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Because i want to move on and talk about, um something that a lot of that is important to a lot of you, especially if you are sharing easy, but the opportunity, the product with uh with others guys you. Hopefully, you know from the time that you’ve spent with us so far we are a product first company, which means that we’re going to spend the majority of our time talking about the product, how it works, why it works, how to take advantage of it, use it And utilize it and we’re going to spend a little bit of time, reminding you that we have the most amazing affiliate referral rewards program on the planet as a amazing compliment to accelerate your earnings using easybot. And so, if you are taking advantage of that. Acceleration of that opportunity to share easybot with others uh we’re we’ve been talking about a marketing tool, a marketing platform that will be available to you to help you to do that again, to make it easy to share the story and so want to want to share That we are just days away from being able to uh release that, for you guys we’re doing some final testing uh, there’s two major integrations that have to happen to bring that together, uh one of those is underway.

Eazybot Update

As we speak, the the bigger of those two integrations we’ve been testing it over the last week or so happy with those results, and so we’re going to finalize that integration over the next day and then the latter integration with the marketing platform itself comes in right. Behind it, and so once that’s done and we’ve completed testing, which should take us no more than a few days, then we are excited to say that we are just around the corner from releasing the marketing platform. Now, for those of you who might be new or may maybe not have been paying as much attention to marketing or sharing easybot, maybe you don’t consider yourself a marketer.

Well, here’s why this is there’s a couple of reasons why this is important for you to to pay attention to number one. This is a. We call it a marketing platform, but it’s really a a business tool and it’s going to be useful for you for a couple of different things.

One. It will be a place where we will house all of our training and recorded calls so for, for example, right now, you’re recording this call and inevitably somebody’s wondering where in the world do i find this recording. Well, of course, if you go into telegram and you find follow our uh, you find that pinned post, that’s a little bit cumbersome.

So when you have the marketing app, it’s a mobile app that downloads right into your into your phone. That means you can keep easybot close by. That means that all of these recorded calls that have important information.

Maybe you weren’t able to make a call or you weren’t able to stay through an entire call to be able to get back to it very quickly. You’Ll! Be able to do that through this platform, you’ll be able to access different trainings that we’re developing just for you, whether you’re, using the platform for the benefit of trading, cryptocurrency or you’re, using it to share with others or both uh it’ll, be a place where you’ll Find trainings as well, so we love to do the trainings here on live calls, but we know a lot of you. Guys would like to be able to sit and spend time really understanding and dissecting that information.

Eazy Bot Marketing Funnel

So it’s going to be a powerful tool for you from a training and access to information standpoint. Also, speaking of access to information we have, we will also have the ability to send push notifications through this application. So again it’s a mobile first experience. It’s designed to be a you know, an app that you download the desktop experience has some limitations that you that that the mobile really shines in so we’re going to encourage everybody, whether you’re, sharing easybot or not, download this application.

When it’s released, that’s coming here around the corner very shortly download the application. So you get push notifications when there are important announcements. Phone calls.

Trainings special community calls like what we’re doing on friday. You’Ll get a push notification you’ll be able to join the call right from that notification, especially if you’re a business builder. You definitely want to make sure that you’ve got the app and then you’ve got your team members in the application as well.

Now, if you are sharing this with others, there’s some particular benefits that you’ll want to take advantage of, and that is these marketing funnels that we’ve designed for you. So a marketing funnel is really a very kind of fancy way of saying we’re going to give you a way of telling introducing people to easybot capturing their name and email and in some instances their phone number. If they share it with you and then being able to turn around and share more and more information with them over time, what we know from from successful marketers is that it takes multiple exposures to most people before they make a decision.

You’Ve got to hear it see it more than one time so. Obviously, easy bots got a very low barrier to entry because you can get started for free, but some people because they’re busy you’re not paying attention or you don’t just. Maybe they just didn’t, get it or whatever 100 different reasons why a person might not take action immediately, so you’ve shared easybot with them you’ve taken advantage of this this funnel this landing page, that’s been professionally designed for you i’ll give you a sneak peek at one Of them here in just a moment, so you you’ve used that to pique their interest and give them a little bit of information. Maybe they went all the way through and they watched the complete presentation and they still hadn’t made a decision.

A large percentage of your folks will be that way, they’ll see the information and they won’t necessarily take action right away. Well, the power of this funnel system is that it continues the interaction it continues to follow them through an email series. We’Ll add text message, series series as well and so, while you’re off doing something else, maybe prospecting with other folks or just going about life.

The system is working in the background for you sending out additional touches and introducing them to new aspects of easybot and really really helping nurture the interest in the relationship on your behalf. So that’s an incredibly powerful tool when that person responds when your prospects respond to an email and they finally decide. You know they’ve seen it they’ve seen enough. They’Ve got to try it for themselves.

They click that link from the email. It’s going to create an account for them in easybot that you get credit for when that happens, you’ll see that notification uh directly in your marketing app platform uh, so we’re very, very, very excited about it. Let me pivot here real quick and just give you guys.

Let me take in and give you a sneak peek of what one of those funnels will look like all right. So hopefully you guys can see my screen here. So this is just an example of what this might look like. I’M going to actually take you and give it to you in mobile, so this was what it might look like in mobile.

We know that about 75 78 of our users are going to access easybot through mobile, so we’ve designed this to be mobile first. This is just giving you a good idea of how professional you’ll be able to present the story of easybot to your prospects beautifully done so guys just gets better and better and better and better and better and better. This is the beauty of being a part of the launch of easybot uh.

It only gets better from here. So with that being said, uh founders club. I just want a quick reminder that we are closing up prequalification for founders club we’ve got seven days remaining as we go into june.

We we’ve got kucoin launch, which means that everybody now has access to create an account and start trading. So we will start publishing results of founders club of those who are fully qualified uh, based on the couple of the three different criteria. One is that you have three people that you’ve personally enrolled that have upgraded to either advanced or vip package and are trading with at least 600.

The second criteria is that those three people have introduced at least three people themselves that have done the same, advanced or vip package upgrades and are trading with a minimum of six hundred dollars. At that point, you now have a total in your organization of 12 people. You have three on your first leg and on your first level and nine on your next level. This is not a huge organization and you personally have upgraded yourself to either advanced excuse me.

You personally have upgraded yourself to vip, so once you’ve accomplished those three things and you are also trading by the way, a minimum of 600 once you’ve accomplished those things. If you, if you’re one of the first 1 000 people to do so, you were securing permanently securing a spot in founders, club and founders club is a pool that represents five percent of all the revenue that is generated by easybot from package sales of subscription upgrades To the software service fees, all the revenue that’s generated by easybot from those two from those two avenues. Uh is shared.

Founder Members Good News | Easybot Trading

Five percent of that is shared in his pool and you get to share that amongst maximum of a thousand people and what muhammad just announced not too long ago last week, in fact, was that even if we don’t hit the thousand at the end of june uh, We will start making payouts in july and sharing that five percent amongst whoever is qualified in that pool. So right now we still have a few hundred spots uh. We have quite a bit of quite a bit of space left for founders club, we’ll start publishing those numbers, as we get into the first week of june uh, but guys it’s.

This is the time to really really really pay attention to that it is. My coach has said it a number of times i think founders club on its own. It can represent retirement income for you, this is just the beginning. We’re a company! That’s three months old.

We’Ve shown you proof of concept the pro the product works. What’s the hardest part, does the product work the product works? It makes money passively while you’re off doing your own thing. I don’t know anybody that isn’t interested in finding something that is consistent, safe. The money never leaves your custody you’re, always in custody of your own.

Your own funds and there’s so many different places in crypto, where they’re just people are taking a beating, they’re, getting beat up by scams and and and all kinds of you know, games and programs that just oftentimes don’t work so guys. We we we’ve crossed a lot of a lot of bridges here in the last couple of months to get to a place where uh we’ve got amazing proof of concept. We’Ve seen easy about work in the toughest of conditions. We’Ve got a marketing platform, that’s going to make it easy for you to share.

We’Ve got exchanges coming online that gives access to people all around the world, so you can build and share this with just about anybody guys we’re excited. This is a great time. Pay attention to founders club and the opportunity it represents. It’s not a lot of effort, but there is uh out way.

Outsized rewards for taking the little bit of effort that it takes help. Other people get introduced and help them introduce it to others. It’Ll pay,

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