EazyBot || Eazy Bot launch Update With Coach Ken, Peter, David And Mohammed || What Is Next Step

Guys so we’re just grateful that you’re here and uh we’re very, very excited about what we’re getting ready to launch. I’M gon na um go ahead and bring in david and muhammad we’ve got some uh just some of the um updates that we want to share with everybody right now so uh david uh come on in brother. If you can, i see you’re, muted, hey good evening.

Good good evening, good afternoon, uh good morning, we still got people coming in the room, we’re at 100, almost 130 people uh it’s an exciting day because uh we’re making progress. We are making moves towards a fullscale launch today. We, if you guys, have been into your back office, you’ve seen some of the updates in the back office.

EazyBot Coach Ken David Mohammed

Uh we’ll go through some of that, while you guys are on the call with us today. I know you probably have some questions about some of the things that you’ve seen in the back office we’ll cover those questions and uh we’ll address whatever it is that you want to talk about, while we’re on the call today, a lot of things happening. I think the most important thing that you guys should be aware of is our launch schedule. Uh, probably two things.

First thing that i want everybody to do is is follow our telegram channel for announcements and updates, breezy or peter. If you guys can drop that link. Uh, what we’ve done is uh.

Obviously you know, we’ve got a telegram channel where you can have conversations with us. What we did was create a or we have a telegram group. We can have conversations, we created a telegram telegram channel so that you can keep up with updates and announcements and there’s no conversation. So it’s none of the noise of the group just important updates and announcements.

So definitely please please, please follow that we’ll be making regular announcements over the next couple of days over the next few weeks, in fact, as we continue to scale up and launch so the first thing i think is important to understand and to ask of everybody on The call is your patience with us: we are a startup company in the beginnings of a fullscale launch and uh. We’Ve got we’re really happy with where we are in terms of our product. Our core product is absolutely amazing. No issues whatsoever uh we’re dealing with all of the things on the peripherals, and so as we go through this launch page, we anticipate that we’re going to identify some things that need attention improvement and we ask you guys to be patient with that process.

We’re open to your feedback, but do so in a loving way and patient way and we’ll certainly take all of that feedback doesn’t have to be loving, but it would be nice. We got tough skin um all right. So, let’s talk about. Where do you want to start? What’s where should we start coach? Well, i think let me start here because we promise everyone that will be transparent to everyone, whatever issue that we have whatever technical problem, glitch that we have, we have we’re so transparent uh.

What but we’re on top of it right now. There is one issue: that’s happening, uh with the payments. We know that there are many people. I can see that started, paying uh partially or paying for the full package to be able to be able to upgrade their package uh right now how the system is working, i’m just being open and transparent.

Here the system is working like when you have to choose the number like if you want to pay 1 000, for example, it displays to you that you have to pay this much, and this much is including the fees and including everything, for example. If you want to pay 1000, it will show you one thousand and seven point something point xx. So if you pay lesser than this amount, then obviously the amount that we’re going to receive is going to be lesser, so your transaction will be on pending forever, not forever. Obviously you are going to solve it, but this is.

The system is programmed this way. If you are paying lesser amount, then what you’re supposed to, because you missed to see that number or you didn’t uh pay the full amount for any reason the amount will keep on showing pending. We have to do it manually here. We have to see how much it amount to receive if it’s matching, if it’s okay, then we push it manually and we get you get the amount in your back office and you can upgrade or keep the money there uh whatever you want, however, where we are We’re working with the developers right now to make it in a more simpler way: uh, just you pay the amount on whatever amount you pay, minus the fees get showed to you in your bank office.

So this is the way moving forward and right now i’ve already asked the developers to stop the payment for the moment. Until we get that resolved, then we put it again tomorrow, hopefully uh within the day uh, so that no one would get into this uh kind of mess that they pay amount and they don’t see anything including the coach actually he’s on the same situation yeah. I was going to say, including the simpsons truly here, because i did that and i’ve been refreshing it to see if it’s come through yet yeah right now, just after after this call we’re going to look at the transactions one by one. Luckily, we don’t have much well, it’s i think, more than more than 100 transaction already uh on a pending situation, so we go through them one by one.

We do the manual. So after this call by, i don’t think more than one hour, everything is going to be back or everyone’s going to see the money that they paid in their back office. So they can upgrade or keep the money in the back office or whatever they want to do with that.

So just keep patient with us. This is the only problem that we have at the moment we’re working on it and right now, no one can pay until we get this result so that we save time of people. They don’t have to wait for the money to come and we don’t have to do it manually.

Everything is going to be in autopilot. Thank you. That’s all from myself now mohammed, how we were supposed uh muhammad, how we were supposed to roll this out was national directors.

Uh we’re gon na come in first um, our vip members, we’ve said from the very beginning, guys vip gets to be in the front of the line, so um, that’s part of the vip package. It’s it’s. It’s uh been uh talked about from the very beginning, but in order we’re not doing that on purpose, we’re doing it out of necessity right now, because in order to roll this out properly, we have to limit how many people are coming in.

You know at a certain block of people just so we can make sure everything’s working properly and guess what. Today i was like one of the first people to purchase the vip package and i didn’t put enough in there. I thought i had no questions, i’m the first one i just upgraded now my account darn it. I thought i was the first.

You could tell i’m a little competitive, so yeah awesome yeah, just talk about the scaling up, uh coach, just to make it clear yeah. Let’s do that now we open the gate for everyone to be able to upgrade. However, the people who can start trading uh by tomorrow after the counter comes to zero. They can start trading uh two coins right, two coins, the only the country leaders, the one that we got their names and we put them in uh.

They will start trading two coins for a period of a week. Well, we’ll they’ll they’ll start trading two coins yeah. If they upgrade to vip they’ll, be able to yeah exactly exactly so the country leaders only at the beginning uh because they have to be the ones in the middle in the beginning. If there is any problem, happens to them not happens to everyone else.

So there’s no problem, obviously from the uh core of the product. I have been trading with it for the last three months, so it’s fine perfectly fine. There are no problems all good and we have added actually now the auto compounding we have added the uh. One.

Click strategy is already there in the back office so by tomorrow the country leaders will start feeling this. They will start trading uh with two coins or five coins, depending on their uh level of subscription. Then, after that, by a couple of days, we’re going to open the chance for the vip members to start trading with five coins, and then we scale up as we go and after a week, then we’re going to open the gate for the advanced packages to start Trading until the 30th of this month, then, the free members can also start trading, so we want to scale gradually so that we have a control.

We have. We make sure that everything is working perfectly. We don’t have any problems, we don’t have any issues with the system uh before we go to full scale.

Now, on that note guys, i know um, there’s uh, there’s people that are concerned about will they be able to make it into the uh founders club, so guys um. You know it’s up to you if uh uh, if you’re uh working your way there through commissions, earned that’s fine uh, i’m not sure how quickly this is going to fill up. It’s a thousand people that are vip members and then uh, 12 000 people minimum that are advanced. So if you do the numbers, that’s what it comes out to um right now, we do have over 13 000 people.

I believe that are part of easy bot. I think we surpassed 13 000 today, so we don’t know how quickly this is going to fill up. We just know that if you want to be a part of the founders club, i believe that excuse me that thousand dollars would be well spent and we want to. We want to honor people that help us at the very beginning.

So just make sure you get your teams on make sure that you’re a vip member and uh. So there you go yeah one more thing on the note of the founders club issue, because i started also receiving messages from people in some countries that they cannot trade. Uh coinbase or finance so uh they need another exchange to be able to to be trading, which is one of the requirements to become a founder club for you and for your team as well uh. Well, if we want to have all the exchanges in then we have to delay for for three months, which we don’t want to do so um.

We we have to live with a with a coinbase pro and and uh finance, um yeah, like uh a week from now. We should be also good to go with with the coinbase as well right now we have the finance in a week from now, i’m trading at the back end with coinbase already started two days back, but we’re testing. I just want to make sure that it works perfectly and there are no issues.

So ever so everyone they’re going to trade with that so uh we can. We cannot uh get all the exchanges. This is a fact i mean we have to live with. I mean we cannot uh have an additional exchange before we launch, we have to launch, we have to start moving on and then we add gradually in terms of of the founders club.

Unfortunately, this is the situation right now. We have specific exchanges that people have to find the way around to be able to get an account and start trading, and their team also has to to qualify to put this criteria in and be able to to be part of the founders club. Actually, we have been discussing uh previously of maybe eliminating the requirements of trading, but that that moves us away from the core business that we are doing. We are here to help people to trade to to give a product that helps people to trade, their crypto.

So if people are just paying to buy the packet to be part of the founder club that doesn’t serve the purpose of the company you’re not getting like create customers or you’re, not real customers, just paying the money to be founder club and your downlines also are Just paying maybe just to be founders club, which we don’t want to happen, we are, we are selling a product, we’re selling a software. You want to start using the software and to have the good experience with the software. Then they start marketing for it once they. They feel like the confidence with the product so that they can sell it and we’re very confident that that’s exactly what’s going to happen guys this thing’s going to go viral because everybody’s going to love what this product does and i’ve said it from the beginning, because I’Ve watched what muhammad has already done, uh in the development of this, and how this all came together.

Uh this product will be able to set people free financially. I’Ve always looked for something that uh was legitimate, that could could help people become financially free without recruiting, and we have it right now guys. I think this is what the world is looking for and we’re excited to be able to offer to them, and you know, as you get to know us in the community, one of the first things that we’re going to leave with is education and we’ll lead with How this product can do that without recruiting, but because of that, it’s going to go viral, it already is we haven’t even opened yet, but the people that came that walk this journey to this point right now. I’Ve also seen what muhammad has done with the previous spot.

We were working with that was customizable to a certain extent and that confidence in his ability, his mathematical genius, is what it is. Um man uh look where we’re at over 13 000 people in less than three weeks about two and a half weeks, guys unbelievable, hey coach, it’s peter quick question guys. I don’t. I note that today’s uh very hectic so tomorrow you’re going to reopen the package sales correct mohammed.

Yes, yes, tonight until tomorrow, we don’t need to be discussing with the developers to find a way around the the payment issue that, if people paid less less than what they are supposed to be, nothing is going to be shown in the back office. Until we do it manually, so we we’re trying to find a way to get it done manually so that people don’t have to wait for half an hour or one hour to get it done manually from our site. So this is this is what it will try.

Our best to get it done by tomorrow itself uh, but until it’s done we’re not going to open the payment one more time, but whoever have got okay. So i will see the payment in the back office and they can already buy the package if they want to okay. So when, when the payment is open in the next few days or whenever you want to do that, what package can they buy? Only the vip at the at the beginning is that correct, yeah for not only the vip until 23rd, 23rd right uh we’re we’re aiming for the 20 yeah okay open for the advanced as well.

Okay, so all the vip packages will be purchased, but they won’t be able to trade. As of yet all right, yes, country leaders will be trading right only continue this for an hour, a couple of days uh until we everything is fine, then we’re going to open for the vip packages to start also trading gradually, starting from five coins, and then 10 Coins, then all the 20 points for 21. So that means that when, when we open up the 250 packages, the advanced packages, that’s the day that founders club can start qualifying, because that’s when everything starts correct.

Okay, i just want to make sure everybody understands that phase. Two will be when uh, when we open up the 250 packages available, and that is the day that we can start qualifying for the founders club and then, after that, the third phase is the free account. Also, it’s possible that people some people start getting qualified before that, because their downlines are also vip members and they started trading right, so they qualify to the criteria, all right.

Okay. So if you are a vip member and every single person purchases the vip package and starts trading, then you can qualify for founders club that way as well. That means all 13 people in your structure are all vip members. That’s one way of qualifying early, correct, correct, yeah, that’s right! Okay, good uh, moment! Okay, so i hope everybody understands that.

I hope everybody understands that. Ladies and gentlemen, once we open up the vip packages, sorry, once we open up the vip package sales, you will gradually be able to start trading as soon as that’s ready to go. And then, if you have members in your structure, three or three directly below you and they’re all on vip packages and that those three are all below all of them are on all on vip packages. You can qualify for the founders club at this point, but then, after that, we’ll open up the 250 packages and then and then everybody can run like seabiscuit as coach would say.

I think, there’s a confusion. Uh hold your questions. No uh, please hold your questions uh. So that when we uh open that up, you’ll be first in line there, professor um, but we wan na let muhammad and david uh share any other information that is pertinent to the entire team right now: um, okay, yeah, i think we’re good whatever we have at The moment so we can receive questions already so can can we just um? Can we just recap real, quick what the rollout it looks like right now, it’s national directors, then, on the 23rd it’s going to be vip.

Members then on the 30th advanced. Is that correct, and after that uh the um free members are going to be rolling in uh? Let me share that i’ll show you the uh launch announcement that we published one second here. No, you can find this guys in the easy but um easy, but telegram room, easy, but announcements all right, uh, let’s go through this real, quick, so we’re we are launching phase one phase.

One is going to include our national directors, we’re doing that, so that we, the entire objective here, is that we’re doing a scale launch so that we can identify and address. We know that we’re to come across some challenges and some issues we’re a startup company or a tech company with a piece of software, very advanced piece of software, a lot of layers of additional things that plug into that commissions and so forth. And so it gives us an opportunity to test and scale all of that and make sure that we do it in a way that we can provide a quality experience for all of our members. So we’re going to start with just our national directors, starting with these individuals, because they’re responsible for supporting their countries supporting teams, and so we want to make sure that they’re equipped these guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, are also responsible for doing support.

Calls in their regions and in their countries, and so when you have questions they’re they’re, the people that you would want to go to in your country, so they’re going to do the first phase phrase one with us. We will begin that tomorrow morning. I think it’s about noon our time here in dubai, uh, we’ll start live trading, we’ll do a session with them and do some live training. We may do a special call tomorrow.

In fact, let’s just go ahead and agree that we’ll figure out a time but we’ll do a special call tomorrow, uh, since we are going through that and we’ll we’ll review some of the uh, some of the traders that have opened up live accounts so that phase One is going to run beginning tomorrow through next week. Our our estimate is for the 23rd of next week to go into phase two. What happens in phase two? Is we will open up for our vip members to start trading now, if you’re, a vip member, you don’t have to um? Excuse me, if you’re, if you’re upgraded to a vip you’ll, be able to start trading next week, we’re going to limit the amount of coins that you can trade through this entire launch phase period uh the maximum number of coins you’ll be able to trade as a Vip for now will be five coins again we’re doing this so that we have a controlled scale and we can.

We can appropriately handle all of the demands on the system and so forth. So next week we’re going to focus our priority will be on allowing vip members to get uh to get started, but right behind that, we want to provide access for our advanced members, so we’re going to tackle ideally we’re going to tackle both vip and advanced members. Going into and out of next week and then going on and then our target for phase 3 is the 30th.

So we want to start our complete fullscale launch on the 30th of march and on the 30th of march, is when we’ll open up for everybody to be able to start trading? That’s our free members who are not paying for an upgraded package. So what that means is that starting next week will open up for the qualifications for founders club. I know that’s important to a lot of you guys it’s important to us, but even more important than that.

Is that the the experience that everybody’s, having is a quality experience guys if this all breaks in the process of our launch, then founder’s club doesn’t matter right? We we we’ve, got to make sure that we’ve got a solid product. That’s a that’s! A check! Mohammed’s been testing and and improving upon it for months. So we’re happy with that.

We want to make sure that we have a solid experience, we’re confident in the experience we’ll show you the inside of the bot, if you guys have logged into your account today, uh you’ve seen some new features, we’ll touch on that a little bit uh, we’re very, Very happy and very proud of of the way the bot looks and functions and works. Some of the things that will get dialed in here in the next couple of weeks in the next couple of months is our user experience. Some of those things are just you know, we think it’s going to work one way and then in the real world it works a different way.

So your feedback is important to us. We’Ll learn a lot in the next couple of weeks and so we’re asking for your patience as we learn something and we implement a fix to it. I recognize that it’s going into a queue.

We’Ve got to prioritize those things, something that might be very important to you. Uh may may not be as important as some of the other things in the cube, but we’ll deal with all the things that really really matter to us building a quality experience for all of our members, and that includes every one of you guys who are on The call so here’s our to to recap: we start live trading tomorrow. Countdown hit zero, we will have live accounts actually trading with our national director national director, national directors, yes, uh, vip and advanced members will be will begin next week and our free members will close off the uh. The full scale launch with us on the 30th.

A lot of you guys are asking questions about: will there be tutorials? Will there be guides? Will we have some help in getting our bot connected and started? And the answer is yes, yes and yes, uh. We will have answers, yes guides. All of those things for you uh part of what we’ve done again: muhammad’s, really really big on transparency, um and so is coach, maybe sometimes a little too much so uh, probably in the spirit of in the spirit of transparency. Um we’ve been working really up until today, even on layering in user interface pieces uh, you know the way the bot looks and feels and the experience that the user has we’re still dialing in those final pieces.

So what the work that’s happening isn’t in the isn’t. In the functionality of the bot itself, but it’s in the experience that you guys have when you log into your office and when you’re, interacting with the bot and some of those other things that we’re layering on top of it. So you know part of the reason – and i i’ve said this a couple of times, but we got a lot of folks on the call with us today.

So welcome to those of you who haven’t been on call with us part of the reason that you haven’t seen guides published yet, is that we are producing a guide that looks and feels like the experience that you’re going to have when you’re actually using the bot And so, since we’re still finalizing some of that, we haven’t published some of those, so we haven’t published those guides yet, however, just so you want to you guys understand what we will have available for you in terms of support. I think it’s under it’s important to understand, stop sharing for something here. So let’s talk about what you can expect in terms of support, because one of the defining features of easybot isn’t is is obviously we’re super proud about the product. But the other thing that you guys can count on in easybot when you use it for yourself or when you become a subscriber and when you share it with others.

Is that you’re not just getting a piece of software? But you are getting a relationship with a company that genuinely cares about you and will demonstrate that in the way that we provide support, so there’s a couple of different ways that you will be able to access support. Uh, peter and breezy are heading that up. Peter is our chief support officer, uh breezes, our director of support, and they will oversee exactly how we outline and roll out support for you guys.

I mentioned just a moment ago that we have country leaders or national directors you’ll hear those two terminologies used interchangeably, uh, they’re they’re, to say there are that that’s the group of individuals that are that are designated to support regions and countries nations they will provide support. Calls where you can dial into their calls. If you have technical based questions they’re there to help, we will have a knowledge base.

That’s published that will ask that. Will answer frequently asked questions so, as you guys continue to ask questions, we are documenting those questions. We’re putting them into a knowledge base you’ll be able to to access that knowledge base to just to find answers.

Without having to ask anybody, that’ll be available to you uh, we will have uh getting started steps. They will actually be published in a couple of different places. You’Ll find it in that in that support platform in that knowledge base, we have a separate application.

That’s coming uh, just after or as we’re going through this launch. We are also finalizing our marketing app. That’s an app that will download it’ll be in your phone and it will have an amazing amount of resources for you all of the getting started.

Steps will be in that uh in that app for you as well, so you’ll have access to it right in your phone as well as in the as well as in as well as in the knowledge base uh all of our tutorials, our prerecorded calls all of That will be there, so there’s a lot of resources that you haven’t seen yet. We’Ve been working on finalizing the bot and its platform, but also all of these supporting tools. So that again it’s an amazing experience that you’re having as a user and as a business builder.

So, yes, is the answer to a lot of the questions that you guys have it’s coming, even if you haven’t seen it yet, we will start publishing at a really rapid pace over the next couple of weeks as we go into the full scale launch and the Other side of that, too, is all the announcements will be in there as well all of the announcements right now. We’Ve got it kind of in a couple different telegram rooms. People have whatsapp, some people have uh facebook groups, but the official announcements will all be in this platform guys.

So you don’t have to go to all these different uh groups to find out. You know what is the correct information um another thing too guys um from what muhammad just said. The coinbase is going to be up in a few days and it should be up by the time uh of the 23rd when we start bringing in because we had people that are concerned. Well, you know we’re in the us, and we’ve got a huge market in the us right now guys and we’re fully aware it’s why we um made a decision early on that coinbase pro would be one of our first exchanges and the reason why coinbase pro and I know some people don’t like coinbase pro, but the reason why is because it is accepted in all uh 50 states kraken is not, and so we wanted to offer something that was uh available in all 50 states, whether you like that exchange or not.

That’s what we’re starting with uh, we will be adding more though um and uh we’re just um. You know we’re in a position right now: we’ve got to make decisions that are best for everybody, so um awesome you wan na yeah we’re going to come back and talk about you guys we’ll take questions here in just a moment for those of you who join The call a little bit later than our starting uh, we have we, we had payments open or the availability for you guys to make payments, add funds to your wallet and upgrade to a efp package. We have temporarily turned that off so that we can get that process dialed in we got ta.

Our dev team got a little bit ahead of ourselves in publishing that so that’s been turned off, we’ll get that dialed in and the user experience. It’s not whether or not it’s functions. It’s a lot of times.

It’s what’s the user experience. Is it what we expect it to be? Is it what you expect it to be the most two things marry together in a way, that’s seamless and easy for everybody to use so we’ll get that dialed in look for that to get turned back on as early as tomorrow. Again, you don’t have to worry about upgrading, certainly we’re happy to take all of those of you guys who are excited and enthusiastic. We want you to upgrade, but i don’t want you to feel any sense of fear.

That is a part of your experience. Just let it go we’re. Okay, there’s nothing! That’s going to happen in the next 48 hours or 72 hours. That’s going to cost you a spot on founders, club founders, club really doesn’t even take off for at least another week.

So you have a little time. Certainly want you to get to the front of the line, get upgraded as quick as quickly as you can get familiar with that process. So you can help your other people that are coming along with you uh, but please don’t allow yourself to get bound up in fear and anxiety. That’s not going to help you we’ll continue to publish, updates and announcements that will help you all right.

So why don’t? We take some questions. Professor maxwell you’ve been very patient with us. Why don’t you come on in uh? Thank you.

Uh charles i’ve been patient from the february 24 when we had to stay for two hours for that uh call remember in device. So yes, some of us have been with you from the beginning. It’s awesome to hear all of you say all these things, because it seems we are working with very people who are very transparent. Now i was, i was a little bit confused because of what anthony was saying and what you guys clarified, uh with regards to the vip of advance, it’s obvious that for you to qualify as a founder, you have to have a combination of not just only one.

Only vips but also advanced folks, so it’s good that you clarify that the vips and advance can come together at the same time, which is this is very important, because if you separate them and say only the vip should come first, then all the things you’ve written In your system on, your website is going to be undermined, so i like the clarification, because engineers keep saying no, we have to bring vip space before before the advance folks. So that’s one uh clarification. I was very happy that was was made the second one. For me, that has been a problem, for me is that i cannot access my downliners to encourage them.

Their emails are blocked. I have about almost 80 people in my downline about 66, someone almost 70 people in my baseline. I can’t contact all of them, except the ones that i know personally, so we’re thinking that. Why can’t you open it up so that at least we can encourage them? You know and so that we can, because we are already launching, but yet we cannot have access to them.

So i don’t know whether this is a compliance issue that you guys are working around or what so, please clarify that, so that we can also include encourage our analysis that we are all building. I appreciate it. Thank you. Okay, professor.

Let me just answer this uh. This the second question regarding the uh, the showing the details of of the down lines actually uh – i’m also a networker. So i also discussed this with a lawyer because uh, you know we are officially registered company here in dubai, so we have to follow the rules.

We have to make sure that we are in compliance with everything, so one of the things that came up is that there is a privacy policy that we have. We are we’re asking people to sign on, and the privacy policy aspect rules here in in uae. In dubai is that we should not show the details of the customers to other people and that’s that’s the reason, maybe only for that’s why, for the first line, only we’ll show you the name of the people, because we already know them directly. So there is no kind of of privacy issue here, only the names, but we cannot show the emails or the telephone numbers or get any other personal information exposed.

But in terms of encouraging the team now uh david and the marketing team are working on a full marketing team that the company is going to do that on your behalf. So once we have a customer register, if they are free, they keep on getting emails. They keep on getting reminders, they get even a notification on the mobile on the mobile app that we’re going to have it’s going to be like a pushup notification, so this is easiest way to reach to the customers and we show them. What are the benefits? What are the things videos that they can watch and then get to learn all more about the easy bot and that encourage them to upgrade on to go to the next level of starting trading uh, which obviously is going to benefit you as an affiliate? As someone who brought them in, but the company is taking that burden on uh on the company, not not on you, we want you to focus on bringing more leads to the company and the market is going to do the works of selling uh for you.

So yeah it’s basically the compliance issue. That’s why we don’t want to show the emails and the numbers of the people. Even the names actually were just a bit of skeptical and showing the names, but we just uh managed it for for the first layers or level.

One because we invited them directly so a pro. We propose that you already know them uh assumption. Maybe it’s not the case for the people who are doing online marketing because they’re just putting the link and making payments, maybe or in the youtube channel. So for some of the people, but it still does later on, we keep the names.

Only we don’t keep the emails and we don’t keep the telephone numbers right now. They’re, seeing the names on all their generations, that’s going to change! Yeah! That’s going to change! Yes! So right now you guys are saying that all the generations, the name so that’s going to change, will be just a number, but also to give more visibility. What we’re going to have is once you go, for example, for level 2.

You will see the id is only the id of the person, the i mean, the one that comes after the affiliate link the id and then you’ll see this person how many people he have directly and how many people that do they have in the total 20 Generation so you know who’s working and maybe you can dig down looking at your downlines and speak to them and try to find that superstar to start working with and encouraging, but more than this. Unfortunately, due to the compliance issue, we cannot give the information all right. Uh next up, dr reverend, dr jose velez good afternoon, sir hi there can you hear me: okay sure, can how are you doing today? Okay, great just wanted to thank uh mohammed and david.

You guys did a great job just explaining everything on there um. I had really like two questions um, so i i um i notice in phase two, we have the vip and also the advanced packages. Um, so is it? Is it going to be that um we’re gon na first sign up the vip packages and then lead into the advance, or is it gon na be done simultaneously uh? The reason we’re not being really specific about this at today is that part of what we’re balancing in this scaled approach is the rate at which we’re growing so we’re taking this phased approach, so that we can manage the demand on the on the on all of The resources uh both technical and human in in this process, and so as we learn more and more about that demand in the next week, we’ll have a better sense of how to approach a uh, providing access to vip and advanced members. It may be a question of how many bots do we, let you know everybody trade.

It may be a question of uh. You know we have to have some type of gate. We haven’t decided on what that gate looks like yet so we are, i can best.

I can tell you at this point: is the intention is because we’re aware of how it impacts founders club? The intention is that we are providing access to advanced and vip members. If a decision has to be made where there is a priority given for any reason at all, then it only feels fair that we are going to give priority to vip numbers. But at this point that has not that’s not the case that hasn’t been decided. We do want to maintain the integrity of what you guys are working really hard to do in terms of qualifying for founders club uh, but give us a little bit to get to get more clarity on exactly what that looks like as we go into next week.

Yeah yeah, sorry to add to what david is saying. Actually, we had this discussion today with the developers in in terms of allowing bots to start trading and right now we’re allowing only the uh, the country leaders. So we are pushing we’re pushing to have the next phase, having both together the vip and advanced to start simultaneously. Even if we have to compromise the number of ports, maybe we allow only one bot per user just for the people to start getting qualified for the founders club, because if you have some people who are uh advanced, only they’re not vip they’re not allowed to trade, Then you may be missing out on this opportunity and the people who are having only vip packages in the downlines.

They are the ones getting qualified. So we want to be fair here, because from day one we said they have to be advanced or vip in the downline, so we will do our best. I mean so far.

This is the plan is to allow the eips just to be fair to the people and make them get qualified to the founders club in the same criteria that we have been communicating since the beginning – okay, great, because that was i guess, my main concern was uh. I’M targeting to go into the founders club, so we already have our people set. I just didn’t know how the how the rollout was going to be um.

I think one of the concerns we did have originally, which i’m thankful to uh um. You know coach, ken and and peter and mabu. You know i’ve asked them several questions about this um coinbase pro. I know for some people in the united states.

They have usdt in it. For some other regions, usdt does not appear in it, so um. So you know i know they mentioned to me that as long as we have usd uh dc, we’re okay right yeah, we will have the usdc will not release the coinbase without the usdc and usdt both options together, okay, perfect, because then we’re set on our end.

So it’s just a matter of whenever the doors are open, then we’re ready to go in the team. Perfect. Just make sure that you guys make your accounts ready, because i think it go through verifications and kind of cycle.

So if you start from now, you’ll be ready by like one week from now on, the launching so just make sure that your people are ready, with their accounts, verified to be able to trade and get the the uh apis. Api connections yeah – all of them right now – are funded and they’re just ready to go the the the three getting three they’re ready to go. So i i just waiting for that. Thank you so much.

I appreciate the hard work. Thank you great job, jose by the way you’re doing phenomenal great. Thank you, sir. I appreciate it all right, awesome, awesome leader, like you, that’s why i couldn’t do it without you, brother, that’s the truth.

Amen not in the office come on in i’ll, be there i’ll be there soon. I just wanted to say muhammad. Why don’t we just make it in the package instead of 1000, make it 1010 510, so it will cover the it will cover the charges as well finish. This.

The job is done no well, it’s mentioned already in the uh. When you put the amount of 995, it tells you that you have to pay this amount, this much, which is basically the problem that we have at the moment. People are paying lesser because they don’t see that number.

They don’t see the account yet. So this is what we’re working on now with the developers is, even if you pay a lesser amount than what’s being showed to you that should reflect in your bank office uh, whatever the amount minus the fees, obviously showing your obvious so you’ll know like you’re short Of this much so you go and top up again and make the amount for purchasing the package mohamed. Can you explain uh the um, the fees, the processing fees and um, because a lot of us uh, like i explained in the text um we’ve worked with other companies where it was just direct um usdt into the account to the company, but we’re using a processor? Can you explain why we’re using a processor and the fees are minimal guys, but there are some fees there sure i can explain even the details of of the uh of the fees right, Now uh right now, we’re working with the processor processor is a company in between that takes the money, take their fees and then pay the money to our original wallet. So the wallet that you guys are seeing when you are paying the address is not our address. So that’s good for us as a protection, so the customers are not seeing the actual address where they are sending the money.

So because you know there are some kind of uh uh of hackers or people trying to hack the wallet. But they know that the world of the company, maybe has a specific amount of money, or maybe big amount of money will try to make attacks. So we want to avoid this. We want to reduce this kind of risk as much as possible, plus also.

This payment processor is also giving us proper records on the transactions in details. We can see all the details and track all the transactions we can track it in our system, but that one is more advanced. We don’t want to spend more time in getting it done in our system.

If we do that in our system, that’s going to take month and month, maybe three four months to get it uh ready in our system, so that comes with with the fees why the fees fees there are three fees applied here in in this transaction uh the Fee number one is that the normal transaction fees that comes from uh. The second phase is when they send the money from their wallet to our wallet as a company, and the third fees is their own uh fees, the fees that they’re taking like their profit of doing all of this transaction for us. So all of this now we are counting like this.

There is too big two dollars fixed, plus point five percent. This is how it’s gon na look like example. If you want to pay hundred dollars, it’s going to be, the fees are going to be two dollars plus uh 05 is 05, so 25 dollars and i’ll you scale up or scale down going to be the same thing.

Two dollars are fixed, plus 05 percent of the amount that you’re transferring awesome and that those are very reasonable fees, guys for a processor um. So for, like i, um, moved about a thousand and fifty dollars and i think the fees were like seven bucks. So you know it’s a that half a percent on top of the two dollars, so that makes perfect sense, so um guys uh muhammad.

Let me just say: that’s also another great strategy to protect the company from hackers using a third party guys. I gladly pay those small fees so um guys we do have a hard reset uh with um muhammad and david myself at one we could go over a little bit, but i’m just giving you guys a heads up right now. So it’s almost uh. We got about nine minutes, we can go a little bit over, but we don’t want to go too far over sanjeev.

Can you come in brother, morgan, ken? How are you, sir doing awesome? Thank you excellent um, mama david. I can see the amount of planning that you guys did on you, muted yourself, uh sanjeev um. Also, let’s keep the questions concise, because we only have a few more minutes left. So we can get everybody in oh looks like i got muted um for some reason.

Okay, uh: my question was really towards coinbase pro. Are you seeing any uh possibility that it might not be released at the same time as binance for trading uh? Okay? The answer to this is that we’re not going to really release balance for trading before coinbase is ready only now only for the country leaders right now, because we want them to start experiencing the the software experiencing, how it works, because they’re going to be the one Showing their teams with their countries or donations uh and blocking them. So that’s why we wanted them to get the experience right now with what we have, which is uh the abundance, but coinbase is coming on the way i mean it’s almost. No, i’m testing it uh for the last two days.

It’s working perfectly. We just want to have more testing on that and then, but what i can assure you that we are not going to remove the bot for trading for anyone, except for the country leaders before we have coinbase, coupled with it excellent. Thank you so much mo.

It’s just k to natural disadvantage for um folks. That cannot use binance right, so that’s all um for the qualification founders, club and so forth. So all right sandra come on in make make sure everybody keeps their uh questions concise sandra. Would you like to come in, you have your hand raised uh breezy, oh here she comes.

Hey. Sorry, sorry, hi code, uh, a quick question and i think it’s addressed, but i just want to get it clear. So after the the country leaders, the other people and who are coming in with the the big package, what we wanted to call it the 995 package if they are set up with coinbase, they were able to fund their account and able to start trade. Am i correct uh? Yes, as soon as coinbase is available, it should be available by the 23rd.

When it’s sorry sorry, sorry, i repeat that sorry, it wasn’t coinbase finance, sorry so, for example, myself yeah. So as long as the country leader, then once they came aboard and the second phase is opening up to the 995 package as long you have finance and you can trade, you were able to set up your mod and start trade. Yes, if you have binariescomcom what about the people, then that are coming in with the 250 package that are, that also has finance. Would they able to come in earlier than next, twenty third and star trade uh? No! No! No and the other thing is to the vip will be able to trade up to five coins.

The advanced is it going to be two coins for the advanced guys just for the rollout, so only the vip was able to trade. Now until after the 20 30 day on the 250 package, now it’ll be the 23rd. The 23rd of vip will be open. Is that correct, david, mohammed yeah at 23rd, we’re pushing both the vip and the advanced as well to start trading? This will compromise the number of coins, but that’s fine because we want the people to be.

We want to be fair to people to uh to get into the founders club all right. Thank you. No problem.

I just got to say it’s been. I’Ve been just trying to clarify that one thing so tomorrow is national directors. The 23rd is everybody else.

Is that accurate? That’s the plan, yeah, okay, all right, because there’s confusion in the chat too, because it’s so guys, everybody, national directors tomorrow, everybody else on the 23rd, i’m outta here, i’m just kidding all right! Thank you appreciate that breezy come on in between vip in advance, starting on the 23rd and free starting on the 30th um, the quick question um that was, and if you’ve mentioned it already, but can you please again tell us why we will not be able to See below our level 1 downline, because it’s a question again asked um uh. Can we see how do we know if our downline is producing or direct okay um, i’m gon na answer that real, quick uh legally? They cannot show in dubai, um people’s information uh first level, you’re gon na have name only if that changes. You guys will see that uh but deeper than that. What we’re gon na be doing is placing the amount of people on.

Let’s say on your first level: you’ll have a number how many people that they have brought in so or how big their team has grown to. So john smith has 250 people. You know mary jones has 1 500, so you’ll see how big their teams have grown. Then you, unless you are an online marketer uh, you will you’ll be able to pick up the phone if you’re shoulder to shoulder if you’re an online marketer.

I think that’s the only challenge we’re going to have here with the law in dubai. Unless we can work that out. Would you agree with that um muhammad, like online markers, so that’s not going to change? No, if you’re an online marketer, you’re you’re, enrolling people direct to you you’re, not putting people into your downline right. So all of those people are direct to you and once we once we launch the the marketing platform, you guys will recognize that there is a solution for you to be able to connect to those people that you’ve enrolled direct to you.

Just from a practical standpoint, though, this question about getting exposure to contact information of your teams in in levels below you, i mean just imagine an organization of you know. Hundreds of thousands of people and everybody’s contact information is exposed. You know 20 generations up it just it it’s a it’s a disaster, just waiting to happen of of policy and so forth.

So it’s just not practical that we would provide that that as a company, we would expose your information to 20 generations of people under the guise of they want to support you. I mean it just it’s not a good practice. You know, aside from the legal ramifications: it’s just not, it wouldn’t be a good practice.

Yeah. Let me give you a full. The small example is like the telegram groups. Now we are how many people we haven’t gone around 700 people.

So imagine we have one million people. How many spams are you going to have in your mailbox in in right in that one? So it is we’re already suffering this, so you don’t want to open it here. Also in our company to have people have access to other people information, because you can have some people just registering for easybot, because they know that they can have access to people, information and start marketing, something else or take them something else and start spamming people.

Basically. So this is, this is other reason, apart from the legal point. What about, though, for the first level or personals that we bring in is um? Is there a workaround so that people can have uh their phone numbers or email addresses? Are we just going to keep it names only yeah? That’s that’s! In the marketing system we’ll have access, even people can send messages at the marketing system to their products yeah.

It depends on how how they’re accessed so uh. Why don’t we? Why don’t we put a pin in that conversation because i know there’s some other questions as we as we start to roll out our marketing platform. You guys will understand and see its capabilities, we’ll do training uh with the developer of that platform, so uh you’ll you’ll get a really good sense of what your capabilities are. I do i will say this from a standpoint of just you know.

If you’re building a team uh, this is a good question and i want you, if you’re building a team, to think practically about how you can put pieces in place that help you manage your teams, we’re going to give you lots and lots of tools absolutely free To help you to do that and if it doesn’t meet the needs that that are important to you, then yeah you’re free to find those solutions on your own uh. But we’re going to give you tons and tons of support along the way and uh guys. Listen! All the challenges that we are facing today are because you guys are enthusiastic and you’re out there you’re working hard, you’re, hustling and you’re doing that without the best of what’s yet to come, we’ve got incredible tools. That’s going to help you to go even faster, even harder, so nothing that you believe is an obstacle is an obstacle.

Uh, it’s just going to get better than what it is today. All right, we’ve got to come to you and i know yeah. Let me just let me just address one question in the chat. It says: uh uh for free members, guys the compensation is exactly the same: uh they’re gon na get uh compensated just as though they were a 995 member.

We don’t believe in holding commissions back because you couldn’t afford to come in at the vip free members get compensated the same way. So if you’re a vip, your sponsor is free they’re, going to receive the same 40 commission, the same uh 20 on the daily uh software service fees. Kurt come on in brother, okay, quick question: you guys answered quite a bit of this, but coinbase pro.

I have it. I’Ve transferred my stuff over i’ve, swapped it to usdt and looks to me like from somebody else saying here. It’s usdt on there is erc20.

Is that a change you guys are making, so we can use it on erc20 or we’re going to swap again to something else in there like usd c or something okay, uh. The answer to this is that it’s under development right now, but what we’re looking at is allow both of them trc20 and erc20. Even though erc20 is of higher fees uh, the network fees is higher uh, so we recommend using trc20, but if there is no way and you’re only having the the wallet of coinbase and coinbase pro, you have no other option. You have to send it with erc20.

We will have that option available, but obviously with a higher fees, because that’s the network fees and that’s what you’re working on right now trying trying to fix that because it okay perfect perfect. Thank you all right come on in okay, um. I noticed on my um, like i just started last night on the free program, and so i i wanted to test my link, my referral link and when i put it in all, my information showed up instead of a blank form for them to fill in. Is that, okay, that that’s because you are putting it on the same browser where your your your account is open? If you try another browser, it should show the form of registration.

Okay, so i should be putting the information into edge and using chrome yeah, something like this just make sure that you go to affiliate center and copy the link from there then go to another browser and open it there. It should show you the full form of registration, because normally, when linked to someone else he’s not having an account open on that pc, so he would have the form and they would register successfully without problems. Can i help right with that? A little bit rate just take your link and send it to your sponsor and let them look at it, because it’s opening up on your stuff, if it’s on your stuff there and you’ve already signed up that your link is doing that. So you just need to send to somebody else: have them look at it? It’Ll come on it’ll open up as a form.

Okay! Okay, thank you. You’re welcome, hey guys, um! That’s uh! We’Ve been in for about an hour like i said we have a hard reset. I’M gon na let um uh.

Obviously i’m not lending anything we’re on team here, but david and uh muhammad did you guys want to share anything else before we say goodbye. We just want to get back to work. That’s all we want to see yeah and uh guys. So let us do that and we will um circle the wagons tomorrow sometime, we will announce it in the uh telegram.

Announcement, chat and it’ll go out from there. I’M sure the leaders will pull that and send it to their teams thanks foreign

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