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All right, so, let’s jump into uh back testing. Let me give you guys a little bit of context on what i’m going to share with you. So so far, we’ve done back testing on three different coins.

Uh. We will complete back testing on all of the coins available in easybot part of the reason we paused on the back testing, at where we were, was that it’s just incredibly data intense uh to be able to pull these to pull the results. What i’m going to show you is a compilation of over 4 million data points, and so again it’s resource intense and we just shifted resource uh focus to some other things and as we get into full scale launch we get everything down there we’ll come back and Give you guys an analysis on everything that is uh easybot available for you to trade? So let me give you uh, let’s go through a couple things. I want to start with some notes on backtesting to establish context for you.

Eazybot Backtesting

So again, what i just mentioned: this data represents the initial and incomplete back testing results for easy, bot’s, technical capabilities and the back testing for those of you who might not know what back testing is. Let me just jump down here, because we actually can find that so back testing assesses the viability of a trading strategy by discovering how it would play out using historical data, back testing simulates, a trading strategy using this historical data to generate results and analyze, risk and Profitability before risking any actual capital, a wellconducted back test that yields positive results, assures traders that the strategy is fundamentally found and is likely to produce real profits when implemented in reality. So that’s! What back testing is that’s what we’ve done here and some other notes that are important.

So easybot we have one. The back testing we used was against one minute candles now easybot from a technical standpoint, technological standpoint software is design, is programmed to read and respond to the market every single second, this high speed performance allows easybot to execute against more opportunities and open and close trades And profit, however, the results that we’re going to show you here we can only access one minute, historical candles. What this means is that for each minute we are back testing, there are 59 opportunities, easybot could have executed against, but they’re unaccounted for in these results.

So we believe that easybot’s realworld performance will therefore produce even more profitable trades as a result. Second thing auto compounding we talked about auto, compounding in the presentation an absolutely enormous, enormous feature in easybot uh. It does not. These back testing results do not take into consideration.

Auto compounding they’re literally just taking the profit on each closed trade, with no consideration for compounding those profits. So the results here, don’t don’t consider that uh. The other thing is bitcoin and ethereum so of the three coins that were tested.

Two of them are bitcoin and ethereum. Those were chosen intentionally. Here’s what you should know about.

Bitcoin and ethereum of the three coins presented here. Bitcoin and ethereum do not generally perform as well as other altcoins, due to their comparatively low volatility. Easybot performs best when there is a lot of volatility, a lot of movement up and down. So easybot looks for that movement between one and five percent every single day that most coins will have, whereas bitcoin and ethereum tend to be a little bit more or a lot more stable bitcoin when it does move, can move in major major ways, but on a Daytoday basis isn’t particularly volatile, so we know that we tested two of the least volatile coins that are in the portfolio and we’ll present those results to you as well.

Eazy bot Trading Performance

So, in summary, we’re happy to see that, even during a tough year, these results run from january 1st through through there have some different dates: we’ll identify those as we go through them. Uh 2021 was a particularly tough year for crypto and without the benefit of some of the core features that are included in easybot. These results indicate that easybot is capable and reliable for generating passive profits in crypto markets when it come back to something that bran said and and what we read in terms of establishing proper uh context. We know that there are hundreds of millions of folks that are coming into crypto for the many for the first time and are all for the first time in the next few months.

Their access to financial services looks like traditional markets. Banking, you’ve got money in a bank account right now. It’s costing you for it to beat it to be parked there, because you’re, not keeping up with the rate of inflation.

Crypto is an opportunity, especially if you’re trading, with a tool that’s generating passive income, for you is an opportunity for you to do better than what you’re what most people are currently seeing. So, let’s jump into the results and let’s actually talk about what we are seeing here, all right. Let’s get my screen back down.

Okay, all right! So the first thing we’re going to look at is ave ave. We did back testing through july 15 of 2021 june. 1St excuse me january 1st of 2021, through july 15th of 2021, for the six and a half months, the capital invested was six hundred dollars.

We saw a monthly profit of fifty three dollars and thirty five cents, a pro average monthly profit. I should say, and so the approximate total profit was and seventy eight 34678 from six hundred dollars, uh easybot was able to generate an additional 34678. That’s a monthly profit average profit of eight point: eight nine percent. Now i’m going to take you to the sheet here and i’m going to actually show you how much data is involved.

When i tell you there’s a lot of data, there are a lot of data points. Okay, so you guys these are all buys and sells. These are all buys and sells, buys and sells by themselves.

Now, let’s look at how many buys and sells happened with alvin in this six and a half month period, every single thing here: the buy and sell – and we ended up with just over three thousand and 3059 buys and sells to take us to these numbers. Okay, keep that in mind, because it’s going to matter here in just a minute: let’s go back to our summary. There we go all right, so that’s ave’s results. The next up is ethereum, so our back testing results for ethereum.

This was run from january 1st of 2021 through july july 30th, so a full seven months again, six hundred dollars in capital, the average monthly profit, twenty seven dollars and forty cents total profit in that six, seven month period, a hundred and ninety one dollars and eighty Cents on a six hundred dollar initial capital, investment, average monthly profit of four and a half percent. Now remember: we talked about volatility, the difference remember we had 3 000 trades 3059 trades in ave here in ethereum, again, a lot less volatility. Hence we have a little bit less uh lower performance, so volatility really does matter.

We did just over 2 000 or would have done just over 2 000 results again based on one minute candles. We were in a real world scenario. We would have had a lot more activity because easybot’s looking at the market, every single second all right, but just based on what we could test still a lot less volatility in ethereum all right last up is bitcoin.

Bitcoin was tested through august 19th of 2021, so uh just about seven and a half months same thing: capital of six hundred dollars. We know bitcoin had an interesting story, hit some highs and hit some lows. It was a rocky road for bitcoin uh, but still uh.

What we saw with uh easybox performance was that it could consistently produce a monthly profit, a monthly return fourteen dollars and eighteen cents on average approximate total profit of 10876 average monthly return of 236. Now some people would look at that and say: well, that’s not really impressive. We can have that discussion uh before we do.

I just want to take you to the sheet, like we’ve done with the others. Remember with ave. We started with over 3 000 trades and with ethereum we were down to just over 2 000 and here with bitcoin again guys see the volatility really does make a difference.

So we tested two of the least volatile coins to give some sense of what are most. What our most conservative likely results might be and that’s what you’re, seeing in bitcoin and ethereum so 23 236, let’s just round that down, if you will to 2 and let’s say that we did that, that’s all you did you traded bitcoin. In this scenario, when you only got two percent for an entire year – that’s 24 for the month! Guys, if you did that in any other market, you had a fabulous stellar year, it’s all passive and you could start with as little as 600 using a default strategy.

Easybot Trading Update

Guys, if you auto compounded this, your results would be even better than that, but this is our effort to be transparent with you, we’re not going to come out here and tell you that you’re going to make 30 40 50. What we are going to tell you is that we are confident, and these results show that easybot will perform in an up market and in a down market, and you can expect consistent positive results passively look for more volatile coins. We definitely have some in the portfolio.

Even if you pick ones that are pretty stable, like bitcoin and ethereum, you’re gon na get to see some stable, consistent return. So hopefully, that’s helpful i’ll i’ll post that link in the chat for those of you who would like to dive into that a little bit more

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