 coins that you can trade up to two exchanges that you can trade on as well, and all the same features that you got in our free package. The oneclick strategy support calls trainings guides, tutorials earn as an affiliate and our amazing affiliate program and a professional marketing app now for those who are our advanced traders and those who want absolute diversity, you get access to all the coins in easybot.

When you choose our vip package, it’s 995 annually. You also only pay the 20 software service fee per trade. You get all the coins and you get up to five different exchanges that you can trade on and all the features in our advanced package plus oneonone support. So, for some of you don’t want to sit in a group support call you like to have somebody that can support you, oneonone or advanced packages for you.

So we’ve got you covered no matter where you’re, starting where you’re coming into this industry into crypto. You want to just figure it out start with our free package. You’Ve got it figured out.

You want to get going. Super fast, choose our advanced package. Our vip package doesn’t matter where you start, but it does matter that you do get started now.

One of the things that i think is super important for everybody to understand is where your money goes now, there’s two different places and you talk about the distribution of funds, so your trading funds here are going to go to your exchange. We’Ve got two different exchanges as of today in our prelaunch and our actually today is our our fullscale launch. We’Ve got two different exchanges for you to choose from coinbase pro and binancecom, so your trading funds, the money that easybot trades for you goes into an exchange. The funds you want to trade with go there and the easybot never actually touches those funds.

So how does easybot actually make you money? Well, the api connection. That’s provided by the exchange allows easybot to connect its software to their software, and then it opens and closes trades for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, never actually touches. Your funds has no permission to withdraw funds from your exchange account.

So you remain in total control of your assets. At all times you can stop trading at any time. You can withdraw your profits at any time.

You are in 100, total control. Nobody at easybot ever gets access to your money. Now you’ve got software subscription fees that we talked about and since easybot cannot pull that pull funds out of your exchange account there’s some money that goes to easybot and that is to cover your subscriptions. The packages that we just talked about.

You want to upgrade to an advanced package or a vip package. Well, that goes to easybot. If you are, and of course, we also create a small wallet for the software service fees, because we can’t pull them out of your exchange, so that gets set up in a wallet and easybot. That’s it everything else that you’re trading your funds, the easybox trading, for you, any exchange you want to upgrade your package cover your software service fees that goes to easybot easy peasy.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the story of easybot. We’Ve got all kinds of things that we are so excited to share with you that are coming. I’M going to step out of the way i’m going to ask bren to come back in here and before we jump into a q a.

I think we have a couple amazing announcements and exciting things that are happening, that we want to share with you and celebrate with you today, thanks so much david. That was incredible and again just like ken, it’s an honor to be working with you and locked arms with you on this project. Just so you know guys we do a lot of due diligence and research before we share opportunities with our community because they trust our discernment. So we are very selective myself and my business partner met with david, actually uh about third quarter.

Second, third, quarter of last year, we resonated with them. We had great energy, great vibe. We knew we wanted to work together.

He informed us of this. What was coming to fruition here with easybot and the right on schedule, so we love how they operate. We’Ve seen them in action: transparent ownership, incredible company, so thanks very much david for that.

It’s a honor to work with you. So we have some exciting announcement and the first person i want to call out is heading up marketing and that is vineet. Some of you may have noticed that the front door to easybot has been officially published. It’s beautiful, streamlined, uh website and i’d just like venet to come out and say a few words about that and a couple of things about what you can expect in terms of marketing here, as we roll out through the phases with easybot.

For those of you, especially that perhaps want to share easybuff with others, welcome to the call venet hi. Thank you so much brent, hello to the whole community. I’M so excited i feel like we gave birth for the past several months. Our team has been working diligently on the new website, all the interfaces when you use, and you use easybot all the screens that you see the buttons that you’re pushing.

We designed those things for easybot we’re super proud of what how it came out. The logo, the branding and now what you haven’t seen yet and you’re about to see are you know this website, plus sales funnels that are being replicated and cloned for all of you, so that when you sign up for easybot for free, you get to share these Funnels and these websites with other people and as soon as you know, by introducing them and by sharing these funnels, you have a unique referral link so that, when you share this, when you share this opportunity with people whether they buy right now, they don’t buy right. Now they start it doesn’t matter, because it’s that lead is tagged to you and so, if, in six months later, that person starts to trade with easybot, you will start earning from easybot, and all of that stuff is tracked in a marketing app that we’ve built for The community, this is a very, very powerful tool and we’re going to teach you guys how to use it all for free.

So i’m super excited. We haven’t slept much in the past few months. We haven’t.

You know it’s been crazy, but i feel, like i said we i feel like we gave birth and um. We have an amazing new baby. So thanks for allowing me to be a part of this amazing community, i’m super grateful. Wonderful thanks, so much venetia the website.

Truly does reflect the simplicity and the removal of the geek requirements so that we can capture the massive migration of people. That’s coming from traditional finance into decentralized finance here and easybot is positioned to capture that and serve those people. Next up, i would like to introduce breezy and peter who is heading up support. They have some exciting announcements about support, and one of the things that i guess you could say, magnetically attracted me to easybot was the fact that it was.

It was just distinguishing itself in the marketplace. It was differentiated in the fact that obviously was putting people first, but also nobody was going to get left behind. Even if a person lost contact with whoever brought them in they’re going to have a home here, a place where they can plant their flag and they’re. Going to be supported by the community and the infrastructure, that’s been built out here to not only onboard customers but bring them into a thriving environment where they can continue to learn and grow and profit from their software.

So guys, if you just like to share a few words about what’s taking place in the background and what’s currently available and being launched as of today with the support for the community, thank you bran guys, uh almost 600 people on the call this is so exciting. As vanita said, we just gave birth so get your cigars ready. This is awesome and, as coach said, we are in your corner, so it’s very important for all of us in the support team um. We want to make sure that everyone is taken care of.

So we’ve started a ticketing system, as of today we’ll be going through a ticketing system at support easybotcom. So that is your first means of support. Support at easybotcom so have that written down somewhere. If you have any issues, please email us.

First. The second line of support is the support calls that we have at 11, am eastern monday to friday. It’s just a general support, call for everyone in the world to participate in and ask their questions, and then your third means of support is the telegram chats and the people that you know, as your uplines actually use your uplines first and then, if you don’t get The answers then use support easybotcom.

Then we also have our chat in the telegram as well, where a lot of people are asking questions and many answers are already being put forth there. There is also going to be a knowledge base where you have the question and answer and every question pretty much that’s been posed to us already on all the calls are put into this knowledge base by breezy and a few of our our team members that are Working together to put this together so, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to have full support for every single person in this company. That is one of our mantras of our company. We want to make sure that everyone is taken care of and i’d love to introduce breezy to our group here.

She is absolutely incredible. I’Ve had the pleasure of working with her for over a year now or close to a year now, and she has always had my back and she has had always had every single person’s back in the community that we started last year and now we’re an easy Bot with breezy behind behind all of us we’re in good hands breezy come on in peter. I love you.

I want to welcome everybody again and i have to give special thanks, because we’ve been excited about this from the moment that muhammad and coach and david and vini and everyone in the background that has um, supported and produced this amazing product. And we are here as servant leaders and you hear that a lot. But we are here servant leaders and we want to make sure that everybody’s taken care of from past experiences.

We were not able to um take care of everyone, because we were not able to get in touch with the development team here you see them we’re here, we’re here on the calls they’re introduced and you know who they are. So we are here just to inform you that we will take care of you and if you have any issues, bring it up and we’ll solve it as quickly as we possibly can, but it’s going to be smooth sailing here short shortly coming. Thank you.

Thank you. Breezy i’ll go back to brent. Thank you, brad, wonderful, thanks! So much that was fantastic.

It’s great to see it’s great, to see how it’s all rolled out and you can hear you can hear it in their words. We are putting people first, we’re going to have the infrastructure here that everybody needs to take them by the hand guide them through the experience. They need to have to really experience results with this product and it’s very exciting to see, because in this cryptocurrency world, usually there’s anonymous websites with here today, flash in the pan gone tomorrow. Programs promise to pay programs where you put a large amount of capital up front that you give away control of, and then they drip feed it back to you over an extended period of time and usually by that time, they’re already gone and sail into the bahamas.

So here we have something that’s going to last long term and we have the infrastructure in place to support everybody that decides to lock arms with this community. So next up an exciting announcement, i’m going to bring back in ken he’s going to share with you something that should really put into drive home. The fact that this core leadership, the values of this core leadership, is putting people before money and it’s quite quite an exciting announcement, my friends, so ken, would you like to share that? Please, yes, uh, awesome! Everybody! You guys are incredible. It’s such a great team of people that uh, you know we just uh divinely came together.

That’s the way i look at it. It’s been amazing, guys uh, but yes uh, everybody you’re on the call right now and everybody that’s come in out of 25 26 000 people, oh muhammad, is just coming in so i’m gon na go ahead and let’s uh bring muhammad in. I know he’s uh he’s on the road traveling he’s uh on his way to a near to the airport.

Let’s see, if he’s able to unmute himself and come in, we want to uh. If you guys don’t mind, maybe enter. Do we have muhammad in the house? Could uh one of you guys that are cohosting with me if he could find him and ask him to unmute? That would be awesome, because i’d like to make the announcement when muhammad’s on the call got something really special. Is he uh unmuted i’m trying to unmute him i’m trying to find him? I can’t even find him.

I just saw him come in there. He is i’m gon na make him a cohost, ah so fast that when people come in that thing moves guys don’t go anywhere. We’Ve got a great announcement that we’re gon na make here, but i wanted to give muhammad an opportunity to come in because uh, i’m sure everybody would like to hear from them as much as i would so see. If that worked muhammad, are you in the house? Brother there he is asking don mute one more time.

Okay, while we are waiting for our fearless leader to come into the room right now, ken he just said so, yeah we can probably he just typed. He can’t talk. Okay, well, guys, listen, uh.

What we’ve decided to do because Of the uh um because of the you know, little challenges that we’ve had with uh the exchanges with finance and coinbase pro. We are going to reset everybody’s uh bot for one year starting may 1st. So anybody you bring in right now and you guys yourselves when may 1st, comes around we’re going to reset all the bots and give everybody one year from may 1st. So we wanted to let you guys know that on the call today we’re very excited to be able to do this.

For you again, we will always put you guys before uh profit will put you before uh money. You are more important to us than any amount of money that you could ever bring to us and any money we can make from your hard work and effort you’re more important, guys and uh. So we wanted to make that announcement.

Is there another uh couple of things we wanted to reveal today, or is this something we’re gon na reveal on on uh different call on uh upcoming calls david, hey coach? Oh that’s uh! Yeah! That’s our big announcement for today! Um! We are how about we go back to i know. Brynn has something that you wanted to share. We’Ve got it.

We’Ve got a really special post that was shared in our community uh brandon. You want to do that now or you want to wrap up our call with that yeah. Absolutely, i think now is the perfect time to do that before we segue into the q a so i have a special founders club presentation for you all. It’s gon na take about three minutes, we’ll hold that till the end of q, a so be sure to stick around for that, be just about 10 to 12 minutes of q a but right now i think you just mentioned money can so now is a good Time to talk about money – and there was a very, very well written, articulate message written inside the group – obviously a person with a lot of wisdom, a lot of experience that has been here that has taken some hits that learns from their mistakes and that has cultivated The discipline to be able to think long term with something like this, i think now is a very important time to paint some realistic expectations and cleansers cleanse ourselves of some of the illusory expectations that have been built up because of a lot of the programs that Are out there and there’s a lot of programs where you’re going to see one to three percent today, and i defy you find me anything – that’s still paying 30 to 40 a month after 10 years, it doesn’t exist, i mean look, everybody in the world will be Doing it if they could and as warren buffett says, the financial markets are a device used to transfer money from the inpatient to the patient and we’re here for the long term.

So, to help paint that picture we’re going to read out this, i’m going to share my screen and read this message for you. One thing before we get into q a. I can see lots of lots of comments coming in about what’s the daily return for this. First of all, if you’re trying to hone in on what can be achieved in any one day, you’re looking at too narrow a window of time to get a realistic expectation of what can happen in the market, you need to zoom out because no two days in The markets are the same.

This spot is obviously going to be dependent as you’ll hear, based on volatility in the markets. If the market’s completely flat, it’s not possible necessarily to be generating profits, but if you zoom out and take a vantage point perspective and look at larger intervals of time 30 days, not every quarter. For example, then, you’re going to start to see the averages and the law of averages play play their part and you’ll see what this can produce. There are a lot of variables that play which coins did you choose? When did you turn on the bot? The default parameters keep in mind are programmed and designed to withstand that 60 market crash and still make a profit.

So obviously the strategy isn’t front loaded. We could launch this. We could launch this company, where that will blow the roof off everyone’s minds and make money faster up front.

But then what would happen when the market fell? Would you have the breathing room and the equity to withstand that drop and in most cases you wouldn’t so, as i’ve said, many of you may have heard me say everyone’s a genius in a bull run when the market is going up and that’s what a lot Of bots do, but we want to be prepared to withstand all market conditions if you’re, a more advanced user by all means go in. There tinker around run simultaneous parallel strategies and play around and find something that works, and if you do find something that works, and you can prove over an extended period of time that you’re outperforming the outofbox customized strategy, then there’s an opportunity for you as well and We’re casting such a wide net into the marketplace that we’re attracting a lot of talent and a lot of people that might come up with something very powerful and you have the potential to earn an override commission. If someone decides to download your particular strategy. So by all means, but have just like any investment portfolio.

Perhaps you would put 60 percent of your trading capital that you can afford to lose into the outofbox settings that you don’t have to manage that you don’t have to look at then you can use the other 40 for intermediate conservative and more aggressive strategies. So with that said, 600 600 usdt is the recommended capital per trading coin. That is not pulled out of the air that is mathematically calculated for to it’s fully optimized to withstand that market crash. Because if people are running aggressively and then the market falls look everybody’s going to be stuck – and this is designed to get to avoid that and to sidestep that issue, so it doesn’t matter if the market’s gone up or going down as david said.

So let me share my screen here. Can you see this message? Yes, yes, you can brian. I apologize in advance, i’m about to say this person’s name chowdhury. Hopefully i’m saying that right.

Thank you for this message. Clearly it comes from a place of wisdom and experience. So i’ll read it out for you hi folks, here’s a quick, refresher and overview of what to expect and how to set our mindset for easy bot trading.

Oh okay, we have a blown up version of it. Thanks again, are we we’re still seeing the screen you’re? Seeing your david’s screen now or ken screen, i think it’s david’s screen yeah so always remember. The bot is objectively trading and taking out of the equation: greed, anger, happiness, impatience, over trading, lack of risk management and fear of missing out. So a robot never gets tired.

It’s never late for work, it doesn’t demand a pay raise, it doesn’t get greedy and fearful it’s just executing what it was programmed to do, and this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for traders in their journey to become a proficient trader. It’s cultivating that elite level of emotional discipline where they don’t involve their emotions in their trading, because when the market’s gone up everyone’s in a state of euphoria – and they have selective cognitive bias and nothing can go wrong. And when the market’s going down everyone’s fearful. Everyone’s selling, the bot does not do this.

The bat. The bot is a quantitative trading strategy based on mathematics and numbers, and it’s just going to do that day in day out, even while you’re asleep and that’s the leverage point, because if you value time you can purchase time by simply paying that service fee and that Performance fee to the bot: that’s what we’re doing here. His second point, the usual mantra for success in trading patience and process still apply in us.

We’re required to not forget trading, it’s it’s, not a scientific science. It’s a numerical form of art and, like any art, both artists and patrons need to exhibit patients, and this is not a get rich quick scheme. We will only get a return in our investment, that’s directly proportional to the amount of trading capital we’re using and how market how volatile the market happens to be so a person coming in with the minimum and keep in mind. That is a minimum of 600.

Obviously, people will be using less than that, but if they’re coming in with less than that – and they expect to get rich overnight, then maybe this is not for them or else they need to adjust their perspective and adjust their expectations. But if you extrapolate out, if you extend out over time and go to the calculatorsitecom and look at it about even five percent per month can do over 36 months even on a thousand, especially if you contribute to it monthly. If you make additional contributions, if you cut back that cup of coffee or back whatever, it is and set aside even an extra 100 or 200 per month and contribute to it over time, that’s when you really start to see the power of compound interest and exponential Growth, which we’ll touch more on i’ll, show an example of it in the presentation at the end of the q, a so stick around for that now number four: if you disagree with the bath strategy or execution, remember, remember: point number one and the bot doesn’t operate With our human emotional drawbacks, so it’s only natural that our fundamental disagreement with the bot is rooted in our own shortcomings as traders.

So if you, if you’ve, noticed that feeling of frustr of impatience, building up within yourself, if you, if based on your expectations, trades, aren’t being opened and closed fast enough, then keep in mind. That’s that’s your own emotional involvement and analyze. Look back in time see how your own financials decisions in the past may have got you to where you are today, if you’re, currently not in a financial place that you’re happy with you know, maybe it’s time, maybe it’s time to leverage technology, artificial intelligence and a Proven strategy to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, so that you can remove that human emotion from those decisions.

Finally, a good trader feels happy on a profitable trade, but a great trader doesn’t feel anything now. It’s not that you’re completely cold and mechanical robot and it’s obviously just difficult to achieve that. But proficient trader doesn’t get excited when they have a win. They don’t they don’t fall into a pit of despair if they have a trading loss they’re looking at their averages, they know what they’re capable of they trust their trading strategy over a extended period of time.

They know that they’re going to be profitable and you can trust that this will as well, because this is spot trading – we’re not using leverage here, we’re not borrowing money from a broker, we’re simply purchasing a realtime settlement of different cryptocurrencies. So worst case scenario you’re left holding cryptocurrency, which most people are doing anyway, but with this strategy, if you allocate the correct amount of capital, you can withstand pretty much any market condition. So, as you mentioned, let’s all strive to maintain a strong, sustainable traders mindset, even though we’re using software here, there is still going to be people that come along they’ll put in a thousand dollars and they’ll go in and set it to enter the first trade with The whole amount two thousand dollars, you know.

Sometimes you can’t fix stupid. But what we’re doing here, the majority of people with it’s set up to be one click simple and 99 of people are going to be using the out of box strategy. So if you want to see consistent returns um, i suggest that you deviate away from or stray away from the outofbox settings only in proportion to the amount of experience that you have as a trader.

You know if, if you don’t have an extended amount of experience under your belt as a trader, then maybe you’re not qualified for that one percent. Today, maybe you have to leverage technology to do it far far you there is going to be people that come in here and they’ll they’ll be able to put the bot making one to three percent a day of whatever the case may be because of their abilities. But they’re going to be that’s going to be proportional to how much they have to manage the bot they’re going to be doing their own technical analysis, they’re predicting that the market’s about to fall 10 and hit support whatever the case may be so plus the strategy.

My friends, i hope that brought some clarity and expectations to um just clear the pallet of because there’s a lot of garbage out there there’s a lot of things that pay you for 200 business days and you have to be investing along the way and then look. What’s happening to them, they’re dropping like flies, they’re, falling left and right and a lot of people are getting hurt. So we have something here. That’s here for the long term, that’s going to be here for decades to come, and i suggest you cultivate that longterm mindset, as was described in this post so with that said now, is a good time to dive into q a before the short presentation we’ll do About 10 minutes of q, a breezy perhaps and peter you can feed us those questions and then we’ll see who’s the best one to answer, so we actually have a lot of people in a lot of members in the telegram and the chat right now.

That’s answering questions so that is amazing, you’re not taking hands right now. If you could, please put your question in the chat: we’d greatly appreciate it. We are not taking hands right now. One main question that i’m seeing right now is: can we please get a status on coinbase pro david yeah sure thing, uh coinbase pro is still in its final stages of development uh.

So we don’t have an exact. I don’t want to commit to a an exact day, uh and then maybe not achieve that day. So i will tell you that we are 99. There.

We’Ve got some some final details that muhammad wants to get dialed in he’s, doing testing every single day, uh going back and forth with developers spots trading fantastically but again before we deliver coinbase, it’s a little bit more challenging uh just dealing with their technology. They’re not open for support 24 7, so we’ve got to work within some confined parameters, but it is uh we’re right around the corner from that, so hopefully, within the next week, but again once we have better clarity, we’ll give you an exact date, good question and Just to confirm that we are looking at kraken and at ftx uh yeah, we’ll we’ll add this we’ll add additional exchanges. The next exchange that’s coming online will be ftx uh.

We don’t have a commitment on kraken just yet uh kraken is really a it’s primarily a solution for us customers and uh. There are some other solutions for the us that we’re looking at as well, so no commitment on kraken uh being the next exchange behind ftx. We are committed to ftx as the very next one that’s coming online and we’ll continue to add more and more exchanges here in the near future.

One thing that i want to say before we add before we answer any other questions. Uh coach asked the question and i totally missed the setup, so i apologize for that coach, but there is another big announcement for today and of course today is our launch day, and i want to talk about what that means and why we’re celebrating today, so we’ve Had a scaled rollout and what we call a scale launch, we had a prelaunch event february 24th here in dubai. It was an amazing event.

Hopefully, you guys have seen that uh there’s videos of that event online and over the last few weeks, we’ve done a scaled approach to our launch and part of the reason we’ve done. That is that our growth has been just absolutely explosive. It’s been phenomenal if we cross 25 000 numbers and so uh, really that growth has been faster than we anticipated, and so we’ve been uh, putting together resources to support that growth. To make sure that we’re supporting our members that are that are coming from all over the world, we’ve got folks in uh in africa and asia, uh all over the world, and so in europe.

And so we want to make sure that we have the resources uh. Technologically and support human resources to be able to grow with you and grow with your teams, for those of you who are sharing easy bot with others, and so uh we’re taking a scaled approach in terms of how we’re rolling easybot out. So we first gave easybot access to trading to our national directors.

One of the special things about easybot is that there are national directors. The purpose of that role is to help support these various regions, and so you’ve got somebody who understands your region, your language, your culture and they’re there to support you and help do calls in your language. If there is a different language uh, but that’s uh, that’s our first layer, so those of uh about 50 or so of our national directors were the first to get access to trading in easybot.

And then we rolled out access to our advanced and vip members. And today our launch day, everybody now has access to trade and easybot. So even our free members, congratulations to you.

Uh access to easybots, absolutely free! All you’ve got to do is fund your exchange, and you can start trading today now uh real quick, because it probably is going to come up in the question. So let me just address it in the scaling of our launch. We are limiting our vip members to ten coins, our advanced uh package members to two coins, our two bots and our vip members to one that is a temporary limit again managing the scale and the resources associated with scaling. Our growth you’ll see those limits start to decrease as early as next week, so we just want to make sure that we can support everybody and have a clean, seamless experience as best as possible.

All right, breezy back to you, david. You mentioned three members, three members to one. You said vip members to one three members to one.

Thank you appreciate it. You’re welcome um. I know this was a concern for quite a few people, not necessarily just here in the chat but also around.

So if they’re not able to fund six hundred dollars for a coin – and they only have let’s say two hundred dollars, what is your recommendation? Is it to start trading or try to build up to six 600 yeah, that’s a fantastic question, and here i think it’s important and brent touched on this just a little bit. I want to go a little deeper. Why the 600 matters you know.

600 is not a minimum required amount to participate in easy, buy it’s a minimum recommended amount and so understand why that recommendation comes about the idea behind dzbot is that we know, or we believe at least that most users want a consistent experience. They want to see easybot working for them, no matter what’s happening in the market, whether it’s up or down, they don’t want to look at the market to figure out. Well, it’s up.

So it’s performing well and it’s down. That’s why it’s not! They want a consistent experience and they don’t want to have to think about it or worry about it, and so the brilliance of the strategy, our one click default strategy that works in the background for you. That strategy is designed to work in a 50 or more decline in the market, we’re prepared for the kind of volatility that we’ve seen in crypto markets.

Now, if you have less than 600, easybot will still work for you. However, you won’t be able to use the default strategy because that default strategy requires 600 to keep performing in that kind of volatility. So guys, if you want to start with less you can absolutely do so.

You simply have to uncheck where it says default strategy and you’ll be able to start with as little as you’d like. Of course, the exchanges will require you to open a trade with at least 10 uh, but you can start with less than the 600 again keep in mind that you are using your own strategy at that point and you’re welcome to use easybot. It’s i’ve seen a number of people already using it with less than having a fantastic experience.

Perfect. Just to add to that as well. David bernard made a great point in the chat there and on most on most calls, especially in the crypto world. You’Ll see them talk about the product if it exists at all for about 90 seconds and then they’ll spend 40 minutes on a rewards plan here, it’s the other way around.

This is a product driven company and we haven’t really even spoken about the rewards plan. But if you’re a person that maybe does not have the necessary trading capital to put in your account, the rewards plan is very lucrative here and it’s wide open for a free member, a vip member and a free member gets the exact same access, and you can Refer one vip member there’s your 400 commission bingo one customer you’ve got your 600 dollars if you only have 200 right now. So if you roll up the sleeves and invest some sweat equity and actually share this with people, in fact, if you believe in it – and you see it working, it’s almost your ethical and moral obligation to do so, because we have something very powerful here, then you Can make some quite significant commissions just on a twotier affiliate system, so utilize that to build up your trading account, it really eliminates any excuses. It eliminates financial barriers to entry and people in countries all over.

The world can share this with others and earn those commissions. A good question also is, if you’re in the us, but currently cannot trade. Will you see your commission from your referrals yeah absolutely so, of course, there are two commissions and we’re not going to go.

We’re not going to do a deep dive into our affiliate program today. It’s really what we want to do is introduce easybot the product to the world join us on another call. We do calls all throughout the week actually at least once a day and we’ll go we’ll do a deep dive into how the affiliate program works.

We do a special call on saturdays 11, am eastern specifically for those who are interested in the affiliate program. So i’m not going to do a deep dive into it into that answer right this moment. The short answer to that question is yes, uh, you absolutely can there are two. There are two different uh phases or sections of our affiliate program.

There’s uh there’s the opportunity to earn off of the subscriptions or the package sales and then there’s the opportunity to earn off of the software subscription fees for those that you have introduced and referred to easybot, and you will see both of those in your back office. What you’re seeing right now immediately are the commissions on the package sales uh. We are doing some manual audits on the software service fees uh as we get confidence in those and as we go through a couple of weeks and we can gain confidence in automating uh. After we’ve been to a few audits, then you’ll see those software service fees start to show up immediately.

So yes, the short answer is yes, we’ll see both of those now. The question we have is: when can we access the back testing data and where uh we’ll publish a link to that, so how about uh? We spend just a couple of minutes and we talk about that. Why don’t we go to the next question? Let me pull that. Let me pull that data up and i’ll spend just a few minutes going through it with everybody and we’ll post a link to it david.

Do you want to touch upon what people need to have in their binance account in order for the trading to be, you know, set up properly, yeah, absolutely good, good question um. So again, we’ve got a lot of folks that are going to access easybot today for the first time uh, so welcome to our free members. You you’ve got one bot today again we’re going to give you access to both bots here in the near future.

One of the things that you need to know – and this is only for binance right now, so, if you’re waiting on coinbase. Thank you for your patience. We appreciate you. This is for our binance users.

In order to use binance uh, you’ve got to have b and b b and b is finances. Coin you’ve got to have a little bit of bnb in your binance account. Now binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and they’re very proud of their coin.

That they’ve released they’ve driven that coin, the value of that coin to be the number three valued cryptocurrency behind bitcoin and ethereum. I believe it’s number three number three or number four, and so they would prefer that you use their coin for trading fees and in exchange for doing so, they give you a 25 discount. So let me tell you what trading fees are for those of you who are new to crypto.

So every time you buy or sell a crypto on an exchange, they’re gon na charge, you a very small fee. It’s almost not noticeable at all. In most cases or in finance, it’s generally 01 so again not noticeable.

But if you use their b and b coin to pay those trading fees, it’s 075, so or 0075, and so they give you a 25 discount if you use, b and b. So as of right now, with easybot, you’ve got to have a little bit of bnb five dollars, we’ll cover you uh go ahead and put 20 in there and it’s a good coin to hold anyway. So that’s the first and most important thing.

The second thing is that you want to double check and make sure that your settings are turned on to use bnb for your trading fees. Uh we’ll have a video published. So look for that link in your back office.

We’Ll have that going out uh within the next 24 hours, so you can see exactly um how to set all of this up. We’Ve posted that we’ve already posted that in our telegram room. So if you’re not on telegram but join us there uh, but we want to make sure that you can see visually how to do that.

Bren has an amazing video that that will walk you through it as well. Go to your profile, image click on dashboard, scroll down on that page and look for uh trading feeds and there’s a hyperlink there. You want to switch that on to use bnb and save that 25 great question peter.

Thank you just to give everybody a heads up to our funnel system, we’ll have all the training videos in it as well, and that’s uh very close to launch uh we’ll have another big extravaganza for that. That’s going to be free to everybody, so you know get ready to have some tools in your hands that things that we never had. We got to paint the mona lisa guys with what we’re creating here. Everything that we wanted we’ve created and you guys get to be a part of all of that, where you don’t have to create your own.

There are some incredible marketers that have come on board with us, we’ll be also gleaning from those guys, but we will have our funnel system up in the next few days here, guys: okay, all right breezy. What else you got can um you please let us know about the different languages for the presentations and will that also be available for the website? Uh good question, so we don’t have a focus on language translations for the website. Now my recommendation is: google chrome. Does a great job of doing language translations we do have language translations for presentations, so we will publish and give you guys a direct direct contact to your national directors and so for those who are doing translations or presentations.

Rather in various languages. We do have approved presentations right now in english, spanish, french um and maybe there’s one more. I don’t remember off top of my head, but we do have a couple of approved translated versions of the easy presentation that you saw here today guys.

Thank you again for your patience as we are launching and uh. You know we’re growing and we’re gon na evolve into something it’s already something beautiful guys, but where we’re evolving is gon na, be it’s gon na blossom, something spectacular and these uh. This is all right around the corner, so you know if you uh see that uh there might be a few things that you have some challenges with trust me you’re doing way better than what we what we started with and uh. We just appreciate your patience.

All right, by the way, real, quick, too uh muhammad uh, he had a flight schedule change. That’s why he’s not here guys uh he’s uh was on his way to the airport. It’s not that he didn’t want to, or try to be here um. He wanted to be here, uh very badly, but you know it is what it is: he’s uh flying back to uh dubai and had a flight uh change schedule, change on his flight uh go ahead, david all right, so, let’s jump into uh back testing.

Let me give you guys a little bit of context on what i’m gon na share with you. So so far, we’ve done back testing on three different coins. Uh.

We will complete back testing on all of the coins available in easy, buy part of the reason we paused on the back testing at where we were was that it’s just incredibly data intense uh to be able to pull these to pull the results. What i’m going to show you is a compilation of over 4 million data points, and so again it’s resource intense and we just shifted resource focus to some other things and as we get into full scale launch we get everything dialed in we’ll come back and give You guys an analysis on everything that is uh in easybot available for you to trade. So let me give you uh, let’s go through a couple things. I want to start with some notes on backtesting to establish context for you.

So again, what i just mentioned: this data represents the initial and incomplete back testing results for easy, bot’s, technical capabilities and the back testing for those of you who might not know what back testing is. Let me just jump down here, because we actually can find that so back testing assesses the viability of a trading strategy by discovering how it would play out using historical data, back testing simulates, a trading strategy using this historical data to generate results and analyze, risk and Profitability before risking any actual capital, a wellconducted back test that yields positive results, assures traders that the strategy is fundamentally found and is likely to produce yield profits when implemented in reality. So that’s! What back testing is that’s what we’ve done here and some other notes that are important, so easybot we have one.

The backtesting we used was against one minute candles now easybot from a technical standpoint, technological standpoint software is design, is programmed to read and respond to the market every single second, this high speed performance allows easybot to execute against more opportunity and open and closed trade than Profit, however, the results that we’re going to show you here we can only access, oneminute, historical candles. What this means is that, for each minute we are back testing. There are 59 opportunities, easybot could have executed against, but they’re unaccounted for in these results.

So we believe that easybot’s realworld performance will therefore produce even more profitable trades as a result. Second thing auto compounding we talked about auto, compounding in the presentation an absolutely enormous, enormous feature in easybot uh. It does not. These backtesting results do not take into consideration auto, compounding they’re, literally just taking the profit on each closed trade, with no consideration for compounding those profits.

So the results here, don’t don’t consider that uh. The other thing is bitcoin and ethereum so of the three coins that were tested. Two of them are bitcoin and ethereum. Those were chosen intentionally.

Here’s what you should know about. Bitcoin and ethereum of the three coins presented here. Bitcoin and ethereum do not generally perform as well as other altcoins, due to their comparatively low volatility. Easybot performs best when there is a lot of volatility.

A lot of movement up and down so easybot looks for that movement between one and five percent every single day. That most coins will have, whereas bitcoin and ethereum tend to be a little bit more or a lot more stable bitcoin when it does move, can move in major major ways but on a daytoday basis, isn’t particularly volatile. So we know that we tested two of the least volatile coins that are in the portfolio and we’ll present those results to you as well.

So, in summary, we’re happy to see that, even during a tough year, these results run from january 1st through through they have some different dates: we’ll identify those as we go through them. Uh 2021 was a particularly tough year for crypto and without the benefit of some of the core features that are included in easybot. These results indicate that easybot is capable and reliable for generating passive profits in crypto markets when it come back to something that bran said and what we read in terms of establishing proper context. I i we.

We know that there are hundreds of millions of folks that are coming into crypto for the many for the first time and are all for the first time in the next few months. Their access to financial services looks like traditional markets. Banking, you’ve got money in a bank account right now. It’s costing you for it to beat it to be parked there, because you’re, not keeping up with the rate of inflation.

Crypto is an opportunity, especially if you’re trading, with a tool that’s generating passive income, for you is an opportunity for you to do better than what you’re what most people are currently seeing. So, let’s jump into the results and let’s actually talk about what we are seeing here, all right. Let’s get my screen back down. Okay, all right! So the first thing we’re going to look at is ave ave.

We did back testing through july 15 of 2021 june. 1St excuse me january 1st of 2021, through july 15th of 2021, for the six and a half months, the capital invested was six hundred dollars. We saw a monthly profit of fifty three dollars and thirty five cents, a pro average monthly profit.

I should say, and so the approximate total profit was 34678 from 600 uh easybot was able to generate an additional 34678. That’s a monthly profit average profit of 889. Now i’m going to take you to the sheet here and i’m going to actually show you how much data is involved.

When i tell you there’s a lot of data, there are a lot of data points. Okay, so you guys these are all buys and sells. These are all buys and sells, buys and sells buy themselves.

Now, let’s look at how many buys and sells happen with alvin in this six and a half month period, every single thing here: the buy and sell, and we ended up with just over three thousand three thousand and fifty nine buys and sells to take us to These numbers, okay, keep that in mind, because it’s going to matter here in just a minute: let’s go back to our summary. There we go all right, so that’s ave’s results. The next up is ethereum, so our back testing results for ethereum.

This was run from january 1st of 2021 through july july 30th, so a full seven months again, six hundred dollars in capital, the average monthly profit, twenty seven dollars and forty cents total profit in that six, seven month period, 191 dollars and eighty cents on a six Hundred dollar initial capital, investment, average monthly profit of four and a half percent. Now remember: we talked about volatility, the difference remember: we had 3 000 trades 3059 trades in ave here in ethereum, again, a lot less volatility. Hence we have a little bit less uh lower performance, so volatility really does matter.

We did just over 2 000 or would have done just over 2 000 results again based on one minute candles. We were in a real world scenario. We would have had a lot more activity because easybot’s looking at the market, every single second all right, but just based on what we could test still a lot less volatility in ethereum all right last up is bitcoin. Bitcoin was tested through august 19th of 2021, so uh just about seven and a half months same thing: capital of six hundred dollars.

We know bitcoin had an interesting story, hit some highs and hit some lows. It was a rocky road for bitcoin uh, but still uh. What we saw with easybox performance was that it could consistently produce a monthly profit, a monthly return 1418 on average approximate total profit of 10876 average monthly return of 236. Now some people would look at that and say: well, that’s not really impressive.

We can have that discussion uh before we do. I just want to take you to the sheet, like we’ve done with the others. Remember with ave, we started with over 3 000 trades and with ethereum.

We were down to just over 2 000 and here with bitcoin. Again, guys see, the volatility really does make a difference. So we tested two of the least volatile coins to give some sense of what are most, what our most conservative likely results might be and that’s what you’re, seeing in bitcoin and ethereum. So two point three percent two point: three: six percent: let’s just round that down, if you will to two percent and let’s say that we did that, that’s all you did you traded bitcoin in this scenario and you only got two percent for an entire year.

That’s 24 for the month, guys, if you did that in any other market, you had a fabulous stellar year, it’s all passive and you could start with as little as 600 using a default strategy guys if you auto compounded this your results would be even better than That, but this is our effort to be transparent with you, we’re not going to come out here and tell you that you’re going to make 30 40 50. What we are going to tell you is that we are confident, and these results show that easybot will perform in an up market and in a down market, and you can expect consistent positive results passively look for more volatile coins. We definitely have some in the portfolio. Even if you pick ones that are pretty stable, like bitcoin and ethereum you’re going to get to see some stable, consistent return.

So hopefully that’s helpful i’ll i’ll post. That link in the chat for those of you who would like to dive into that a little bit more. That was perfect david thanks and it’s especially worth reemphasizing again that that was the average in a year and during a period of time when the market fell.

50 percent, when every other crypto trade and bot that i was personally using, it was making nothing for the four months that followed that crash. So this is the averages when you take into consideration that drop, and i just was about to cut to the founders club presentation, wrap it up, but i see muhammad’s hand is raised. He is in the building.

He must have got through security. All right welcome. Muhammad, can you hear us hello, hi bryn? Yes, i can hear you and see you awesome.

All right. Come on in brother, bye, i’m trying to put on my video say it’s disabled by the host coach. You have to host um cohost muhammad hello, hi hi, guys so we’re here at the airport, sorry for being late, uh a little bit of drama here. That’s all right! Brother, we understand looks like i missed the event, so i hope that you guys had a good time um.

I have just a few words here to say to the to the team uh. First of all, thank you. Thank you very much for being around. Even during the tough times uh right now, we are working hard to get everything resolved uh we’re facing some technical issues, but we are on top of it.

We will get it to resolve all of them and we will be uh moving on so uh. I think you guys have announced that we’re giving additional time for the vips and the advanced members was this announced already or not. Yet, yes, yeah yeah good good yeah. So this is just as a compensation for the uh things that were we’re going through right now.

We’re not giving full power to the advanced and vip to trade with bitcoin and uh 20, so this is as a part of the compensation. If we have even to extend that more, we will do that. Make sure that we provide the the perfect product to everyone. The bot is working fine, but the things around the bot are the things that we are we’re working on at the moment like the withdrawals, for example, we i just want to also open some transparency here.

We had issues without roles. We have issued some of the withdrawals, but uh some of them. We, we noticed that there’s some some cases that need a little bit of investigation um, because some people started withdrawing even more than what they happened. There was a glitch in the system and the system was enabling them to withdraw more than they have so we disabled the withdrawals now uh, i’m on my way to the value right now, once error is there i’m going to start working on that together with david And we’ll get it done as soon as possible and we’ll open the gate for withdrawal one more time so guys just bear with us forgot just through uh growing pain which we’ll go through very fast.

We just need your patience here and uh. I appreciate you all guys. I appreciate you all. We appreciate you brother in a huge way.

Thank you every for everything that you’ve done mohammed to serve the community before we even started this spot, uh figuring out how to customize it to withstand uh. A 50plus percent drop in the market and guys we believe that we’re gon na see it uh sustain even more than that um, but bren come on back in brother. I’M back thanks for tho thanks for those Words muhammad, obviously, we really appreciate you, it’s an honor to work with you all and guys. We are in a startup fintech company financial technology company. Of course, there’s going to be it’s not going to be a perfectly smooth road or smooth launch pad as we take off here. That’s that’s inevitable.

That’s just technology because there’s multiple factors, people that were working with companies; third parties for integration, that’s outside of our control, so i haven’t said that i’ve been involved in launches for over 15 years. It’s one of perhaps one of the smoothest i’ve been involved in and if ever there was a team that can take us all the way it’s this team that you’ve met today because we’re just at the starting line right now. This is just the beginning. We have a very prosperous future together, so for those of you that resonated with today’s message, we’re excited to lock arms with you help help you build some longterm, generational wealth for you and your family, something that you can trust, something that you can plant your flag In that you can feel good honestly at the core of your being with actually sharing it with others.

If you can’t share it with your grandmother, you shouldn’t be sharing it. So this is a solid project. You can visit the offices in dubai. You can shake hands with the owners they’re not going anywhere everything that we need to take this all the way and impact the world is already in place.

So what i’m going to share with you right now? Obviously, we haven’t spoken too much about a rewards plan. Here, because once people fall in love with the product, it’s going to be naturally they’re, going to naturally organically shared with others, and that viral component is going to take care of itself. For those of you that are building a team here. What you’re actually selling is an income producing asset that can serve people that work for them around the clock passively, no matter what their experience level, if they’re a complete beginner, they just use the outer box settings if they’re more experienced.

Obviously they can dive in and tinker around. However, we have a very lucrative rewards plan. There was comments there about the trading capital required for each coin. But again, as mentioned even free members, you can go out there and you can earn from the rewards plan to share to build up the trading capital in your account because there’s very generous commissions but there’s one time sensitive aspect to the compensation plan to help reward.

The people who are responsible for building the foundation and we’re there at the beginning – and that is the founders club. So i’m going to share my screen here and help you understand what it is why you may want to take action right now to take advantage of this. Can you see my screen? Yes, so founders club is quite a lucrative time sensitive opportunity for those of you that want to share easy bot with others. And what exactly is the founders club? Well, this is where the company is going to fear five percent of total company top line gross revenue for with the people who qualify.

So what exactly is going to be going into this pool? Well, all around the world, tens of thousands and eventually millions of easy bots are going to be analyzing, the market 24 7 entering and exiting trades and those and trades in profit and every time that they do so. A certain percentage of that is going to go into this revenue pool, specifically five percent of the service fees that are charged now. This pool is elastic.

This pool can expand and grow over time because purely by the nature of the product you’ve learned about auto, compounding which we’ll talk talk about here in second we’ll touch on it again, but over time this is incredibly powerful, because the amount of people that can get Into this pool is finite. Therefore, your share in this pool is going to continue to grow so for every advanced and vip member when they pay their annual subscription. Five percent of that is going to go into the pool as well, which is about 1250 for an advanced and just show you 50 for vip, so all around the world, as people are upgrading from their free membership.

It’s going to be feeding into this pool too. Now the power of this is that only 1 000 people will ever qualify. Therefore, it’s not going to dilute over time four years from now, there’s going to be more and more people joining this pool. That’s going to dilute your shares, so those of you that take action now and actually qualify.

It’s going to be quite significant over time, especially as people’s trading accounts grow. So, let’s briefly touch about the on the power of compound interest. As albert einstein said, it’s the eighth wonder of the world.

He who understands that ernest earns it. He who does not ends up paying it, that blue line that you see down there on the right hand, side that represents linear growth. That’s where you have a fixed amount of capital being utilized in your trading over an extended period of time and that’s 99 of the cryptobots out there.

However, the red line represents exponential, compounded growth, and, to put it simply, that’s where the money that your money is earning is earning you more money and effect compounding on itself over time is how people generate create wealth over an extended period of time. So you hit that tipping point that singularity that moment, when you go into exponential growth, where, especially, if you look at what can happen again, go to the calculatorsitecom look at the daily interest calculator and play around with the numbers. Look what can happen once you cross once you start to hit that 2436 month mark, especially with the kind of returns we can do here, it’s quite significant.

So again that’s going to be feeding into the pool. Just imagine 10, hundreds of thousands of people’s trading accounts growing over time. This is retirement income in my personal opinion.

So how do you qualify for the founders club? The first requirement is that you build a three by three structure: three by two structure, where you personally refer three people and each of those also referred: three active users of the bot. Now, obviously, it’s in your best interest to go as wide as possible here to statistically increase your chance of finding three people who resonate with this mark with this company. This message this vision and want to share it with others when you do so that is the first requirement.

The second requirement is that everybody in this structure must be utilizing a paid version of the software, so it doesn’t matter if it’s vip or advanced or fall as long as they’re, using a paid version. Now i saw mentioned in the chat earlier about the fact that binancecom is available right now and coinbase pro is not available. So are the people that can use binancecom at a strategic advantage.

Are they getting their nearly movers advantage? Well, the company has thought of that. As well and we’ll dive into that here in a second, so this requirement is that everybody is utilizing. The minimum recommended amount of 600 usdt in their exchange in their crypto exchange. Again, if you’re just tuning into the call one of the beautiful things about easybot, is that your trading capital, your trading funds, stay 100 in your own control inside your own crypto exchange easybot has no ability to get their hands on that capital, you’re, simply binding to Your exchange with an api connection for the bot to work.

So obviously, as we roll out crypto exchanges here, we want to make sure that we’ve leveled the playing field, giving everyone an equal opportunity, and so you weren’t able to prequalify right now for the founders club. Without that trading require requirement so up until april 30th, you can secure your founders club position in the structure simply by getting those people to upgrade to advanced or vip and the trading capital requirements will be withheld until may 1st, and as of may 1st, everybody will Be required to have the minimum of 600 usdt to qualify for the founders club, so by may 1st, if you, if you hadn’t, achieved that, then you would lose your spot in the founders club, which you can prequalify right now by getting the 12 people in that Structure and have them utilizing a paid version of the software. So this is very fair because there’s certain countries that neither binancecom our coinbase pro works for them. So we’re working on getting the third exchange up and running here, so that those countries can also have an opportunity to qualify, but they can be working towards it right now by getting the 12 people to lock in their paid membership.

So an action plan for you right now. If you see the long term, potential of this founders club is obviously to focus on helping three of your directs achieve founders club now. Why would you want to do that? Well, if you understand what i just shared, your own founders club position is going to be locked in you’re, going to secure yours by default as the byproduct of simply helping three of your directs run for founders club as well. So one of the beauties of one of the beautiful things about industry, this industry, affiliate marketing, referral based peertopeer marketing, whatever you want to call it is that you can only really succeed to the extent that you help others succeed, which is usually indirect opposite to what Usually happens in a corporate world where, with this model, the more you reach down and help people up take them with you lead by example, step into your role as a leader, the more you win as a byproduct of that, so the more you serve the more You contribute the more you grow as a person, the more you’re going to benefit others, and in case i didn’t mention it.

The other requirement is that you yourself are a vaip member. So speaking of leading by example, you yourself must have skin in the game. These founders – these are very lucrative spots, long term, if you think again long term, i think 10 years 20 years down the road.

This position is going to be incredibly powerful, so you yourself need to be showing your own. I guess you could say a commitment to this project by being a vip member, because people will do what you do and not what you say. So if you want others to be vip, you yourself must be vip, so prepare right now, financecom or coinbase pro with the minimum of 600. Ideally, if, if it’s possible for you, you should be thinking three to five thousand capital.

If you really want to fully experience what this bot can do and get the diversity over multiple coins, because on some days when coins are fat, others are going to be making moves even based on news events or whatever happens, to be happening in the crypto space. So have your 995 ready pay, send it pay for your vip membership, lock that in and then get to work, help and others, and once we post the recording of this presentation shared with others, that they too know what to do to hit the ground and lock In their own founders club position, so hopefully that was clear, my friends just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this compensation plan that founders club is not designed for you to sit back, relax, put up your feet when you achieve it, you should continually Be sharing easy bot with others, because once you fully grasp the power of the rewards plan and the fact that that compound interest is kicking in over an extended period of time, those of you that reach a certain amount of income here, that’s just going to continue To grow, even if people aren’t necessarily joining your organization, so let me see, hopefully that made sense my friends we’re going to wrap it up here. We really appreciate your time hop into the chats and telegram. If you still have questions, of course, you will have many questions, but the knowledge base has been built out right now.

Eventually, you’ll have a live bot that you can interact with to get your questions answered inside the back office. You’Ve got email, support, rene, just reposted. The links to those groups get plugged in stay in the loop.

We are excited to work with you. We hope you resonated with today’s message. We hope you see the value of easybot as something that you can plant your flag with that’s going to work for you long term coach ken tune in there again, my friend. Thank you very much for your time.

Thank you. Thank you brent. You did a phenomenal job.

Bren is also the national director over the british isles he’s over ireland and uh. That’s my island but um, ireland, wales, uh, scotland and great britain, and it’s an honor to have you brother. You you do such a phenomenal job every time and we’re just grateful. Bro, you’re and true servant leader, a true servant leader, guys so uh with that um we’re going to go ahead and call it a day.

We’Ve been on for an hour and 45 minutes uh. We went a little longer today because this is our national uh. On i’m sorry, this is our um international grand opening, and at this point all the free members can begin to uh to trade.

So we’re excited for you guys. Uh have fun, learn about this space. If somebody invited you here and you’ve never been involved in crypto guys, i was uh driving my kids to school today.

Our us congressman down here in this area was on the radio on a local talk, talk, show and was talking about crypto and uh. You know guys where this is going. Full adoption is coming and we are ahead of the trend. J, paul getty said if you want to become wealthy, find an emerging mega trend and get ahead of that trend.

That’s what our goal is is to help everybody. That comes on board with easybot get ahead of that trend, because where this is getting ready to go, guys put your seat belts on because we’re going to the moon and we’re so thankful and grateful to have you all. Here. We had almost 600 people on the call guys well done well done.

Let’s go build together, have a great rest of your day, and we love you more than bitcoin and pizza combined.

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