Eazybot full tutorial

All right, so, let’s jump into easybot here and what you’re looking at is a dashboard of an account um right now. You guys will not see any update to founders club, i’m going to come back and talk about fun founders club. I want to focus right now on just doing deposits, so we’re going to click here and go to my wallet and when you’re in my wallet, you’re going to see deposit, your first step is going to be to click on.

Oh, i picked a bad account to uh, give you as an example: okay, let’s, let’s give you a different account that i know is live all right, so we’re doing this in real time. Folks, we are rolling this out as we speak. So let me get jump into an account that i know is is live.


How about we do this one, sorry about that all right. So let’s come back and okay, so you’re gon na see a deposit button. When you get into your wallet and you’re going to want to click on deposit – and we still have a switching issue, it will switch between day and night periodically that will get addressed here.

We’re going to keep it in night mode, all right, so it’ll take you to a screen that looks like this there’s a couple of things. You want to really pay attention to and understand about this process and about how crypto works, and i’m going to talk to you about that right now. So please please, please stay with me for a moment all right, so you’re going to decide here how much you want to deposit into your easy bot wallet now, let’s use, for example, that you want to upgrade to the vip package and you want to send a Thousand dollars to your wallet, so, let’s add another zero here. So what you need to pay attention to is it’s telling you exactly what you need to transfer to easybot? You amount to be transferred to a thousand seven and one cent, that’s accounting for fees that are that are part of the processing of your payment, so that the the the payment is received by easybot.

Okay, then you’re gon na click on you’re gon na click. On add, and then you want to pay attention to a couple of things here: the amount to be transferred again is going to be displayed to you here and it is usdt trc20, so the only payment network that is active and available for us to receive deposits. Today is usdt trc20, very, very important if you’re new to crypto or if you’re unfamiliar with sending crypto important, that you understand that you can send usdt on a number of different networks, you can send it on trc20, erc20 solana and a number of other networks. So when you’re sending usdt make sure that you are sending it trc20, if you send it another way, it will not arrive and you may be out of that money with no recourse.

So that’s the first and most important thing make sure you’re sending it by the proper network we’ll talk about other network options before we finish this call, but for now and for today this is the only option that’s enabled. Now you need to pay attention to the total amount that needs to be received by easybot. It’s a thousand seven and one cent in this situation, we’re sending a thousand and there’s seven dollars and one cent fees that need to be covered all right. Now you can do one of two things in order to capture the address that you’re sending it to if you’re on your mobile device.

You can scan this qr code now the way that you’re sending your crypto is going to vary. There’s people on the call and there’s probably that many different ways from different, wallets and so forth to send crypto so you’ve got to you’ve, got to figure out on your end, how you’re sending that to us, so you can scan it every just about every crypto Exchange or or method of sending will allow you to scan a qr code, so you can scan it here or you can copy the qr code by using the copy button right here. I’M screaming you can copy the address, so you can highlight it, but i suggest that you simply copy it. It’Ll put it on your clipboard and then, if you’re, on your desktop or if you’re on your phone, just you’re going to paste it in the send address.

All right so now that you’ve gotten this you’ve copied it you’ve gone to your your exchange. You’Ve executed the transaction. Your next step is going to be.

I did the payment now before we do that. I want to make sure that you understand what you’re going to face when you’re on your exchange, when you’re at the place, where you’re sending funds to us so more than likely what you’re going to be faced with is an additional fee. This is crypto and it is just the way it works, so i want you to be prepared for that.

So, for example, if you’re sending this amount from a binance account because it’s trc 20, they have a standard one dollar fee per transaction. So if you’re sending this one thousand seven dollars and one cent from your binance account as an example, finance will impose a one dollar fee. So you need to make sure that you account for that one dollar fee and add that to the total that you’re sending out so that what’s received is the thousand seven and one cent.

Now some of you are sending from other other other platforms, an example that we experienced is that somebody sent a payment they intended on sending a thousand dollars, but they sent it through a method where they used a credit card and that platform that they were using Charged them forty dollars for the purchase of the crypto and sending the crypto so instead of receiving the thousand dollars what was received was closer to 950 in some change. Okay, so please please, please pay special attention to whatever the whatever the platform you’re using to send your crypto, any fees that they may impose, make sure that you are covering those fees so that what’s received. Is this amount here? If i sound like i’m beating a dead horse, it’s because this is the part of this process that most people are going to stumble over, and i don’t want that to be you or the people that you’re in communication with and the people that you’re supporting.

So it’s very easy if we all understand what the expectation is make sure your this is what’s being seen. That’s the that’s the point here. Okay, all right! So we’ve you’ve now executed this transaction. You click on.

I did the payment and that’s going to take you here and you’re, going to see a pending amount of a thousand dollars. Okay, that amount will be pending until the payment is actually received by easybot and once it’s finalized you’ll see a green check and that payment will now reflect in your total balance. So right now, this pending amount is not reflected in the total balance.

Okay, so here’s something else to note. So, going back to the example that i just gave you guys where, if you missed a step in what i just said and for some reason you didn’t send the entire one thousand seven dollars and one cent and let’s say you totally missed it and you just Sent a thousand dollars well, what’s going to happen, is there is a there that transaction fee that we that the seven dollars and one cents represents that’s still imposed on the total amount that’s received so, for example, you’ve only sent a thousand dollars. What easybot will receive is something like 993 and some change. That amount is what will then show up as a completed transaction and credited to your account.

So this is a reason why it’s important to pay attention to this, because, for example, a lot of you are interested in upgrading to the 995 vip package. And if you did what i just said, which is instead of sending the thousand seven and you only sent a thousand you’re going to end up with less than you intended in order to purchase the vip package. So whatever we receive whatever is received by easybox processor.

Is what will be credited to your account and added to your current balance? All right, i hope that’s clear, i’m going to before we go any further and talk about any other updates. I want to talk about the deposit process and any questions as it pertains to what we just reviewed, so any questions on the deposit process. Specifically, let’s let’s pause for a moment and talk about that sorry, i just wanted to jump in when you were doing that. Just canadian people we’re talking us dollars here so make sure that you know your exchange rate so you’re also not falling short.

That was just a quick little thing. I wanted to jump in there with. Thank you, catherine, very, very good point uh.

The other thing i just got to note that some people who are currently trying to do deposits are sending deposits on erc 20. So the reason it sounds like i’m beating a dead horse about some of these things is because of that very reason, please guys make sure you’re paying attention to the way you’re sending your funds. This isn’t an easy bot issue. This is a crypto thing.

This is when we, when we say that crypto is hard. These are the places where crypto is hard. It’s all the details that you have to pay attention to and all the ways you can lose money. If you don’t pay attention to these details, we’re going to do all that we can to make the processes here easy for you, but some of it is just out of our control, and so you’ve got to take the responsibility of becoming educated.

Aware empowering yourself to be able to function in this world of crypto and understanding how to move your money and do it safely is the very, very basic understanding that you have to have. Okay, so right now, if you’re sending your funds you’re, sending it using a trc 20 network come on in coach, you know we got something: that’s uh! That is right there on the qr code and the um address the deposit address for easybot uh. It says it right there trc20, but again, this is a new space for some people and we wanted to make the transition into this space as easy as possible. One of the reasons why we are using trc20, because the quote gas fees, which are really the miners fees which is outside of our control, are so much less expensive on trc20 they’re, a dollar as opposed to sometimes with erc20 they’re, going to charge you 20 bucks.

Maybe even more sometimes so, trc 20, it’s a forum uh, it’s the uh, the the blockchain, so to speak, of the tron network that runs usdt through it. So that’s why we use trc 20 once you load the account with the proper amount and so anyways you just um, you um. Let me see here we’re gon na.

Go there right now. This is your dashboard up here, we’re on the uh your menu, i mean and you’re gon na scroll down and you’re gon na go into your wallet and once uh once everything clears and it’s pretty quick it’ll show up in your wallet right here and it’ll show Right here it’s on under uh, the status you’ll have a green check. So it gives you the current balance right here. So that means everything cleared and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to go back to the menu bar and you’re going to come down to upgrade subscription.

Now right now, the only subscription that we are taking is for the vip members. So we’re going to go ahead and upgrade that right now you click right here just hit confirm and there it is it’s that easy that quick now we’re going to go back to the dashboard and we’re going to go back to the menu bar up here. Right click on that we can go to my wallet. I want to take a look and make sure that it removed that from from the wallet and there you see 52 usdt, which we are going to use for trading um, not for trading, i’m sorry, but for the asset file for the software service fees.

I put extra in there so that we can start trading uh right away and we already have some money in the asset file. Okay, so so uh coach will be one of the people who are going to start trading tonight so because uh we are going to start with the country leaders. So i’m going to activate right now your account to be able to trade, so the boss will will be shown now in your back office. Just give me a second okay, now uh, just refresh your account and go to the menu bar again after refreshing.

Yes, now you have bot management, and now we have this popped up. Yes, so you can have the user exchange and right now guys, the user exchange is binance only but uh coinbase pro will be on here very shortly, and so our connection name, okay and uh. Here’s where you grab your seat, your key um and your uh secret key here from binance i mean so: we’ve added the exchange and uh. Now we’re going to go back to the search um, the menu bar and we’re gon na go to bot management and uh.

We’re gon na go to bots, correct, yes, okay, so we’re gon na add a new bot and um yeah. Can you scroll down? So all of these fields are blocked because you have it’s the default strategy, it’s already been deployed. You don’t have to do anything here. It’s already been deployed, all the numbers are done for you ready to uh roll.

You just have to name the bots and put the balance that you want to trade with. You choose the exchange and choose the coin, and that’s it: where is it showing my um usdt balance in my binance account, so you would have to keep the coin first. You have to use the exchange first.

First, give it a nameless decision on the top left. Just give it a name whatever the coin that you want to use, or you want to give it a date or whatever you want to name it. Okay, i’m probably gon na do um. I think i’m gon na do uh ripple, which is xrp from the top xrp, i’m not seeing x or p, or you go oh there.

It is no it’s not in the alphabetical order. Okay, now select the amount on the top right. How much do you want to trade? Oh there we go, i’m wondering if i should do uh 3.

000, i’m going to do 3 pounds before i hit anywhere anywhere else. Just look at the initial order. Right now it’s on 33, if you click anywhere in the screen, it’s going to change yeah because it’s second automatically 334 of the three thousand or the amount and uh the autocompounding is on so you’re all set. You just have to save it and that’s all now.

What if i wanted to change these parameters down here, you have to untick the default on top left. You have default configuration just below the ripple where you have written ripple just below that here, yeah yeah, okay, everything got it yep awesome! This is awesome. This is phenomenal.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. No pun intended guys what we had with our last spot says balance exceeded to the limit. Are you sure you want to continue ignore this one? This actually should be popping up whenever you are actually using more than the balance that you have. You are telling it to trade with 3 000 when you have 2 000, but right now you have enough balance.

So this is just a popup that we’re going to be removing. Don’T worry about that! Just okay! Okay, that’s all you’re! All done! You have a bot running with xrp. If you know just click on it one more time, you will see the uh that already initiated one order for you uh your api connection. You did not click on trades, you just let it read only so.

You need to go back to your api connection in the binance and click on uh enable the trading. Maybe you can just pause yep, i’m gon na open that up right now. It’s asking me for the authenticator code, again, okay.

So what do i do here? Okay, now just go to refresh. Let me refresh it now: uh click on settings on the setting wheel on the right hand, side, because normally, if an error happened like this, it will automatically uh shut off the the bot yeah you put it active. It says inactive right now. Let us down you change it to into active.

This is just kind of additional layer of protection, so if anything happening any problem with the api, any problem with anything it’s going to just switch off the bot until everything is back, then you can come back and and put that on just refresh it yeah. It only took the trade here there, it is okay and then this will stay up yeah. This is these.

These are good. These little mistakes are great actually because they’re training mistakes and once the profit starts to come in it’ll reflect that right here. Muhammad, yes, exactly phenomenal, let’s have another here here. It will show you the total profit that made by that coin.

So far inside you will see the breakdown each cycle, how much it made each small trade, how much exactly it made so yeah. You should just use another coin and hit the save. That’s it. Ave is up 18 today, i’m just wondering because you know that what goes up must come down, but i wanted to trade with ave, but uh right now, that’s a little helpful because it’s so cool go for it.

It’s a good chance! All right! You wanted to go down coach, the more money, the more profits you want to go down, yeah, okay. So let’s do that you have to remove the mentality of the day trading. Yes, we’re inviting the point to go down, we’re inviting it right muhammad right, but we don’t want it yeah. We don’t mind at all.

How did you get coach ken for the exchange? When did you name that uh i’ll show you, i probably shouldn’t said coach ken’s with the apostrophe s, but i’ll show you here in a second right after i, okay, please disorder there we go initial, buy right there, beautiful watch, how long it takes to set up This trade, all right, martin, you want to navigate. Can you see my screen? Okay? Yes, it’s all good okay. So this is the dashboard and once you’ve paid your subscription there’s bot management um. It is very, very laid out right on the front page.

You have profile affiliate center if you want to check your sign ups or send a link, so bot management um one of the things that was really surprising, especially in light of predecessor, bots under user exchanges. It’s very very simple: to set up you set up the user exchange, you name it you, you write your exchange, you cut and paste your keys and you save and in the um, if it’s binance, or that you just enable it to trade and just copy them. So from the time i hooked up my api keys and started trading, three coins was under five minutes, so it is uh.

It is very easy and easy bot um. So i’m just going to go to the coins and one of the biggest questions i get asked is people want to see the bot and they don’t understand how. If the price is falling, you can make money without shorting without leverage, and so here is um ave and the reason i chose obvious three days ago.

It was up 15, so i thought okay. This will be a good example, because what goes up must come down. Um one of the important things all the coins that they have chosen are coins that are fairly stable. They don’t take big dumps and they they they’re volatile, they’ll trade within a certain range.

So obvi i like it, it’s a hot coin. So i’m going to click it, we can see the current price is 154 or 60. I’M going to show this series of trades. Can everybody see this? Yes, all good? Okay, so on the 18th uh the bot bought in at 164 at roughly 3 percent, it paid 2280 later that evening price dropped more than two percent, so it bought again about another 2275 uh.

Two days later, it dropped to 153. So went from 161 153. So it just continued to drop, and then the bot said: okay, we’re gon na buy two more times so about four or five dollars so 40, so it bought 67 on the way down and then yesterday it went from 153 to 160 and it sold, and so There was a profit of a dollar 37.

So what’s interesting, is you made money, even though it was four dollars below the price where i originally bought in so a dollar cost averages on the way down and then it bought again at 160 um, it’s dropped to 156, which triggered another by at 2, and This just goes on day and night since i set up it’s earned 423 so and i started with a little over 600, but i get a lot of questions. How you make money when it’s going down? Well, it never goes straight down it zigzags going down and you can see on all the um little bumps up it sells as it goes down. It buys just going to show another thing um.

You can also adjust this for day or night. It’s sometimes it does. It automatically it’s very, very easy to choose a coin.

So when you want to add a new coin, you just click add new. I usually name it after the coin. I’M gon na trade so say it’s monero and then you choose your exchange, so finance um.

Again. Here’s the list of coins and i recommend going to uh coin gecko or coin market and looking at coins just to see if they’re volatility volatile and i’m also trading solano, i’m also trading matic. So here’s monero uh the bot defaults to cycle.

If i just wanted to do a single trade and say okay, i’m gon na buy it. I think they’re expecting some news. I can just do a single trade and set that it’s on active.

I do not have any available balance right now. Auto compounding is checked by default, and so that’s one of the best features, because every time you have a profitable trade and every trade is profitable, because the bot won’t sell a losing trade. That money then gets uh folded into the balance.

You’re trading and now you’re trading with that extra ballot extra money. So if you understand the power of compounding, if it trades three four times a day, each trade, it’s compounding a little bit. This is just default, throwing in a thousand dollars and here’s your 33 percent and initiate immediately and it’s just as simple as click save and you’re you’re up and trading.

So it’s very easy to add coins and um, and this is all defaulted on. The uh martingale strategy is that right, uh peter yeah, so the first four levels are defaulted as that and then, after that, in independent positions like a grid, which is which is very, very conservative, which i like and um yeah, i’m really impressed how easy the layout Is how easy it is to go in and check what’s going on yeah, so the user interface is very friendly and pleasing to visualize, and that’s uh a tribute to um beneath and david. It also. I guess one that i use an apple phone.

It looks great on an apple phone, and i mean this is a great conversation please. If i’m talking to somebody i’ll just say, take a look at this. You know hey. I just made money on a trade right, so it looks really really good on a phone.

It’s very uh well laid out awesome. Thank you, martin for sharing. Are there any questions in the chat or anybody would like to unmute and ask a question? This is a question yes come on in yeah. This is greg.

I wanted to ask um. Is he able to trade because he’s one of the executives or yes he’s one of the country leaders? So it’s been open to the country leaders for now and then um 23rd between the 23rd and 24th. We will be launching for everyone else for the vip package and the 250 package, and then the free accounts will be launched on the 30th excellent. Thank you very much.

You’re very welcome. Okay. There was a question in the chat i saw mary asked: does the bot ever stuck in a trade and and won’t close for weeks or longer? Okay, so mary, the bot does not um just get stuck. We still make profits on the lower price point.

So slowly you’re adding to your usdt balance, even though the trade hasn’t fully closed, we can still close all of the independent positions on its own and half of the profits closed on those independent positions are used to bring down the the top position, which is the Dollar cost average price, so the bot is continuously working for us. Half of it is going to be bringing down the dollar cost average price and the other half is going back into usdt balance, so we’re always making profits. Okay, andrea, come on in hi good evening.

The the profits that we just saw is that, after the the bottle, the percentage the fee do, when you see the profit, is it after? No, it’s before the fees are taken off it’s before. Okay, okay, at what point does does it take out the fees on every closed trade? So the fees come out of out of your reserve wallet within the bot platform. Martin, are you able to know that martin? Are you able to show the fees coming out? You may want to check that because i believe the total profit that’s after the fee. So if you can check with muhammad i’m just going to go to the wallet fees from the um software service fees is what is, i think, uh? What’s the question right, andrea? Yes, the 20! So if you, if you buy the 250 you it takes that 20 off the profit of each trade right right.

So there’s the the preschedule here and this fee is taken off from your reserve wallet within the bot platform. It’s all these little fees that add up on all closed trades here, so you can see the 20 coming out and the the wallet is really well laid out. So it shows your deposits close your package, um, here’s, the service fees as we get going all the affiliate commissions will be here and what’s interesting, the matching bonus.

It’s going, gon na break it down by level one level two and it’ll show all that as well. So it’s all handy in one place, it’s very easy to follow. One thing i i want out um. I started i think, with about 60 dollars to feed the bot, but because i know there’s people signing up um, it’s very it.

It goes into the current balance. So if you have anybody doing anything in your downline, you never have to feed the bot again on one of the predecessor bots. You had to keep on feeding the mod and moving money.

So as long as you got even the smallest team, they’ll pay for all your fees. Awesome. Thank you. Martin.

We have coach ken in the house. I believe coach ken come on in say: hi, hey guys just wanted to pop in, and i got in a little late of course, but um i’m glad i’m here. It’s good to see everybody here. I just uh i actually wanted to come in and and uh wanted to see.

I don’t know if mark has martin going over his uh his uh trading results. Yes, we just finished that part. Okay, did you want to see us? I got a question for you.

Somebody asked i just want to make sure so: here’s obvi it says total profit 423, that is after the bot has taken its uh service fee correct. I know that before that’s before the service fee yeah, so it’s before the service fee, it’s showing the the profitable trades in the exchange. That’s correct! Right, that’s that’s not profit! Then the trades are profitable, yeah the profit of the trades.

That’s what’s showing, but that’s not uh. That’s not! 423! That’s profit in that trade to you right. You still have to.

You still have something: no yeah yeah for every dollar uh. He is um the he’s given the bot 20 cents, so that would be about 80 cents less than that, and to be quite honest with you, as somebody who day traded with 13 screens full time in front of me, i’d give my right arm for giving somebody 20 cents for every dollar i made to do that for me, so it’s really, you know the bot is definitely performing and um everybody. That’s using the bot right now is has more money in their accounts than they did yesterday. You know i i was adding it up on the low end, let’s say that we make uh on the low end five percent a month and we need to 20 out so we’re making about um uh about 4.

I think is. That would be. I think that would be correct, um, that is times 12 that’s 48, a year annually.

Okay, guys um, show me a bank that will pay that kind of uh return and guys listen to me very carefully here. This is very important. This is real.

You don’t have to uh worry about. You know somebody walking off with your money or or your your brother or sister or mother. You know, because you were excited about an opportunity that ended up being a ponzi scheme.

You don’t have to worry about that. You can look at yourself in the mirror every morning and know that you’re doing the right thing and that your accounts are growing. This is phenomenal. You know for those that really know and understand money, big hedge funds, don’t don’t pay 48 a year? I think that’s correct four times 12 is 48.

Am i right? I am you’re right, you’re right, that’s right, so you forgot low end guys and you forgot this – we’re losing your coach you’re in bad problem, you’re, probably in a bad zone there, but uh yeah. Thank you. There we go he’s back, go ahead, coach, yep! No, that’s that’s! Okay! I was just um, just saying, hey, uh! We’Ve got something very, very special here and it’s real. So you know i i know there are so many people that have been taking advantage of in the cryptocurrency space.

The world is looking for something real. We have it, we’ve developed it and martin. How long have you been trading for how many days i think we lost him here? Can you guys hear me yeah? We can hear you coach, i think uh martin.

How many days was that jeremy? Do you know how many days yeah go ahead? I started on the 17th and uh. What’s today, the 18th 19th 21st. My goodness time flies when you’re having fun so uh about four days about four days and right now the market’s flat, and so you know the the you

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