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All right, everybody with me got a thumbs up. Thank you, john all, right. So what you’re looking at right now is the easy bot marketing application and the marketing marketing application today is hosted on a platform called business glue. I’Ll show you where to find that in just a moment, although you’re not going to go here, not going to worry about finding it it’ll be a super simple process.


But let me walk you through. There are five different tabs across the bottom and let me let me walk you through kind of a high level overview. There will be a howdy, you can see the groups.

You can see how to use this app. There will be a video here for you guys that will walk you through the entire app. Let’s start at the training tab, the training is the tab at the far bottom left and so once you’re on a training tab, and let me do something here: real quick. Just so, we don’t get interrupted all right uh.

So when you’re on a training, app welcome to easybot has a couple of things in here and we’ll add more as we get going, but there’s the intro to easybot. That first one is the overview, sizzle video. So if you hit start lesson, it’ll actually play that over introducing easybot the 100 free crypto trading software powered all right. I’M not gon na play the whole thing, but uh.

We also have our story, and that also is a video that will play and it will just play the uh easy vibe story, no fun, beginning our story who we are and why that matters. So what do we mean when we say crit all right? I know a lot of you guys have heard that story, but the story is there for you. So i want you to understand.

There’Ll be other videos. By the time you guys get access to the application. It’Ll walk you to walk a person, who’s brand new to easy spot through an understanding of who we are and how we got here and then, of course, we’ll take them into a training that will also help them to understand how to use the app.

So that’s the first section on training, you’ll notice, that what i did to get out of this was at the very top where it says training detail. I hit the back arrow, and so that takes us back to the main training page uh, the next section: how to use this app, i’m not going to go in here just yet, because we’re still loading that content uh the last the last box. You have recorded presentation calls you need to actually rename that, but it’s got other. It’s got mostly corporate calls.

So what you’ll find in here are the corporate calls. The special community calls that we do like the trading insights call with muhammad, and our business builder calls. So you won’t find you won’t find the presentation calls here. There will be a link here to our vimeo channel and so you’ll find those on our vimeo channel, but we’ll keep we do those multiple times throughout the week.

So we don’t want to load up our uh section here with those calls. We want to make sure that the things that we do just periodically our corporate weekly updates and so forth, you’ll find those here so what’s cool about that is it just means that it’s very easy for you and your team members, particularly if they miss a call. So we know we’d love to have as many people on a call as possible. This morning today we have 126 people on our call, which means that the vast majority of our members, even our active builders, didn’t make today’s call.

We know life happens. People have work family events all of those kinds of things, but we want to make it easy for them to access the information we want to make it easy for your team members to access the information. So all of those super important highlevel calls are here everything else that we do presentation calls and such you’re going to find those on our vimeo channel and right from here in our presentation, call section you’ll find access to that all right.

So i’m going to skip over notifications – we don’t have any in here yet. But let me just pause here for a moment and talk to you about why notifications are such a powerful tool uh, because really there are a couple of major reasons. Why you’re going to want to use this app and encourage all of your people to get it and the number one one? One of those reasons is our ability to stay in communication with you and notifications. These are actually push notifications.

You guys don’t know what a push notification is it’s one of those notifications that comes through on your cell phone. So if you are on facebook or instagram or whatsapp or any app for that matter, and you get a notification, that’s called a push notification and if you’ve had a cell phone for any period of time in the modern world, then you know that push notifications are A good way to get your attention and we live in a world now, where we’re constantly picking up our phone looking at our device, because these push notifications are coming through. So the good news is that they have a pretty good rate of viewership people.

Look at their notifications. What that means, then, is that, when we’re doing a call like this and you’ll start to see that, for those of you who are in the app next week, saturday there’ll be a push notification, for this call, so you’ll be able to actually you’ll see the notification You’Ll be able to join the call right from that push notification. The idea here again.

Another reason why you want to get your people into the app is that if you want them to be engaged and is if you’re a business builder, you do you want them to be engaged with the information that’s coming out from the company, so give us an Opportunity to send those notifications, it’s one other layer of communication that we’ll have with you and your team members all right, one other one other treat is uh. We’Ll have some special opportunities for some of our leaders to use push notifications to your teams as well. So we’re not going to get we’re not going to jump there as we get started, but something to look forward to as we get going all right. The next tab that we come across is leads.

If you guys can see that at the very bottom leads all right so leads, as you can see, i’ve got a couple of tests in there, so there are two things that happen in leads. The first is i’m going to take you to where it says, pages and funnels if you’re ever in the app – and you don’t see it just make sure you scroll down, it’s always right here at the top, and so at pages and funnels we can go in Here view and edit, so when you’re in pages and funnels, this is where the shareable pages that you’re going to send to your prospects can be found. The very first thing that you’re going to want to do when you get to pages is you’re going to hit the setup button.

If you don’t do that, then the shareable pages won’t work for you, so it won’t. Even let you send it so make sure you hit the setup button and, in the setup button you’re going to enter six digits. Those six digits are your affiliate id.

Everybody has a six digit affiliate id. If you want to get credit for the people that you’re signing up and sharing or signing up by using this app and you’re going to want to make sure that this affiliate id is accurate, all right so put in your six digit affiliate id, not the one. On the screen, your six digit affiliate id goes right here and then click update. That’s it that’s the extent of all the setup that you have to do in order for this really powerful tool to work for you.

So i’m going to give you a couple of examples of exactly what that means. When we talk about how it works for you now, the first site that you see here, if they’re all listed, to give you a good sense of what these funnels are designed for. The first one is the easy bot website.

It’s a exact, wrap, almost exact replica of the easybot website. So if you, if you love the easybot website, there’s lots of great information there links to the pricing page even links to our help center. So if you want somebody to get a nice full view of the easybox presentation but still be able to pull them into your funnel or into into your uh your leads or sign them up from the easybot website, page that’s available in an option for you, i’m Going to jump into one of the other funnels the easybot webinar funnel and give that to you as an example.

So what we’re going to do is the arrow to the far right. You see that there are four of them that are pointing to the right. So we’re going to hit the arrow and when we do that, it’s going to give us a popup that will allow us to choose how we’d like to send, and so i’m going to use brave as a browser just to open it and show you guys.

A couple of things all right, so what this just did was open this funnel and there’s a video that plays there. That’s the one minute sizzle video, and so it just encourages somebody to get interested in what we’re talking about here in easybot. So if they’re interested, then their next step, we’re going to encourage them to do is to reserve their seat, and so if they want to reserve their seat to get more information about easybot, then they’re going to fill out this form. So let’s do that here.

Let’s do that here, let’s make that test out two and we need an email and we’re putting a phone number all right. I’Ve just submitted a lead and guys what you’re going to see happen here in just a moment. Is you will if i turn my uh notifications on in time? Let’s see if we got it, let’s see if we got that notification to come through before so there’s a notification that will come through on that lead that we just submitted uh and i might not have. I might have missed it because i have my notifications turned off so we’ll try it one more time, but let’s go back to our system and see if it came through there you go so it came to we didn’t see.

We didn’t get the benefit of the notification, we’ll do another one, but you can see that lead that i just submitted. So somebody landed on your website on your on your funnel they’re interested in getting more information and immediately there’s they’re likely still watching the video there. That person is right there now you’ve got their name, their email, their phone number, you know exactly which funnel they came through and you have a status, and these are all editable fields, so maybe you’ve decided. Let me call this person, obviously they’re interested they’re right on the page right now.

The best time to talk to a prospect is when immediately when they’re on the page, when they’re, looking at the information when they’re interested when they’re intrigued when they are taking action in the direction you want them to go. Now is a great time to reach out to them phone call text, message: email, so you can uh, send them a you can up. You can update their information. So let’s say you’ve had a conversation with them and uh.

Something is in incorrect or you want to update it. You can do that from here. Uh you can make a phone call by hitting the blue phone call icon. We can send a text message.

There are a couple of prewritten text messages that you can populate and there is let’s hit that and show you what that looks like all right. So that’s going to pull up the person’s number and it is going to give you a prepopulated uh text message: okay, just reaching out to let you know, we’ve received your info, we’ll get back to you soon, all right all right! So let’s go the other option that we can do is we can show the email we can show an email, i’m sorry we can send an email. So the red button with the email icon is how you send an email, it’ll populate.

Whatever your default, email handler is it’ll populate that for you all right and then finally, we’ve got a notes section and if you decide that you would like to add some notes oops, i think i hit the wrong button. Oh i’m hitting there we go. No all right, so if you decide that you’d like to add some notes, you’ve just spoken to this prospect, they’re on the site, they’re excited and you’ve reached out to them, and so now i want to save some notes, and so we’re going to come in here And say test is excited joining live call monday.

There we go so now. I’Ve got some notes on this prospect and if i want to see a history, all the different things that have happened with this prospect, i can see that an sms was sent on the 4th. I can see when the prospect was created.

So all of that information is there for you as well oops all right, sorry, just plug my phone in okay. So that’s a lead that just came in from a funnel that we shared all right. Let’s go back to pages and funnels and now that i’ve got my notifications on, let’s try a different one, so we have an opportunity seeker funnel i’m going to open brave again and by the way you can share this through text message: uh whatsapp, facebook, instagram, whatever Shareable options come up for you uh. You can send in that manner, i’m opening them up so that you can see it in a browser.

This is what the other person would end up, seeing when they click your link. Now i’m going to bring your attention if you look right at the very top of the browser in the address bar you’ll notice, that there is a long long address, i’m going to scroll all the way to the end and what you’ll notice is the number that We had in the field actually it’s in it’s right here, it’s not at the end on this funnel so that one six, seven five, eight five uh. That number is important. That’s the number that we had in that setup field.

Funnel System of Eazy Bot

If you guys remember that, so that’s how the system knows who gets credit for whatever happens as a result of this action, all right, so we’re on this we’re on a different funnel now we’re one that’s designed specifically for opportunity seekers. So the the language is a little bit different. So if you’re looking for for sending a message to somebody who’s, you know maybe they’re kicking around looking for different opportunities in crypto.

You know that they’re, you know bouncing from different opportunities. This might be a great funnel for them, and so here again, there’s actually two different calls to action here. There is one that says: yes, i want instant access and at the bottom, if they wanted more information uh.

Yes, i want to learn more, so the yes. I want to learn more: let’s do that. First, that is going to take them.

Let’s do test app 2 and let’s do tests all right and they’re not forced to submit a phone number. So there we go. We got a email and a name now in this case, i’m going to go back one step and we’re gon na go back to the same page and give you the other option.

So let’s say they didn’t they just wanted. They were interested enough in what they right here and they want instant access. They just want to get started.

So i click yes, i want instant access. Well guess where it takes me, it takes that person. This is this.

Is the prospect that you just sent this this page to they’ve got a little bit of a story on ezbot they’ve? Read it they’re interested just go ahead, it’s a free account. Let me get started guys, look at the address at the very top. So you remember the number in the setup here: 167 585. That number comes across, so guess what’s going to happen when this person now creates an account, what’s the name of the sponsor demo user, that’s what we have set up here.

So this is our demo account if this was your account and you put in your affiliate id you’re now about to sign up a new user, and it was just that simple. We went into the app we found a funnel that we liked. We shared the story with them.

They looked at the story. They hit the button go ahead and give me that free account now they’re getting ready to sign up for their free account. Who’s excited all right, awesome guys.

I let’s go back. I need to get the notification and maybe let’s see yeah it did come through. Let me, let me make sure: hey david, hey, hey, i’m getting the push.

Notifications, i believe, didn’t you put your phone on do not disturb earlier. I did so. Oh you’re, not gon na get the pushes yeah.

I think i thought i took it off, but guys you will get it. Thank you yeah. No problem guys. You will get a push notification, so you’re not seeing that on my screen as we’re doing a demo uh, but you actually will get a push notification, which is so cool again push notification, just alerts, you you have a new lead, and so, if you’re going about Your business, maybe you sent you know a friend or a brother or cousin grandma.

You sent her a page to look at and she didn’t get to it for two or three days. Well, the minute they enter their information. You’Ve got an alert that goes off. So you can be responsive and you can reach out to them again.

The speed to the lead is going to matter in your conversions. If you’re able to talk to them while they’re the tool has their interest and you’re going to have a better shot at converting them, the tool is really powerful, but it does require, or it will work better. I should say if you have some level of responsibility and engagement in the process, so there’s the other user that we just tested.

I didn’t realize my first one was test app too also um, so there’s the other one that we just did. You’Ll notice that the the buttons for making a phone call and a text message are grayed out now and they’re grayed out in this case, because i didn’t enter a phone number when i entered this uh when i entered this lead. So we didn’t, we don’t have a phone number, we can’t call and we can’t text, but we can send an email because we did get their email address. I can see that the lead was generated from the operative opportunity seeker funnel and if i speak to this prospect – and i want to change their status, i can do that right here within the app all right guys.

So you’ve got a sense of pages and funnels. That’s where you’re gon na go hit the setup button and simply choose the funnel that you’d like to use, get familiar with them test them yourself. What happens by the way that you’re not seeing here that uh that happens on the back end, is that these this lead that just came in already has an email sitting in their inbox, so they’ve got a they’ve got enough of a pathway to watching a full Presentation and they’ve got an email that is a followup email. That’s encouraging them to click, to sign up, to create a free account, so they’ve got an opportunity to create a free account while they’re in the app and the followup that’s happening in emails is going to continue to go out to them day after day, encouraging them.

Giving them more information, more insight, more perspective and encouraging them to sign up, and when they do, the experience will be just like what we saw a moment ago, where it’s taking them to the sign up page that belongs to the affiliate who sent them. The original link coach – i see you and i’m going to come to you in just a second. Let me uh.

Let me finish here, so i don’t lose my my flow. I’M gon na go to the next uh next tab. So the next tab is referrals and referrals are a place where, let’s say you’ve been talking to somebody or you know, you’ve got a friend.

You’Ve been talking talking to them about easybot they’re, ready to get signed up. You just want to send them directly to the signup page. Well, here’s where you’ll do that guys, so you go to sign up page and we’re going to go to brave again and you’ll notice that it takes me directly all right. Let’s, let’s do this just so.

We know that it actually did work, let’s clear, all of that out: let’s go back here, let’s open it up and brave all right, so we just opened it up from this from the referral section. So this again from referrals you’ll be able to send a direct link to somebody who wants to go directly to the sign up page again, you’ll notice in the address bar the affiliate id is captured in there all right. So this is, if you want to sign somebody directly up, you’ve got them.

You’Ve got an opportunity to do that pathway to do that from right within the app. What happens when they do sign up is you’ll, see them listed here under your referrals. Now, what’s going to happen in the flow of how this works is in some instances, uh you’re gon na have somebody that signs up from one of your funnels or from any other path. It might maybe they never even came through the app.

Maybe you were. You’Ve talked to them through some other marketing means that you’ve got any method at all. What will happen is when somebody signs up for easybot using your referral id, they will show up here in your list of referrals uh. That last piece is still getting dialed in, so i don’t i’m not in position to test it for you guys today, but by the time you’re in it.

Easybot Trading Update

That feature will be functional. So that’s an amazing, an amazing feature. We’Ve been talking about it for a while that gives you access and visibility to all of your front line.

Your direct referrals, anybody that signs up using your affiliate, your referral, link, whether they use the whether you use the app to get them or not. They’re going to show up right here and as an example, we’ve got uh coach ken. Let me not show your number there coach uh, so we’ve got a referral. All of your referrals will have very similar information to what we got from the leads.

The difference is that we will not be able to change any of the referral information, so you’ll notice. This is grayed out and there’s. I cannot change the name, email or phone number, but you do have access to call text and email them right from within the app as well.

So this is going to be incredibly powerful for you guys. Uh you’ll see all your frontline referrals right there for you. I’M not going to jump into account today.

It’s uh there’s nothing particularly uh, important or interesting there, the meat and potatoes of what we’re, what you’re going to use the app for or what we just went through, and so i want to give you guys a high level overview, we’ll come back. We’Ll do an indepth training i’ll actually have a uh, the owner of the platform. Who’s helped us put all of this together and has worked with a couple other and a number of other major network marketing organizations. Uh, we’ll do a special training for us, we’ll announce that, obviously you guys are going to want to participate.

I want to give you enough information that you understand. What’s what’s what’s possible? What’s capable you can see that the functionality is there, and so i’m going to pause for just a second and uh. Let me get coach come on in with your question wow.

This is powerful david. This is going to be such a blessing to everybody, guys it’s free all right, uh show me a uh mlm company referral marketing company. That offers something like this for free.

This is amazing, um. The question i had you might have just answered it, but i just wanted clarification on it and that is um for those that have already built teams and they’ve already got a substantial front line. Um.

Did you just say that this will automatically populate that front line? Yeah good question you’re a little bit ahead of me, but i’ll go there right now, so um, here’s here’s! What we here’s, what we decided to do so we’re going to do this release and phases, and you know i i we talked if you guys have been with us on this journey for a while. You’Ve heard us talk a number of times about the the the uh, the beauty and the challenge of being a company in startup and growing at an astronomical pace, and so we have over 32 000 users and what we don’t want to do is well there’s two Things that we’re concerned about, we don’t want to overwhelm the system and the process by putting uh 32 000 users into the system at once. The other thing is that we know that not all 32 000 users are engaged and part of that engagement will improve.

When you guys, in the field that are building businesses, have access to your frontline, so this tool will help increase and improve that engagement. So what we’re going to do initially is those of you who are ready to get started testing the app we’re. Not we don’t have access for you just yet today, but between today and monday, i’m going to collect your emails, get you signed up for our early access, so you guys will be able to get into the system early you’re not going to see any existing leads Or any of that data in the system, yet what we’ll what we will do? Let me uh stop my share here.

So i’ll come back in if you guys want to see some more uh, let me talk to you so here’s what we will do this goes to. Let’s go back to my agenda here. So this let’s talk about the early uh.

Let’s talk about app release, notes! Let me skip early release, sign up and let’s go to app release notes which is really kind of talking to you guys about what to expect during the app release. So what will happen is uh? You are, you all, are gon na get access to to the platform. Anybody that you sign up will show up in your referrals and what happens to all the people that you’ve already signed up.

Well, what we’re going to do is on the dashboard of your of easy by itself. There’Ll be a link to from the dashboard that will encourage a new user or a user to get started with a marketing app and when they click that link. That link will be your link into the marketing app, so every one of you has a specific link into the marketing app we’re automatically coding it so that the link on the dashboard will link that user back to you. So what we want to do here is we want the users that are engaged that are that are that are logging into easy buy that are actively using the platform.

We want those users first to be able to come into the system, so the for the first rollout is those of you who are getting easy access. Second, phase of rollout is going to be users who are actively engaged, who are at least dialing in to easybot and have raised their hand. I’M interested. I want the app.

What that gives us is the best possible audience for the app. We know that there are users that are engaged and are interested that want to use it, and so that gives us an opportunity to get some feedback and and to understand if there are any issues that we can improve upon before we make the attempt at bringing 32, 000 plus people into an app one of the things that we’re concerned about is uh. There are many of you.

For example, i’ve got somebody that forget who it was. I apologize, but one of you guys said you have 51 active directs. I know that we have people that have you know, hundreds of directly direct uh direct directly sponsored uh users, and so, if you’ve got you know, 150 couple hundred users and they’re not engaged, then maybe that’s not necessarily the best experience in app. So we want to make sure that the experience is a a great one and we’ll decide whether it makes sense to bring everybody in we’ll talk about that here before we make a decision one way or another.

But the very first phase of this will allow your users to self select. So that’s kind of my long answer of saying yeah. I anticipate the way that everybody else is getting in here is through a link on the dashboard.

Now, as we get into a fullblown incorporation of the marketing app into our process, what will happen is when a user signs up our entire onboarding flow is, is getting updated and modified. So our onboarding flow is what happens when a user signs up right now, not a whole lot happens and we’re aware that we’re we have some opportunities to improve that. So so that’s that’s in the works, so our onboarding flow will change such that when a new user signs up they’ll, actually you guys may have already seen on the easybot dashboard where we’ve uh we’ve got a link that says uh click here to get started or Something something similar to that language um, so we’ll take that and expand upon it. What that link does right now, it’s right below the video that link takes the user to the getting started section of the knowledge base.

But what we’ll do in the near future is there’s an entire onboarding flow that will take them to make a decision, what exchange they want to use and take them down in path, that’s appropriate for them, and then the last step in that onboarding flow is going To ask them to download the app and again when they do that, you’ll see it show up, as in in your list of referrals, they’ll have their own nice shiny, brand, new marketing app, so nice clean system uh. Obviously, we want to test that with a with a group, so you guys will be part of our onboard, our initial test group and uh, and within the next week to two weeks, we’ll have everybody with full access through that onboarding flow that we’re that i just

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