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Okay, this is another account, and here there are 17 coins being traded started. Just i think, two days back or three days back. So let’s look at one of these coins.

Let’s look at the first, the one in the top five. If you look at here, the the amount used in each coin initially was one thousand, but right now the capital is not one thousand anymore. It’s one thousand, and thirteen, where did this come from, is basically the profit that this coin have made. It’s automatically adding to the capital, so the next trade is basically uh going to be based on 1, 000 and uh.

Eazybot Trading

Where is that here, yeah based on one thousand and thirteen so as soon as any profits being made, whether it’s a cent or it’s a dollar or a ten dollar or 100? Let’s add it to the capital here and then the next trade here, which is basically a percentage of the capital, is going to increase according. Let me show that in excel sheet is going to be, i think, uh much clearer, so muhammad, i i can’t quite see that number in the initial order, but the initial order on a thousand dollars would be 33 and 90 cents correct exactly so. Let’s just make this bigger, can you see the excel sheet yep trying to make this bigger? Okay? So there are three variables here.

The first one is is the capital which we call it the balance that you’re using for that coin and then there is initial order and then there is profit. So the balance is basically the capital if your capital is 1000 or whatever or 600. Here in the initial order is going to be taking three point: three: nine percent of the capital; three point: three: nine percent. So if your capital is one thousand uh, what’s that? Yes, there you go so that mean if you cut this is already linked within the system and this on the default strategy.

It takes 339 percent, but if your capital is 600 is going to be 20, if your capital is 1 000, it’s going to be this much so what happens? There is an internal formula. Uh, let’s say in in here changes the capital. Let me put the initial capital, so this is the updated bonds to update it, so the balance or the cap that keeps on updating it will be basically the profit plus the capital. So right now this bot have made – and this is going to change accordingly – causes changes based on the updated balance or updated capital.

Power of Auto Compounding and Easybot

So, let’s say in this: in this specific scenario, the bot have made 137. So what happened? Just now is the balance increased by the amount of capital and then accordingly, the initial order have increased instead of being. Let me just do it one more time, instead of being 33399 now it’s changed to 346 and the more profit it makes.

The more initial amount is going to increase the more the capital is going to increase, so that would give it the exponential uh factor of growing your capital. That mean, let’s say in one month time: your profit was 100. So that means your next month is going to be starting from uh itself.

30 339 is going to be 378. Your capital is now 100 and 1100. Let’s say in one year time you have made one thousand dollars in profit that mean your capital.

Now is 2 000 and your initial order is going to be big and the bigger your order value the bigger your profit is going to be so it’s going to be increasing and increasing, increasing. Let’s take this uh i’ll. Take this chance actually to go through the uh coach king’s preferred website of the that shows.

The compounding uh factor just give me a second to go to that. Okay, this is another one. There was another one, it’s called daily monthly and yeah.

Yes, this is the so, let’s take this example right now, the let’s say the capital is ten thousand dollars, okay, the one that we start with, and now we can put some assumption here of what would what might be the monthly uh profit, the monthly uh profit For you using easybot, i don’t know i, i don’t want to exp to put numbers here that will be taken for granted, but let’s, let’s just assume, let’s assume it’s seven percent, just as an assumption. It could be more, it could be less. It could be way.

Lower it could be way higher depending on the market movement, so, let’s say seven percent and we kept that money for five years and we know the compounding is happening in the daily basis. Actually, it’s happening every trade, everything that happens. It increases the capitalists, so it’s daily compounding happening.

This is the biggest effect that’s going to happen. So now, let’s calculate and see in five years how much that capital is going to be if it applies the same, if the the monthly average is seven percent and we keep it for five years and the compounding is daily. So that means this 10 000 is turning into 663 000.

That mean more than half million, and these are numbers, i’m not putting anything from myself. This is the numbers based on some assumptions. Assumptions might be right. Right may be wrong, which is basically this this one.

The inter the uh, the rate interest rate or the profit that we’re making a monthly basis – this could be, one percent, could be, two percent, could be, three percent, could be, five percent could be, ten percent could be, twenty could be depends on the strategy that you’re Using and depending on the market movement, so i’m just putting average of like seven percent, so this is the effect of compounding. So if we don’t have compounding, let me remove that compounding, and i don’t know how can i remove it, but let me make it clearly instead of daily. Maybe that gave me some idea it’s 210 still, but i just want to remove it completely.

I don’t know if there is a way to remove this, remove the compounding to see how much it will be. We can do it in in the in the excel sheet. Yeah.

Let’s do it here. Let’s do it without compounding the same amount, 10, 000 and in monthly, okay, let’s say a month, one and then one two: well, it’s a linear. We don’t have to mention it this way. Sorry for that, so let’s say the monthly profit.

Profit is again the same way. Let’s put the same assumption again, it’s assumption. It’s not something guaranteed seven percent subject, so that means the monthly profit of the 10 000 is going to be this multiplied by this, this much so in 5 years. How many months do we have 12 multiplied by 5? That’s 60 months, so we have to basically multiply the 60 by the 700 that mean you’re going to make 42 000 in profit in five years.

Learn How Eazy Bot Trade

This is without compounding and with compounding it was 600 000. So this is the effect of compounding. Is we you’re using your profit, you’re, adding it to the capital, and then the new capital is basically your in the initial capital plus the profit that you made and then it trades that amount.

That’s what makes the this effect of uh having uh the bigger amount instead of just 42 000, is now 663 000. I hope this. This explains the power of compounding again guys.

The the numbers that i mentioned are just assumptions. There’s nothing guaranteed here. It’s just based on the market movement.

Thank you.

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