Eazybot | Free vs Paid Account Difference

Are you tired of being scammed out of your money with easybot? That’s simply not possible. Here your money is safe and secure in your own account at all times, and the best part is it’s free to get started so do so in the link down below fill in an application. I’Ll get right back to you, the difference between a free account and a paid account in easybot. What’s the difference, let’s start with a free account as a free account.

EazybotΒ  Free vs Paid Account

You can trade with up to two coins on one exchange like, for instance, right now. At the time of making this video, we were able to trade on coinbase pro and binance. So what you would do you would tie the bots with an api, really simple copy and paste some case on on the exchange and put it into the bot and then you’re good to go. And then you can choose up to two coins that you wish to trade, with, keep in mind that your money will always be safe and secure in your own account.

At all times, all profit generated by trading with the bot will be generated inside your own account. As well so what you do is that you send a little bit of money to the easy bot website which it can deduct from. So here’s how it works in the back office of easybot.

They will see how much profit has been generated inside your own account and when this profit is generated here, they will then deduct a fee from the money that you have put inside the account because they have no access to your exchange. When it comes to touching your funds, it can only implement the trading strategy so for the free accounts, it’s 30 right, 30 percent fee of your profits. So, let’s give you a quick example: if you generate a 10 profit with inside your own exchange wallet, then 30 of that or three dollars will be deducted from the money that you sent to the easebot website.

This is what you can do with the free account on top of that you’re also able to build a team and earn when they are making money. So, as a free account on your first level, you will earn eight percent of the thirty percent that the bot charges. On top of that, you will also earn when someone upgrades. So if you’re a free account, you invite someone in to take a look at this opportunity.

They love it, they upgrade and if they upgrade to the advanced package and is on your first level, you will earn a hundred dollar commission. If they’re on your second level, you will earn 25. Now, if you bring someone in who is on the vip package and we’re gon na look at what exactly that entails, then you would earn on your first level a commission of 395 dollars almost 400 and on your second level you will earn 99. So this is really really really amazing.

You can start for free start marketing, sharing this with people earn when they make a profit or when they upgrade, and you didn’t have to put in a penny of your own money. It doesn’t get better than that now, as a paid member with a paid subscription of advanced, you are able to trade on two exchanges with up to 10 coins, so you have now of 10 coins to choose from that. You can trade with. On top of that, the fees that you have to pay is not 30, it is now 20.

Moreover, you will also get access to the marketing suite where you will have done for you, sales funnels available to you, making your life so much easier when it comes to marketing that, in and of itself, in my opinion, is worth the 250 dollars, it costs to Become a advanced member also if you’re tr, if you’re trading with a little bit of a larger capital, advanced package or even vip package, is almost a must, because you will earn that money back in no time by paying less fees. Now, on the vip package, you will have everything that you had on the free and advanced version, but you get access to trade with all the available coins on all the different exchanges and on top of that you’ll get vip. Support oneonone calls. So, if there’s anything that you need help with even for the free versions and the advanced version, i mean the help, the community, the support you get is amazing, but with vip it’s just next level.

I myself, i went in with a vip and i strongly suggest that you do it too lead from the front on top of that now, in the very early stages of the company, we have something called the founders club. This is an exclusive club for the first 1 000 people that qualifies. Then it’s gone forever.

Now this exclusive club they get to share five percent of the company revenue for the rest of its lifetime, and all you need to do to qualify is to purchase a vip package yourself then have free paid members under you that each have free paid members under Them now these paid members under you can either be vip or advanced, and they need to trade with a minimum of 600 dollars to qualify. So if you are watching this right now, we are still in the early stages. I would strongly suggest that you go in with the intention of joining founders club.

This will produce a passive income over and above what you’re already making with easybot for the lifetime of the company, which will be many many many years. Thank you for watching this video and i hope this clears out the difference between the free package and the paid subscription. So what if i i would do, if i would you every person’s circumstances are different.

If you just want to put your toe into the water, try it out start with a free package, see what kind of results you’re getting and or just market it with other people and but if you’re, really serious and really want to have this as a new Stream of income that can consistently provides your profits. I would definitely go for at least the advanced package, so you can have more coins to trade with giving you a better risk spread in your portfolio, but also pay less fees. So thank you for watching this video. My name is marcus, bye, bye,

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