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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. So today, i’m just gon na be uh. Reviewing the dashboard a bit just gon na show you guys um where to go, what to check out and what to look for in the next 12 coming days and weeks.

You know in terms of updates and so on, all right, so so this is the dashboard. If you haven’t signed up yet, then obviously you know what no won’t know what it looks like. So i suggest sign up and check it out. Um, the the easy bot is free, guys so um, it’s, let’s see getting a cash printing machine for free.

Eazy Bot Dashboard

Just keep that in mind all right so um. Obviously, if you click on dashboard, you’ll see this screen. If you want to see like the people that you sign up again, i’m just going to quickly make the point of you: don’t need to sign people up to make money with this with this platform right with the spot, because it’s going to trade for you, regardless Of if you sign up a million people, if you sign up zero people right, it’s gon na it’s gon na trade for you anyway, they just they just have. They do have an affiliate program, though, for people who want to build a team right, which i think is nice.

I think it’s great. I love it. I love meeting new people.

I like seeing other people succeed. That’s just me, you know everyone’s different, but anyways, guys again, you don’t have to recruit people with this, because it’s a trading water will trade for you in your own crypto exchange, so yeah anyways. So if i click on my organization right, okay, obviously this is where you can get your link. So if i click on my referral link, as you can see it copied top right of the screen, your referral link has been copied.

You can just paste it to ever. You know is interested right, um, whoever you want to get on your team, my organization, if i click on there, okay, so this is, as you can see, this is the affiliate program. Is 20 levels deep um, so you can, as you can see, i have 12 people on my direct line so far, uh shout out to all my team members guys we’re going to go all the way to the top and see you guys on my second level. Right so you’re probably wondering okay well the levels i do explain in a different video with the compensation plan, so levels are just there to well well, the levels work with affiliate program is in short, is you you get a little bit of um like a percentage Commission from your sign up, sign up sign up so level.

One is, is your direct sign ups and the rest are what your team sign up and it goes all the way down to 220 so 920 levels. So i’m not going to go into too much detail about that in this video. I just want to show you where to find everything ranks uh.

You can click there. Okay, that’s not available yet, but looks of it. Well, i don’t have a rank yet, but now because none of my team members have started trading it because the body isn’t available yet to everyone. You know, like i said so, it will be available on the 31st of march upgrade subscription.

Let’s click on that. All right guys, so, as you can see, this is just like, like i mentioned in all my other videos, you don’t need to have these packages right when you’re starting out the free bot is more than sufficient um, but everyone gets the same trading bot and it Will trade for you guys there’s no discrimination here between the three members and and the paid members right? So just keep that in mind. The paid members do get a few more benefits, but you know again.

You don’t need that if, if you want to buy a package, but you don’t want to take the money out of your own pocket, obviously what i would suggest is once you’ve made a lot of profits with the bot. Then you can consider it and you can consider getting one of these packages if you want, if you want the added benefits that it brings all right, but it’s really not necessary to have it when you’re, starting out or just in in general, really um. You know, but it would be nice to have it again. Let’s just um, it’s a nice thing to have uh upgrade subscription.

Let’s go to my wallet, okay, so obviously the only money that you’re gon na send to this wallet guys remember that, firstly, the trading the money that you are trading with right, that the body is trading with that is that money is in your binance wallet or Your coinbase pro wallet at the moment they’ll add more exchanges as they go along as the company progresses. Your capital is safe and sound in your own wallet you know, and so so they cannot touch those funds, your funds, always in your control right. So, let’s just say the platform the easybot were to disappear tomorrow, right or whenever.

Then you don’t have to worry about about losing your money, because it’s in your own crypto wallet, the only thing that the easy bot can do is trade for you in your own. In your own um crypto exchange right, so that’s all it can do the only funds that you’re gon na that you’re gon na send to easybot um is obviously if you want to buy the 250 dollar package or the 995 dollar package, as i just showed you Guys, the vip or advanced package – you know that’s the only time, you’re going to send money to easybot and and also a little bit of money like usdt, you you’re going to send it to easybot so that they can deduct um the service fees right from your Trading because again with, if you don’t know the for the free members they take 30, so obviously let me just put it into simple terms: the bot makes the hundred dollars for you right um. Then easybot will deduct 30 from that. So that would be 30.

You keep 70, that’s a pretty sweet deal guys. I mean because they’re doing all the body’s doing all the trading for us doing all the work for you right. It’s making money in your sleep um, so part of that 30 or that 30 dollars in my example. That will part of that will go to the to the easy bot to the company.

You know for um uh to keep the company going basically, and most of that will go to the affiliates and the team builders. You know for uh service, fee commissions, right and then 80 will go to um. Obviously, if, with the paid members from the 250 to 995 package, it just changes slightly, that’s one of the benefits is you keep 80 of the profits and easybot takes 20 of the profits for themselves and for the affiliates right cool. So this is just where you’ll see all your deposits.

Your package purchase your service fees that it takes so make sure there’s always just a little bit of money. It’s not going to be a lot guys that you need to keep in there for the service fees because they can’t again, they don’t have access to your funds in your binance wallet or your coinbase pro wallet guys. That’s the thing! It’s put! That’s how safe this is right.

So that’s why it is necessary to just keep a little bit in here, so they can take their fees so because they can’t take it out of binance or win base pro or your crypto exchange. For that matter. Right um affiliate commission will also show you um if you’re building a team matching bonus will also be a matching. Bonus is also part of building a team right.

So my wallet, okay, my my profile – i don’t think i’m going to click on there because it’s going to show like i don’t know what details is going to show there. I don’t have any bank details on there, but uh yeah, um anyways guys. You know where it is. You know where to find it um your your details will be on there.

Um, like your um. Well, there’ll be no bank. Let me just click on it, for goodness sake, what’s wrong with me, yeah! No because i just i was thinking to myself we’re not going to send any money from our bank we’re going to send crypto to easybot, you know for the service fees and for for, if you won the package, obviously um. So here you can see your here’s.

Your your name, your email country phone number and the person who sponsored you, mr marcus rexwell, is the man who sponsored me, um great leader, great guy um, and here’s your referral link again right and you can also check your rank, so yeah guys um. If you want to change your password, you can just click on there. I’M not going to click on that, because obviously you guys will see my password right. We don’t want that um yeah! So yeah, that’s about all guys! That’s um again! There’Ll be a lot of things added to the to the dashboard to your to your account right, a lot of features um.

Obviously, one of the features will be connecting the bot, and you know all the bot features basically they’ll be added, so yeah just just stay up to date, guys and um. You know with my channel so yeah guys. I think that’s the end of this video um.

Don’T forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to sign up to easybot, feel free. My link is below the video um. Also, all my other links, so if you want to join the zoom meetings, feel free to do that. The times and the dates and everything on there yeah, just all my links – are below the video guys so just check that out anyways guys um have a good one: cheers

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