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Happy friday hope you guys are doing well today on tyrion hawkins, here uh passive income guru, you know who i am for those of you who are new to this channel, make sure you go ahead and subscribe to this youtube channel uh. The goal of this channel is to give you several opportunities that is going to help you make passive income. Okay, i’ve been doing this for years and i will continue to show you guys what’s working out there and uh, what’s not working as well. Okay, because there’s several opportunities out there, that’s not working or they they uh shut down, or vice versa.

EazyBot Crypto Bot

But i’m excited about this – i’m very excited about this one. So make sure you listen to this video until the end, because i have a very special bonus for those of you who join me and maybe you’re looking at this video and maybe you’re already in easybot with me um. You definitely want to pay attention to what i’m about to tell you, okay, um, so easy by guys, uh.

Let me go ahead and just share my screen get into this uh we are ready to go. Okay, easybot is live, the actual trading is going to start on monday. This monday, which is, i believe, is the 28th right, the 28th. So uh you can.

You can actually go in your back office now you can upgrade you. Can deposit deposit, your funds and uh be ready to go on monday. So let me go ahead and share my screen here. Real quick there we go all right.

You guys should be able to see my back office here uh for easy bop, i’m going to go ahead and play this real, quick! I’M going to go ahead and play this quick video that we have here and then we’re going to talk a little bit more so enjoy this. Video cryptocurrency trading is risky, especially for those who didn’t experience trading in this space, even for professional traders. Sometimes the market moves in the opposite direction, which results big losses as the market movement is unpredictable.

In the middle of 2021, the market suffered a huge drop where the bitcoin price dropped from 64 000 to 28 000, which is more than 50, and most of the coins had similar jobs, in some cases, even bigger ones. At that time, most traders were holding their coins, as they did not know what to do other than waiting for the crypto market to rebound. It was during this time that we started to think out of the box and look for a solution that could allow us to continue trading and making profit regardless of the market’s fluctuations and actually use those significant jobs to our benefit.

After months of intense studies and analysis, we created a trading strategy that can respond to huge market jobs. As the market moves at a much faster pace than is humanly possible to analyze, it was necessary to find a way to execute trades quickly and at the moment’s notice. This leads to the creation of an artificial intelligence software that can trade on our behalf and watches the market.

Every second of the day, our team of professionals work diligently to develop this software easybot was built with settings that apply our trading strategy with a very high speed of market monitoring. It has been tested with the preset strategy on live accounts and have been producing consistent results, not only that we have gone back in time using actual 2021 market data in order to test the easy but preset strategy. Throughout 2021, most people trading in the crypto space lost value in their coins. Due to the huge market jumps.

If they had easybot to manage their trades, they would have enjoyed these kinds of results. Now easybot will be made available to everyone to start using with zero membership, all right all right, all right, nice little video there um, i don’t know if you heard what they said in there, but basically um. How would you like to tap into a software that makes you money that makes you money in the crypto space, whether the market goes up or down? Okay, that right, there is uh is what it’s all about. Okay, that right there is what it’s all about.

I’Ve been, in other i’ve been in one other cryptocurrency uh software, and let me tell you something um, this one is probably this one is going to be a game. Changer. Okay, because, like i said in the video you know, bitcoin just bitcoin alone dropped.

Remember we had a big drop in bitcoin um and it’s on his way back up now, by the way we had a big drop in bitcoin what about a month ago, two months ago, it came all the way down past it hit like 30 000. Maybe i think it went under 30 000 and now it’s it’s uh. Now it’s on its way back up uh it’s over 40. 000.

Now so we we may be on a nice little run right there, but even when bitcoin was bearish right going down, guess what uh from the testing of this easy bot uh, it still made money. Okay, it still made money and that’s where you want to be. Ladies and gentlemen, okay, so real quick, i’m not going to stay long here, because i got a few things to do here to get done, um, basically to get started guys.

It’s very simple! Um! Let’s go over here to my affiliate center, real quick! Actually, i should have went to my wallet real, quick one. Second, guys go to my wallet. So what you’re going to do? You’re going to uh you’re going to pay this annual fee right? It’s an annual fee you’re going to pay either 250 a year or 995. A year or or uh, you can start as a free member.

Now the difference is this: as a free member you’re only allowed to trade, just a few coins. Okay, i think it’s like three coins. At the advanced level you can you can tap into 10 coins at the vip level.

You can tap into all the coins. Okay, so um, that’s that’s what that is right. There okay and come monday you’re going to be able to to once you have your your funds in once you upgrade and you have and you fund your account right inside of here, your wallet you’re going to be out and again i’m going to do a series Of videos show you guys how to do all that. So don’t worry about okay.

How do i fund and all that i’m gon na have a series of videos on that, but once you upgrade your subscription uh, which i recommend then you’re gon na uh fund your wallet and then you can then monday, you’re gon na be able to uh ex Tap into the bot now here’s what here’s why i like? Why i like uh easybot, i like easybot, because you are in full control of your funds: okay, you’re in full control of your funds. There’s no third party or anything like that right! You don’t have to um to rely on the company. That’s holding your funds, you are actually in control of your fund, so you know the bot is going to trade uh for you right, you’re, going to hook, you’re going to hook up to the bot, and you can actually go into your your exchange, whatever you’re using You know binance or coinbase pro you can go into that exchange and see and actually see your money grow right, uh and then you can take out or withdraw your money from whatever exchange you’re using anytime. Okay again, it’s not tied up anywhere.

You are in control of your funds, which is beautiful, okay, which is beautiful um. So here’s my bonus guys – and i haven’t – did this in a long time. I haven’t did this in a long time.

Um it’s been actually years uh. I i did years ago. I was in a business where i i put together: what’s called a rotator okay, now a rotator is designed to help uh several people, uh who’s, looking to get signups get sign. Ups right now.

Let me just give give a disclaimer. This is not a guarantee of signups; this is not even a guarantee of income, so what i’m trying to do is help people who’s joining me in easy buy, because i believe in easybot i’ve seen the i’ve seen the back testing. I i actually uh had a chance. I know one of the leaders in here been connected with him for a while.

So i’m very confident about ezbot and again you have full control of your funds. There’s no need to you know: uh do any type of uh. I mean you’re gon na you’re. Definitely gon na want to withdraw right over time, but you don’t have to worry about these.

You know the process that that’s being used. Your money is gon na be safe. Let me say that so for those of you who come in and again, you may already be on my team already and you upgrade to the advanced or the vip. I’M going to put you on my traffic rotator, which most of the traffic is going to be coming from my youtube channel.

Now, if you look at another, if you look at my previous easy bot, video, which i posted two weeks ago, it already has over almost 2 000 views and over 50 likes. That’s organic traffic. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what i’m talking about.

I get a lot of traffic to my youtube channel and people are going and people are already searching for this particular opportunity. Okay and when they find my video guess what they go to the link below the video and they sign up. So that’s good for you, because once you upgrade to advanced or vip, i’m going to put you in a rotator to where you get you. You have the potential not not giving any guarantees to not only get signups but to get commissions guys and the commissions are very handsome you’re getting on the front end of everybody that upgrade you’re getting eight percent.

Earn Passive Income with Eazy Bot

Eight percent of whoever comes in under you you’re. Getting eight percent of of of their uh of what they make right, uh, actually not not what they’re making what they upgrade to and you’re getting commissions on what they make on the bot as well, so you’re, getting a double like a double whammy. There guys that that can add up real fast for you, okay, so i’m not going to keep this offer on the table alone, i’m going to say i’ll leave it up i’ll leave it on the table for the first uh i’ll, say the first 30 days.

Maybe 45 at the most and then i’m going to shut it off. Okay, what i mean by shut it off is those who are in they’re in and again listen to my words, i’m not guaranteeing you any signups, i’m not even guaranteeing you any commissions. Is there a potential that you can’t get commissions to sign up? Yes, yes, and is there potential that you won’t get signed ups and commissions? Yes, okay, so i just want to keep that um.

Keep that bug in your ear and let you know that’s the case. Okay, so without further ado, uh go ahead and get signed up upgrade uh upgrading is very simple. What you’ll do you’ll hit you’ll come in here once you get to your back office, you’ll hit upgrade and i’m on, as you can see, i’m already at the events level here, okay, so i can’t i can’t go here: uh, i’m at the advanced level right now. Okay, so you can pick either one of these, your upgrade uh and then you’ll follow the prompts to upgrade guys you’re gon na need to send in uh.

This is this: is all cryptocurrency, so you’re gon na need to send in uh usdt, okay usdt. So, let’s go to my wallet: you’re, not sending in bitcoin you’re, sending in usdt, okay, um and, as you can see guys, i’m getting commissions left and right got commissioned here. Commission here these things add up guys. That’s what i’m saying um! I want you guys to benefit from this as well: okay, uh! So what you do yeah, so you come here to your wallet, you’ll hit deposit and again i’m going to post more videos about all this, and you see here you’re going to pick one of these.

So when you click on one of these there’s a service fee, okay, there’s a service for you see the service fee changes every time. I click the the button here. Okay, every single time.

So when you click the service fee, i mean click. The button you hit add and follow the prompts. Okay, that’s all you do you hit, add and follow the prompts and again i’m going to post uh, not today, but next week, probably sunday, i’m going to post another video on actually how to do this. But it’s very simple: you know once you uh, like right here, thousand dollars usd trc you’re going to actually send to this.

You know the address that they give you, when you hit, add you’re, going to send this amount and they’re going to give you the address to send it to and everything okay because of the service fee. That’s what you need to to have 500. The service fee is 451.

You want to actually send this amount to the platform. Okay, now a lot of your your processors that you’re getting that you’re, sending the the trc 20 from the usdt a lot of your platforms. They have fees as well.

So you need to cover the fees to where it ends up being, for example, 451. It can’t beat straight 500. It has to be 50451 plus whatever service fee that your exchanger uses so keep that in mind, but whatever you see in make sure it adds up to at least this and then you’ll be okay and then you’ll you’ll be in the game. You’Ll be in the game, so guys easy, crypto, um, easy, bop, passive income in the crypto space; very excited about this one, because again you’re going to be earning you’re going to be earning dividends in the crypto space.

Rather, the market goes up or whether it goes down and it’s very, very uh. I’Ve seen this thing and actually thing is very methodical, very meticulous on how it collects and and collects the uh the profits guys, so i’ve never seen anything like it. I never heard anything like it, that’s what that’s why i’m in it and that’s why i’m promoting it to you? Okay, so that is my time. Ladies and gentlemen, hopefully hopefully you uh, you took heed or heard the bonus that i gave if you just come into this video, make sure that you rewind the tape, make sure you rewind the tape and look again at this video because it is going to excite You it’s going to excite you um more uh, more bonuses.

Coming guys, we have great support here. That’s one another reason that i’m in this i’m very, very big on support. We have a telegram group. Okay, we can ask any questions you have.

We have several zoom calls per week where you can get information about easy about more information. We have q a calls about easy, buy right, um and, of course you have my support as well. So all the support you need all your questions and everything how to get started is here. It is here and uh.

We’re excited we’re very, very excited guys. In the end, the name of the game is to have your money work for you. That’s that’s! That’s the end game. You know guys been following me for a long time.

You know i’ve been talking about this for a long time, long time, the end game, the end game have your money work for you and and what better place than crypto. Okay, you know, you guys know i’m into 4x as well, which is highly recommended, but you want to also get your yourself into crypto, and this is a great time to do it, because we see that the crypto market is on the rise again, it’s on the Rise again, and it doesn’t matter – i mean it really doesn’t matter for easy body, don’t mean that the bot is going to make you money regardless if it’s up or down. But when you get to the point, where you’re able to withdraw your funds, you’re going to have a little bit more and then in your wallets uh you’re, going to see that as the crypto space as the crypto market goes up.

Uh you’re going to see your numbers go up as well in your exchange, so this is it’s a beautiful, a beautiful, beautiful thing to to see okay. So if you guys got any questions, let me know um well and we’ll go from there uh. Let me go ahead and stop sharing the screen real, quick, see if we have any questions, real, quick, stop, sharing all right, all right, carl brown. What’s going on, sir, all right, the cost, it’s a annual fee, you got! You got three.

You got three different levels. You got free, you got 250 per year and 995 dollars per year for the 250, for i mean i’m sorry for the free version, you’re only getting a few coins. I think just two coins to trade with for the 250 level, which is the advanced which you have to get be on that level to qualify right for my bonus, which is the rotator um, you get 10 coins to trade with and then the 995 level you Get unlimited all the coins plus you, you can uh trade with uh a few different exchanges. Okay, so hopefully it answers your question dynasty.

What’s going on, sis can. Can i use a crack and cracking is on the way right now, right now, um they have binancecom and what else coinbase pro those are the ones that they have now more, but but they have more coming down the pipeline. Let me just make sure of that.

Real quick before i tell you real, quick guys, one second right now, so we got binance com coin, brace pro um and cracking is on the way kraken is on the way. Okay, uh yeah kraken is on the way, because that’s what i got i have cracking. I have cracking so i’m kind of i’m not a fan of coin.

Brace, be honest with you, not a fan. Um finance. Ah, i’ve used them in the past, but i have the other binance, which is buying thisus, so kind of waiting on the other exchange to come out, which should be soon, which should be soon uh. What you can do, and what i’m gon na probably do myself is just you know, put put a little amount because i want to create a case study.

Show you guys that the bot is really doing what it says. So i’m like, let’s put a little amount inside of coinbase pro for one of these actually yeah. It’s gon na have to be coinbase pro um and just you know, go from there kind of go from there until until cracking comes out, because that’s what i’m that’s! Uh, that’s what i’m used to i’m used to cracking.

That is exactly what i’m used to okay, all right, so that, hopefully that answers your questions. Hopefully they’ll answer your questions guys so go ahead and get position guys! Um again, i’m going to be sending this video out to my uh my list, my email list, my text list so folks are going to be jumping on this offer again, i’m going to probably have it open this offer this bonus offer for the next 30 days. Okay, so you want to get yourself positioned once you’re in and you’re upgraded. Please please, please get with me asap, so i can get you into the rotation um because i’m going to be changing my links.

This is only the second video i’ve done on easy, but i’m going to be changing my links from my link to the easy, by link to rotation, to wrote the rotator link okay, so i just want to give you guys a heads up on that all right. So thanks for watching enjoy your weekend, you can also look me up under uh ontario hawkins on facebook. If you got any questions um, you can also book a time.

That’s probably the best thing you can do underneath my all my videos guys, and i always tell people this. I have my links and one of those links leads to my calendar on my calendar. You can book a time to speak with me.

Okay, that is going to help me to answer your questions and get you going on whatever platform you’re looking to get it get involved in all right. So that is my time you guys enjoy your weekend. Uh talk to you soon.

Take care.

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