Eazy Bot| 50 Day Trading Results! Which Coins To Trade With, Importance Of Diversifying Your Coins.๐Ÿ˜Ž

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel. Welcome to another exciting easy part of video that i have for you guys today and, as you guys can see in front of the screen, is some really awesome results i received from one of the easy bot, uh top leaders right, uh sent me some of these Results, uh and yeah so because it’s also answered sort of answer. Some of these questions is you’re, probably wondering um.

Eazy Bot

You know, what’s the best coin, to trade with, so obviously what they mention is bitcoin. You can go with bitcoin and ethereum. You can trade with it, but it’s usually the two least worst performing ones, because it’s not as volatile as the other coins.

The other coins move more like they, the higher the the more volatile. The coin is the better. It is to trade that usually right so anyways um, so we got matic which went crazy.

I mean a lot of these results. Guys are um when the markets, especially before 24th of june, the markets weren’t really doing that great and the easybot still made a really good percentage again like even when the market was crashing. Easybot was making profit where other bots were making losses where people that were trading were making losses. Easybot was making profits, so anyways guys um, so yeah.

Let’s, let’s get into some of this info, we’re looking at so let’s use some of one of the worst performing ones. So i want to make a point here is one month one like let’s take in xmr, for instance, xmr is one of the worst performing ones. Right matic was the best one, but maybe next month xmr will outperformatic and then it will switch over again and so on. Right, it always depends on how the markets move right, but and um it depends on.

So, that’s why i want to say it’s good to diversify with coins. If you can right with easy bot, you do have that option. With the with the free option. With the free package you can trade with up to two coins at a time uh, with the advanced package you can pay, you can trade.

Sorry, you can trade with up to 10 coins at a time with the vip package you can trade with all of these coins, i think, is about, i think 17 different coins um, they will add more, but at the moment these are the most trusted ones that They find because some of the some of the coins out there are like really um, just not worth trading, to be fair. What you just buy in general, so yeah guys so we got matic was the best performing one out of 50 days. I mean doing a great 1786 percent, which is really good guys because remember this is spot trading, there’s no leverage, um, it’s very, very safe trading, and you know, and the big thing again. What i always mention with easy bot is that this is real profits, guys real transparency.

You can go in your binance or kucoin what exchange and see the trades happening yourself. Um plus your your money, your your money that the body is trading with is in your binance a coup coin exchange. So i always mention that. But it’s always a very important point to make you know with other platforms.

You don’t have the other platforms, you have to send your money to the platform and then you don’t have control of your money anymore. So when that platform decides to do a rug pull right, then they disappear with your money, and then you can’t get it back with easy bot. You never have the issue of easy bot with this were to disappear tomorrow. What would happen? You would still have your initial investment plus the profits it made for you right and, as you can see, it is making profits all the time so yeah matic yes like the last week or two – it’s just been going crazy.

As you can see, it took over uni swap so again guys. This gives you an idea, but i want to talk a little bit about the diversification um right, the more coins you can trade with right. If, obviously, if you have the capital right, um the more coins, you can trade with the better actually, because then you’re not really missing out on opportunities.

Look, you can you can trade the less coins and you know hope that those coins are gon na keep keep going. But let’s face it, it’s the crypto market, so coins always move differently right. Um, so again, like i mentioned, is xmr might be the worst performing coin this month, but order for one of the worst performing coins for that month, but might perform better just by the way, guys um, bitcoin and ethereum. Yes, you can you? Can trade with bitcoin ethereum also, but it’s usually one of the two worst performing ones right, so it’s better to choose something like one of the altcoins right, if you’re just wondering so anything besides, bitcoin and ethereum should usually heal the better returns, as you can see Here so yeah guys, this also answers the question of how much can i make with easybot? Well again, i’ve also been posting daily results on my side.

EazyBot Coins To Trade

Well, almost daily results, um, you know every other day i told you guys about a video about testing that they did um. You know results they got there, but these are the most more recent results. So i mean this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just wait until the market really starts pushing right when, when the bull run is officially announced, then, and the markets start going up again, because we still the crypto markets still have a lot of a lot long way to go before they get back to where to Even get close to where they were before right, as you guys know, we just had a recent market crash, and now the market is recovering um, so once the market really starts pumping again easy bot will take advantage of that on your behalf.

So speaking of diversification – oh let me just go out there just go on a different picture right, so i’m just going to quickly switch over to the packages right and again, if you just want to try out the bot for free. That’s perfectly fine guys! Oh and you notice that for each coin – in that example, each coin had a thousand dollars allocated to it right. So the recommended amount per coin is six hundred dollars, but you can trade with less guys, i’m trading with less bitcoin, because i don’t have 600 right now.

If i did, i would if i had six million dollars. I would probably you know i would. I would keep it in my binance exchange because it’s literally busy gon na with the easy part it’s busy printing money for you right. So it’s literally a nobrainer um but yeah.

So six hundred dollars per coin is recommended, but you can set it for less guys. I mean you can trade the the least we got to what to work with is like 89 or something i don’t know if it will work with less, but that’s the least we got to at least we got it to work with. So if you want to trade, i mean you can decide with which amount you likely want to trade with.

But again guys, like, i said, keep in mind that this is something you can trade with. You can trust you can put in a lot of money. If you want right, not financial advice, just saying, because again your money is in your control right, it’s always safe, so point that always make so now we got the free package.

You can trade with up to two coins. So look um. The point i’m going to make with the different packages is: is the diversification is the fact that you can trade us was up to so many coins um? Yes, you can trade also with up to more with um, more exchanges. At a time, more exchanges are being brought out at the moment.

It’s only binance and ku quinn right, but uh yeah. So, basically, that’s that’s something you can also do you have with the vip package. You have oneonone private support calls which is very valuable. In my opinion, um and basically yeah.

The main thing is just what i’m going to mention is the trading up to more coins. So if you have a reasonable amount of capital, i would say, let’s say two thousand dollars plus, then you can consider getting at least an advanced package. If you have like, i don’t know five thousand dollars or more to trade with, then you can consider a vip package um, because then you can really take advantage of the benefits right so and you can put a reasonable amount on every single coin and um.

You know diversify and see how much you can make with every single queen but you’ll, but the more coins you’re trading with the least opportunities you’re going to miss out with, in my opinion, right because then you won’t. So if one coin is doing really well, you want you won’t miss that um the one month, then, if it’s doing bad one the other month, then at least the next month it’ll, you know the different you’ll have the other coin. That will cover you there, but the main thing guys is that you’ll always have opportunity more opportunities to make more profits.

So i mean this is things to consider right? Because if you, if you have a reasonable amount of capital, i mean this 250 dollars and this 995 dollars is you’re going to make that up very quickly right. It is an annual fee. So again, you just need to renew your pay package every year once a year right, um, if you do get decide to go for that, uh 20, so also the software service fee. So that’s basically again a in short.

It’s basically for every trade that the easybot wins for you right. It takes easybot, takes um a service fee. So with the free package it’s 30 and with the pay packages is 20. So over time you know that that 10 lesson service fees that you have to pay is going to add up guys so just saying, but otherwise yeah.

No, it’s all good guys with some results, for you uh. Some really really solid results yeah. So let me just go back to see this okay, so it’s just some of i don’t have any new updates. Yet i’m waiting for these trades, i’m waiting for bitcoin, i’m actually trading bitcoin the worst performing coin um.

So it’s been doing actually well, since i started up this spot, i started it up after the 10th. No wait just before before the 10th yeah. The fifth year is the date and so far i’ve made today is the 24th so 19 days and i’ve made about 61 percent profit and again i’ve got these trades running.

So when you take profit, it will probably go to like i don’t know it could be anything that depends on how hard bitcoin pumps i mean it could be up to. Seven percent could be six and a half percent total so far and if you’re probably wondering is that possible, because i’m trading with 270 dollars of capital, i added that capital later on guys. First 12 days, i think about was i. I only had 102 dollars to trade with right.

If i had more money i would have put it in like i said, but you know and i’m going to keep adding whatever money i get extra, i’m going to keep adding it to my finance wallet. So i can just keep you know, making more money, because you know this is so much better than keeping your money in a bank, in my opinion, is just you’re not making anything in your bank you’re actually losing you know with inflation and all that stuff. So you know why not just just leave it in your own crypto exchange, because crypto exchanges like binance and kucoin are very, very secure.

You know, in my opinion, about just as secure as your bank is so you’re also fully in control as you as you would be. With the same, you know if you’re you leave your money in a bank you’re in full control right pretty much. If you leave your money in your own crypto exchange or crypto wallet, you’re also fully in control right, you can trade, you can withdraw money whenever you want. You can deposit money whenever you want, whatever you want to do right, so so yeah, don’t i just leave money in the bank that i need to buy essentials with the rest.

Rest of my money goes into my crypto exchange, just again personal opinion on that. Oh and by the way guys, i’ve reached a personal milestone as well is um. Let me just not on bots go into my affiliate center organization.

My personal milestone i finally reached what is it uh, what 100 yeah 100 direct signups? So i’m 105 now um! That’s pretty, i was still on 99 last night and got basically sitting on 105. Now so yeah i’ve been really busy trying to get just get um getting people involved with the easy bot and yeah we’re running with it guys you know be on a thousand direct signups, because i’m really pushing it right now. I want the whole world to know about this, because this is like revolutionary right um. It’s it’s! It’s really! It’s a finally a legit thing online that you can do where you don’t have to worry about the safety of your funds, because – and i mean there’s so many scams out – there’s like 99 scams, oh and what i also want to show.

You is also basically received on my level three and advanced package upgrade so obviously, with the with the compensation. There is the recent changes in the compensation plan. You you get with package sales you get up to, like, i think 10 levels down, you get a commission.

So with with the packages the service fee, commission um conversation plan has always been 20 levels down right and again, if you’re not interested in this stuff guys. I mean it’s just um, you know it’s just an added bonus right. You don’t have to recruit people anything. You can simply use the bot connected to your binance or kucoin exchange, and it will make money for you right.

So this is just for those people who who are affiliate marketers or network marketers who want to get into it and want to learn – and you know, but even if you don’t have to be an affiliate marketer to share this with people guys i mean it’s, like Literally, it’s the simplest thing: it’s like a free bot that you can share with people and they’re gon na make money it’s gon na it’s! Basically, it’s gon na it’s gon na help them it’s gon na help change their lives for the better right you’re, giving them something with uh, giving them something with quality right. So that’s the difference, as you guys can see, is that affiliate, commission uh package sales package purchases package sales there we go um yeah there. It is so these are all my package sales from direct line. So some people took it.

Some people decided to go the advanced package, some with the with the vip you know, because they want to trade with more coins and get the other added benefits to the packages and um yeah. So first um package sale commission on level three milestone over 100 direct sign. Ups um total is 177 people on my team. So you know once once my team decides.

They also want to share this with the world. Then um. This number is this number’s gon na tick over quickly guys, i mean, i think my goal is to get to at least a thousand people by the end of say august.

That’s my personal goal and i’ll probably get there because again, i’m working with six and seven figure earners online on a daily basis, guys i was just on a leader, zoom call today, it’s just amazing, so so yeah guys we are going all the way to the Top of this, this is again. This is, how can i say stress this. This important fact enough is that 999 percent of things online or scams and you will lose your money as either something is either ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme, and they usually are wrapped up in the same paper, whatever you want to call it where they promise. You unrealistic returns with no evidence of how to actually make the money and it’s just it’s just a neverending story and you keep getting people that promote this stuff and you know, and it’s just unethical, it doesn’t work.

So why not just stick to something legit, because i’m sick and tired of getting scammed, i mean i’ve had enough of scams for this year. I mean you know and finally, getting something like easybot was just like wow. I have something that i can use.

That’s gon na keep making money for me, regardless of what i recruit or not right, and i can make some money by referring it to people right and giving them value right. So i mean it’s so simple: there’s a simply, as you guys can see, the bot boarding is some bitcoin for me right. It’s just waiting for the bitcoin to go up a little bit. Then it sells off.

I mean. Then we have chicken order, history. You know how’s this for transparency, guys you won’t get this with any other platform, so yeah guys, there’s the trade so just waiting for it to sell and take a profit.

Awesome awesome stuff, i’m not saying there’s other good platforms out there, but there’s no real platform that i’ve looked at where um you have full control of your funds. So that’s the difference. That’s the difference guys and i mean most of you – have crypto anyways and have usdt or you leave your crypto in your wallet and it does nothing right.

So why not just connect the easybot to it and make some profits right, while you sleep while you’re at work, i mean you, don’t have to watch charts all day. You got the bot trading the markets, for you, i mean again with a very strong proven track record, so yeah guys i mean that is that is that um i could go to the compound interest calculator. This is something you know if you just want to see. Um, how much you can make i just put in five percent there.

I used a thousand dollars over ten years, compounded it monthly, and this is what you get but remember guys. The bot doesn’t just compound monthly. It compounds trade on a trade by trade basis. So, every after every little profit it makes it compounds a little profit and compounds again and compounds again, so this could even potentially be more and, like i said, i just used a really really like a really conservative percentage of five percent a month um.

You know it’s just like all hypothetical guys, but um. I think i think this is this is going to be just get, keep just keep getting better and better and um. You know we got a lot to.

We got a lot to look forward to a lot to be excited about so yeah anyways guys. If you want to know more about easybot, you can just simply go to my channel um. It’s a the affiliate rewards.

Um explained there. The company overview the management and so on and yeah guys um for, and that is that, for this video um again thanks again for watching uh, i will, if you are interested in easybot, you love it. You want to get signed up right away. My signup link is below the video, but i would also like, if you guys, reach out to me on whatsapp anytime guys.

My phone number is below the video, especially if you have any issues getting set up or if you like. If you also want to work with six and seven figure earners – and i don’t make jokes guys – i’m very serious about this – is i mean i work with these guys on a on a freaking daily basis? Six and seven figure earners online they’ve, already they’ve already made it online, but i mean that now they’re building big with easy bot so and they’re willing to work with people that that are ever likeminded in my mindset. So if you also want to work with six and sevenfigure earners feel free to reach out to me anytime, guys and i’ll respond to you as quickly as possible. That’s why my phone number is below the video all right guys, let’s become successful together so yeah.

That is that guys, thanks again for watching uh, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and, as usual, guys have a good one cheers

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