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Share with you so so far, we’ve done back testing on three different coins. Uh. We will complete back testing on all of the coins available in easy, buy part of the reason we paused on the back testing at where we were was that it’s just incredibly data. Intense uh to be able to pull these to pull the results.

EazyBot Back Testing

What i’m going to show you is a compilation of over 4 million data points, and so again it’s resource intense and we just shifted resource uh focus to some other things and as we get into full scale launch we get everything down there we’ll come back and Give you guys an analysis on everything that is uh in easybot available for you to trade. So let me give you uh, let’s go through a couple things. I want to start with some notes on backtesting to establish context for you. So again, what i just mentioned: this data represents the initial and incomplete back testing results for easybot’s technical capabilities and the back testing for those of you who might not know what back testing is.

Let me just jump down here, because we actually can find that. So back testing assesses the viability of a trading strategy by discovering how it would play out using historical data, back testing simulates, a trading strategy using this historical data to generate results and analyze risk and profitability before risking any actual capital. A wellconducted back test that yields positive results assures traders that the strategy is fundamentally found and is likely to produce real profits when implemented in reality. So that’s! What back testing is that’s what we’ve done here and some other notes that are important.

So easybot we have one. The back testing we used was against one minute candles now easybot from a technical standpoint, technological standpoint software is design, is programmed to read and respond to the market every single second, this high speed performance allows easybot to execute against more opportunity and open and close trade Than profit, however, the results that we’re going to show you here we can only access one minute, historical candles. What this means is that, for each minute we are back testing. There are 59 opportunities, easybot could have executed again, but they’re unaccounted for in these results.

So we believe that easybot’s realworld performance will therefore produce even more profitable trades as a result. Second thing auto compounding we talked about auto, compounding in the presentation an absolutely enormous, enormous feature in easybot uh. It does not. These backtesting results do not take into consideration auto, compounding they’re, literally just taking the profit on each closed trade, with no consideration for compounding those profits.

So the results here, don’t don’t consider that uh. The other thing is bitcoin and ethereum so of the three coins that were tested. Two of them are bitcoin and ethereum.

Those were chosen intentionally. Here’s what you should know about. Bitcoin of ethereum of the three coins presented here, bitcoin and ethereum – do not generally perform as well as other altcoins, due to their comparatively low volatility. Easybot performs best when there is a lot of volatility.

A lot of movement up and down so easybot looks for that movement between one and five percent every single day that most coins will have, whereas bitcoin and ethereum tend to be a little bit more or a lot more stable bitcoin when it does move, can move In major major ways, but on a daytoday basis, isn’t particularly volatile. So we know that we tested two of the least volatile coins that are in the portfolio and we’ll present those results to you as well. So, in summary, we’re happy to see that, even during a tough year, these results run from january 1st through through there have some different dates: we’ll identify those as we go through them.

Uh 2021 was a particularly tough year for crypto and without the benefit of some of the core features that are included in easybot. These results indicate that easybot is capable and reliable for generating passive profits in crypto markets when it come back to something that bran said and and what we read in terms of establishing proper uh context. I i we know that there are hundreds of millions of folks that are coming into crypto for the many for the first time and are all for the first time in the next few months. Their access to financial services looks like traditional markets.

Banking, you’ve got money in a bank account right now. It’s costing you for it to beat it to be parked there, because you’re, not keeping up with the rate of inflation. Crypto is an opportunity, especially if you’re trading, with a tool that’s generating passive income, for you is an opportunity for you to do better than what your what most people are currently seeing. So, let’s jump into the results and let’s actually talk about what we are seeing here, all right.

Let’s get my screen back down. Okay, all right! So the first thing we’re going to look at is ave ave. We did back testing through july 15 of 2021 june. 1St excuse me january 1st of 2021, through july 15th of 2021, for the six and a half months, the capital invested was six hundred dollars.

We saw a monthly profit of fifty three dollars and thirty five cents, a pro average monthly profit. I should say, and so the approximate total profit was 34678 from six hundred dollars. Uh easybot was able to generate an additional 34678.

That’s a monthly profit average profit of eight point: eight nine percent. Now i’m going to take you to the sheet here and i’m going to actually show you how much data is involved. When i tell you there’s a lot of data, there are a lot of data points.

Okay, so you guys these are all buys and sells. These are all buys and sells, buys and sells by themselves. Now, let’s look at how many buys and sells happened with alvin in this six and a half month period.

Every single thing here the buy and sell – and we ended up with just over 3 000 3059 – buys themselves to take us to these numbers. Okay, keep that in mind, because it’s going to matter here in just a minute: let’s go back to our summary uh there. We go all right, so that’s ave’s results.

The next up is ethereum, so our back testing results for ethereum. This was run from january 1st of 2021 through july july 30th, so a full seven months again. Six hundred dollars in capital, the average monthly profit 2740 total profit in that six, seven month period: 19180 on a 600 initial capital, investment, average monthly profit of four and a half percent.

Now remember: we talked about volatility, the difference remember we had 3 000 trades 3059 trades in ave here in ethereum, again a lot less volatility. Hence we have a little bit less uh lower performance. So volatility really does matter.

We did just over 2 000 or would have done just over 2 000 results again based on one minute candles. We were in a real world scenario. We would have had a lot more activity because easybot’s looking at the market, every single second all right, but just based on what we could test still a lot less volatility in ethereum all right last up is bitcoin. Bitcoin was tested through august 19th of 2021, so uh just about seven and a half months same thing: capital of six hundred dollars.

We know bitcoin had an interesting story, hit some highs and hit some lows. It was a rocky road for bitcoin uh, but still uh. What we saw with uh easybox performance was that it could consistently produce a monthly profit, a monthly return fourteen dollars and eighteen cents on average approximate total profit of 10876 average monthly return of 236. Now some people would look at that and say: well, that’s not really impressive.

We can have that discussion uh before we do. I just want to take you to the sheet, like we’ve done with the others. Remember with ave.

We started with over 3 000 trades and with ethereum we were down to just over 2 000 and here with bitcoin again guys see the volatility really does make a difference. So we tested two of the least volatile coins to give some sense of what are most. What our most conservative likely results might be and that’s what you’re seeing in bitcoin and ethereum so two point: three percent two point: three: six percent: let’s just round that down, if you will to two percent and let’s say that we did that, that’s all you did You traded bitcoin in this scenario and you only got two percent for an entire year – that’s 24! For the month! Guys, if you did that in any other market, you had a fabulous stellar year, it’s all passive and you could start with as little as 600. Using a default strategy guys, if you auto compounded this, your results would be even better than that.

But this is our effort to be transparent with you, we’re not going to come out here and tell you that you’re going to make 30 40 50. What we are going to tell you is that we are confident, and these results show that easybot will perform in an up market and in a down market, and you can expect consistent positive results passively look for more volatile coins. We definitely have some in the portfolio. Even if you pick ones that are pretty stable, like bitcoin and ethereum you’re going to get to see some stable, consistent returns.

So hopefully that’s helpful i’ll i’ll post. That link in the chat for those of you who would like to dive into that a little bit more. That was perfect david thanks and it’s especially worth reemphasizing again that that was the average in a year and during a period of time when the market fell.

50 percent, when every other crypto trade and bought that i was personally using, it was making nothing for the four months that followed that crash. So this is the averages when you take into consideration that drop, and i just was about to cut to the founders club presentation, wrap it up, but i see muhammad’s hand is raised. He is in the building. He must have got through security.

All right welcome. Muhammad, can you hear us hello, hi brynn? Yes, i can hear you and see you awesome. Come on in brother, bye, i’m trying to put on my video say is disabled by the host coach.

You have to host um cohost muhammad hello, hi hi, guys so we’re here at the airport, sorry for being late uh, it’s been a little bit of a drama here. That’s all right brother! We understand just like i missed the event, so i hope that you guys had a good time um. I have just a few words here to say to the to the team uh.

First of all, thank you. Thank you very much for being beyond, even during the tough times uh right now, we are working hard to get everything resolved, uh we’re facing some technical issues, but we are on top of it. We will get it to resolve all of them and we will be uh moving on so uh.

I think you guys have announced that we’re giving uh additional time for the vips and the advanced members was this announced already or not. Yet. Yes, yeah yeah good good yeah, so this is just as a compensation for the uh things that we were going through right now, we’re not giving full power to the uh advanced and vip to trade with bitcoin and uh 20.

So this is as part of the compensation. If we have even to extend that more, we will do that. We want to make sure that we provide the the perfect product to everyone.

The bot is working fine, but the things around the bot are the things that we are we’re working on at the moment like the withdrawals, for example, we i just want to also open some transparency here we had issues with without roles we have issued some of The withdrawals but uh some of them. We, we noticed that there’s some some cases that need a little bit of investigation um, because some people started withdrawing even more than what they happened. There was a glitch in the system and the system was enabling them to withdraw more than they have so we disabled the withdrawals now uh, i’m on my way to the valley right now, once it’s there, i’m going to start working on that together with david and We’Ll get it uh done as soon as possible and we’ll open the gate for withdrawal one more time, so guys just bear with us organ just through uh growing pain, which we will go through very fast uh.

We just need your patience here and uh. I appreciate you all guys. I appreciate you all. We appreciate you brother in a huge way.

Thank you every for everything that you’ve done muhammad to serve the community before we even started the spot, uh figuring out how to customize it to withstand uh a 50plus percent drop in the market and guys. We believe that we’re gon na see it uh sustain even more than that um, but bren come on back in brother, i’m back thanks for the thanks for those words muhammad uh. Obviously we really appreciate you, it’s an honor to work with you all and guys.

We are in a startup fintech company financial technology company, of course, there’s going to be it’s not going to be a perfectly smooth road or smooth launch pad as we take off here. That’s that’s inevitable. That’s just technology because there’s multiple factors, people that are working with companies; third parties for integration, that’s outside of our control, so i haven’t said that i’ve been involved in launches for over 15 years.

It’s one of perhaps one of the smoothest i’ve been involved in and if ever there was a team that can take us all the way it’s this team that you’ve met today because we’re just at the starting line right now. This is just the beginning. We have a very prosperous future together, so for those of you that resonated with today’s message, we’re excited to lock irons with you help help you build some longterm, generational wealth for you and your family, something that you can trust, something that you can plant your flag In that you can feel good honestly at the core of your being with actually sharing it with others.

If you can’t share it with your grandmother, you shouldn’t be sharing it. So this is a solid project. You can visit the offices in dubai. You can shake hands with the owners they’re not going anywhere everything that we need to take this all the way and impact the world is already in place.

So what i’m going to share with you right now? Obviously, we haven’t spoken too much about a rewards plan. Here, because once people fall in love with the product, it’s going to be naturally they’re, going to naturally organically share it with others, and that viral component is going to take care of itself. For those of you that are building a team here. What you’re actually selling is an income producing asset that can serve people that work for them around the clock passively, no matter what their experience level, if they’re a complete beginner, they just use the outer box settings if they’re more experienced.

Obviously they can dive in and tinker around. However, we have a very lucrative rewards plan. There was comments there about the trading capital required for each coin.

But again, as mentioned even free members, you can go out there and you can earn from the rewards plan to share to build up the trading capital in your account because there’s very generous commissions but there’s one time sensitive aspect to the compensation plan to help reward. The people who are responsible for building the foundation and we’re there at the beginning – and that is the founders club. So i’m going to share my screen here and help you understand what it is why you may want to take action right now to take advantage of this. Can you see my screen? Yes, so founders club is quite a lucrative time sensitive opportunity for those of you that want to share easy bot with others.

And what exactly is the founders club? Well, this is where the company is going to fear five percent of total company topline gross revenue for with the people who qualify. So what exactly is going to be going into this pool? Well, all around the world, tens of thousands and eventually millions of easy bots are going to be analyzing, the market 24 7 entering and exiting trades and those and trades in profit and every time that they do so. A certain percentage of that is going to go into this revenue pool, specifically five percent of the service fees that are charged now. This pool is elastic.

This pool can expand and grow over time because purely by the nature of the product you’ve learned about auto, compounding which we’ll talk talk about here in second we’ll touch on it again, but over time this is incredibly powerful, because the amount of people that can get Into this pool is finite. Therefore, your share in this pool is going to continue to grow so for every advanced and vip member when they pay their annual subscription. Five percent of that is going to go into the pool as well, which is about 1250 for an advanced and just show you 50 for a vip, so all around the world, as people are upgrading from their free membership.

It’s going to be feeding into this pool too now. The power of this is that only 1 000 people will ever qualify. Therefore, it’s not going to dilute over time four years from now, there’s going to be more and more people joining this pool.

That’s going to dilute your shares, so those of you that take action now and actually qualify. It’s going to be quite significant over time, especially as people’s trading accounts grow. So, let’s briefly touch about on the power of compound interest.

As albert einstein said, it’s the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it ernest earns it. He who does not ends up paying it, that blue line that you see down there on the right hand, side that represents linear growth.

That’s where you have a fixed amount of capital being utilized in your trading over an extended period of time and that’s 99 of the crypto bots out there. However, the red line represents exponential, compounded growth, and, to put it simply, that’s where the money that your money is earning is earning you more money and effect compounding on itself over time is how people generate create wealth over an extended period of time. So you hit that tipping point that singularity that moment, when you go into exponential growth, where, especially, if you look at what can happen again, go to the calculatorsitecom look at the daily interest calculator and play around with the numbers. Look what can happen once you cross once you start to hit that 2436 month mark, especially with the kind of returns we can do here, it’s quite significant.

So again that’s going to be feeding into the pool. Just imagine ten. Hundreds of thousands of people’s trading accounts growing over time. This is retirement income in my personal opinion.

So how do you qualify for the founders club? The first requirement is that you build a three by three structure: three by two structure, where you personally refer three people and each of those also refer three active users of the bot. Now, obviously, it’s in your best interest to go as wide as possible here to statistically increase your chance of finding three people who resonates with this market with this company. This message this vision and want to share it with others when you do so that is the first requirement.

The second requirement is that everybody in this structure must be utilizing a paid version of the software, so it doesn’t matter if it’s vip or advanced or as long as they’re, using a paid version. Now i saw mentioned in the chat earlier about the fact that binancecom is available right now and coinbase pro is not available. So are the people that can use binancecom at a strategic advantage. Are they getting their nearly movers advantage? Well, the company has thought of that.

As well and we’ll dive into that here in a second, so this requirement is that everybody is utilizing. The minimum recommended amount of 600 usdt in their exchange in their crypto exchange. Again, if you’re just tuning into the call one of the beautiful things about easybot, is that your trading capital, your trading funds, stay 100 in your own control inside your own crypto exchange easybot has no ability to get their hands on that capital, you’re, simply binding to Your exchange with an api connection for the bot to work. So obviously, as we roll out crypto exchanges here, we want to make sure that we’ve leveled the playing field, giving everyone an equal opportunity, and so you weren’t able to prequalify right now for the founders club.

Without that trading require requirements so up until april 30th, you can secure your founders club position in the structure simply by getting those people to upgrade to advanced or vip and the trading capital requirements will be withheld until may 1st, and as of may 1st, everybody will Be required to have the minimum of 600 usdt to qualify for the founders club, so by may 1st, if you, if you hadn’t, achieved that, then you would lose your spot in the founders club, which you can prequalify right now by getting the 12 people in that Structure and have them utilizing a paid version of the software. So this is very fair because there’s certain countries that neither binancecom our coinbase pro works for them. So we’re working on getting the third exchange up and running here, so that those countries can also have an opportunity to qualify, but they can be working towards it right now by getting the 12 people to lock in their paid membership. So an action plan for you right now.

If you see the longterm potential of this founders club is obviously to focus on helping three of your directs achieve founders club now, why would you want to do that? Well, if you understand what i just shared, your own founders club position is going to be locked in you’re, going to secure yours by default as a byproduct of simply helping three of your directs run for founders club as well. So one of the beauties of one of the beautiful things about industry, this industry, affiliate marketing, referral based peertopeer marketing, whatever you want to call it is that you can only really succeed to the extent that you help others succeed, which is usually indirect opposite to what Usually happens in a corporate world where, with this model, the more you reach down and help people up take them with you lead by example, step into your role as a leader, the more you win as a byproduct of that, so the more you serve the more You contribute the more you grow as a person, the more you’re going to benefit others, and in case i didn’t mention it. The other requirement is that you yourself are a vip member. So speaking of leading by example, you yourself must have skin in the game.

These founders – these are very lucrative spots, long term, if you think again long term, i think 10 years 20 years down the road. This position is going to be incredibly powerful, so you yourself need to be showing your own. I guess you could say a commitment to this project by being a vip member, because people will do what you do and not what you say.

So if you want others to be vip, you yourself must be vip, so prepare right now, financecom or coinbase pro with the minimum of 600. Ideally, if, if it’s possible for you, you should be thinking three to five thousand capital. If you really want to fully experience what this bot can do and get the diversity over multiple coins, because on some days when coins are fat, others are going to be making moves even based on news events or whatever happens, to be happening in the crypto space.

So have your 995 ready pay, send it pay for your vip membership, lock that in and then get to work, help and others, and once we post, the recording of this presentation share it with others that they too know what to do to hit the ground and Lock in their own founders club position, so hopefully that was clear, my friends just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this compensation plan that founders club is not designed for you to sit back, relax, put up your feet when you achieve it, you should Continually be sharing easy bot with others, because once you fully grasp the power of the rewards plan and the fact that that compound interest is kicking in over an extended period of time, those of you that reach a certain amount of income here, that’s just going to Continue to grow even if people aren’t necessarily joining your organization, so let me see, hopefully that made sense. My friends we’re going to wrap it up here. We re friends. This is an amazing opportunity.

I have ever seen. We are at the forefront right now. It would be best if you got in now before the snowball effects happens. We have left our sign up link in the description box below and instructions to get you started immediately.

We would like you to be part of our team and we’ll work with you closely. As needed, we will provide you training and marketing materials to maximize your success. Thanks for taking a time out to watch this video presentation, we look forward to working with you thanks. You

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