Eazybot Founders Club Short Overview| Become A Founder Share In 5% Of The Company Revenue Monthly!😎πŸ”₯

Hey my friends, welcome to this easybot founders club presentation, where i’m going to share with you everything you need to know to ensure that you lock in and secure your spot in this exclusive pool by the end of this video you’re, going to understand what it is. Why it’s so lucrative long term, the qualification criteria and you’ll be given an action plan of what to focus on right now how to efficiently use your time to ensure that you lock in your spot. So let’s waste no time and dive right in.


So what exactly is the founders club and why is it so lucrative for you long term to secure a spot? Well, the company easybot is allocating five percent of their top line. Revenue total gross revenue into a revenue pool for the lifetime of the company. Now, if you understand the nature of the products that we have here, this is going to be incredibly powerful to generate perpetual passive income for many years to come all around the world.

Tens of thousands and eventually millions of easy bots will be scanning the marketplace. 24. 7, getting in and out of profitable trades robots that never get tired are never late for work, never get greedy and never get fearful.

Every time they close a profitable trade, a 20 service fee is paid out to the company. Five percent of that is going to go into this revenue pool and because of the power of compounding that is going to grow over time, whether it’s a thousand dollar trading account or someone has a million dollar trading account. This is elastic and it has the potential to expand over time.

This revenue pool a person can get started with the free version of the software. They can utilize the advanced version for 250 a year or they can go all the way to the vip version, which is a 995 annual license. Either way the revenue pool is going to be fed five percent of the 250, which is about 1250 and every vip customer.

Just shy of 50 is going to go into this revenue pool from every single member. That’s upgrading all around the world. Now one of the most powerful things about the founders club is that the amount of people that can qualify is finite. It is capped at the first 1 000 people who meet the qualification criteria that we’ll dive into here in just a moment because of this it means the pool is not going to become diluted.

In fact, it’s going to become concentrated because, as the user base of easy bots grow, people’s trading accounts are going to be compounding my friend and that’s exponential growth for the money that their money is earning is earning them more money and that effect compounding on itself. Over time is going to exponentially increase the amount of funds that are in that pool and you will only ever be sharing it with 999 other people. So this is longterm, passive residual income that will continue to come in and continue to increase on a daily basis. So how do you qualify for the founders club? There are three criteria that must be met.

The first one is that you must personally refer three active bot users who each refer three active users. I encourage you to go as wide as you can in the time that is available to you, because you’re going to statistically increase your chances of finding three people who are ready to run with you. And the other reason is that every additional active member that you directly refer, who brings in three bot users, is going to give you an additional share in the founders club pool, which is incredibly powerful. The next criteria is that you yourself must be a vip user.

You have to have skin in the game and you have to lead by example. People do what you do and not what you say. So, if you want other people to be vip, you must go vip.

Also, each active user in this structure must have a paid version of the software. It doesn’t matter if it’s the advanced for 250 a year or the vip for 995, as long as they have a paid version of the software you’re good to go, and the last requirement to qualify is that everybody in this structure is using the minimum recommended amount Of 600 usdt trading capital, with their active bot, license the 600 usdt. Is the minimum recommended amount for easybots to perform optimally and handle up to a 70 market crash, and you should be encouraging your referrals and your team to use more than the minimum of 600 in trading capital so that they can diversify across multiple coins. But the other reason that this was a requirement is so that people genuinely earn their way into this founders club.

We don’t want people creating multiple positions under themselves, simply to qualify and get a share. There is no shortage of people in the world that need what we have to offer. So do it the right way, my friend, if you’re still with me, i’m sure you see the value in locking in and securing your spot in this lucrative revenue pool. So what should you be focused on right now to make sure that happens? Let’s discuss a game plan.

Eazybot Founders Club

These positions are going to go fast when the door opens at the time of recording this video right now. There’s just over 9000 people registered people are lining up their generals to make sure they lock in their spots. So treat this like a mission, my friend, the first thing to focus on is helping three of your direct referrals, people that see the vision and are ready to run with you, helping them secure and lock in their own founders club position by doing that, you’re going To naturally by default ensure your own spot in the founders club. The second step is to be prepared.

This is going to go fast, so prepare a minimum of 600 usdt, plus your vip membership of 995, and the third step is to share this video with your personal referrals. Some of them may be in wait and see more sitting on the fence. This video may be the nudge they need to get them off the fence and into action that will create the duplication you need to help. Others achieve founders club in your organization and by default, as a byproduct of that you’re, going to lock in and secure your own spot i’ll see you on the inside of the founders club, my friend, to your success.

Bye for now.

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