Eazy Bot| Made Another 60$ Commission Today, 220$ Live Commissions Withdrawal! Slow Trading Day.๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ”ฅ

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another exciting easybot video um, where i basically guys i made another uh 60 commission uh today or off of someone who upgraded to the advanced package um. I’M also going to do a quick live withdrawal for you, guys, um, so yeah, let’s see how much commissions i have in my wallet, as you guys know the last few days like the last two days, i mean i’ve made all of these look at all of These commissions i’ve been making, you know sixty dollars, twelve dollars, sixty dollars, twelve dollars, twelve dollars, sixty dollars, it just keeps just keeps coming in um. You know – and you know that’s what you get when you have a proper when you have something proper legit to give to people like a money printing machine like the easy bot, then you know this is eventually gon na happen.

Eazy Bot

Right um, but obviously i explained guys um when, when you actually, when it’s been official to upgrade and when it’s not like again, if you don’t have two thousand dollars or more to trade with, then there’s no point really getting even an advanced package right, let alone The vip which i’ll talk about this um more in my other videos but i’ll go through it later as well um. I just need to quickly show you guys the live withdrawal, as i promised so i’m going to go with. I think i’m going to withdraw 222.

So i should receive 220 because it’s like a two dollar fee, so yeah and by the way guys my service fee commission is also going up uh getting on level five, three two one so yeah the duplication is starting. Um team is growing, so more people are trading, so this is what happens, guys um so yeah, it’s still still like peanuts. You know it’s not a lot of money, but eventually it’s going to become a lot of money.

Again, it’s got six seven figure monthly potential and something you can build for the long term right so uh yeah and oh when it comes to the trading. I almost forgot guys: uh um no profits today, because the markets have just been like moving at snail pace. Actually, the market dropped a bit bitcoin. Everything is down it’s a bit of a red day, um, so yeah, i’m trading, as you guys know, uni swap in usdt.

I was trading bitcoin made a good return. There 24 day return was like 72 percent, i’m pretty safe. Setting so you know on the default setting which is super safe, because not only guys do you want to make profit, but you also want to maintain your portfolio right.

You don’t want to you, don’t want to lose money, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin and end up with a big floating loss, so you just got to so again. The default strategy makes profit in all market conditions. So, even when the market is crashes, you’re covered basically um you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for your profits to come in.

But when the market crashes, but again like um, it’s the easy bot has that fail safe in where other bots don’t have that. Right so yeah, let me just quickly show you what’s gon na happen here. So you know, uni swap looks like it’s on some level of support here, so i’m hoping that it pushes up it’s at least to nine dollars, then yeah, because my bot’s average price. Let me just go quickly: go back to bots, because i should have started the trading from the beginning see.

I think it was 03 profit yesterday um since then i added some funds as well. You know from all the commissions um i already adjusted my bot for all the funds that are going to come into my binance account now um, so yeah um average price, as you can see, is 86 864. So it needs to get there for break even for all the positions and then hopefully it will get to at least nine and then we’ll see a few dollars profit which will probably be um.

It could be anything from 03 to 1 profit for the day, depending on how much you know. Uni swap goes up and depending on if it pulls back quickly or not so um stay tuned for that, that’s probably gon na next few days. The crypto market should pick up again so yeah guys just just letting you know that easybot can’t it can it can’t um manipulate the markets, it can’t go. It can’t change the markets, it can only follow the markets right um.

So when the market moves the easybot moves, when the market doesn’t move, obviously the easybot can’t do anything right. It just waits until it can buy, buy in and you know, buy and sell, buy and sell the whole time and make profits simple. So but yeah again guys you’re, not losing money and your portfolio is still growing.

You know, regardless again, some days will be slow and some days will be quick. It’s just simply how the markets move um, so anyways, let’s do the withdrawal as promised. So you simply click on you go to my wallet. You click on withdraw.

Okay. My current balance is 232, so 222 because i’m going to just withdraw it into binance so that just in case the bot needs that to trade with, not that. I think it will right now, because the markets already crashed a lot but anyways um.

Let me just get on with it. So um you get a wallet address here, so i mean by i use binance for some of you who are usbased um. You know just basically some of you who can’t use finance just use kuquin right, because again, this is where the where your all your money is right is the bot con trade. Again, this is the point i always make this 232 dollars the bot.

Contrary to this, because it has to be in my finance account, you know in my control um, because the way the bot is trading in your binance or cuckoo in exchange in your own exchange right. So again, as i always mentioned, easybot disappears tomorrow. Where’s your money in your binance account or in your kucoin exchange um, including the profits it made because that’s where the trading is going on.

Unlike other platforms, you don’t really have that transparency right, um, so yeah. Let me just what is this? Okay, all right? Let’s get it get this the proper, the correct wallet address, uh, which will deposit the deposit address, uh and obviously guys you got to make sure this is correct. Right, usdt, trc20, um, electron, trx, right um. You can also go with the usd, but i’m using usd t rc20.

Okay. So this is the wallet address again guys make sure this is correct. Usdt trc20 click to copy.

So because, if you get this wrong guys, you will lose your money so whether you’re sending money to easybot and again the only time. The only time again you’ll need to send money to easybot is for trading fees. As you can see, i’m leaving like ten dollars in there for service fees, you know and when you want to upgrade your package, so anytime you’ll ever need to send money to easybot your your trading capital stays in your own exchange, so yeah just making that clear. As usual, so i’m just going to double check that wallet address, make sure it’s correct, because i definitely don’t want to lose my money.

You know who likes losing money, but basically no one. You got to be freaking crazy if you like, losing money. Okay, so we are going to click on withdrawal, so i shouldn’t i should receive it um later on um, it’s usually within a day.

I see it in my binance account so making money guys making money slowly, but surely we are making it and always say. This is something that i’m proud to build because you’ve got transparent management, guys that you can literally talk to the ceo face to face in the zoom call um. Basically, the the guys who run the company are served servant, leaders right, you got a map, you got a huge support system and you just basically have something freaking legit to promote, i mean again like you, can promote it without shame and to your friends and family. Without worrying, you know whether their money is safe or not right, because, as soon as you have to send money to a platform right where that promises you um daily, fixed returns and where you have to lock your funds, then then you’re ready up.

Eazy Bot Commission

Then you need already need to run because that’s because the chances are that’s the ponzi scheme, 999 of things online or scams guys um, so yeah. Let me just go back to my wallet here. Okay, my wallet already put that in but okay extra security, like easybot, has only been good to me like i joined other platforms earlier this year that basically scanned me and then i just i learned a lot. You know how to spot these these scammers, because some of them are smart, um but yeah.

Then then i got to easybot and it’s just been good to me. It’s like literally um. The re like the trading returns aren’t, like you, know, five percent a day or freaking, eight percent a day or like some of the these scams, because the only reason you know they can they can basically give you. Those returns is because they are scams right um.

There’s nothing there’s no real trading going on you’re, just basically getting paid with other people’s with other people’s money as an early investor, and then you know a few weeks or a few months later the platform falls. You know and um then a lot of other other people lose their money. So it’s just you don’t want to get involved in those in those scams guys i mean i literally do reviews about a lot of um scam platforms, uh so yeah um.

So now we just now we just wait. Uh, let’s go back to the bot trading. All the new people can you can check. So this is what i, what i talk about guys about transparency, is i’m literally going into the exchange now right? This is so.

This is basically um. If you want to buy, you know bitcoin or basically, trade, bitcoin or any cryptocurrency yourself, then you literally would just go into the exchange right and if you’re going in q coins the same thing with all the charts, charts and everything, then you simply would go market Execution and you would choose whichever crypto you want to you – want to buy, i’m sorry and you would buy it right and until it gets to a certain point like a certain percentage growth, then you would sell it again all right and that’s literally all that’s literally All that the bot is doing in the safety of your own exchange and it and it’s transparent. You can see the trades as you can see here. Here’s all those buyins notice, the amounts guys you see this and and the times there now go back to easybot.

Excuse me cool. Excuse me all right, so then you can you see those times are exactly the same as the the amounts, the amount of uni swap coin, the bot brought in at every time. It’s. But it’s the same.

So it’s the same as in my binance account, because again this is where the trading is going on and you and you know how this is possible with an api key. So you get the api key from binance. You can simply connect it to easybot and yeah. Basically, easy bot only thing that easybot can do.

Is it can trade, for you does not have access to your funds and you can actually set it that way in in binance right, so so yeah guys i mean i was so now we’re just waiting and um. You know it will eventually if it gets in profit and above that average price enough in profit, then it will just sell off again and it will keep repeating that same process, small little profits, guys that add up to um some of the percentages we’ve been seeing. Oh all right so i mean this is this is basically returns the bot made in a bear market we’re still in a bear market guys and the bot is still making really really solid returns right, and this is worth the default strategy, and again, like i mentioned, Is you can set the bot strategy yourself? You can make it more aggressive, but i would only recommend that if you really know what you’re doing right, because otherwise the market’s going to really stuff you up quickly. If, if it turns, if it turns on its head right, if it turns against you so yeah anyways uh, i mean all you can simply do.

Is you can change the initial like the percentage like how this works? Guys very simple? Is the body simply taking all of the capital all of my usdt and every time it buys in it triggers a position? It buys in 339 of um of uh what the my port, my basically my portfolio right so 33. It uses 339 of my usd t, amount buys in uni swap and then basically sells off the uni swap and that pro and then that profit goes back into usdt and then it keeps repeating that and it also auto compounds um your your uh, your portfolio. So you can change this to six percent ten percent whichever, but just just keep in mind guys if the market, if you spread yourself too thin and the market – turns against you too much and it drops too much then then, eventually um you’re gon na have a Problem because the bot won’t be able to cover all of these positions, but this is basically all these positions are just basically there to to cover a serious, serious market crash like something like this. You have a look at this.

It’s it’s uh. It was quite uh. Quite the crash i mean this was very, very nasty.

This was very recent from the 10th of april. As you guys know, it was a massive crash. This is ethereum classic it dropped all the way it was actually over 52. It dropped all the way down to 12, so this is a good example, so most people would have bought here right at 42 and they would have bought in 50 of the capital or more right.

Some would go 100 of their capital yeah because they would think the market’s going up right. That’s that’s just the thing you you don’t know when it’s it’s really. Sometimes you think you know, but you, but most of the time you’re wrong.

That’s again! That’s why the bot is there to make it easy for you um, so yeah, so you would get aggressive year and you would buy in most of your capital and then you would then you’d be in big trouble if the market goes down like this right, your Portfolio would go down from 42. All the way down to 12 would be like a. I don’t know how much percent is that that’s like a she, a big big crash, like 60 70 crash right, so the bot brought in there and it kept buying in making little profits.

Even while the market was dropping. You know with these pullbacks, as you can see, they’re still, even when the market drops right, there’s still pullbacks um. These little swings so the market might the bot made profits here.

Um market drops further um. The bot stock continues to trade right and keeps bringing down the average price, along with making profits in between so not sitting with unrealized profit, not just waiting for the market to swing back enough. It gets above the average price. What does it do? It closes off? Closes off all of these positions right that it entered while the market was crashing and it takes profit.

So not only did you maintain your portfolio value at the end of the day, you also made profit, but even if the market never came back to, let’s say 27, the bot would have continued to trade and just kept bringing down the average price, but obviously to Make that possible is that’s. You have to keep it with the default strategy, because the default strategy again is designed for even for the worst case scenario, which was this so again guys. You just got to keep that in mind um, but otherwise you know if you, if you kind of know what you’re doing and you want to get we’ll get more out of the easy bot you want to make more profit now in the short term, then you Can tweak the strategy if you like, and this strat and is obviously a challenge from the company that if you can improve on the company’s uh, if you can improve on the company’s uh strategy, this default strategy that muhammad the ceo said, then they will reward. You handsomely for that right.

They might even use it so yeah. So again, guys simple! You can change it if you if you’d like but again, that’s that’s. That’s like you’re on your own risk, guys! That’s on your own risk! Okay! So just want to quickly go back to i’m just going to go to the affiliate center.

Show you guys what’s going on there, so i mean i’m at as you guys know, okay! Well, i was at nine number 10 advanced packages. It’s like basically, most of people in my team is free, which is fine. I mean it’s.

Not all of us have like i’m a free member myself, because i don’t have two grand or more to trade with eventually i’ll upgrade to the advanced package and then eventually to the vip. Because i want to. I want to shoot for the founders club and you need to be a vip if you want to be part of the founders club, so i’ll eventually shoot for that, because that’s very, very lucrative, i mean that’s an extra passive stream of income. That’s going to come in basically for as long as the company’s around i mean very and are you going to be like part of only a thousand people, so the company eventually gets to 100 million users, maybe even a billion users.

Imagine being just part one one of the thousand founders right and getting five percent of the company’s revenue every month when the company is that big, it’s going to be insane so anyways um, it’s in advance, one vip. So basically, 10 people went with went with the advanced package, 123 went with the free package and one one went with the vip so again guys with the packages it’s a yearly fee, so um. Basically this is going to pay you.

These commissions are going to pay. You everything once a year. These package sells right, they pay you every single year and it’s got a very high retention rate, because if people can afford these packages right – and they have a lot of probably have a lot of capital that they’re trading with, and why? Why would they? Why would they not renew their package right? It’s it’s basically like a it’s, a profit, profit printing machine for them, so why why would they not renew it because, again, diversity guys is very important as you as i go back on this screenshot. I always mention it in almost every basic video these days that i’m doing is crypto fluctuates.

So it’s to get every single opportunity. In the market, the more coins you’re trading with the more opportunities you have to profit, to make profits. So i’m just putting that out. There, as usual, you know the free package.

You can trade up to two coins. Like i mentioned, but with the advanced package you can trade with gee, you can trade it up to. You doesn’t matter up to 10 coins uh. Let me just quickly go back there.

I don’t know if it’s i don’t know if the package is on on this slide on this presentation doesn’t matter basically just in short, you do get a few other little benefits with the package with that advance in the vip package, but mainly big thing for me Is being with the advanced package, for instance, being able to trade with up to 10 coins and with a vip package being able to trade with all the coins and again it’s a once a year fee, um that you need to pay. So you know that’s why people are upgrading to it, because you know they, they basically see the value in the product and then they want more out of it and they upgrade to it. And you know that’s because this is a softwarebased company, so i mean it’s basically just if you want more out of the software you.

Basically you can use the free software, but if you want more out of it you then you can pay. Then you can pay for the added benefits right, simple and you’re, getting you getting quality, getting what you paid for. There’s! No lotions potions nonsense, um you’re, getting a profit printing machine. So again with the easy bot guys you don’t have to recruit! Really you don’t, because you can simply just this is for everyone.

You can simply just use the bot and enjoy it and make profits with it. No problem. But if you want to be a part of the affiliate program – and you want to build an affiliate business for the long term right and eventually do this fulltime like myself, um like you – want to build something respectable right, you know, then the opportunity is: is there For you guys, you can literally turn this into and i’m just gon na quickly, not even gon na just gon na quickly uh go over this.

I usually do um with the package sales alone. You can turn this into a seven or even eight figure. Um annual income right just for the package sales alone, so with like the service fee commissions guys in the beginning.

Again, you won’t see you won’t see a lot of profits with the service fee commissions. It’s just how it is, but once your team grows and all your you know, your your team, basically the rest of your level start duplicating so i’ll start building their own team. Then you’ll start seeing the magic happen right, and this is only for 10 levels down and it’s already got seven figure potential, and this is monthly guys.

This is where the massive potential is won’t happen overnight. Guys i mean it will. Probably, if you really push it you could you can make it happen in a few years, but i mean it’s still: it’s literally a few years of that you’re grinding, really hard and then you’ve you’ve built a really respectable business, that’s paying you 11, potentially 11k, 111k Or one million dollars a month – and this is only 10 levels – guys remember – the service fee commissions is 20 levels now so again, and then you have the founders club, where you get like five percent of the company’s revenue every month.

So again, it’s it’s another added bonus for, for those who want to be leaders in the company and who want to you know, build a massive team. Why not? And even if you don’t want to share it with someone guys, eventually, you won’t be able to keep it a secret, because it’s it’s going to it’s going to excite you every month, i’m seeing your portfolio grow. You know like and without having that stress of you know what happens if the platform disappears right. You don’t have that with easy bot with other platforms, you do because you’re sending your money to someone else with easy bot.

You don’t have the stress of of um. You know the platform disappears when money disappears, it’s easy, but yeah. You don’t have that. So that’s pretty awesome guys to have something online.

Where again you can you, you can basically leave your money in your own control and still make returns on it. It’s really one of a kind i mean compared to what i’ve i’ve seen so many platforms. Basically, you know any platform that promises a return again.

You need to send you need to send him your money and then your money’s in air control, but i’ve already mentioned that so anyways guys um yeah. That’s that’s that for this video i reckon showed you what um everything i wanted to show you just it’s. Just basically an update live withdrawal um, you know just i keep getting more and more excited on a daily basis. Um, if you want to know more about the easybot, you can simply just uh.

You know go to my my channel and then you know it’s just basically, my name and my surname uh have a look at some of my videos, yeah and then basically yeah um. If you want to know more about the affiliate program, here’s a good video, the affiliate rewards and the company overview and the founders club so again have a look at that and i’ll see you on the other side, all right guys. So all my links are below the video, including my easybot signup link, my telegram, my link to the telegram group, your feeder joint free to join at any time um. You know and the links um, obviously to the company zoom calls and so on, right and and to the the company’s official telegram group, so yeah feel free to join.

All of that guys and oh yeah. My phone number is also below. If you want to reach out to me, um personally feel free guys any any time send me a message on whatsapp, especially if you’re a gogetter right.

I, like i like working with likeminded people, because i mean i work with six and sevenfigure earners on a daily basis, as obviously people. My my upline, i mean the guys is the guy who signed me up as a sixfigure earner um. You know like this. This lady, on one of my videos, i’m susan she’s, a seven multiseven figure in online, and you know i have like a zoom call like maybe once a week with her and another multiseven figure earner online.

So you know if you wan na work with us. Just let me know reach out anytime guys, all right, so don’t forget to like the video guys, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and, as usual, guys have a good one cheers

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