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How Eazy Bot Works

Now, one of the things that i think is super important for everybody to understand is where your money goes now, there’s two different places and we talk about the distribution of funds, so your trading funds here are going to go to your exchange. We’Ve got two different exchanges as of today in our prelaunch and our actually today is our our fullscale launch. We’Ve got two different exchanges for you to choose from coinbase pro and binancecom, so your trading funds, the money that easybot trades for you goes into an exchange.

The funds you want to trade with go there and the easybot never actually touches those funds. So how does easybot actually make you money? Well, the api connection. That’s provided by the exchange allows easybot to connect its software to their software, and then it opens and closes trades for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, never actually touches. Your funds has no permission to withdraw funds from your exchange account.

So you remain in total control of your assets. At all times you can stop trading at any time. You can withdraw your profits at any time.

You are in 100, total control. Nobody at easybot ever gets access to your money. Now you’ve got software subscription fees that we talked about and, since easybot cannot pull that full funds out of your exchange account there’s some money that goes to easybot and that is to cover your subscriptions. The packages that we just talked about.

Where Your Crypto Goes in Easybot

You want to upgrade to an advanced package or a vip package. Well, that goes to easybot. If you are, and of course, we also create a small wallet for the software service fees, because we can’t pull them out of your exchange, so that gets set up in a wallet and easybot. That’s it everything else that you’re trading your funds that easybox trading for you any exchange you want to upgrade your package cover your software service fees that goes to easybot easy peasy.

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