Eazy Bot – EazyBot Pre-launch Only 1K Members Can Become A Founding Member – Learn How To Become One

The compensation plan is absolutely incredible: coach ken who is a master at compensation plans, has created an amazing platform for all of us to have a lucrative income. The main feature that we are going to be talking about today is the founders club, which is only open to 1 000 people, and we believe that in the first week this is going to be gobbled up so to be a part of the founders club. You need to have your position: um have three people below that, so people, three people signing directly with your link and then below those three.

EazyBot Founding Members

Each one has to have three people signed up as well, so a total of 12 people in your organization and your position has to be the vip package, which is 995, and you have to have a minimum of 600 trading in your exchange account and all the All the people on of the 12 that are below you, they each have to be on the minimum 250 package and they all have to be uh trading 600 in their exchange account with this structure, you be, you qualify for one of the 1000 shares in the Founders club, so significance of this is that as a founder, a member of the founders club, you will participate and you will earn on fi. There’s a five percent pool that uh the company’s gon na allocate for all the profits and you’ll you’ll be able to earn uh one share of that one thousand uh that you’re allocated in the founders pool. So this is the residual income for life. All you have to do is maintain that structure.

Once again, it’s your position at the 995 bot package and then three directly below you. That has to be at least the 250 package and then those three below you have to have three below them, and that qualifies you for the um founders club, the um and beyond that you, if you don’t, if you’re, not build beyond that, you’re still always going To be a part of the founders club, as long as that, that structure is maintained, so that’s very important, there’s also different uh ranking uh ranks that you’re going to be able to qualify for coach ken is um just revising the compensation plan slightly so that it’s More userfriendly for people that are leaders um we’re going to be able to build wide as well as build below that. But the main thing about this bot is that you do not have to build the team. The product itself is is, is amazing, so that uh, you can introduce this to people and they do not have to recruit.

They do not have to uh show this to anybody else. This is a a great investment vehicle. We are expecting 520 a month based on the default strategy. That’s it’s already built in.

So this is something that people can add to their portfolios. Um. Another feature is that you can sign up for free and you can build a team if you’d like and you do not have to trade. And then, while you build your team, you’re going to start earning uh into your account and then once you have enough um money in your account, you can actually use those funds to trade with.

So anyone can sign up for free and build an organization and then from the proceeds that you’re going to receive on the residual income uh, you can actually start trading and then upgrade your account. So this is great for everyone to sign up with and uh, join anywhere in the world uh we’re giving this opportunity so that we reach out to every single person in the world that has access um to the internet and access to exchange accounts. So you know oh there it is whose screen is that breezy perfect? You want to explain some of that breezy sure, of course, so um.

I think, honestly, it’s going to be more than uh it’s going to be more like 24 hours that it’s going to be gone, because people are lining themselves up to be able to participate and become part of the thousand founders. So, as it is explained here, the first thousand people who become the super affiliate um and it’s gon na be a three by three by three. So the first person well three by three, the you will recruit three people that have to have a novice package. So that is going to be the 250 and at least trading is 600 and then that those three people have to have three people each.

So a total of 12, and so the person who wants to become this uh founder is going to have to buy the vip 995. What peter said um you can start with the free and upgrade later, but i’m telling you right now it is going to be gone. I personally believe i would say even 12 hours but we’ll just say 24 um and they can’t be like fake accounts. Like you can’t um, say i’m gon na i’m gon na put my my myself three times and then have other people under you.

I’M pretty sure, with the flow that we’re seeing of how many people have already signed up for an account that they’re actually gon na, have the number of people to be able to do that. So it’s really going to become first come first serve so the second that the um bot is activated to actually start trading. We’re they’re gon na there’s gon na be a tally in the background where the developers will see who has had it first and it’s literally, going to be like within little by little that someone’s not going to be able to claim that thousands um that one of The thousand spots, but this is what it looks like and um yeah and and if you do get your um directs as a founder you’ll, get an extra share in into that thousand people pool. Thank you because for a second i was like what what am i looking at, but yes, yeah.

So, for example, the the middle person there um they’ve they’ve got the same structure as you and as long as the package is 995 for that person you will. They will qualify for a share in the founders club and you will get an extra share so so get your directs to get that founders, club, uh shared and then you’ll get an extra one for each one of those which is peter. It’s coach: hey coach, come on in hey um, the corporate made a decision today that they wanted only one share per person so that that second tier has been eliminated.

Okay, okay, good to know so it’s just a three by three okay, so i think that’s better! I think that gives us more people in the founders club, which is a better better situation for all of us. That’s what they wanted to do and so and you want to just uh you know, have it set up so that more people could come in and everybody would get one share because it’s going to be very lucrative as we grow that that’s going to be that In all likelihood to be able to retire those thousand people, amazing, amazing coach, and what uh, what other uh changes are making or are we close to finalizing the comp plan? Um yeah, we uh, we are close, i think it’s uh. Did you guys go over the changes at all? No okay yeah? We are um gon na make it easier for everybody, the three by three and uh five by three.

We are going to eliminate that we had a uh comp plan consultant talk to us and he recommended actually what i first started out with. It was uh almost mirrored what i uh what i was recommending at the very very beginning and uh, but it’s gon na be very, very simple: all you have to do is bring in one person and each additional person that you bring in will open up. Two more levels, so you bring in 10 people and all 20 levels are opened up to you.

What the comp plan expert said was building out the um three by three and a five by three was actually a lot more difficult than um. Then most people realized. He said it looks great on paper, but it’s a lot more difficult to build out an organization that way so we wanted to keep it as easy as possible when he made that suggestion. I i understood what he was saying, but i didn’t understand it to the level he he knew about it and so um he’s he.

He talked to me about a couple of other companies that were doing something very similar in a unit level, and he said he just uh: they they got stuck. You bottlenecked everybody, so we wanted to make sure that everything that we do is as simple as possible. This change just came about, while we were over there um somebody reached out to me in the group that um is a big big builder who’s, actually one of the national directors.

He had this other guy on the phone that he wanted me to speak with, and that’s how that came about so um. I thank god that we we made this decision before we open because we’re not open, and so we can make changes like this once we’re open um, i don’t think there’s going to be any changes other than making it better so awesome, so ken so you’re saying That once you sign up somebody direct to you, it’s going to open up two levels of of compensation. So the person that’s right. The first person will just you’ll get paid on that person and um the uh you’ll get paid the um check match.

So. But if you open up, if you bring a second person in that’ll, open up the first two levels, then a third person will open up. No, no! No! I think you are right um. I have to go over that with muhammad, but i think he said um.

You know you bring in your second person and it basically what it is, though, and i’ll look at it again, but for every person you bring in it opens up two levels, but i think he said in order to open up the second level. You have to bring your second person in okay and, when you say bring in a person, that’s because it might have been how i had uh talked to muhammad about it was for every person you bring in. It opens up two levels: right opens up all 20 and these people have to be on a uh on a paid package correct. Yes, they all have to be paid to open up those levels.

They do have to be either novice or vip. Okay got it, which i don’t think that’s going to be an issue at all, um, it’s it’s. We want to open this up for everybody, and so we offered a free bot and it’s a fully functional free bot uh.

But you can only trade two coins with the freebird, so the the paid version you can open up the the uh. What these names might change by the opening, but the novice version is um. 250. You get to trade 10 coins on two separate exchanges, which gives an individual a lot more freedom.

It’s it’s actually um like having 20 bots, because you’ve got two exchanges and 10 coins that you can you. So it’s it’s really uh a powerful version um and then the vip all of the coins and five exchanges. So once a person starts to become more familiar with this space and they want to uh venture out into maybe diversifying with more exchanges.

They’Ll have all of that with the vip. Oh awesome and the vip will get concierge customer service for sign up and also um they’ll, be uh. They’Ll have front of the line.

Privileges for all support calls that um are being done in the different countries that we’re going to be doing. Support calls in amazing so exciting ken ken i mean i mean everybody i talked to is really excited about getting started and getting their teams ready. So these that’s! Why we’re doing these calls to get you guys more informed? And you heard it from coach ken um changes are being made so that it’s better for all of us um as we as we get ready for the launch.

If you have any questions dynasty builder, you want to come in. Can you tell us your name as well? Yes, sir michael southwood, thank you um. What i want to say, obviously, is, as coach just said, everybody realize the main thing is my opinion.

Most importantly, the trading works. This is the beginning of the company they’re, going to have some hiccups, we’re going to all work through that part together, but realize where you sit right now we’re here two three weeks before this even goes live so take advantage of this. Get you know, press the issue, i’m sure as we grow the company there’s gon na be other pools and everything, but everybody here right now make sure you get the founders pool so you’re not saying i wish i had done that you’re here early enough. It’s 12 people make thanks.


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