Eazybot Performance & Insights Call August 15, 2022| Upgrades Incoming Making The Bot Even Better!😎🔥

If you’re, here on the call for the first time and uh you’ve been invited here to learn more about easybot uh, let me take the honor and privilege of uh spending a few minutes just to give you a sense of what easybot’s all about. Let’s talk to, let’s talk to you about why easybot’s different a couple of things that set us apart number one: is that we’ll never take any of your funds. The funds that you’re going to use to participate with what easybot does are always going to be in 100 in your control.

Eazybot Performance

Here’s the thing we’re not going to sell you anything on today’s call, we’re going to talk to you about what easybot does we’re going to show you some live examples of how it’s already performing we’re going to show you some examples of of an enhancement that to Come some things to look forward to, but you get to try this all for free. If you decide you want to put some money into crypto, or you already have some funds in crypto and you’d like to explore the power of trading crypto 24 7 using automated technology to do all the hard work for you. You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to know anything about trading or charts or pips or dips or any of those things.

You got an incredibly powerful piece of technology that does all of the hard work for you and if you decide you like to put that to work for you, you can actually start for free, and so that’s something that we’re very, very proud of start for free. Put the money uh, all the funds are 100 in your control, compound your earnings, so easybot will execute dozens, if not hundreds of trades, for you over the course of a day or a week or just depends on what’s happening in the market. But what we do know about easybot is that it doesn’t matter what’s happening in the market, whether it’s going up or down market can go up, we’re going to close trades and profit market goes down, easybot’s going to close trades and profit. So what you have here is a tool that allows you to make money consistently in the crypto market, no matter what’s happening, and it’s only going to get better and more efficient at doing that.

We’Ve got some great examples of easybot executing what i just described to you in a really really difficult market in the past couple of months guys we have an incredible support system. We meet every uh, tuesday, wednesday and thursday for live. Support, live zoom support calls. We have credible knowledge base, a support, ticketing system and, most importantly, we have this really vibrant community and your ev.

Your the evidence of that is the fact that you’re on a zoom call yeah we’re not just a piece of software. Easy bot is more than a piece of software, but it’s this really vibrant community. We get together. You get an opportunity to meet the executive team on today’s call, if you’re here for the first time you’re going to meet the ceo of ezybot and you’re, going to hear him, explain to you his strategy and his vision for why we’re all here and what we Can accomplish together, and so we’ve got this amazing, really vibrant community – really very supportive community.

That’s here to help you along this journey guys. What we’re here for is not only what we can accomplish today and we know what we can accomplish today is generating wealth and passive income, but we’re also here for what can happen tomorrow. What happens tomorrow is easybot takes the profit that it’s making for you and it compounds it automatically and if you’ve never spent any time on a compound calculator. Do a quick google search, spend five minutes when you get off this call.

Do a google search for a compound calculator put in any number you like start with, whatever you might be thinking a thousand ten thousand just put that number in there and see what happens if you allow it to compound pick a rate of interest anywhere doesn’t even Matter what the number is just pick a number be really very, very conservative and then see what happens over time if you just give it time, and so what we’re talking about here is a tool that isn’t designed to make you rich overnight. It’s not that’s not what we’re going to sell to you today we’re not going to sell you anything we’re going to tell you about an amazing, powerful piece of technology that, if you give it time we’ll build you wealth, it’s going to use the most powerful, disruptive Financial opportunity of our lifetimes, it’s going to put you right in the middle of it, and it’s going to give you the opportunity to make money, no matter what’s happening when everybody else is freaking out, because it’s dropping like a rock or they’re all excited, because it’s It’s shooting up like a rocket you’re, going to learn the the the the incredible calm of being able to ride that wave and just watch prophets roll into your account all right guys. I want to get out of the way and give muhammad uh plenty of opportunity to spend some time talking to you today.

So without any further ado, i’m going to introduce to you to some of you i’m going to introduce and to others uh. You know him well because he’s here, every single monday, just about with us uh one of the most accessible ceos that you’re going to find in the crypto space. Somebody who knows his product loves his product is willing to stand up and represent his product. Publicly answer your questions, and so today you get some time to hear from the man who is the idea behind easybot itself and uh we’re going to go through a couple of performance reviews and then an important enhancement to the easybot platform.

So it’s pleasure to be here and uh really give the updates to all of our members affiliates and customers and everyone who is in an easybot family. Let’s put it this way, so i have plenty of things to share today and one of the most important things is the update about the uh enhanced strategy uh. I will give you a kind of uh a sneak view of how it looks like and on the testing account that i’m having right now and show you some some of the additional features that we’re adding it’s not yet live, i’m still testing.

There are some bugs here and there we’re fixing that uh, i’m expecting. Maybe by end of this week we might have it live on uh for everyone to use. So let me just without further ado. Uh share my screen and just take you there.

Yes, okay, so this is a test account that i’m using and open all of these bots with with the new enhanced australia. If you see some of them have already closed uh, let’s just go inside how it looks like when you want to create a new bot right now is, the view is, is a little bit different. We have added two stages, guys if you are new and if numbers are making you dizzy, don’t worry.

This is just only for the people who really uh wants to to uh to change the parameters that people want to make their own strategy and so on. So if you don’t understand, that’s fine, it’s just with a click of of of a mouse you’ll, be fully set up with the new study and just trying to explain the details to the people who are interested in knowing the details of the strategy. How it looks like and how do they do setup if they want to do their own study, so the top portion here remains the same.

You have the coin, and then you have to select your single or active or or cycle. Sorry, and here keep it active. You select the exchange uh, whether it’s crew coin or binance, and then you select the coin and if you notice here right below that there are two stages stage, one and stage two.

So when you start trading, you will be basically on stage one and that’s the current strategy that we’re using right now and that sustains for more than 51 drop of the market. And you put the budget here here: is the tech profit uh percentage and here the take profit retracement here the independent covers, and what we have added here on the lower view is that you can select from the from the cover itself that whether you want to Make it as independent or average, however, it means combine all the covers together in one in one order and take the average price of that. So one of the problems, or one of the issues that we had with the old uh with the current strategy, is that there is a big gap between the first cover and the second cover and the third cover between the first cover and the second cover or The first fold and second order there is about five percent year gap, so the market is fluctuating here. It doesn’t take any order.

It has to go down to minus five percent to take the next order and likewise, between the second order and the third order. There’s a bigger gap of eight percent, so the market have to go down eight percent uh to take that order. If it fluctuates in between that, eight percent here is not going to buy and sell any orders so so that we have added independent covers in between those covers. So we will have two covers here between cover one and cover two, which is now called cover.

One and cover four, because we have two and three in between and between cover two and cover three we have. We have added three more covers in between those are independent, so uh. If the market keeps on fluctuating here within this region, is going to be buying and selling and buying and selling, and helping that average price to come down also and make profit, rather, rather than just waiting for the market to really go down minus eight percent or Go above the average price and make uh profit.

So let me just uh make that in a more clearer way in the whiteboard just for people who have seen the initial uh way. I explained the strategy, so it’s like that so now. This is the the current way of of uh of the current strategy that we have right now. It starts at point: zero, with three point: three: nine percent of the capital.

Then, if the market goes down, uh minus two percent is going to start taking other covers. So this is minus two percent uh. If the market kept on moving down is going to uh start taking cover at the minus five percent. This is the second taking position: okay, minus five percent.

So when i say my minus five percent, it’s minus five percent from the last order that that was taken and then from there the market kept on moving down. There is another order that would be taken at minus eight percent – minus eight percent. So when i say minus eight percent here, it’s minus eight percent from the last order, which was taken here at minus five percent and again all of this take profit. Uh cover pullback is going to happen before before it takes the next cover.

I mean it still have the safety of uh that the market have to really stabilize. It has to go above by plus point five percent before it takes the next couple. That applies for cover one and cover two and cover three. So this is how it looks like uh at the moment: let’s give them a second, so the market goes down and they start going into the that independent area where it has covers close to each other’s now.

The problem that we have with this with this strategy is that if the market did this kind of movement, it moved down and took this cover, and then it fluctuated here for some time, because here the gap is kind of big. There is five percent gap between those two two covers and between this cover and this cover there’s even bigger gap. The gap here is about eight percent, eight percent. So if the market goes down here and fluctuate for a couple of days in between this, five percent is not going to buy and sell anything because it’s not in a position to buy the next cover at minus five percent.

Eazybot Performance & Insights Call

It’s not in a position to sell! It’s not above the average price above by 15, and it’s even getting worse. If the market goes down and fluctuate within this eight percent area and it can go for a week or two – we don’t know what’s going to happen so if you’ll show it here for some time is not going to buy and sell anything because it’s not in A position to take the next cover, which is 8, and it’s not in a position to sell the other upper cover that we have bought before so to solve this with the new strategy or the new enhancement that we’re putting right now, we’re we’re adding independent covers In between in this area, to cover this market area of minus five percent, we are adding two more covers and the difference between each one and the other just as low as two percent, which is in line with the daily normal market movements and between this cover. Minus five percent minus eight percent – we’re adding three more covers independent covers. So if the market kept on fluctuating in between like this doing like this is going to buy, sell, buy, sell, buy, sell and you will see some movement in your account and uh.

You will be making more some profit while it’s moving here and at this top area here as the market is in a good shape and it did not really drop much we’re going to realize hundred percent of the profit we’re not going to use any part of The profit to bring down the average price because still the market is high and there is no big risk uh. If the market goes down to this area of minus five percent to minus eight percent, the market is kind of down, so we’re taking in this area. Fifty percent of the profit to bring down the average price, the trade on the top and the average the independent covers in this area down, is going to work exactly the same way. It was before to bring down the average price to close it faster now.

This is all happening in stage one. So what does stage it’s stage? Two means stage. One ends here at the cover number 38, so only 38 covers, and that covers about 51 of the market.

What if the market kept on moving down, it gets into independent coverage and kept on moving down and went down. This is the area where you can activate uh stage, two stage: two, let me get back to the uh okay just hold on yeah. This is this. Is all in stage one up to cover 38 here now state two that if the market really goes down and goes more than the 50 or 60 and all your 38 covers have been consumed and you are in a position to add more funds.

I know right now it’s very difficult and very complicated that you have to add the funds to to other amount here and you already have a compounding and you have some funds. So it’s complicated so to make it easier. You can just simply get into state 2 and activate statue. It has a completely different budget.

So let’s say you have you have? You have started this coin in stage, one with 1000 usd team and right now the market went down and it have eaten all the usd that you have and you it ended up. Taking all the covers of 38 covers right now. Let’s say you have only 300 in your hand, 300 usd in your hands, so you just come to state 2, you put 300 and then it takes care of it. So this cover here is covering up to 90 of the market.

Even if the market drops 90 percent, this is going to be buying and selling and buying and selling buying and selling. So in this stage here, i think for finance. It needs minimum of 600 to cover all the market. All these covers here and takes you up to another 38 down which is uh.

Completing 90 of the market drop and in this state, because the market is already down, is going to be using 90 percent of the profit to pull down that average price, because the market’s already bad the target is for for for the bodies to close the open Trays for you as fast as possible, and the way to do that is to use most of the profit to bring down the average price, so 90 is being used. So this is going to be only 10 ten percent realizing only ten percent of the profit or all of them. So the settings are not uh quite accuracy, i’m just only testing it.

So it’s going to be using ninety percent and to bring down the average price. One of the things that we have added here also is a visual to show you how much of yours that you’re going to be using in each cover. Previously, it was only one time, two time point five times three times four times so here, right now is going to be showing you in numbers, how much exactly is going to be using so that you will be able – and at this place here we will be Uh, showing the total amount of usd that to cover all the covers and uh yes, and here there’s something interesting also for the people who are interested in making their own strategy. Is that we’re allowing people here now to select how much percentage do they want to use in the initial cover? So some people might want to be very conservative.

They use only two percent or they want to use five percent if they want to trade aggressively. This is something that i don’t advise, but if some people want to do that, we keep the freedom to the users, the people who are not really into crypto or you don’t have a strategy and you want to use the default. You don’t have to do anything.

Just only select the default strategy and it takes care of all your settings and it will set up actually even stage two for you. So if the market goes down to stage two, then you just have to come here and give it a budget that give it the amount and then save it, and that’s it. You don’t have to go through all of this. Just i wanted to explain actually to the people who are interested in knowing the uh, the science behind it.

Let’s, let’s call it this way or they want to invent their own study, so they have all of these options right now. They can even add more average price every covers if they want that’s up to them. It’s here now it’s very flexible and gives you more uh features, and you can decide also how much of the profit that you are making in the independent covers. You want to use to pull down.

The average price, if you want to use more here, is how much do you want to keep up with the profit? If you put it, for example, here 10, that means the remaining 90 is going to be used to bring down the average price and your trade will be faster. So the pros and cons of this uh, the pros is that you’re going to be bringing that average price down faster. But the cons of that is that you might not be making much profit in the independent area, but we have the freedom to everyone.

If you use the default strategy is going to be using always fifty percent here in stage one and stage two is going to be using ninety percent of the profit to bring down the average price. Uh. There’s a question here on the chat uh saying: is it better to keep aside money to fund stage two instead uh, it’s always not advisable to use all your money into into trading.

Obviously, right and uh we’re not financial advisors to tell you how much to keep and how much to trade with. So this is your own decision differently, but it’s always definitely wise to keep funds aside. Just in case, if the market really drops down and goes to, uh goes eats all the 35 covers 38 covers and still the market kept on doing down, doing that, to get use of that lower market and help your trade to close faster. Yes, that’s that.

That’s definitely a good thing to do. I would do it personally so because we don’t know where the market is going. We just have something that serves the wave of the market, but not to create the wave. So i don’t personally depend on news or technical analysis or or whatever it is.

I just know that the market is fluctuating and the ball is working based on that. How much is going up? I don’t know how much is going down. I don’t know, but i know that’s fluctuating and the ball is getting used of those kind of fluctuations, but another another advice.

Again, it’s not a financial advice, but uh, based on my personal experience, is try to use as many coins as possible, because not all of the points will be performing the same way. If you really want to get the best out of this market is uh. Try to trade with as many points as possible right now, we will see now by the account that we have been following different.

Coins gives different results during different durations of time, so to really have a peace of mind, just get all of them and let them all trade for you if some of them are not doing well today, other coins will do well and tomorrow you don’t know which One is going to be the superstar, so just let them all work for you. You will have kind of stable, uh, consistent results that happens every every month i would say, or every week uh we will go through the account right now so yeah. The answer is, is our advice to to keep some funds aside to just in case for stay tuned, but distributing your funds also will help you because imagine if the market really goes down for some coins and some of the coins already goes into state two or Goes beyond stage one and some of the coins are doing well.

What i would do, i would just put all of my coins in single strategy. Whichever close, i will use that funds to feed statue for the other coins so that i’m using all my funds and, at the same time, i’m trying to to get out of the trade as soon as possible with profit so spread the funds among all the coins And if the market really goes down beyond the cover 35 or stage, one is fully consumed. Try to close all the coins, whatever closes with profit, take that usdt and add it to the bottom of each of your coins, so that all of them would be working and closing for you with profit.

Okay. So this is the uh thing about the uh, the the enhancement that we’re working on and i’m expecting by end of this week, uh probably towards the end of the week, will be. We should be like. There is still some small issues here and there i need the development team to work on so that we can.

We can be 100 uh online and live okay other than this we have uh. I have my uh weekly presentation ready here. Let me just open it.

A couple of topics that we’re going to cover uh as usual, we’re going to talk about the pulling down the average price again, this is for the new people. How easy? What is designed to work is open the trade at the top of the market, close it at the bottom of the market and still make profit nothing magic here is just all mathematics and formulas and uh trading tactics. I would say that just all mathematical order numbers – and we will see some examples for that, so we will see how exactly how exactly is it? What is pulling down the average price and we’ll see an example of of one of the coins that we have been following, or one of the pots that we’ve been following since the beginning, and the second topic we’re going to see. Also, some examples for the bot opening trades on the top closing it at the bottom and making profit, and we will look at also the powerful or the power of uh retracement take profit.

Retracement easybot is not going to close the trade as soon as it hits 15 percent. It’s going to wait for the market to reach to the highest point and then close it at that point. How does it know that it doesn’t look at the mark, the candles it doesn’t look at news, it doesn’t look at technical analysis, doesn’t look at indicators or anything like this all mathematics. It waits for the market to reach to the top and then start moving down by 05 percent.

Then it starts closing the trade. So the only way it knows is when the market moves down from the last price by 05 percent, and that way it’s close and that’s probably the top of the market, and we will see that example right now and then lastly, we’re going to look at the Account that we have been following to see the performance, where is it from last week? Okay, so this is the famous aave bot that we have been uh using in the past, and this is last week on 8th of august. If you saw if you watched that video or if you were live with us uh at that time, our average price was 16681 and the profit that was almost. If you look here, the the starting price of this coin.

When we started on, i think, fourth of april or third of april uh, the price was 251 and from that point onward the market was only moving down and then and went down as low as 50 from 251. So that’s that’s a huge drop and still we. Yes, we had to add some more funds to the coin, but was still buying and selling buying and selling and making profit and bringing that average price down.

So this trade, which was opened at the price of 251 last week, it was either price of 1668. That mean that price have been dropped: five four 3354 and the profit which was made with that independent covers or independent trades was 970 uh, two usdt improv. So looking at the current week today, 15th of august, the profit have raised to 1018. So during the last week they were moving the market, the bottle was buying and selling, and accordingly, 50 percent of that profit that was made last week was used to pull down the average price.

So now our average price in this last week was 10681. Now it’s 16512 and it will keep on pulling that down, pulling it down until it reached to a point where it reached to the market price. Whether the market price goes up faster and meet with it somewhere plus 15 and close the whole trade with profit, or if the market stays down, it’s going to do that small trades buy and sell and pull that average price down to the current price plus 15 Percent and then sell it and make profit, so our new average price is down by 34, so we have about one percent from last week. Until now it’s pulled out by one percent, because now we have a huge trade on the top as it moved down.

It takes all the independence covers in between and that increases that value and it’s more difficult to pull it down, but it will eventually be pulled down and closed. We will be following this live with you every week until we find finally see it, closing all the trades and making the profit next is about this trade. This trade was shared last week by susan uh.

I wasn’t there last week, so i’ve seen the video and i like this specific trade, and i want just to go in depth into this trade and see analyze it for you more so what happens here is that this trade or this trading cycle was opened at The price of 1166 – this is uni uniswap coin, so it opened at this price 1166 and then closed all the cycle at the price of 934. That mean it opened it here. As i promised you at the beginning, it opened here and then closed here, minus 199 and it still made a profit.

So the total profit that was made by within this trading cycle on the capital is 209. I think it took like uh one month. Just correct me: if i’m wrong susan, it took one month or two months something like this, but eventually it happened. It did it.

It made about 209 and the final trade itself. Only the final trade made 84 in profit. Now, why did this happen? Why did it make that huge profit at the end? If you see here at the last chart here, the market here went up. Suddenly it went up, so the bot did not close the trade at the lower price.

It waited for the market to go to the top and then start moving down, then close it here. The average price is somewhere here, and this is the next topic that i’m going to talk about here is here. I have zoomed it more into the binance and i’ve seen uh the average price. Just sorry um.

Let me move it here. Yes, the average price was here. Actually i have another chart that i need to open. It just give me a second uh.

I did not put that number here, but let me just look at my file and yes, the average price in the system was 801 801 that mean it was somewhere here in this in this area. The price here was where it’s supposed to close plus 15 percent. Only but see from this point that market was fluctuating a little bit and started shooting up going up and then eventually it closed it here, instead of making just one percent or five percent, it made sixteen point six percent in this last rate, sixteen point six percent And we have seen previously fourteen percent, we have seen seven percent, we have seen five percent, we have seen six percent, so it all depends on the market movement. It was supposed to close it just this one plus 15, but it waited for the market because the market was good, was only moving up, moving up and up and up and then when the market started moving down, then it closed it and ended up making eight Percent profit in the overall uh capital.

That’s been used here and made 16 in profit. For that specific trade. That’s why it made.

I think, if you look at the top here, it made 50 dollars in profit only on that specific last trade. So this is the power of taking profit retracements, and we will see many examples of this now. Let’s look at the performance of the account that i was sharing with you, those um.

Actually, there are 19 points here, but the last two crv and av were not going to be uh taken in consideration here because they were up in a different date. All of the other points were opened on 19th of may. Those two were open on 30 of me, so we’ll talk only about the 17 points getting to the table.

This is last week on 8th of august, when i shared with you. This was the profit made like, for example, the maximum one was matic. It made 264. This is a performance of 81 days taken out two few days that was the apis were not connected uh, so we’re talking about 79 days to be precise, so the unit that’s 79 days file of may 5 coin have made 12 percent link have made 14 ltc Made ten point: nine percent xrp made nine percent going all the way up until uh matic have made 26 percent, so the total amount of the the the pro the capital of seventeen thousand have made two thousand and twenty eight point: eight five in profit.

Now this week, during the last seven days, what the account have done is here still the matic have given the maximum profit and it have raised up from eleven point nine three percent, the overall uh trace to twelve point: seven, six percent. So we’re talking about one percent increase in the last week, so is it one percent every week? No, no one knows it can be. One percent temperature percent can be more.

Even it depends all on the market movement. If the market is stable, it’s not fluctuating much. The profit is not going to be as much, but if the market is fluctuating too much, it’s going to be making much more profit.

So the best way and not all of the coins are performing the same way. Not all of them are fluctuating the same way. The best way to to open as many coins as possible, as you can depends on your capital, definitely and let it work. If some coins are not doing well some points, i will be doing much better than the others like, for example, look at the dodge.

For example, last week it was 10 and now it’s 12, so it made two percent. There are some other coins like look at seoul. Seoul was 149 more or less. This time is 159.

That’s one percent. Let’s look at the btc bitcoin. If you say the bitcoin was 359 now it’s 385, very small, yes, sir, because the bitcoin did not move that much other coins have moved not more than the bitcoin. This is something that we cannot control, but we just let it do the work and it will do the work definitely and make the maximum out of the market.


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