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Thank you for that all right. We still have folks coming in the room good morning, good afternoon good evening. We’Ve got folks joining us from all around the world uh today’s saturday. We’re excited to be here we’re gon na get our call started here.

In just a moment, and as we do every saturday we kick our calls off with a few words of gratitude and what we want to do this saturday is dr kareem you’re up next come on in good to see you here all right. Good morning, everyone um! I actually just came back from a funeral yesterday and i say that to say it was a young man same age as me, 46 years old and um he has a wife. He has kids that he’s left behind, but before he left you know he gave his his life to christ and i’m so grateful that i’ll get to see him again.


I’M a true believer that there is a higher power and what i’m grateful for and how i live my life, because i also people don’t know about this me, but i also have i have a heart condition. I have congestive heart failure. I was diagnosed five years ago, so every day is a gift that i wake up and i’m like.

I try to live my life in gratitude. I try to live my life in thankfulness. I try to live my life to serve others, and i’m so grateful that i have this opportunity every day that i wake up to tell my family that i love them to give people their flowers, while they’re still alive, to encourage others not to procrastinate with your Health go get checked out, use my life as a testimony, while i’m here i want to help as many people as possible and don’t wait to um.

You know, don’t don’t don’t don’t feel concerned or be afraid if you’re living your life to your fullest potential each day live your life with purpose and you’ll. Not only have a purpose driven life, but you’ll bless so many people that you come in touch with and ultimately you can guarantee that your relationship can go through eternity if you’re in christ or, if you’re in a higher part. Whatever you believe know that this is just a short moment of time, i’m grateful that we have the opportunity to partner with you guys at easybot and become part of this easybot family, because it’s so important to have that connection to have something that she can share With others, that’s positive to have something where everyone wins is such a good feeling to give this opportunity to others, and i’m extremely grateful to be a part of this experience. This is our affiliate award overview and uh.

One of the reasons why we uh we did this is so that an individual can accelerate their opportunity for financial free. Okay, our bot will get you there guys but adding additional income, and if you look up a compounding com, uh calculator it’ll give you opportunities to do that guys, but adding additional income to your trading accounts will get you to financial freedom quicker. Let me explain all right so there’s three easy streams of income here at easybot with our affiliate rewards program. The first is our annual package sales and that renews annually guys then there’s our software service fees that are daily and right now we’re paying out weekly on this, and then there is the software service fee matching bonus which is paid out monthly.

So, let’s scroll down to the next page, we’re going to go over the first one and uh the first one is our 10 level unilevel annual package cells. What is it? What does that mean? What is the unit level a unit level? One of the reasons why i like the unit level, is because you’re paid for individual effort. What we have here, though, is, if you do come in at a fully free version. It’s a fully functional free version of the bot.

You only get to trade. Two tokens: you still qualify for all the commissions that everybody else does: okay, that’s powerful guys, but if you um, if you come in and you are uh of one of any of our packages, here’s how the 10 level annual package sales works. Okay, it’s very easy.

You get paid, you go um generationally for every person that you bring in. It opens up one generation to you. So for one sale you get paid on that first level, your personal, let’s say you just brought in one person, you’re gon na get paid on on their uh commissions on them.

You make for the advanced package sixty dollars, uh for the vip package you make 250. Now you bring in two sales now you’re getting paid down to two levels: you’re getting paid 60 on the first level, 20 and 80. On the second level.

Three sales opens up the third level, for you for sales opens up the fourth and down to ten. So the the the magical number here is ten. Now let me just share this guys because some people were like.

Oh my gosh, ten people. How do i bring in ten people? Well, number one! You uh! You got to be brave here all right, this and and with this product you don’t have to be as brave with as with other products, because this product can make people money without recruiting. That’s why we believe it’s going to go viral all right, so 10 sales opens up all 10 levels.

It’s that simple. So this is a hypothetical example here guys of the annual package sales. So if everybody brought in four people, this is what it would look like. Now don’t forget, you have to bring in 10 now, as a networker i’ll tell you right now you need to bring in you need your gold needs to be 40, if you’re here as a business builder, start thinking bigger than 10, because if you bring in 40 People: here’s what’s going to happen! 40 people! You have six runners, six runners, that’s all you need guys in this space.

That’s all you need. You have six runners and two superstars traditionally and i think it’s going to be greater in our company, but stop thinking small start thinking much bigger bring in 40 people that upgrade to at least the advanced package and you’re golden okay. So just want to throw that out there, but if you bring in uh 10 and uh, this is set up for uh four, you brought in four and if everybody brought in uh four themselves by level 10, you would have a uh over a one million people On your team and you would have um, and we know that this is not.

This is a hypothetical. It’s not gon na work like this uh, but we know that we’re gon na have huge teams, huge teams, guys so at um. At the vip level, you would have made seven million dollars, but let’s say that you only got 10 success rate of that. It’s still 726 000, if you got one percent of that, that’s still 72 000 guys, so the um 10 level annual package rate very, very fair.

It’s very good guys, uh same thing here with level 10 uh um on the advanced you’re, making uh 28 million and uh 10 of that’s 289 thousand, but one percent of that’s 28. 000. Now, let me say something guys: we have a great uh commission structure here for our annual lease sales, but the money is going to be in our software sales fee and how that works is very simple. The bot makes us a hundred dollars a month.

We give the bot 20 of that we keep 80 so very exciting times uh. So let’s go down to the software service fees now and how the software service fees work. Uh same thing, 10. People we want to keep it very simple, but with each um person that you bring in it opens up two different levels, but i just jumped a little bit ahead so how it works.

Oh no uh, yeah here here it is right here, um. Sorry, your uh! First sale opens up your first two levels. Second, sales opens up your next and these are sales.

These are not sign. Ups for free. These are your advanced or vip members.

Okay, so you bring in 10 sales and now you’re open for 10 generations, guys i’m sorry, 20 generations. It opens up uh two levels per sale on this side, and uh pays uh five percent through uh, the fifth level, four percent down through the tenth level and so out of that twenty percent that we give the company for finding us all of these. These phenomenal, profitable um uh closed trail trades.

We are giving the company 20 of whatever it makes us. Okay, all right, so um. One thing i did forget very important: uh david mentioned it a few minutes ago.

There’s dynamic compression starting on monday, it’s already available in the um annual bots lease sales, but now it’s starting this week and what does that mean? Well, it means if, let’s say, you’re qualified you’ve brought in 10 people and there’s no one else qualified between you and you know, level. 30 level, 50 level. 100.

Those commissions all go up to you, so this can go way deeper than 20 levels guys. So if you’re qualified, let’s say somebody’s qualified down here for six levels, all the other levels that they’re not qualified roll up to you. So it’s very, very powerful guys and it’s the same thing on our annual bot sales.

The company there’s no breakage to the company, guys no breakage to the company, so um. Let me go to the next slide here: real, quick, okay! Now this is a hypothetical that shows only 10 of the 20 levels guys. This does not show all 20 levels. So if you go out and uh the average uh uh software service fee per bot per month is 20.

EazyBot Business Builder’s Call

That means it made the individual 100 the individual gave back 20 or that level did, and we believe these are very conservative numbers guys. This is what you’re. Looking at by level 10, it’s 11 million a month guys this is a month. This is not annual uh.

Some of you guys have heard me say it several times. I believe this comp plan is going to produce several seven digit monthly earners. We’Ve got something so special here, guys we’re so honored to bring this to the community, but we don’t talk about this too much. Do we.

We don’t talk about this. The reason why we don’t is because our product is so strong. We love talking about a product.

We’Ve got something here guys that can set you free now. Remember what i said about my day trading instructor. He worked two fulltime jobs to get a million dollars in his account. How long would it take you to get a million dollars in your account? If you were just doing 10 of this monthly, you see or one percent of it, let me go back there.

How long would it take you if you’re earning an additional 11 000 a month to get there now, we’ve got people right now, they’re getting they’re getting up here, they’re and we’re only four months old. So i i believe in six months we’re going to have uh several sixdigit earners, who knows where we’re gon na be in the next year. This is this is nuts guys so clean and so good, and so just it’s really guys we’re just so thankful and we’re thankful that you found us and we also have um the third income stream. Is our uh ssf matching bonus program and this one’s really easy? You make eight percent on all of your personals, whatever they’re making on the software service fees.

So let’s say you bring in one whale. Okay, just one whale, and all you have to do is just find that whale you bring in one whale and uh you’re making. Let me just see one thing: yep bring in one well guys this one! You only have to bring in one person to qualify they’re, making a million a month, you’re making 80 000 a month from that one whale. If they’re making a hundred thousand a month, you’re making 8 000 a month, i think that’s 96, 000 a year just from that one whale imagine five years from from now, as people are, are catching the vision and and they’re working towards their own financial freedom.

By investing in themselves, not investing in us all they’re doing is helping the community by giving twenty percent of the their earnings uh back to the company completely voluntarily. So now they’ve got a vision they understand compounding they keep feeding their uh, their exchange, they’re investing in themselves. Their accounts are growing and growing. This is getting bigger and bigger and bigger guys what a great place we’re in huh.

Who knows how big these uh check matches are gon na be, but you’re gon na get three percent on your your third level, and we got a guy in the in the room that brought in a guy that uh has personally brought in almost a thousand people. I can’t imagine what his check matches are. Gon na look like unbelievable, and i i don’t know how many more people he’s brought in, but i don’t think he’s brought in a whole lot more he’s brought in a handful of people. On top of all of that guys, we have for a limited time, the founders club right now, there’s about 70 people.

I think there’s 69 people in it and what we’re going to do is we’re going to share in a bonus pool with all of those 1000 people where right now, it’s only shared with 70 a bonus pool representing five percent of all the company revenue, and that Is gross revenue, not net revenue, so five percent of all um membership, annual membership packages and five percent of all ssf fees, guys it’s coming right in and the first thousand people to get to the founders club they’re gon na share in there and uh. We believe this is gon na, be retirement income five ten years down the road, but right now uh, it’s a nice little bonus every month that people are receiving that are part of this, and all you have to do. Is you have to be a vip member? This is you here and you have to bring in three people personally, that are a minimum of an advanced member, but my uh, my recommendation is help these guys become vip members. I mean uh, become founders, club members as well, but to become a founder’s club.

You got to be a vip and you have to bring in three who bring in three. So it’s a total of 12 people on your team three by three matrix. It’s not a force matrix because remember you can go as wide as you want, but three of your people have to bring in three so that you have a total of 12 people that are advanced or vip packages and they have to be trading with at least 600 – and why is that? That’s because um 600 works optimally with the bot in binancecom and binanceus, and those are two of our three exchanges in kucoin. You can trade with less per coin, but guys we uh.

We do ask that uh. Your team members are all trading with a minimum of 600 okay. So that’s the qualifications.

If you maintain that you’re part of the founders club for life, if you don’t maintain it, we give you an opportunity to uh requalify, so you don’t lose that position. There’s only 1 000 shares and we’re we’re very, very excited for you to be a part of this and those that are right now. You guys are positioned in a phenomenal phenomenal position.

Right now. You

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