EazyBot Compensation Plan

And uh a little bit all right, um. Some of this is obviously gon na, be uh. It’s we’re gon na improve everything. Everything isn’t up to date with the logo and the branding and the color scheme, and all of that uh.

This will all be uh updated. Here in the very very near future, um, our mission at easybot is to become the easiest to use the most profitable, ai crypto trading software in the world and guys we are on uh track to doing that. Uh, i believe, by the end of the the first year that we are going to have such uh um we’re going to grow exponentially because of this right. Here we will be the easiest bot and most profitable, profitable bot in the world um.

EazyBot Compensation Plan

I want to read a quick disclaimer under no circumstances is you’re participating in watching this overview, intended to imply or predict any level of success that you may obtain if you elect to participate with participate with the easybot opportunity. Your participation with the following opportunity associated with this presentation is entirely and completely up to you. We are not financial advisors, we’re simply members of the community. Any examples of potential shown here are completely hypothetical realize that time, management work, ethic, coachability background these factors and many others will ultimately determine your level of success and again, no guarantees are made on your level of success with this opportunity.

Any illustrations of financial potential of the opportunity are not to be understood, construed or suggest as any form or any type of guarantee whatsoever in obtaining the financial potential illustrated in this presentation, and while i was reading that guys, i was thinking okay, this has to be Read just because of the regulatory agencies uh in the us, and because we are a referral marketing business as well as um ai software. Our product is the ai software, but um. They should actually make every uh guidance counselor at a university.

Read this before a student enrolls: okay, we’re going to be fair; okay, but anyways! That’s just my little take on it. So um easy bot rank advancement is based solely on servant. Leadership, zig ziglar said it best.

You can have everything in life you want. If you would just help enough other people get what they want and basically what does everybody want in life? Everyone wants financial freedom with financial freedom. I remember a friend of mine, that’s a very successful financial. He said to me one time he goes.

You know what the difference can between financial freedom and not having financial freedom is. I was like what tell me andrew, he said choices. You have more choices when you are wealthy, that’s all there is to it.

You can help more people or you can hurt more people. You know money doesn’t make a person better. It just makes them more of what they already were.

So you know, our heart is to mentor people to become great people, and we want to see everyone. That’s using our product become financial, financially free and, when educated on, how to do that guys properly the sky’s the limit here, you’re going to see that in a minute so uh we are people driven company where the product has the potential to set you free. We are not a comp plan driven company guys. What you’re going to see here is a phenomenal comp plan, but we’re not a comp plan.

Driven company we’re a people driven company. The product will drive the growth of the company and the way we serve people. People are way more important than money. They always will be.

Okay. Everyone wants financial freedom. Welcome.

Okay. I think i just read that page start for absolutely free see for yourself how powerful easy bot is uh. This isn’t a free position.

You can actually use the bot. You can trade up to two tokens and you can choose any of the tokens that you want to trade um. We were talking to muhammad this week and the minimum is 600 uh. That’s all the verbiage on this is going to change to 600 because uh he said the bot works and will perform efficiently at 600.

500 is a little bit less than what is needed for the spot to perform as it’s created. So we want everybody to win. It’s not because we want people to put more money in because we need their money. No, that’s not the case.

The case is the bot performs with 600. Okay. Now, if i can say this, though you you can participate in its compensation plan without putting any money in your exchange, you can get the bot for free, but if you don’t have money to trade, you can begin to promote and earn the money to trade. So that’s another very powerful thing about what we’ve created here.

We call it the easy compensation plan because it’s pretty simple, it starts out with a twotier affiliate program. When you join easybot for free or with any of the versions you receive uh, i’m sorry um. There are three versions: there’s a free version here. You could trade two tokens on one exchange, the fee, the voluntary finders fee on this is going to be 30.

Then there’s a novice which is 250. You can it’s 250 annually. You could trade up to 10 tokens and use two different exchanges.

Why is this important? Because you want to have your assets in more than one basket, so you can. You can actually have two exchanges if something you know hopefully will never happen. But if something like a one of the exchanges gets hacked you’ve got part of your assets in another exchange. Okay, so we we recommend 50 and it doesn’t cost anymore to do that.

But the pro vip you get vip customer concierge customer service, you, the bot, is 995 annually. You can use all of the approved tokens right now, there’s 21 of them and you can use up to five exchanges. So now you’ve you’re really protecting your assets by spreading them out over five exchanges now 40, when you sign somebody up, let me share this guys.

If you love the bot – and you see it’s producing for you, it’s going to be very difficult for you not to share for any one of us not to share it, because once we see that we have more money today than we had yesterday in our account And we see what it’s producing guys, it’s going to be difficult. Not this thing is going to grow organically because of that and i’ve seen it happen before i’ve. I’Ve already seen this happen guys and our bot is 10 times better than what we’ve experienced. Our customer service is 10 times better.

Our comp plan is 10 times better guys. This is going to explode 10 times faster because of that guys we are so positioned right now, but when you sign somebody up, obviously there is no commissions on the annual bot lease, but there is on the 30 percent, but you get 40 percent fast uh. If you sign up, if you sign up somebody for free, there’s, no obviously no commissions on the free version for the bottles, but on the novice and the vip pro it’s forty percent, so this is a great fast start bonus. You make a hundred dollars when uh somebody signs up at the 250 and you make nine uh four hundred dollars when somebody signs up at the 995.

So this guy here, here’s you you bring in this guy over here. If he comes in at the 1995, you make almost 400 here uh. If he comes in at the 250, you make 100 bucks, but if this guy brings in this guy here, you make 10.

So if he, if he signs up at the thousand dollar level 995, you make almost 100 bucks here guys if he signs up at the 250, you make 25, so you can literally bring in one person and – and this person goes to work and you’re going to Make you’re going to make an income from this guy’s efforts here? It’s a twotier affiliate program; okay, also you’re, going to receive eight percent commissions on all personals voluntary finders fee. Now what is the voluntary finder fee? It’s very simple guys. The bot goes to work for us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It will never close a losing trade it’ll just hold and then when, if the market’s dropping it’s going to use the profit, it’s making at the bottom help lower this uh cost per average at the top. So it’ll close them out it’s unique to this spot. It’s an amazing thing, guys we are going to see so much uh profit in the down market, guys it’s a it’s! This is going to be amazing. So when the bots going to work for us, what are we doing? We’re sleeping okay, warren buffett said until a man’s making money in the sleep he’ll work to pour it to the day he dies.

This bot will be working for you, while you’re sleeping while you’re out uh at the beach, if you’re skiing in the mountains. This spot is going to work for you if you’re at work. This bot is going to work for you now, because it’s going to work for us, we give it 20 to 30 percent if a free version 30 a paid version 20. Every time it closes out a pos, positive trade.

So if you make ten dollars from a positive trade, you give it two to three dollars now guys i i traded full time guys. I had 13 screens open each with a different token and coin, and i had the bitcoin chart chromecast into my bedroom at night guys i was in front of it all day and all night long i’d wake up in the middle of night. Looking for an entry point – and i know pro traders that have done the exact same thing – guys guys – you could be in a position where you’ve never traded before and this bot will outperform most pro traders.

You could be fresh in the market, you know nothing and the way we have this set up, you’ll be trading in your first 24 hours. You’Ve set it up, you could be closing a trade in your first two hours and all you did is set it and forget it now. What’s the value of that guys, where you don’t have to stay in front of your screens night and day and carry your phone around waiting for it to ding, saying the market’s dropping, i mean when i was at the gym i had and i’m running on the Treadmill, i mean guys what is that worth to you to me? I’D give 20 every day of the week to get away from those strengths, that’s the power of a of a wellrun bot guys.

So what ends up happening out of that 20 to 30 percent, we’re paying a large portion out back out to the field for you guys to help us promote the bot so you’re going to receive eight percent commissions on all your personal. So this guy here you’re gon na make eight percent of them just for bringing that one guy in that one person in and you’re gon na get an eight percent check match. So all of his daily um voluntary finders fee commissions, you’re gon na make eight percent check match whatever he makes. So if this guy’s a runner – and he goes to work guys and you’re gon na see a comp plan, it’s gon na motivate this guy to go to work.

This guy’s gon na want to go to work and, if he’s a runner or if he’s a uh, you know somebody that maybe never saw this market in his life and decides i’m gon na do this and he goes to work. If this guy starts making the potential here is to to make you know, we’ll have people making a million plus a month. I really believe that there’s no guarantees, but i believe we are going to have people making a million, but let’s say he makes 10 000 a month, you’re making 800 a month just from his efforts if he makes a hundred thousand a month, you’re making 8 000 A month – and we wanted to do this because the other bot you had to have 50 people before you started getting any commissions, you had to bring three people in, and at least one of them had to go to work here. One person we’re gon na give you a check match and as as he progresses, we believe that this is gon na, be the last stop we.

We know this industry guys people jump from shiny stone to shiny stone, to shiny stone, and we believe this is going to be the last shiny stone they pick up. This guy goes to work and he stays with the program guys. This person here could literally retire from what this guy does and we wanted to create it that way, you’re also going to get a three percent check match on your second tier.

So if this guy down here makes a hundred thousand you’re making three thousand a month, if he’s making a hundred thousand and again, you know the chances of that happening. Really, you know we don’t. I don’t put a whole lot of uh weight in this, because i i believe, if i go to work all of this will happen. I’M not bringing me personally, i’m like you got ta.

You got a gift sitting right in your lap right now that the product alone can set you free, but if you want to get there faster, you start building a team and you you invest your commissions into your own bot, not into some guy like bernie madoff This is in your exchange and the bots going to work for you when you understand the power of compounding guys. This is such a phenomenal system. It’s the best i’ve ever ever seen now, there’ll be others out there.

That’Ll be ponzi schemes that might look better because they’re going to say well, we can give you much higher return on your money, say byebye to your money. I’Ve had people say well, it only took me two minutes to sign up. I’M like it took you two minutes to say goodbye to that and sure enough.

It was gone because the thief of a programmer shut it down and took everybody’s money once the money got so big guys come on. We know this space, we don’t you can see them. The coach is coming out of me right now.

All right, i think i said i was going to be 15 minutes and i think i’m past that from here on, it’s going to be real fast. Okay, guys this the twotier affiliate program is where it starts out. You could bring in up to two people here and uh you’re gon na you’re gon na receive commissions just from those two people, and if they build a team, your commissions could be pretty pretty good. But it might take you a little longer to get there where the real magic begins is when you bring in your third person and your third person.

Now you receive 10 generations of voluntary finder fee commissions. You not the annual lease the annual lease. We gave a lot more upfront so that you guys could have a fast start bonus to put some money in your pocket, but the the generational commissions come from bringing in three people and then that those three people you become an affiliate coach each person, i’m gon Na change this right now, uh has to be trading with the minimum of 600 and the reason why 600 is because that’s when the uh bot performs at 600 per coin, so if you come in, you only have 600 to trade with one coin, you pick your Coin and you come in for free and that’s all you have just trade with one coin: it’s gon na perform for you now. If uh you have 1200, then you’ll be trading with two coins now um.

I think the sweet spot is going to be between 2500 and 5 000, but um. You know there’ll be a lot of people that are going to be trading with more than that, i’m going to start out with 10 grand i’m going to put 10 grand in immediately so there’ll be a lot of people are going to come in with 10 grand 20. 50. 100 grand we had.

We had that with the other bot in this spot, like i said 10 times better. Okay, so you bring in you bring in three people: you’re an affiliate coach at that point and you’re going to get paid down 10 generations at the very end of this i’ll show the excel spreadsheet, with each level’s uh commissions, okay, so the uh next promotion is An m1 coach m star uh stands for mentor mentor, one person and you mentor one person to become a uh affiliate coach. That means they brought in three people now you’re gon na get paid 15 generations on this lineage of this gentleman right here so guys.

Let me share this with you: i’ve been a part of programs where you had to fill up the the next two people. Now, if we go back, you can bring in 100 people wide just three of them. Uh is all you need, but out of that 100 out of that 20 out of that 10, if three of them go to work or just say, one of them goes to work. You get paid down to 15 generations.

On that one person you do that again, you help a second person now you’re getting paid down 15 generations on both of those lineages. Let me change that right here, real quick and make sure i did on the other one too. Okay, everybody needs to be trading with um 600 minimum again. This is your own account, though guys this isn’t you’re not giving money to somebody.

This is in their own account, um and if they don’t have 600 bucks, they start for free. It just won’t count for this, okay, so um, once you have done that three times now now you guys are super affiliates and a super affiliate now gets paid 15 generations on all of their personals. So if you bring in 10 people which isn’t a big number, you got to look at this like a business. If you want to come in and really generate wonderful, lifechanging income, so you can get to financial freedom quicker.

When you look at it that way, you look at a business 10 sales is a small amount. Okay, for something that can set somebody free guys we’ll have this we’ll have people bringing in literally hundreds of people here but you’re, going to get paid down uh to uh 15 generations on everybody all 10, so some of them might only bring in one or two, But then you can you’ll see it in this type of uh in this type of industry. There might be somebody three people deep who goes to work, somebody you don’t even know, and they just love it and they go to work so you’ll get paid down to 15 generations on everybody. At that point now, then, the next promotion is an m1 super affiliate.

So you mentor one person to be a super affiliate. That means they brought in three who brought in three at this point: you’re going to get 18 generations of voluntary finder fee commissions and uh. If you do it again, you’re an m2 super affiliate. Now you get paid 18 generations on both of these.

Do it again and now you’re an m3 super affiliate. Now you get paid 18 generations of voluntary finder fee finder fee commissions on all personal teams from here on out now guys. This is.

This is huge. This is huge now, let me tell you guys. I was working another company many years ago and um they had a comp plan that was similar to this, but no mentor. You just brought in people.

Why? That’s what qualified you? You know this here is so much more powerful because you are actually getting paid to mentor people where the other one you just went wide, and i i did the bare minimum just so. I can get all the commissions out of 15 people that i brought in. It was 12 to 15.

Only one of them went to work. My commissions began to grow. It was small at first, but then it like started growing exponentially. It was amazing to watch it but um the last month that i that the company was open.

I was making four thousand dollars a day just on one person guys. This comp plan is stronger than that comp plan. This product is ten times stronger than that product. I’M telling you guys right now, we’re gon na have people making well over a hundred thousand we’ll probably have some people making a million a month.

I probably there’s no guarantees come on you guys, don’t don’t you can’t hold me to that? That’s what the uh regulators? Don’T like because that’s why i keep giving these disclaimers, but i really do believe we’re going to have seven figure earners here with our company and uh. It’s not going to happen the first month, maybe maybe not even the first six months but month, 9. 10.

11, that we’re open we’re, probably going to start seeing some seven figure, all right, m4 super affiliate. You do it one more time you bring in a fourth who becomes a super affiliate. Now you are paid 20 generations on those four okay, you do it one more time for five super affiliates that you’ve mentored you’re now paid 20 generations on all teams.

From here on out what i said guys i had one guy. We want to help. You have five runners total you get five runners, it’s it’s! It’s it’s gon na, be an amazing amazing run for you. Okay! Now, statistically, i don’t want to say the statistics, because we’ll we’ll share that on the business builders call, but we know what it takes to get to that point.

Okay, we know and we we’re building funnel systems, for you guys right now and uh we’re going to have the tools that can help you we’ll have. If you want to join us in paid advertising, you can buy some advertising, we’ll have advertisers for you everything. So you won’t have to go to you, know your friends, relatives and neighbors, but this product, i believe you will okay all right.

The next promotion is a champion affiliate. That’s when you have helped five people become m5 super affiliates in five separate legs, direct or indirect to you doesn’t matter. If they are directly sponsored by you, they could be 10 people down, but you have an m5 super affiliate in each one of these legs. You’re.

Now a champion affiliate at this point, you’re going to share equally in a three percent monthly global champions revenue pool. This is going to be a massive amount of money. That’s going to come in for our teams, guys our team leaders um the last one is crown affiliate. Did i go over champion? I think i did.

I must have bumped uh crown, so the crown affiliate you’ve helped five champion affiliates in five separate legs director and direct to you and you’ve got to have a monthly uh, a million and monthly team trading volume. Uh we put this in there. This is such a low amount here, guys uh only because we wanted people to qualify for it early on, but this is one uh. This is a another pool on top of the uh, the champion’s pool.

That is a two percent monthly global crown revenue pit pool guys so um, first thousand people who become super affiliates all a super affiliate is you help three to to get three? That’s it and um, and only one position per person. These have to be real positions. Somebody on the call the other day said: what can i bring my dog in? No, you can’t okay, they have to be real positions, real people and have purchased the vip 995 package.

You could start out for free and upgrade later we made this very easy for everybody. All members within the 3×3 team must be real individual accounts and have upgraded to the novice membership, meaning the 250 dollar package. Now, why did we do that? Because we know people will try to cheat the system if we find out your treatment system, we’re going to remove you and you’ll you’ll miss out, because this is a lifetime achievement bonus, guys, you do this one time and as the company grows you’re going to share.

Equally, in a 5 revenue pool, so we know this is going to go fast, i’m going to bring in david right after i share this last screen. Zig ziglar said it best. You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.


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