(EazyBot) Bonus 2 – This Is What You Will Get When You Join My EazyBot Team

All right, so, let’s talk about bonus number two. So when you join me and easy by uh join my easybot team you’re gon na get a website. You’re gon na get a kind of like a marketing system to help you build your easybot team, all right so uh as you can see right now.

This is the page that you’re gon na get access to uh. When you decide to join my team, okay and um, it’s a very simple page, it’s a very simple page, but it’s gon na help. You expose people to the opportunity it’s going to help, explain the opportunity to people, because when it comes to this type of business, you don’t need to be explaining anything. Just you just need to send them your website, your your team website, so so they can watch these videos, and so they can under uh, fully understand how easy black works.

EazyBot Bonuses

Okay, because uh we we, we tend to try to explain everything ourselves, but um. The best way for you to you know build your team is to send people your personal page, your personal website here uh, that’s gon na explain everything about easy bite all right this right here. This video right here is gon na be uh. 23.

23 minutes about 23 minutes long, it’s going to explain, um the uh, the core of easy bot and then right here he has a you, have a compensation plan, video all right. So if you want to get into the compensation plan, um a lot more about, you know in more detail than your. Your prospects are going to watch this video and then um. They also have two more videos down here.

They have the recording of the live event that they had recently and then also um. There’s there’s a video of the founder, the ceo muhammad ali, that’s gon na explain the bot okay a little bit more okay. So this is what you’re gon na get access to.

This is the page that you’re gon na get access access to when you decide to join me in easybot. So this is bonus. Number two. Let’s go to bonus number three!

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