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Hello: everyone, it’s peter from toronto. I wanted to create a video that you can use to share with all your friends and family. It’s a quick summary of what easybot is and a little bit of information about the compensation plan, as well as the founders club pool that is going to be opening up right at lunch.

We are going to be launching on march 17th of this year 2022 and we are all preparing our team so that we can qualify for the founders pool. So easybot is crypto made easy. We are reshaping the future of crypto trading. The disclosure all information presented here is for him for informational purposes.

EazyBot Full Presentation

Only all the presenters opinions are their own. It is not intended to be a substitute for financial investment advice. Presenters are not employed by the company, nor are they financial advisors.

The past results are not indicative of future results. So what is easy bot easy bot is an automated crypto trading platform. This is ideal for new traders and is perfect for advanced traders, because there are customizable um parameters that you can play with. Crypto made easy.

We want to transition people into crypto as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. I know many people that are still uneducated about crypto are still interested in being a part of this incredible space, and we are we’ve only attracted about five percent of the people of the population into cryptocurrency. The rest of the people want to be a part of it, but they’re afraid that they will not be able to get themselves set up or even learn about cryptocurrency.

We have a platform where you can easily join into the cryptocurrency space set up your accounts through the exchange account through the exchanges and then have this bot trade for you automatically without the stresses of manual trading. There is a oneclick strategy, which is the default strategy of the bot. This was created by muhammad in dubai. He is the creator of this platform and this company and of course he is the ceo in charge of getting everything ready.

He is a mathematical genius and he has figured out a strategy that can withstand a 60 drop in the market where you don’t. You do not have to worry about the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market, which is very volatile. The strategy will pick up profits. Even at the lower price points, and then it will also dollar cost average um the top position so that the bot can close out in profit at a much lower price point.

It’s a oneclick strategy like i mentioned, set it and forget it set up the bot. According to the coins that you want to trade with and then allocate the funds to that particular coin, there is an amazing feature, called automatic automatic compounding. So this is unique to this platform.

I’Ve never seen this on any other platform. What it does is that it will continuously add your profits to your total balance and then compound it onto the next trades. So, for example, if you are allocating one thousand dollars to a particular coin, let’s say you want to trade bitcoin against usdt you, you would set it up as um.

You would allocate one thousand dollars in the bot parameters and then the bot will take three point. Three percent of that one thousand, which is thirty three dollars, and it will execute the initial trade if the bot goes. If the coin goes up, it will close out in profit.

It will close out one point: three percent of the profits on thirty three dollars and then all the funds will be added to your your one thousand dollar balance and then the next series of trades begins. So each series of trades, once it closes in profit, will be added to your balance, so eventually your 1 000 is going to go to 1005, 1010, etc. Every time a new series of trades uh is executed, the bot will take three point.

Three percent of your total amount, so if your account grows to a thousand and ten, the three point: three percent of a thousand and ten will be 33 dollars and 35 cents, for example, and then it will compound that growth. It will continue to to use 33 of your total amount and the profits keep accumulating on that total amount and that’s how we’re compounding the growth of your account. So the bot does this automatically. You do not have to do anything except click on the button that says which i accept have auto compounding started for my account.

The bot only closes in profitable trades, so first, for example, if the coin goes up, it will close the trade and then we’ll start. The next series of trades, if the coin goes down, it will continue to use the strategy, which is the martingale strategy for the first four positions, which is called the dollar, cost average position. And then, as the coin continues to drop, it will take independent positions and they will be one percent apart, according to the strategy that muhammad has created and all of these independent positions will be able to profit out on its own and what we do is we Take those profits at the lower price points, take half of those profits, add it to the dollar, cost average price and then bring that dollar cost average and price uh slowly slowly down, and then the bot just has to get to that point of the dollar cost Average price and profit 13 above that and then close out this sequence of trades.

So on the lower price points, even if the bot continues. If the coin continues to drop, we will still take profits and half of it will be used to offset the dca price, which is dollar cost average price and the other half of the profits will go into usdt balance, so we’re always making profits even on a Downtrending market and we’re all the bot is continuously working, adding more funds to trades. If the bot, if the point continues to drop the more funds you have in the trades, the more profits you will realize once the bot uh closes this coin in trade um in profit and that’s how we are able to continually cycle through one series of trades. After another, because a bot is programmed to automatically start the next series of trades after it closes out one series in profit, this is a fully customizable bot um.

The default strategy is already in place so that it can withstand a 60 drop in the market. We advise everyone to start on the default strategy and set it and forget it. So if you’re new to trading you do not have to worry about changing any of the parameters, all you have to do is allocate the amount you want for the coin and select the coin you want to trade with we have about.

We have 21 coins right now, you you can choose from and we will help you guys. Um get you get you set up on which coins the company will have back testing data available for each of the coins. So you can actually go through that and decide which coin you want to trade with? Okay, so for advanced users, this is fully customizable. You can change the parameters.

You can change the amount of the initial starting balance. You can change the take profit ratios. You can change the cover downs, so this is a fully customizable bot for advanced traders that are looking to do day trading looking to do swing trading um.

This is a dream, come true for you guys you can set the number of parameters of covers to take. You can change the number of martingale positions, there’s so much you can do with this, and you can come up with your own strategy and if it’s something that’s very profitable excuse me, you can add this to the platform with approval from the uh. The owners. Of course, and then, if somebody uses your strategy, you will get a piece of the profits, so this is a great way for advanced users, to experiment with the market and experiment with the parameters.

If you come up with a great strategy, that’s going to be profitable for everyone, then, of course it will be implemented and and used as an option that people can choose from so getting started is easy. All you have to do is set up. Your crypto exchange account, and this is done using either binancecom or coinbase pro.

Those are the two exchanges we’re going to be starting with upon launch and then within 30 days from then we will have hoibi and we will have kraken as well and we’re looking into ftx as another exchange. So when you set up your exchange account, then you attach the api from the bot to the exchange account. The bot can only trade for you, it can never touch your funds or it can never withdraw your funds from your exchange account. The bot takes a percentage of profits from your profitable trades, so if you’re starting off with a free account, the percentage is 30 of all profitable trades.

If you’re on a 250 package or the 995 package, the percentage is 20 of all profitable trades. So, for example, if you make a profitable trade, if the bot makes a profitable trade in your exchange, for let’s say you make a 10 profit, the bot will take 20 percent or 30 from your reserve wallet, which is the wallet that is in the blockbot platform. The bot cannot take your funds from your exchange account, so we allocate a certain number of funds within the bot platform and we recommend about 50 in there so that the bot can take its profits and the profits that are from the trading are going to be Dispersed into the compensation plan, which i will get into uh on the next few slides, so you set up your exchange account attach the api select the coins.

You want allocate the amount of funds that you want to use for that coin and then, let’s let the bot do its thing. It will sustain any drops on the market even up to 60 percent. So once we allocate – let’s say, for example, we allocate a thousand dollars for the coin. It doesn’t mean that the coin the bot’s going to use up all of those funds – it’s going to allocate 33 at a time – remember 33 percent of a thousand, and it’s going to allocate 33 dollars per trade.

And if the market drops it’s, it’s got more funds to use in order to make more trades and bring down the average price. That’s why we allocate a certain amount of funds for each coin, just in case that that the market drops most of the time uh. The bots going to use maybe three or four positions at the top, which will be like 33 uh, another 3266 dollars and 132. Those are all double down positions according to the martingale strategy, and then dollar cost average that price out.

So you have a 132 dollars in a particular position and the bot will close out 15 above that in profit and then add your funds back into your your account and you, as i mentioned on the on the compounding feature, your thousand dollars is going to continue To grow, and then it’ll continue to bot will take 33 percent of your total balance, so that sort of 33 dollars is going to be 34 or 35, as your account continues to grow. So all you have to do is let the bot do its trick. You just have to just monitor your asset balance, which is the balance where the bot takes its 20 or 30 profits.

Okay, so it’s 24 7 automated trading. There is a oneclick strategy, which is the default strategy created by muhammad ali in dubai, and he is the creator of this platform, and this strategy is is used to withstand even a 60 drop in the market. This is a set it and forget it strategy. It automatically compounds your earnings.

All you have to do. Is click on that button. That says, would you like to automatically compound just say yes, and it will do that for you, this is a fully customizable platform for advanced users uh. You can devise different strategies and play with a play around with the parameters, and this is perfect for large or small um accounts.

You can trade up to a million dollars. I’Ve seen that in different platforms, but this is going to be a very safe platform to trade, with the bot only trades for you through an api connection. It can never touch your funds in your exchange account and the only place where it takes its funds on the profitable trades is in that reserve wallet that you have set up in the bot itself and you can get started for free. So, let’s get into the compensation plan and show you guys how that works.

Let me start that in a second here. Okay, here is the easy bot compensation plan. This is going to be the temporary compensation plan where um you’ll be able to see the initial levels of compensation. That’s available.

There will be other pools, there will be other qualifications, so this is a twopage summary as to what has been set up for now and the package sales you’ll see on the top left. Here you have the free package, you have the advanced package, which is 250. These are annual fees and then there’s a vip package which is 995 on your your package sales. This is the compensation on your level, one anybody signing up on the 250 advance package.

You will receive forty percent. That is a hundred dollars on your vip package. On your level, one you’ll receive 40, which is 390 and on the second level, you’ll receive 10 compensation on the advanced package, that’s 25 and on the vip package that is uh 99. There is also a twotier matching bonus, so anyone um that signs up on your first level and let’s say they make ten thousand dollars.

You will receive an eight percent check match on that which is eight hundred dollars and on your second level, if someone makes ten thousand dollars, you will receive three percent of that which is three hundred dollars, and these are for the service fees. These are for the profits from the trading, so remember. I mentioned that the bot will take either 20 for the the paid packages or will take 30 for the free package. This is what we mean by the service fees.

Now there are 20 levels that can be opened up for you and you can qualify for and the way that works is that every single person that signs up directly on your link using a paid subscription using a 250 package or a 995 package, every single person That signs up directly on your link will open up two levels, so the map to maximize the whole 20 levels you need 10 people signed up directly on your link that will open up all 20 levels of compensation. However, there’s a great feature for this platform where the company will hold potential earnings for you, so if you’ve only opened up two levels and and and one of those uh persons on your direct opens up all 20 levels, you’re not qualified for all 20 levels. If you only have two people directly to you, so all of those earnings that you could have made had you open up, the levels will be held for you in escrow, so that, once you open up all the different uh levels for your for your compensation, the Funds will be added to your wallet, so you’re not going to be missing out on on your on the funds that you could earn.

All you have to do is continue to grow. Your teams. Direct links will open up two levels at a time.

Once you get to 10 people directly on your link signed up on a 250 or 995 package, you will, it will open up all 20 levels of compensation and you can see the levels of compensation here. So, on the first five levels, you’ll earn eight percent of the twenty percent or of the 30 that the bot takes for the service fees and from levels five to level 18. It will take one percent of the 20 that the bot takes that the one percent is a commission that you will receive and on the levels 19 and level 20 you’ll receive 05 percent of the 20 or 30 that the bot takes for the service fees. So this is a very lucrative plan.

Um, the company is doing everything in its power to make sure that um there is no breakage to the company. You your month, your funny, your your money is held in your escrow wallet and it’s just waiting for you. As you open up your levels. There is a great incentive called the founders pool.

This will be available upon launch and it’s only available to the first thousand people that participate in this type of structure here. So all you have to have is a total of 12 people below you signed up according to this structure here, so you need three people directly on your link and those three people have to be trading on at least the 250 or the 995 package, and those Three people have to have three people each below them, and they all have to be trading on the nine on the 250 or the 995 package, and every single person in this structure needs to have at least a 600 minimum in their exchange account for uh. The trading uh for the trading aspect of this uh platf of this compensation plan, your position itself, uh, you can start off and a free in a free position, sign up everybody and then once you feel like you’re ready to qualify, you can upgrade to the 995 Package and you must be on the 995 vip package in order to qualify for the founders club and if you have everything set up properly, you will earn one share of the 1000 shares available for the founders club, and this is going to be significant income, because What the company is going to be doing it’s going to set aside 5 of the total gross sales of the company and pay out all 1000 people from there. So you will see this grow continuously on a monthtomonth basis.

This is a lifetime pool for all all the all. The founders that qualify, and all you have to do is maintain the structure in order to continue to benefit from the earnings of the founders club pool. That’s it. For now there will be other pools added to the compensation plan and uh there will be other rank advancements.

All those will be uh put into a pdf form and we will update this as we go. Thanks for watching um, don’t forget, march 17th is a launch date. Get yourselves prepared, get your structure set up, as is as shown on this screen here, be a part of the 1000 members of the founders club.

Thank you.

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