Eazy Bot Corporate Update 23/05/2022, Lots Of Trading Insights And Results Shared.

Two of them have worked synergistically together to build huge, huge organizations. She absolutely loves, easybot and uh the product here and also, thankfully, our um executive team, she’s, really uh she’s yeah she’s, all in with us guys and she’s going to be a huge asset to everybody. So you guys uh want to take out a pen and paper when she does share what she will be sharing with all of us at one point, um and uh you’ll take a pen and paper and take notes because she’s got uh. What she shares is definitely a great store value so um.

Thank you, susan, thank you for everybody. We uh we’re getting ready to get started here. It’s 1204. We do like to get started on time.

Eazy Bot Corporate

Uh. We were just in another meeting that uh was a phenomenal meeting with the national directors and some of the top leaders in the company, and so thank you, susan all right, um, i’d like to bring in david. Our ceo david has uh just uh. He has been such a blessing to this company and to every one of us on the call every one of us that are part of of um easy bot.

Muhammad, i believe, is in the room as well and uh peter’s here, so we’re gon na have a phenomenal call today guys, but we got some great announcements and uh david. Are you available? I’M not seeing david right now, uh? Oh there you are right there top right corner still here so come on in brother, hey, hey, coach, um! I i’m not sure you want to bring to do a quick introduction of susan. I think that would be awesome. I think a lot of us on this call have uh have have heard and seen brent has built an amazing organization and uh.

He hasn’t done it alone. He’s got an amazing partner, so i just want to take a few minutes. Bren, if you don’t mind, just give a proper introduction to your partner susan, we’ll hear and see a lot more of both of you guys as we continue to build so glad to have you here, susan brenner, you uh: can you jump in real, quick, absolutely yeah. Thanks thanks ken david you’re welcome brother.

Let me just start by saying um we’re very excited that susan can start to share her wisdom with all of us here because being susan, as ken mentioned, we have a synergistic uh effect, symbiotic relationship that really helps uh, create some amazing results when we work together. She has some incredible skills that i’m especially weak in and that’s how great business partnerships work and vice versa, but susan has over 25 years experience really pioneered humanizing the digital marketing experience and really, especially when even video marketing and content marketing was in its infancy. She helped bridge that gap has created tons of courses and has been a consultant for many companies to help them, create brand loyalty, streamline the customer, experience and onboarding experiences and really create a thriving communities among companies that and also scaling strategies that can be used at Enterprise levels from all types of companies across different market verticals and everything so she’s, going to be invaluable here at easybot to have her wisdom and insight in her to be able to share her knowledge to really help easybot.

Take things to the next level as well, and obviously what me and her can do to help grow this company, as well in terms of building and driving sales volume. It’s going to be very powerful, so you will be seeing a lot more of her and she’s. Already, preparing trainings that you’ll be here, but here about being dropped here in future, calls that’s really going to help you level up your game as well, if you’re sharing this with others, so that’s it! Thank you bran for that great introduction and um there’s no place.

I’D rather be, but here working uh full time alongside you and with this amazing executive team and our already incredible membership. Thank you. Thank you so so excited to uh to be here to be able to share this space with all of you and you know as we grow as a company. You’Ll you’ll learn from us that you know that we really do you heard coach ken say you know.

People before prophets – and you hear muhammad talk about the values of the company guys we hope to live that loud and proud, as we continue to grow as a company and really core to who we are. Is you know how much we value the people that are on this journey with us that are part of this company and those, especially those who, who take the initiative to to step up and to add value? You know if, if you’ve been following us – and you know the story of easy bite, you know that you know muhammad didn’t wake up one day and decide to build the world’s greatest spot. He did wake up one day and decide to solve problems for real people.

That were in a situation that was less than ideal, and so that journey means that we’ve really been very, very focused on a few particular things, and that is getting a product that works phenomenally well, and i think, in the last couple of weeks, we we’ve we’ve Been able to get proof of concept of that, we’ll talk a little bit more about that here in just a moment, but you know there’s so much else that goes into building a company and being building one that scales to the to to the size that we’ve Already seen in our first few months in existence – and we know that it’s possible, as hundreds of millions of people come into the crypto space looking for safe, consistent ways to generate profit and an amazing community to do it alongside, and so i really we thank all Of you, who are contributors, who continue to be on this journey with us and especially want to acknowledge and we’ll continue to acknowledge those who add value to the community. Susan and bran, you guys are amazing and your current. Your contributions are invaluable to uh. What we’re doing here so, thank you both glad to have you here, susan and looking forward to all the amazing things that we’re going to do for those of you on the call, with guys you’ve got lots and lots of of goodness coming and at the center Of that, let me pivot from there to just say this that you know as we we’re going to talk today about marketing a little bit and before i go down that road.

I want to say this that, along the you know, along the same vein of what i just mentioned about really being people focused, that’s going to play itself out in and represent itself, even in our marketing, the way that we share the story of beezbot. I think everybody on this call has found some value if you, if you participated in the call that we did two fridays ago friday before last, with muhammad, where muhammad, as the ceo and creator of this product you know take, took his vision. Had.

Has this vision, designed developed and deployed into the market and then was able to see that product perform to his expectations and even beyond his own expectations and then to be able to share that story to show up and to tell that story as a person relating His story of his product now, the only thing that’s possibly more powerful than that is you guys is – is the actual user being able to say here? I got this product and this is the experience i’m having and i’m absolutely thrilled with it, and so we’re really going to lean very heavily in our in our marketing on the user, user experience and user stories. And so i want to use that. I want to use this moment to encourage each and every one of you who have various creative gifts and talents.

Some of you are amazing writers. Some of you are great at creating content on tick, tock, instagram, facebook, uh linkedin, you know whatever it is: you’re you’re you’re, creating content, because you have an audience that you want to reach, or you have a special skill. We want to have those conversations we want to do that in collaboration with you and what we’ll do in any content that we that we cocreate or we coleverage uh.

It will be used in such a way where, as it generates, leads that you’ll actually be able to share or own those leads that are generated from that content. And so we we want to incentivize the kind of things that matter to us and what matters to us is that we’re able to hear your stories and we’re able to share your stories, because we really think that that’s what’s going to make the big difference with People when they come across easybot, so look we’ll talk more and more about that and how to how to get uh some of those how to get your talent and your skills and the things that you guys are doing in front of us so that we can. We can leverage it, but uh know that that’s the direction that we’re heading in all right.

So, let’s talk about a couple: important updates, let’s jump into the meat and potatoes of today’s call. The the most important thing that everybody should know is that we are just moments away from launching crew coin over the next 24 hours, you’ll start to see kucoin roll out throughout the community, where everyone will have access to be able to open and connect a crew Coin account you’ll see it in the drop down of exchanges, and so you will be able to create a crew coin, account fund that account and start trading easy by tr start trading using easybot in your kucoin account. Now, for those of you who have not been able to trade with easybot, the good thing about it about kucoin is that it is available anywhere in the world. There is no identity, verification or commonly known as kyc, that’s required.

So that means that there’s really no barrier to entry, whether that’s you or maybe somebody that you’ve introduced easy by two that hasn’t really been able to see it or experience it for themselves. We know there are a lot of folks uh that are still waiting, and so that solution for us today is a major milestone that we get that we that we get to cross today, and so we’re very very, very excited about that. It’s a moment to celebrate, and so especially those of you who are building teams and sharing easy about with others. We appreciate you for doing that.

Uh this. Please make sure that you’re spreading this message and along along with that. We want to make sure that it’s easy for those of you who are uh looking to get started and want to build teams, and so the first thing i want to bring your attention to is that we have a support portal.

We talked about this i believe last week, and so i want to make sure that you know where to go to get help to get started with kucoin, and so the best place for you to go is supporteasybotcom, go to supporteasybotcom and look in the getting started Section if you come down to the getting started section, the kucoin getting started guide is there and speaking of uh brynn and susan bren made this amazing getting started guide video bren’s going to be a huge huge help in helping us create guides and tutorials and how To’s, and so this is a 9 minute 15 second super clear walk through of how to start how to create an account with easybot. Excuse me with kucoin how to add funds to it, how to move those funds from the main account to the trading account. How to connect your api, of course and then how to start your bot and go and be and start trading so a to z walks you through this getting started guide, whether you’re using kucoin yourself or not. I recommend everybody go through this guide.

Uh. There are a couple of minor nuances in kucoin that it’s important that you just familiarize yourself with them they’re a little bit different than what you might have experienced if you’re, using binancecom or binanceus, but guys super super excited we’re very, very, very happy to be able To release this today, we’ve had a a couple of dozen folks that have been testing over the last couple of days. Mohamed’s been testing for about two weeks in kucoin and we had a couple of leaders start testing last week with us and so very excited about what uh, what we’ve seen so far uh very very consistent experience and so there’s a lot more to come with coin. We’re not going to get into those details today.

What we want you to know is that it will be ready, look look for it to roll out in your accounts within the next 24 hours, and you’ll have access to start trading so go through the getting started. Guide, spend nine minutes getting familiar with the process. If you haven’t already created an account just getting started guys we’ll walk you all the way through it before the end of the day.

Today, we’ll add additional steps, written uh steps and visual guides to help you to get started as well. So we know some people would prefer to read and and look at pictures some folks are going to prefer the video so we’ll make sure you have all of that available for you. So big big deal here guys and we’re very, very, very excited about it before i go on to anything else, i want to take a moment if there are any questions about kucoin now would be a good time.

Let’s, let’s open up the floor, if you guys have any questions at all as it pertains to kucoin all right cool, i think it’s pretty straightforward, get a coupon account start trading with easybot and start making money passively anybody in the world anywhere at all can open An account and start trading today all right guys, two coins ready to go. I’Ve got ta, have a quick question: um the supportcom uh supporteasybotcom. Is there going to be a link in the back office or is it already there uh for that uh coupon, video uh? Well, the link there. There is a help button in your in your dashboard on easybot in the menu that will take you to the support portal.

So, if you’re in easybot, whether on mobile or on desktop on desktop, it’s right at the top of the uh of the bot in mobile, you’ve got to go into the drop down menu and when you do that, you’ll see the help button. The help button will take you to thank you, uh muhammad, thank you mohammed. So, on desktop you’ll see the help button we’re pointing out to you there and on mobile, go into the drop down menu and you’ll, see it there.

Click that help button. It takes you directly to supporteasybot, so the entire knowledge base can be accessed from that help button. So any questions that you might have or if you ever needed, to submit a support ticket, just click the help button and that’s a good first place to start.

Thank you. Thank you for that coach um in the near future, we’ll we’ll have uh we’ll have a more direct path directly into the into the onboarding and getting started steps for now. That’s the best way if you needed some help, click that help button and look for the getting started guide, all right, um yeah.

So let’s address the question, so i see ken said you mean to tell me: someone in new york can use coco no issues yeah. We have folks in uh all 50 states that are able to use crew coin with no issues. Now we’re going to recommend that uh, you don’t do kyc now again. The whole premise of crypto is that it allows you greater control over your assets, with the ben added benefit of anonymity.

Now, there’s a fight between the powers that be and the powers that want to be and the powers that be would like to have control and they do that through identity, verification, kyc and so forth. Uh cool coin has has held out and does not require their users to do an identity verification in order to trade on their platform to get access to api. Our recommendation, particularly if you’re in the us, is that you take advantage of that use the benefit of anonymity.

That kucoin provides you. If you attempt to do the kyc, it will create locks on your account so they’ve. Given you a path to go, i would take that path. Do not attempt to do the kyc use an email to create your account.

You follow the instructions in the guide. It starts by telling you to create your account using an email and just stay away from doing the id verifications, and you should be fine all right. All right, we’ll come back. If there are any questions you guys, think of as it pertains to cool coin.

Hey brock, i see your hand up come on good afternoon david. I apologize. I missed the first little bit of the call. I was looking for an update earlier and just miss it, but um.

So i had tried to kyc with kucoin maybe a year ago, and i have that notification, the back end kind of saying that it failed and that the account is restricted a little bit. So would you recommend setting up a new account with a different email? Then great great great question, if you guys ever run into an issue, so here’s what’s the worst case scenario, if you try to kyc and and kucoin says no we’d, rather not have you uh in that case, what you’d need to do is uh move your funds To a new account and simply create a new account with a new email and you’ll still have that have access to move your funds out of that account, so you just go through the setup process again, create a new account, use an email, don’t do the kyc And complete that setup and you’ll be fine. Awesome. Thank you! So sorry, just real quick, then was there a an actual launch date that i missed as well for kucoin uh, it’s launching today, so over the next 24 hours, it’ll start to roll out into into user accounts, and so we’ll we’ll make that announcement.

When that rollout starts uh, but any any moment now could could uh it could go live so we’re here we’re at that point. We’Ve had users testing kucoin uh over the last week, so it’s uh, it’s already live, been functional. We’re just ready to push it into the entire user base so ready to go. Thank you brock.

Oh so much david, i just interject quickly. Yeah! Please focus on ontario canada with myself so brock. I did set up the account and it’s running smooth. There is no issues for ontario residents, so just don’t do the kyc portion and we’re all good to go uh.

Is it possible to convert into usdt uh yeah? I know new york prevents any one type of transaction with usdt no issues with usdt on kucoin either. All right, okay, so let’s, let’s move on, we can come back and take additional questions. There’s a couple more things that we want to touch on while we’re here today. The next thing is uh.

We talked about the the impact of telling the story of ezybot and again, if you were with us two weeks ago friday, before last, we had a special community call where we had muhammad. Our ceo come on and uh and share with us what’s been happening, as the market has been incredibly volatile. We’Ve experienced these really uh significant downs over the last couple of weeks, and so the big question for us has been well. How has ezbot handle that? I think we’ve talked about the fact that most spots will perform well when a market’s going up and really the real test of whether or not easybod is as special as we say it is, is well.

Can it consistently create profits, even in a dow market and over the last few weeks we’ve had? We have had the privilege of saying emphatically: yes, easybot can consistently close trades in profit and we’ve watched it do so even in a 70 plus down trend and they pretend in the market. So we’re very excited about that. We’re going to continue telling the story now.

Mohammed’s, i’m going to ask muhammad to jump in and talk a little bit about just kind of what you’ve seen feel free to go as far as you’d like on this call muhammad, but on friday, at 12 noon. Eastern! So, wherever that is in in in your part of the world, i i’m always at a loss for what time zones to to tell you guys is you’re from everywhere uh but 12 noon. Eastern! That’s 8 pm in in dubai! Where muhammad is, i think, that’s uh, something like 5 pm is that 5 pm in london join us on friday, so we’ll do a special call friday strictly for the purpose of spending some time with muhammad mohammed.

You want to come in. Tell us a little bit about that call and just what you’ve been seeing and what they have to look forward to on on friday yeah. Thank you, david uh. Well, basically, on friday, what we’re going to go through is maybe the same coin that we uh discussed previously the same trade which we saw that performing at the down market.

We will see what is it now in the span of like one or two weeks since the last time we met and what’s the situation right now. Definitely what i’m anticipating to see is basically the average price moved further down. Uh profit have increased, definitely because the market is moving uh doing the daily movement that where the easy bot is, is working by buying and selling and all, and we might also uh turn it up or to to look at some of the attendees accounts. If some of uh of the users who are available on the call have been using the easybot for the last two weeks, at least so, we can look at their account and see analyze their trades and look at uh one of the coins that they’re trading randomly.

We will look at anyone and then we relate to the chart of uh of that specific one and see if easybot was working the way it’s supposed to be in their account as well or not. I assume yes because it’s working all the accounts the same way, but just to look at a different account, a different coin, uh to get to have some kind of diversity and also to show people. How will they look at their account when they look at their accounts? What do they have to look at to compare uh the binance charts with what is what is doing during that market uh uh child yeah? Basically, this is this is what we’re going to go through and we might go also through a couple of uh accounts of of kucoin uh.

People should have traded by that time, maybe a full week uh. So we can look at how is the performance going? Uh? I’Ve been trading for the last four weeks, so it’s going well, but we just want to see also when we have the big pass right now: uh number of people trading at the same time, uh. Let me take this chance, david just to uh, highlight something something about uh kucoin, the differences between kucoin and and the binance cuckoo, and have some some advantages. Uh over finance.

One of them is the the trade volume like in binance. We know that the minimum trade that you can make is 10 to 12 to 11 to 11 dollars, but you cannot buy with a lower amount. You cannot sell a lower amount in kucoin. Some coins actually can give you the leverage of trading as low as 05.

Like 50 cents, so that that that the implication of this is that people of lower uh capitals can still go in, and trade uh safely and trade using the same strategy that we have it, which in violence, we cannot use lesser than 600. But now in q coin uh the people who wouldn’t have enough capital, they can trade as low as 200 dollars and still the uh. It’s going to be sustaining the market buying on the low until more than 50 percent. Using exactly the same strategy that the people of 600 can can use yeah, this is this.

Is these are two important uh uh yeah one one more thing actually on uh on quickcoin is that uh click on also allows for sub accounts. You can create a sub account inside your own account where you can just use that for trading and keep the main account where you have your assets and everything in a separate, uh basket. Let’s say you keep the main account and then whatever you want to trade in in easybot, you put it here in this sub account.

If you are trading with another bot or something else, you can put it in another sub account and that’s allowed for for everyone. Even the nonverified account if you’re just uh a user without getting your kycs done still, you can have access to that and make sub accounts and enjoy that kind of feature that they have all right. Thank you for that muhammad. So guys, please, uh join us friday.

Special community call we’ll do this every two weeks, uh we’ll keep it on the schedule, incredibly valuable, guys for you to be able to come, spend some time with muhammad with the ceo with the designer creator of eazybot, the visionary behind the company and allow him to Tell you about how easybot’s performing obviously we’ve looked at this particular account. We’Ve really zoomed in on on this particular coin uh, but we’ll look at some other coins, as muhammad just just shared with you so very, very exciting. It’s a great call to bring some of your prospects to if you’re, sharing each about with others and building a team it’d be a fantastic call for them. Uh, do us a favor and make sure that they’ve got at least a basic introduction, because that call during that call uh we’re not going to go into it into into uh a deep dive presentation about easybot we’re going to make some basic assumptions that you know.

Uh, who we are, what we do and what easybots about and then we’ll go into some of the the details that uh really leave muhammad’s best at sharing and it’d be a great place for you to ask and uh have some questions answered. So if you have some more technical questions, that’s a great great opportunity for you to join us all right so put that on your calendars, we’ll we’ll announce that as we get going all right what’s up next uh this one another there’s a question: there’s a quick Question unless you were gon na cover that on um uh on kucoin, if they need to uh, still use kraken to send usdt to uh easybot, which they wouldn’t have to, i don’t think so. I don’t know yeah. The answer is no yeah.

Not useful. Has usdt trc20 so if, as long as you can get usdt 20 in to kucoin uh, then you can use kucoin to send funds to easybot as needed and another way too is. If you have uh cryptocurrency and you move it into your kucoin account. You can always transfer it into usdt or trade, it uh into usdt and get the going market price.

For that. So yep good point yeah. You can send bitcoin and just convert your bitcoin.

For example, um there’s a great question. I i hope, i’m not saying your name incorrectly id asks uh during the last three or four weeks when the market has been in the deep where some crypto values went as low as zero has been reported. Cases of account loss, except for the value of crypto.

Going down in value uh id great question, so the the basic premise of dzbot is that we never close easybot will never close on a losing position. So trading with easybot means that you’ve got a really powerful strategy and algorithm that’s working in the background, and it is looking at taking advantage of these massive dips in the market and they don’t happen every day. Not every day you see a coin drop 70, but it does happen, and so we wanted to make sure that the product is capable of trading through those ups and downs, and i appreciate that you asked the question. Obviously, if a coin goes to zero, there’s just not a whole lot, anybody can do in that scenario uh, but being able to trade into a scenario where uh what we publish that easybox capable of doing is 50 or more, and we can mathematically explain that muhammad Can mathematically walk you through how the algorithm is designed to cover a 50 drop in market and continue to still make profits, but we’ve seen in real world scenario where easybot has gone far and above that 50 that we’ve uh publicized and documented.

So the short answer is easybot never closes on a losing position and um yeah consistent profits in a significant down market. All right, uh junior to your question so with kucoin. The one click button on etf will work with lesson.

600. No, not at this point uh. If that changes will make the announcement uh to use it with less than 600 uh you’ll still need to use the your own, your own custom strategy, the default strategy will not be changing right now, if that, if we do make any updates we’ll, let you guys Know, but as as of now, still expect that you’ll need a minimum of 600 in your trading account to take advantage of the default strategy and speaking of default strategy. Going back to id’s question uh.

When we talk about trading with easybot and its ability to to consistently make profits in a down market, that is assuming that you’re using the default strategy, the strategy that muhammad has designed and set up in easybot mohammed, you want to come back in uh. Yes, i saw one question here in the chat from uh bing: can you just jump in on the voice and explain your question? Please because it’s a bit unclear. Can i ask him to omit yeah, hey bang.

Are you in a position where you can come in and ask your questions? Yes? Yes, yes, can you hear me? Yes, we can yeah yeah, so hello, uh. Yes, i i got this uh. I saw the session uh with uh with muhammad explaining how the bot works, and he showed us an example with basically the bots started the session with price.

I guess it was a 270 and because of the market rushed so 251 to be precise, 254 and the market crashed and you the bots keep buying covers until the price dropped to 70 80 dollars, but the steam was, you started with an initial phone of 9k And basically, you couldn’t add any more position because your phone just dropped to 180 and i was concerned because we basically now we can’t trade anymore because we don’t lose. We don’t have any funds left and if the market doesn’t move up so basically we uh. We we get stuck uh until we we got uh the the covers um selling, again with the profits and uh.

I was um concerned about choice, choosing a good pair because if you choose, for example, i saw you choose bitcoin, you choose, ethereum despair was well, not very volatile. So basically you you don’t have a lot of moves and you don’t earn a lot of money. But if you choose a pair below, i think, between between the 10th and the 20th of coin market cap, i think it’s you.

You can have better profits, but, on the contrary, you, you will have a lot of chance to to to see the coins dropped and see, for example, for rv, see your phones uh completely stuck until uh until the coins move up again or until you can refund Your um in order to trade again, if it drops again, okay, i i think i i got your question okay. Basically, this is the account that i was sharing and have it open now on the screen uh, as i advised last time, it’s the best way is to diversify your funds, because not all of the uh coins will move at the same time. So, actually, i did not add any more funds from outside, but you due to the fact that there are some coins who did not took much of the usdt.

I could actually use it to help the av, the afv as it reached down to let’s go inside. Just to show you the precise numbers uh, it started at the price of 50 uh, sorry, 251, yes, and the price went down. This average price at 200 was at 223 when it took the first three covers and when the market went down, started, buying, selling buying selling, buy and selling and making profit. I’M just going to going to go to the lowest market point that it reached to yeah.

It’s here, 724, so that mean the market of this coin have dropped about seventy one point: one percent or seventy one point: two percent, and still up to this coin we would cover 35. So the market was what was still buying and selling, but then it reached a point where it cannot buy anymore, because the market went beyond that 70 percent and uh the the funds have already been used. I know that you were referring to this uh available funds. Here it was only one hundred and eighty dollars, but it wasn’t able to take more so what i did.

What i did is that we just changed the balance inside and that’s why actually, once the market hit with cover 35 for some for some coins, we opened immediately the covers from 36 to 50, so for the people who have additional funds, maybe outside or not used In the bots they can assign it to this specific coin and still can buy into the market. And this exactly what i did. I just increased the the funds into the into the balance not from outside, because there are some coins which were moving good and they’re. Not have not used all of the funds, so it started picking up again and if you look here there was cover 37 uh, 30 yeah.

It took a cover 36 and then 37 and then 37 again and then sold 30 37. 35. Then you have again 35 30 uh. I think there’s 6 37 a couple of times and then the market started moving up.

So the the the idea of using the funds at that low market is to help the average price to go down, because this is our main goal is to close this cycle as soon as possible, as the market is done. So when you add more funds, it could be as low as 100 or 200 or 300 usd that just could help you open a couple of trades up to maybe cover 37, 38, 39 or 40, because the market is already down during the down market. It fluctuates much because look at here it point made like point two point: nine one point one. So this is already all made by the additional fund that i added to this coin.

So this cover 38 buy, cover 38 sell cover 38 and again silicon 38 again buy and sell, buy and sell 39 also buy and sell and 40 buy and sell. So and then again the market started moving up and started selling the covers on the top. So it keeps on giving profit giving profit and 50 of that profit that the actual profit is used to pull down.

If you remember that video, if you go back to that video, this number was different. The average price – yes higher than this, i think, maybe around 200 or close to 200. So today is it’s 187.

That means from that time, until now, the market, the average price, have actually be dropped down, uh around, maybe 15 or 13, or something like this. So it keeps on moving, it keeps on moving based on, and now i got the money back that i added to the coin. It’s already back because now i have available funds 100 and 1559, because right now it’s trading at which cover uh it’s trading at cover 34. Okay, because the market started moving up, it was 72 fluctuated a little bit at that place went down maybe to 70 uh, 24.

73 72. So it’s using that to buy and sell and then the market went up today the market is 107. So if it stays at 107 or goes down again to 70, i’m safe, it’s still going to buy and sell, and eventually this average price is going to be dropping down and reaching to the market price either the market is going to go up and hit with This average price plus 15 percent and start selling the whole cycle, or this average price, the market stays down and with the fluctuation and make small profit that brings that every price down and this average price down moved down to reach to the current market price plus 15 and then sell everything close the cycle, and then you can realize the whole profit that the bot have made in usd and then start all over again at that low market as a new cycle.

This is exactly the way it’s designed. Yes, the if the market come back to your point. If the market goes down dramatically and it buys all the covers and it goes to cover 35, basically, all of your usds will be in trades.

It will unlikely, go there because 35 means like 60 70. If you saw based on this example, it’s around 70 to 2 or 711 percent, the this kind of drop is is not usually in the crypto market. The past couple of weeks, one of the the hugest drop in the market. We will have made the option for people if we had that kind of drop.

They can add a little bit of funds from outside and still keep on trading at the low market, because most likely the market is going to come up and again market doesn’t come up and stay there. It’s going to make small trades buy and sell, buy and sell and bring down the trade on the top and close it at the bottom of the market. Uh right now, i’m working even on more enhanced strategy, we’re enhancing the the uh default strategy to make it even perform much better than this.

It’s not the right time not to share it. I’Ve already designed it it’s ready to be deployed, but it just has to be programmed as we need to add more parameters for that strategy to be implemented. But right now it works very well, but even that enhancement is going to be performing even better than this and closing faster than uh. What we have at the moment, thanks for answering my question, it’s much clearer.

Thank you. No problem, no problem. Awesome.

Uh super super clear answer. Dear muhammad, would it be fair to say muhammad that uh two things that uh a good practice for a user would be to consider consistently adding, even if it’s a small amount, consistently adding funds to your trading balance? You know a lot of times, we think about setting up easybot and we’ve got a certain. You know, investment amount that we that we want to trade and we never think about coming back and adding to it.

But i think we’d like to encourage users to to consider an interval, a regular interval where you’re adding to that investment. So that’s that’s the first piece and then the second piece is: would it be accurate to say mohammed that an extra 200, whether you’re trading, a small account or a large account is, is sufficient enough? That should we hit a you know the 35th cover and a significant drop. Just an extra couple hundred dollars can get uh can get you through that really volatile low end of the market. Yes, because, right now, as you have seen in the aav that i showed now that it just went down to cover 40, that means five more covers.

Five more covers each cover, let’s say of about 150, so that’s uh, because i’m i’m trading big account from the top, but with the enhanced strategy that i’m going to work on at the moment. If the market comes down and hit the cover 35, you can actually add as low as 200, regardless of the capital that you’re, using even if you’re, using like 10 000 on the top of the market you’re using 10 000 in the in the coin. And the coin reached to that level, 35 – and you still don’t have usd defense – you could add as low as 200 dollars and it will take you another 35 percent down and can play within that range and still buy and sell, buy and sell and use hundred Percent or, let’s say 90 percent of the profit made in that interval to bring down the average price, because now we are in a critical situation, the market is really down, so we don’t care about making profit at that place more than caring about bringing down the Average price, so this is stage of the market just to reveal a little bit of the enhancement uh it’s 10 goes to you as a profit. 90 is to bring down the average price until it takes you out of this zone like you, are in really cover 50 uh.

36. 37. 38.

39. This, let’s save it for that time. But yes, the answer to your questions could be as little as 200 uh dollars or maybe 180, to be precise as low as 180 that you can add which will sustain for additional drop of 35 percent guys.

I i i know there’s no way in the world. Maybe there’s a couple of you guys, uh guys and gals on the call today that my grasp the significance of what muhammad just shared with you, but i’ve got to tell you just take my word for it. If you thought eazybot was special. If you thought it was a game changer, what you’ve already experienced uh, what muhammad just described to you, that’s coming in a new update and a new release of easybot, absolutely shuts everything else down the the key here is consistency ability to perform in any market condition, Not only could we let rest on the success of having proven that in a real world market, uh muhammad has been working behind the scenes tirelessly to improve upon that, which means that easybot represents a product, a tool, a an assistant that you can use that allows You to confidently trade cryptocurrency, no matter what’s happening in the markets, guys it’s absolutely phenomenal.

I i appreciate your question thing. Thank you so much because it’s it’s what it’s the question. A lot of folks are asking it’s. What a lot of folks that have been introduced to other bots are sensitive to is i don’t want to get into a position where my funds are tied up and – and i’m just you know, i’m i’m out of i’m out of options except to wait, and while That’s part of trading patience is definitely a part of trading.

The power of easybot is that it speeds up the process. It’Ll. Allow you to see consistent profits, as we just witnessed in that account.

Uh you’ll see consistent profits, no matter what’s happening in the market and we’re proud to tell you that that’s going to get even even better, so great question there thing muhammad, you want to come back in uh. Yes, i just want to answer a question that sent to me directly um sure as direct message. Well, the first question was um.

I think it’s um, the searching for that uh that is uh is easy. What is able to trade less than six hundred dollars? Your answer was not was no, which is correct at this stage, but with kucoin we could adjust that to lower than 600, because q coin can take lower trades. Finance can take as low as just ten dollars or ten point five eleven dollars. Uh coin.

In some coins it takes up to one dollar or zero point. Five dollars for for, for bitcoin is the maximum, and it takes zero point is 00001 bitcoin, which is equivalent to about 30 dollars. Now, maybe in the future, it will be uh, not 33. Sorry in the future, if bitcoin goes back to the 60 price range, it’s going to be six dollars and so on.

So i could, i could say, like uh with q coin, the default Strategy can work with as low as 200 with all the coins except bitcoin with bitcoin. You can save 300 for now uh, but for for practical purposes you will not see that in reflected in the bot anytime in the near future. That is a possible capability, but don’t anticipate that the default strategy changes in the next couple days or even weeks, all right, but that’s exciting as well, because we know that that opens up an entire market. Uh for folks who are who’ve been asking for a lower barrier to entry, so good news just keeps on coming all right, we’ll come back and and not take any more questions.

I want to move on and talk about, um, something that a lot of that is important to a lot of you, especially if you are sharing easy by the opportunity, the product with uh with others guys you. Hopefully, you know from the time that you’ve spent with us so far we are a product first company, which means that we’re going to spend the majority of our time talking about the product, how it works, why it works, how to take advantage of it, use it And utilize it and we’re going to spend a little bit of time, reminding you that we have the most amazing affiliate referral rewards program on the planet as an amazing compliment to accelerate your earnings using easybot. And so, if you are taking advantage of that. Acceleration of that opportunity to share easybot with others uh we’re we’ve been talking about a marketing tool, a marketing platform that will be available to you to help you to do that again to make it easy to share the story, and so i want to want to Share that we are just days away from being able to release that, for you guys we’re doing some final testing, there’s two major integrations that have to happen to bring that together.

One of those is underway, as we speak. The bigger of those two integrations we’ve been testing it over the last week or so happy with those results, and so we’re going to finalize that integration over the next day and then the latter integration with the marketing platform itself. Uh comes in right behind it, and so once that’s done and we’ve completed testing, which should take us no more than a few days, then we are excited to say that we are just around the corner from releasing the marketing platform.

Now, for those of you who might be new or may maybe not have been paying as much attention to marketing or sharing easybot, maybe you don’t consider yourself a marketer. Well, here’s why this is there’s a couple of reasons why this is important for you to to pay attention to number one. This is a.

We call it a marketing platform, but it’s really a a business tool and it’s going to be useful for you for a couple of different things. One. It will be a place where we will house all of our training and recorded calls so for, for example, right now we’re recording this call and inevitably somebody’s wondering where in the world do i find this recording.

Well, of course, if you go into telegram and you find follow our uh, you find that pinned posts there’s a link to our vimeo channel, where all of these calls are are hosted. That’s a little bit cumbersome. So when you have the marketing app, it’s a mobile app that downloads right into your into your phone. That means you can keep easybot close by.

That means that all of these recorded calls that have important information. Maybe you weren’t able to make a call or you weren’t able to stay through an entire call to be able to get back to it very quickly. You’Ll! Be able to do that through this platform, you’ll be able to access different trainings that we’re developing. Just for you, whether you’re, using the platform for the benefit of trading, cryptocurrency or you’re, using it to share with others or both it’ll, be a place where you’ll find trainings as well.

So we love to do the trainings here on live calls. But we know a lot of you. Guys would like to be able to sit and spend time really understanding and dissecting that information. So it’s going to be a powerful tool for you from a training and access to information standpoint.

Also, speaking of access to information we have, we will also have the ability to send push notifications through this application. So again it’s a mobile first experience. It’s designed to be a you know, an app that you download the desktop experience has some limitations that you that that the mobile really shines in so we’re gon na encourage everybody, whether you’re, sharing easybot or not, download this application.

When it’s released, that’s coming here around the corner very shortly download the application. So you get push notifications when there are important announcements. Phone calls. Trainings special community calls like what we’re doing on friday.

You’Ll get a push notification you’ll be able to join the call right from that notification, especially if you’re a business builder. You definitely want to make sure that you’ve got the app and then you’ve got your team members in the application as well. Now, if you are sharing this with others, there’s some particular benefits that you’ll want to take advantage of, and that is these marketing funnels that we’ve designed for you. So a marketing funnel is really a very kind of fancy way of saying we’re going to give you a way of telling introducing people to easybot capturing their name and email and in some instances their phone number.

If they share it with you and then being able to turn around and share more and more information with them over time, what we know from from successful marketers is that it takes multiple exposures to most people before they make a decision. You’Ve got to hear it see it more than one time so. Obviously, easybox got a very low barrier to entry because you can get started for free, but some people because they’re busy you’re not paying attention or you don’t just.

Maybe they just get it or whatever. 100 different reasons why a person might not take action immediately, so you’ve shared easybot with them you’ve taken advantage of this. This funnel this landing page, that’s been professionally designed for you i’ll give you a sneak peek at one of them here in just a moment. So you you’ve used that to pique their interest and give them a little bit of information.

Maybe they went all the way through and they watched the complete presentation and they still hadn’t made a decision. A large percentage of your folks will be that way. They’Ll see the information and they won’t necessarily take action right away. Well, the power of this funnel system is that it continues the interaction it continues to follow them through an email series.

We’Ll add text message, series series as well and so, while you’re off doing something else, maybe prospecting with other folks or just going about life. The system is working in the background for you sending out additional touches and introducing them to new aspects of easybot and really really helping nurture the interest and the relationship on your behalf. So that’s an incredibly powerful tool when that person responds when, when your prospects respond to an email and they finally decide you know they’ve seen it they’ve seen enough they’ve got to try it for themselves. They click that link from the email.

It’s going to create an account for them in easybot that you get credit for when that happens, you’ll see that notification uh directly in your marketing app platform uh, so we’re very, very, very excited about it. Let me pivot here real quick and just give you guys. Let me take in and give you a sneak peek of what one of those funnels will look like all right. So hopefully you guys can see my screen here.

So this is just an example of what this might look like. I’M going to actually take you and give it to you in mobile, so this was what it might look like in mobile. We know that about 75 78 of our users are going to access easybot through mobile, so we’ve designed this to be mobile first. This is just giving you a good idea of how professional you’ll be able to present the story of easybot to your prospects beautifully done, and while we’re here, this is just a quick sneak peek, but i do want to show you guys, uh, this amazing, video and I’Ll drop a link for you to get a copy of it, but uh take a look at this introducing easybot the 100 free crypto trading.

Software powered by proven timetested ai technology doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner eager to get started with crypto trading or you’re. An experienced trader who wants to maximize your results by doing less easy bot can help you do that. Now you can leverage the power of ai to trade crypto.

For you, 24 7. Easy bot is a simple easy to use, bot that has been preprogrammed with proven trading strategies allowing everyone to enter the market and trade confidently. Unlike other bots easybot will make sure you’re making profits, never closing on a losing position. Just deploy your bots once and let them do the trading for you, it’s so simple and easy to deploy with zero technical experience needed.

So what are you waiting for sign up for a free, easybot account now and start trading today? Easybot is crypto made easy introducing great. Let me uh pause that there we go all right, uh, so super cool, very quick. My one minute, video i’ll drop, a link to i think breezy you’ve got that link.

If you don’t mind, oh breezy is not with us. Let me go there. There we go. Okay, just drop the link to where that lives on our youtube channel.

If you guys want to grab that make a copy of it, uh share that with folks give them a nice quick introduction, but that video will be part of the funnel. So that’s a good example of a funnel page, where you’ll be able to share that through text message: email, whatsapp, facebook, anywhere that you can send or share a message on your mobile device. You’Ll be able to share your link out and it’s coded to you.

It will it’s a super, easy setup to code, it back to you so that anything that happens from that prospect gets credited back to you um, so guys just gets better and better and better and better and better and better. This is the beauty of being a part of the launch of easybot uh. It only gets better from here.

So with that being said, uh founders club. I just want a quick reminder that we are closing up prequalification for founders club we’ve got seven days remaining as we go into june. We we’ve got kucoin launch, which means that everybody now has access to create an account and start trading. So we will start publishing results of founders club of those who are fully qualified uh, based on the couple of the three different criteria.

One is that you have three people that you’ve personally enrolled that have upgraded to either advanced or vip package and are trading with at least 600. The second criteria is that those three people have introduced at least three people themselves that have done the same, advanced or vip package upgrades and are trading with a minimum of 600. At that point, you now have a total in your organization of 12 people. You have three on your first leg and on your first level and nine on your next level.

This is not a huge organization and you personally have upgraded yourself to either advanced excuse me. You personally have upgraded yourself to vip, so once you’ve accomplished those three things and you are also trading by the way, a minimum of 600 once you’ve accomplished those things. If you, if you’re one of the first 1 000 people to do so, you were securing permanently securing a spot in founders, club and founders club is a pool that represents five percent of all the revenue that is generated by easybot from package sales of subscription upgrades To the software service fees, all the revenue that’s generated by easybot from those two from those two avenues: uh, it shared five percent of that is shared in this pool, and you get to share that amongst maximum of a thousand people and what muhammad just announced not Too long ago, last week, in fact was that, even if we don’t hit the thousand at the end of june, we will start making payouts in july and sharing that five percent amongst whoever is qualified in that pool. So right now we still have a few hundred spots uh.

We have quite a bit of quite a bit of space left for founders club, we’ll start publishing those numbers, as we get into the first week of june uh, but guys it’s. This is the time to really really really pay attention to that it is. My coach has said it a number of times i think founders club on its own.

It can represent retirement income for you, this is just the beginning. We’re a company. That’s three months old uh we’ve shown you proof of concept the pro the product works. What’s the hardest part, does the product work the product works? It makes money passively while you’re off doing your own thing.

I don’t know anybody that isn’t interested in finding something that is consistent, safe. The money never leaves your custody you’re, always in custody of your own, your own funds and there’s so many different places in crypto, where they’re just people are taking a beating, they’re, getting beat up by scams and and and all kinds of you know, games and programs That just oftentimes don’t work so guys. We we we’ve crossed a lot of a lot of bridges here in the last couple of months to get to a place where uh we’ve got an amazing proof of concept.

We’Ve seen easy bot work in the toughest of conditions. We’Ve got a marketing platform, that’s going to make it easy for you to share. We’Ve got exchanges coming online that gives access to people all around the world, so you can build and share this with just about anybody guys we’re excited. This is a great time.

Pay attention to founders club and the opportunity it represents. It’s not a lot of effort, but there is a way outside rewards for taking the little bit of effort that it takes to help other people get introduced and help them introduce it to others. It’Ll pay all right, so there’s a bunch of questions in the chat uh, if coach or peter, if i’ve missed any uh, would you guys help me to grab anything, that’s important and if you have any questions this is these are our updates for today, please keep In mind, we’ll be back friday same time, so come back friday with any additional questions. But if you have questions and you can unmute, that’s the easiest way for us to get to you, it’s a little bit difficult to keep up with the questions in the chat.

Uh, so if you have a question, feel free to raise your hand brock, i see you first anybody else that has questions. Do me a favor raise your hand, so we can get you lined up and then we’ll try and catch up with anything that we missed in the uh in the chat. Hey brock, hey david! This is amazing um.

You know so excited for what what you guys are, what opportunity you’re giving to all of us. You know i’ve come across a few bad experiences recently and just like you just said there, the fact that i can keep control that we you know we can see the amazing team. That’s leading the way is really really exciting um.

So i just had a quick question with um. You know for me: i’m uh going to be a kucoin guy up here in ontario, canada, and so we haven’t been able to get our accounts funded yet um. So do i have until that july, 1st or june 30th to get those uh all those accounts funded or what’s the timeline on that, then to make sure that i kind of hit all those thresholds for founders club? My answer to you would be as soon as possible because it’s it’s it’s really a race against everybody else, right so uh. What we’ve had open right now has been a prequalification period where the trading balance the trading wasn’t required uh once we get into june, then it’s the first for the first 1000 to hit all those qualification points, so it can close up in a day.

It can close up in a year. It really is up to the users. You know what level of enthusiasm and commitment we have to pursuing it, and you guys will make that decision.

So the prequalification doesn’t mean anything anymore. Uh prequalification means that you’ve got a position. Locked in, if you’ve got a position, thank you for asking.

Let me qualify that uh, so prequalification means that you’ve got a position locked in. I understand your question now so you’re saying you you’re prequalified. How much time do you have uh to get qualified for or to maintain? That position? Is that your question yeah, because that timeline has kind of changed right like initially, we had right until may 1st to have all the accounts funded, but then kucoin wasn’t ready or coinbase wasn’t ready, so just kind of wondering about that side of it yeah.

But i have prequalified um, so just yeah wanting the timeline to get all my teams funded and yeah and ready to go got it. That’s a great question. Muhammad. You want to jump in and chime in on on the timing for those who are prequalified.

Yes, thank you very much for the question. Um, it’s basically the the prequalification now i think we need to forget about it, because now we have the q coin or we will have it in a couple of hours, uh to everyone to start trading. So now uh we’re going to start working with the dev team to display actually to show the people who are qualified qualified means having those 12 accounts underneath and all of them are trading minimum 600 so end of june. You have the time, let’s say from now until end of june, to get qualified to get qualified means having that structure, and everyone is trading minimum of 600 in their accounts.

If you achieve that, then you get, you will be one of the first people who are going to get paid by the first week of july for the month of june and month of may and month of april and half month of uh of march. Basically, from the beginning, until now, whatever we made as a company, five percent of our revenue is going to be shared among the people who get qualified. Even if there are just five people we’re just going to pay to all of the people who get qualified.

If there are a hundred, there are 200 if all of the uh 1 000 members are there we’re going to pay to all of them. So now we got good uh 30 days, i think more than around 35 days or 36 days for everyone to get qualified, uh be vip member and get the the accounts underneath and let them start trading so regardless. If you are qualified prequalified now or you are not prequalified, yet you get the same chance, you get the same amount of days to get qualified and to get cut off that uh revenue share by end of june.

I hope this is uh. This answers the question. All right thanks! Thank you.

Mohammed appreciate you jumping in uh, we’ve got two more randolph and then captain jack you’re up next randolph come on in. Can you hear me? Yes, uh randolph? Yes, we can hear you that’s great. We got a little bit of an echo there, so i know all right is the echo gong yeah there you go perfect: okay, great um, i’m excited about easybod, as i have from from the beginning uh. One of the things that i really like about.

It is the ability for it to compound on winning trades, but i don’t hear much about that is: can we talk a little bit about how it compounds, or can we show that in the back office could muhammad do that yeah? You know what randolph that’s. I appreciate you bringing that up because you know there’s so many good things to talk about with easybot that sometimes we can look overlook. Some of these really powerful features and you’re right compounding automatically compounding your earnings is one of those so uh muhammad you do. You want to jump in and highlight that, yes, sure, let me just go through this, the same account or you know what let me just open.

Another account just give me a second just to show you the the compounding part: okay, okay, this is another account, and here there are 17 coins being traded started. Just i think, two days back or three days back. So let’s look at one of these coins. Let’s look at the first, the one in the top five.

If you look at here, the the amount used in each coin initially was 1 000, but right now the capital is not 1 000 anymore. It’s 101373, where did this come from, is basically the profit that this coin have made. It’s automatically adding to the capital, so the next trade is basically uh going to be based on 1, 000 and uh.

Where is that here, yeah based on thousand and thirteen? So as soon as any profits being made, whether it’s a cent or it’s a dollar or a ten dollar or a hundred dollars added to the capital here and then the next trade here, which is basically a percentage of the capital, is going to increase accordingly. Let me show that in excel sheet is going to be, i think, much clearer, so muhammad, i i can’t quite see that number in the initial order, but the initial order on a thousand dollars would be thirty, three dollars and ninety cents correct exactly so. Let me just make this bigger: can you see the excel sheet? Yeah, okay, trying to make this bigger? Okay? So there are three variables here. The first one is is the capital which we call it the balance that you’re using for that coin and then there is initial order and then there is profit.

So the balance is basically the capital if your capital is 1000 or whatever or 600. Here in the initial order is going to be taking 339 of the capital point, three nine percent. So if your capital is one thousand uh, what’s that? Yes, there you go so that mean if you’re this is already linked within the system and this on the uh default strategy. It takes three point three, nine percent, but if your capital is six hundred, it’s going to be twenty dollars.

If your capital is one thousand, it’s going to be this much so what happens? There is an internal formula. Let’s say in here changes the capital. Let me put the initial capital, so this is the updated ones to update it, so the balance or the cap that keeps on updating it will be basically the profit plus the capital.

So right now this bot have made – and this is going to change accordingly – causes changes based on the updated balance or updated capital. So, let’s say in this: in this specific scenario: they both have made 137. So what happened? Just now is the balance increased by the amount of capital and then accordingly, the initial order have increased instead of being. Let me just do it one more time, instead of being 33399 now it’s changed to 346 and the more profit it makes.

The more initial amount is going to increase the more the capital is going to increase, so that will give it the exponential uh factor of growing your capital. That mean, let’s say in one month time: your profit was 100, so that mean your next month is going to be starting from uh itself. 30 339 is going to be 378.

Your capital is now 100 and 1 100. Let’s say in one year time: you have made 1 000 dollars in profit. That mean your capital. Now is 2 2000 and your initial order is going to be big and the bigger your order value the bigger your profit is going to be so it’s going to be increasing and increasing, increasing.

Let’s take this uh i’ll. Take this chance actually to go through the coach, queen’s preferred website of the that shows. The compounding factor just give me a second to go to that.

Okay, this is not the one. There was another one, it’s all daily monthly and yes. This is, though, so, let’s take this example right now, the let’s say the capital is ten thousand dollars, okay, the one that we start with, and now we can put some assumption here of what would what might be the monthly uh profit, the monthly uh profit for Using easybot, i don’t know i i don’t want to do this to put numbers here that would be taken for granted, but, let’s, let’s just assume, let’s assume it’s seven percent, just as an assumption, it could be more, it could be less, it could be way lower.

It could be way higher depending on the market movement, so, let’s say seven percent and we kept that money for five years and we know the compounding is happening in a daily basis. Actually, it’s happening every trade, everything that happens. It increases the capital risk. So it’s daily compounding happening.

This is the biggest effect that’s going to happen here. So now, let’s calculate and see in five years how much that capital is going to be if it applies the same, if the the monthly average is seven percent and we keep it for five years and the compounding is daily. So that means this ten thousand is turning into six hundred and sixty three thousand. That means more than half million, and these are numbers, i’m not putting anything from myself.

This is the numbers based on some assumptions. Assumptions might be right right, maybe wrong, which is basically this this one, the inter the uh, the rate interest rate or the profit that we’re making a monthly basis. This could be, one percent could be, two percent could be, three percent could be. Five percent could be, ten percent could be, twenty could be.

Thirty depends on the strategy that you’re, using and depending on the market movement, so i’m just putting average of like seven percent, so this is the effect of compounding. So if we don’t have compounding, let me remove that compounding, and i don’t know how can i remove it, but let me make it clearly instead of daily. Maybe that gave me some idea it’s 210 still, but i just want to remove it completely.

I don’t know if there is a way to remove this, remove the compounding to see how much it will be. We can do it in in the in the excel sheet. Yeah. Let’s do it here.

Let’s do it without compounding the same amount, 10, 000 and in monthly, okay, let’s say a month, one and then one two: well, it’s a linear. We don’t have to mention it this way. Sorry for that, so let’s say the monthly profit is again the same way. Let’s put the same assumption again: it’s assumption.

It’s not something guaranteed seven percent subject, so that means the monthly profit of the ten thousand is going to be this multiplied by this this much so in five years. How many months do we have 12 multiplied by 5? That’s 60 months, so we have to basically multiply the 60 by the 700 that mean you’re going to make 42 000 in profit in five years. This is without compounding, and with compounding it was six hundred thousand dollars.

So this is the effect of compounding. Is we you’re using your profit, you’re, adding it to the capital and then the new capital is basically your in the initial capital plus the profit that you made and then it trades that amount. That’s what makes the this effect of uh having uh the bigger amount.

Instead of just 42 000, it’s now 663. 000. I hope this. This explains the power of compounding again guys.

The the numbers that i mentioned are just assumptions: there’s nothing guaranteed here, it’s just based on the market movement. Thank you. Thank you, mohamed appreciate that thank you.

For that all right, next up, captain jack come on. In with your question or comment: yeah hi, everybody love this whole all the people here, all the product. All of this man, it’s it’s beautiful uh, but i have a small uh, annoyance, technical uh question problem.

Uh. I’Ve been having login issues uh there. It uh refers to uh um, dealing with a capture code and uh, there’s just a little thing down in the bottom right, both on the web and on the uh mobile uh, showing some kind of symbology about uh capture code.

You know where you click on the fire hydrants and all that kind of stuff and cars and buses and whatnot to verify um. But it doesn’t, it doesn’t do anything and uh. So i’ll. Try to log in and um it’ll say: sorry, you have to do the capture code, you know and uh i’m logged out.

I can’t get in so this is a new addition seeing this little gadget down there so uh, but it’s uh been really problematic. I want to log in and do do you know the stuff we do on the inside any uh any fix on that any awareness of it uh. This is the first i’ve heard of an issue, so the best thing for you to do is uh, submit a support, ticket and uh. We’Ll connect with you to help.

Take a look at that and get it resolved, but yeah i haven’t. I haven’t come across any other, any other issues like this, so we’ll we’ll jump on a call together and see how we can resolve that for you and and and uh when you log in you’re uh having to click on fire, hydrants, buses, trains and whatnot uh. My login access is a little different than uh than the way that you’re getting in.

So i don’t have that that experience, but we’ve tested what you’re talking about is is a uh is another. This is another layer of security for user user level, access uh that we’ve uh, that we’ve rolled out uh. We tested it extensively and i haven’t heard uh.

It really should be a noninvasive experience. So, let’s take a look at your particular case because again i haven’t yeah, i’m i’m using the brave uh, i’m using the brave browser both on a desktop and on the mobile, and that’s got all this uh. You know privacy stuff and a lot of so it might be related to that. Okay, uh yeah, do me a favor put it in a support ticket.

It just helps us to document, especially if we see this as a consistent experience uh. If there’s, if there’s support tickets, we tag those, and so it just helps us get visibility of uh any any situations that are repeating themselves. I see lauren, saying you’re having the same issue, but it had cleared up all right.

So yeah guys this is hey. How was that? Hey david, hey uh and i saw it – i saw that on brave as well, it’s because of the brave browser. If you move to another browser, you will probably not have that error. Thank you.

Randolph appreciate that all right, so captain jack. Do me a favor test it on a different browser and then do me a favor still submit a support ticket if it works in a different browser or it doesn’t work since we talked about it just so. I know where you left off.

Do us a favor submit a support ticket? Just let us know if you still need help or if it resolves itself in another browser. Okay, great thanks a lot uh! Interestingly, it’s not only me, but it’s probably brave uh and so forth, and so on. We’Ll do some testing on on that browser as well all right lots of uh thanks to everybody and lots of love all around. Thank you appreciate you all right.

Holly. I see you unmuted. You want to come in nope, okay, all right guys! It’s uh! 20 minutes.

After the top of the hour, we’ve been here for a little bit, hopefully this call has been valuable to you, uh, just a quick recap of what we talked about today. Kucoin is rolling out here within the next 24 hours, you’ll start to see access to the crew coin exchange in your list of exchanges and the uh coin getting started guide is published in the in the knowledge base access it through supporteasybotcom. That’s our our most exciting milestone that we get to cut that we cross this week so make sure that if you’re, not trading or you’d like to experience, kucoin get yourself an account set it up. It’s super easy, get familiar with it and introduce others that are not yet trading, and then the other thing is, if you like what we did today, if you like the uh, the interaction from muhammad being able to just kind of open up a bot and explain And answer questions we’re going to do a lot more of that on friday.

So please come back join us friday. Think of some some some questions. Uh it’ll be really helpful. If you guys come to the call with your questions and we can, we can lead off the call, knowing some of the questions that you want to cover that way.

We make the call more useful and contextual to the things that are important to you, guys uh guys and gals, and so we look forward to joining you again on friday, 12 noon. Eastern, it’s 8 pm in the in july 5 pm in london. I think that’s like 10 pm in india, 12 am in china wherever you are in the world.

Please be there. Friday join us. Muhammad ceo is going to take some time, spend some spend an hour, maybe more going through all the ins and outs and details we’ll follow this particular account that we’ve been talking about and uh and open up some other accounts for you, lots of other important details And upcoming events, we talked about the marketing platform uh right around the corner.

Releasing that we’ve got a video. I just shared the link to that in the uh chat, for you guys as well. Nice, quick one minute, video that’ll, be part of the funnels in the marketing system, so guys just look for all kinds of really great things.

Coming around the corner, uh make sure that you’re working on getting qualified for founders club, even if you’re, not you, don’t consider yourself a marketer or a big business builder. It’s it’s a very, very doable qualification and it’s worth doing it’s worth the little bit of effort that it takes to get there all right. Ladies and gentlemen, i’m going to call it a day, coach, ken or muhammad. If you guys want to have either one of you want to have some final words to close us out for today i’ll hand it over to you.

All i have to say is thank you. Thank you to david and muhammad and the dev team, guys we’re we’re, making great progress forward and uh we’re excited for every one of you. Everything that uh we’re going to be bringing to you is going to enhance your business if you’re here for the ability to grow a team and get to your goal of financial freedom quicker everything that we’re introducing is going to get you there if you’re here, just To use the bot you’ll get there with that as well, we’re very, very confident of that very excited for everybody’s future.

Thank you, david you’re, amazing. Thank you breezy and peter for all the hard work you do behind the scenes, uh for uh customer service and just supporting people, and thank you muhammad for your genius and creating such a great tool for all of us. Guys we’ll see you on friday.

Don’T miss that call it’s going to be awesome and uh back to you david. I don’t know who has controls here, who’s the host that’d, be you david, yep, uh, muhammad, any final words. His mom is still with us.

He may have had to jump off all right. Ladies and gentlemen, i think uh we’re going to call it a wrap. Thank you. So much 75 of you guys that are still here feel free to unmute.

If you want to say your goodbyes we’ll leave, it leave the room open for just a moment, and i will see you on friday, great job david, great job team. Thank you bye. Thank you.

So much it was awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Everyone have a great day see you doris.

It’s always a pleasure to see you danny starr good, to see you. Thank you. Thank you. So much tonight, god bless eileen khalil good to see you.

Thank you. You’re welcome, bye! Thank you, guys, junior! Thank you eduardo. Thank you. God bless you as always.

Likewise youtube you. Thank you. Thanks, paul great call, constantine you’re, awesome.

Brother. God bless you still. People are coming in the room too call it a day. God bless y’all,

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