Eazybot || How The Pros adjust their perimeters || How Beginners just used Default Settings & Earn

I i want to start this by uh going into the bots now, but i want to start this with a little anecdote. There’s a saying. You’Ve often heard that you can’t pick your families and um, but having been in other bots and having had the pleasure to meet people coming into easybot, one of which has been in over eight different plots. One of the great things i i just want to point out is you can pick your family with easybot and it truly is a family and for those of you who are new to easybot who’ve, never been in another bought and had to experience the challenges which This company has remedied, you don’t know how lucky you are, but in time i know you will appreciate how lucky you are so with that.


This is the bot screen and we get here off the main menu just by going to bot management and box. It is very easy to set up a bot, i’m just going to run you through it one of the things today. The developers have added a whole bunch of cool new features which they continue to do.

We’Ll show you those so there’s a button for adding a new one and literally takes seconds to do a bot, so let’s say we’re going to trade. I usually name the coin after what i’m trading, if i’m doing any type of uh customization i’ll, might call it. I don’t know some number three or something that way i can identify. What it is i’m doing with the bot exchange is finance, but i will be on coinbase, okay, so use the coins.

Here is the list, so i go and choose link. I suggest it is time, well spent uh learning about these coins, looking at the chart um either on coin gecko or coin market and seeing what news is coming up and you can see in real time what kind of volatility there is. I like link i’ve traded before most of everything else here is, is default. If you want to go single, you can change that um the balance.

Well, it defaults at a thousand, but we’ll go 600, and this will change it to 33 percent. So if we click here so the initial trade is going to be 20 roughly this information here, this analytics they’ve just added and we’ll show this on a trading coin, but it actually shows you how much b and b you have, and these two things here auto Compounding and initiate immediately they’re on default, and we look here, i’m just going to unclick this because it’s easier so i’m turning off the uh off the auto compounding i’ll leave that on so right here is the um. If you want to see what the bot does, it shows you if it goes down two percent, it buys one. Roughly 20 goes down, five percent it’ll buy another two which is 40 goes down.

Eight percent buys another four which is 80 and so the bots really loading up as it goes down, which is nice because it just takes a little bump and we’ll show you this in real life and then, after that, it minus one minus 11. It just goes down until 35 levels and that’s what protects you if there is a big slide in the market. So that’s how easy it is.

You click save and created another bot, again they’ve added some stuff here. So i’m going to go into avi this one. Let’s see what we, what we’re seeing there, because this is new to me as well, what are we seeing on the front of the of the bot uh? They, they added um, some more information yeah.

Let’s take a look at that first and then we’ll go into the other they’ve added a lot of stuff in the last few hours, so one of the things they’re showing they’re, showing the price in real time and they’re, showing if it’s up or down okay. So you know what do we know? We know um, for instance, luna is up three point, two, two percent, so we know that’s probably going to uh sell or buy again. I think that’s the.

I think. That’s the um, the percentage change of the coin within 24 hours. I think they were going to remove that, but i will i will clarify with with muhammad on that one that percentage display yeah they they do show this in the next screen.

Okay, so, but you know that’s kind of helpful because it you know it gives me a feeling where the market is and it’s in the next screen anyway. So before you’d say: okay, i wonder if the price is up or down, then i don’t have to go. You know into another program to see what it’s doing, which you know most most of what i do is set it and forget it. So we’re just going into the settings here: okay, we’re seeing some new um new visual displays here.

What are you seeing there? Martin? Okay, so it says assigned balance, so this shows all my total because they all share in the usdt. So what this tells some of my bots have really uh are really active, so the eight bots i’m running at 6350 and the total usd is showing 6303 available. Obvi, i i don’t know this, i, the good thing is, it shows.

Bnb is turned on, so i’m using bmb for trading on binance, and it shows me how much bnb. So this is very helpful because you want to make sure there’s enough bmv. So you get your 75 percent discount in uh in uh finance, excellent. I think i i i think, muhammad’s going to also add another line in there, where it’s going to show your balance that you started with, which is 700 plus your profits together, so that we can see the auto company.

So if it’s at 700 – and you made five dollars on this particular point – there’s gon na be another section under there. That’s gon na say 705 accumulated so that you’ll know that the bot is going to take 33 of the 705 to do the next series of trades. So i did talk to muhammad about adding a feature like that and that’s that’s very, very important, because what some people will do – and this has been our experience with the passport as well as this one – is of a bots doing good. You know intuitively, what you want to do is reward it and add extra money, and so, and so, if, if they contract, you know what percent you’re up, that’s absolutely great uh.

What i’m going to do, i’m going to show you the plot at work um. This is a trade that happened between the 30th and the 31st and what happened it started off with avi at 23960 and then it just dropped, dropped, dropped off all the way down to 2005, which is not unusual for any of these coins. But you can see, there’s five triggers where it went in and bought five different times. The first time it bought one second time had bought two lots, then four lots again, so it bought nine different lots.

So as it’s going down and one of the common questions i get is, let me think, let me talk about make money when the bot is going down when the the cryptocurrency is going down in value, because most people think you’re short selling or there’s some leverage Or there’s some magic, but this is the magic of this algorithm. You can see it, it bought five times and it bought four six nine different lots, but then from 205 it bounced up to 214 and it started it sold the fifth and the fourth right here and uh for a profit of 45 cents and 51 cents, and Then it went up another seven dollars sold out the rest. So in this series uh the profit is 373, almost four dollars and if i go and look at a lot of my other trades here, there’s just a simple: buy: sell for 16 cents, there’s 152. There’s 39 cents etc, and you can see lots and lots of trades.

One other thing i want to point out is you have to have some patience? You know you can see. Most of these were bought the same time except i bought doge 24 hours ago um, but look at the difference. You know this obvi is up 11 but etc, which was bought almost at the same time is only 36 cents, so it helps to have more than one coin, just to kind of smooth out the bumps and diversify.

You know they’re all going to trade. It’s just you never know when, if you’re hitting it on what the market’s going to do so, don’t get discouraged. If you come in and your coins not doing much, this one’s been going sideways, uh, etc has always been a great performer because it bounces around a lot. It’Ll do but just don’t get discouraged and think, oh, you know the coin’s not trading.

This isn’t very good and if you’re really impatient they’re, not nothing stops you from uh stopping it and doing another one they all you do is hit. The garbage can right here and then delete the coin. The money goes back into your usdt and you can start again actually um. Once you delete the buyer, you have to manually move the coin, that’s in trade and back into usdt, so you have to go into your binance or coinbase account and move the coin back to the usdt balance and then start another bot.

So yeah yeah do that. But the best the best strategy to close out a bot is to change from um cycle strategy to single strategy so that the bot will close and profit and once it closes in profit, then you can delete the the bot and then um move the point over Or the coin’s already moved over, so it won’t start again until you reminisce the next point or initiate that same point, yeah go ahead. Martin, okay! Is there any questions at this point um for me, nope, it looks like the the red x’s has been fixed.

I don’t see any x’s here and since you’ve started like i think they reset the server about an hour and a half ago, or so i’ve seen the comment that it looks like it’s good. Hopefully, this will fix all those red x boxes and we should be trading smoothly from here on in uh martin. Did you uh uh change? One of the customization features on probably one of your one of the things in the previous spot.

We got stalled out, which is a problem of all the other bots which easybot is fixed and so muhammad tinkered with the formula. I had some people in my downline who understood it and they got us going again but don’t be intimidated. Um right here i have two doge and i started these within minutes of each other and doge is one of the people who’s on milwaukee’s team uh.

He trades crypto and he says you got to trade a meme coin, because you got really good swings. They can’t make up their mind. It’s kind of like my cat or you’re, going in you’re, going out you’re going and you’re going up, you’re going up, you’re going down right, and so i started these both within minutes this one’s up 487 less than 24 hours, this one’s up, 40 percent more and What i did on this was a very simple thing which was recommended to me by a professional trader.

Let me go into the settings and 80 of my portfolio. I just keep it on the default, but if i know something, um is really jumping around a lot. What i did with this one very simple is the first three i doubled, so instead of picking up two lots, one lot if it goes down two percent i’d pick up two at five percent.

Instead of two it’s four and at eight percent, it um instead of four, it’s eight instead of one one, one one one. I went two two, two, two two. So what i’ve done is that if this thing takes a dip and bounces back, it’s going to perform better and in 24 hours and this you don’t know what it’s going to do of course, and i’ll show you what the actual trains look like is um. Here’s an example where it only went down two percent, but what it did is instead of buying one lot, it bought two lots, so it it kind of doubled down and and um peter will know this from playing poker and 21 is.

If you get aces, you can double down right anyway, so i double down and this trade was six dollars and 14 cents, because just on this little dip that did it so that’s kind of the strategy. Now, of course, if the coin goes and runs, it’s not going to take advantage of that, and i can switch this. You know if all of a sudden we go from this choppy a little bit bearish market – i just go in here and i can just very easily. You know right now, oops i don’t want 11 times.

I just go back to the default and so martin. What martin showing is a way of customizing uh? This is for advanced users for the most part 98 of the people on our platform. We’re gon na stick to the oneclick strategy, which is going to work for us based on back testing we’ve seen five to twenty percent per month, and the reason why martin has two dogecoin bots is because we’re able to trade the same coin if we’d like and We’D set aside a certain response for dogecoin: let’s say you have 1200 in your exchange. You could trade dogecoin uh with 600 and then you could trade another bot with dogecoin with the other 600 on a different strategy if you’d like so that’s what martin’s done is kept one dogecoin at a oneclick strategy, which is the default strategy and the other dude Which point he’s decided to be a little more aggressive and change the settings just to see how, anyway, it’s kind of a challenge to you know see if i can beat the house and the house is conservative and it’s not a matter of beating them.

I just want to take advantage of the behavior of this coin that it tends to do a lot of dipping and rebounding quickly. It seems when it takes a dip. The buyer, yes and a few others still but don’t be until my point is don’t be intimidated.

I don’t think of myself as an advanced person. You know sorry about that. The last connection – there sorry yeah, sorry, martin, as you were saying yeah, i don’t think of myself as an advanced trader, but what i have done is because we have such a culture of sharing within easy bot um. I was able to go to two people that understand this and they i basically said this is what i want to do and they helped tweak it for me.

So i can’t take all the credit for this. I knew what i wanted to accomplish. They helped me to accomplish, and that’s the great thing about this community. That’s amazing! You know that that makes a lot of sense because we are all learning from each other and that’s important and martin and doris have a group where on saturdays, i believe they have.

This zoom call and people can participate in uh experimenting with the parameters. Can you just go into the ave example where you had that big series of trades? I want to show people how our one click strategy is working here and martin showed the example of a, and you can see that it goes from night to day in terms of the visualization they’re going to fix that. But all they had a big series of trades here here.

It is right here and what you’re seeing here, if you can zoom in breaking up a little here, can you see that yeah we can see it? I just think he’s frozen okay, but what he’s trying to say is all the covers that it took and the times and peter come on in okay, i’m back sorry about that. It’s really bad internet! Hopefully i’ll say it fast enough. Okay! So what you’re seeing here is a the bot at its best.

It’s taking the first three covers and the initial purchase price and use the dollar cost average. But beyond that, there are independent positions and martin showed those independent positions, we’re making profits and we’re taking profits. At the lower price points, even though the coin has gone down, those independent positions, those profits at those lower price points – are used to offset some of the dollar cost average price, and that’s how the bot works. Those independent positions there are about another 20 levels of independent positions that we can take.

Profits from half of those profits are used to bring the dollar cost average price slowly down and that’s how we’re able to get out of a downtrending market and make profits and the other half of the profits are put into your usdt balance. So one of the questions was: how do you make profits on a downtrending market? This is how our coin does it. You see how our coin has used about 10 trades here and dollar cost average stayed at the top, but the lower price positions um are independent positions and we’re taking a little profits there, and also bringing that price down, which is dollar cost average price and then Eventually, the bots closing out and that’s exactly what happened here. This is a prime example of how our bot works did.

I did i get through with with my uh, and i just i just want to add to something about this. What we’re looking at here, i haven’t seen a bot that gives you that kind of breakdown and transparency of what’s happening in your account, and this is a very powerful analytical tool, because when i saw this immediately, i set up another ave bot with the same type Of double down features and, of course you can’t go back in time, but if i would have been running the same strategy, i’m doing on my custom dojin custom obvi. Instead of making 373 on this trade, it would have been closer to 10.

Eazybot Default Settings

Having said that, you know this is kind of like predicting the weather. You know you just got to be hopeful that every once in a while, it’s going to take a down, but the other thing about a custom bot is once you get comfortable. You can change it day to day hour by hour to the market.

Absolutely great point there, but this is a great example, if you guys just want to analyze. This look at the last two independent covers that were sold, covers, sell, independent cover cover four sell. Independent cover cover five. Those are the reasons that we’re able to come out of trades because half of those cells are used to bring down the top four positions.

Slowly but surely it’ll come down and then the bot closes at a lower price point and the whole series of trades closes out and then the next series starts. This is a perfect example of how the strategy works, and this is set up. Forget it yeah go ahead and and then you can see it because when pro traders see this, it’s it’s really quite exciting because everything’s broken down for them. Absolutely they get really excited for a trader.

This is trading porn. Just so, you know right, okay, so this is. This is a strategy that works, because we muhammad was able to customize the independent positions so that it would offset the dollar cost average position.

That’s the key. That is the key for the strategy bringing down that dollar cost average price lower and lower, so that the coin does not have to go as high in order to close out of profit and when it closes out in profit. It closes up all the trades that we have in this series and then that’s what it does.

We start the next series after that, and it starts over perfect example. I love seeing this one. I i want to make a video on this just to show how well our bot performs, and you don’t have to even do anything. The bot is doing this for us we’re sleeping and it’s doing all the training for us and that’s exciting and uh set it up.

Forget it. Yes, and just by example, the next trade was just a simple, buy, sell. Next trade went down another minus two: nice trade, 258, another buy, sell, another buy sale, another by cell and then here it went down another two times: another cell and right now it’s sitting down minus two, the market’s down. One point eight one, almost two percent in the last 24 hours we know when it goes down to 5.

It’s going to buy again if it come, goes back up, it’s going to sell. So there’s a lot of transparency and it’s very easy to read: read understand where your account is and what it’s doing and it’s all mathematical logic. There is no indicators involved, it’s just mathematics and that’s what our our platform’s about, and this is the meat of our of our platform. This has to work as it’s programmed and it does work as program and that’s what makes our platform unique and, of course, we have our a great community.

That’s going to come together, helping each other with different ideas. And if you are a day trader and you have different strategies, you can play around with your parameters, but of course you play at your own risk and if you are deviating from the oneclick strategy, then you are trading at your own risk in terms of um. Switching the parameters around, but a great example martin, thank you for showing this.

I think we need to keep this one in our archives. This is a perfect example of our bot working wall. Friends. This is an amazing opportunity i have ever seen.

We are at the forefront right now it would be best if you got in now before the snowball effects happens. We have left our sign up link in the description box below and instructions to get. You started immediately.

We would like you to be part of our team and we’ll work with you closely as needed. We will provide you training and marketing materials to maximize your success, thanks for taking a time out to watch this video presentation, we look forward to working with you thanks. You

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