EazyBot Announcement || Eazy Bot Official Launch Update Mar 22, 2022

All right guys this um. This document refers to the official launch announcement march 22nd, 2022 um. We are excited to announce the opening of phase two of the easybot launch. Our growth over the past few weeks has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been so enthusiastic and supportive of easybot’s vision. We are now almost at 20.

EazyBot Announcement

000 members. Please take a note of the following important announcements and updates. We will begin taking deposits for account upgrades within the next 24 hours. Those who wish to purchase an advanced or vip package will be able to do so.

By clicking add funds hold on somebody. Just came up some somebody just can’t sue everyone from kenya. She’s in my way, can you scroll up um? Can you scroll up please? So i could yeah i’m at the bottom. Sorry about that.

Sorry about that folks, um, who is it uh a phil anthony anthony, stopped at ad funds in your easy easybot back office. Please be sure to follow the onscreen instructions closely when adding funds live trading will begin on monday march 28th for advanced and vip members. Only free members will be able to start trading by thursday march 31st. Next page, all right, we will initially limit the total number of bots each membership level can trade to vip three bots advanced, two bots and free one bot.

We will increase these limits incrementally over the following two to three weeks as we monitor server load. Our goal is to have a seamless experience for all users with no downtime. We are in the process of upgrading our servers to provide additional capacity and flexibility, while also providing increased security. This migration is ongoing and will be complete for our fullscale launch.

Next week, founders club update prequalify for founders club without the trading requirement. We are delaying the trading requirement until april 30th 2022. During this time we will add at least one additional crypto exchange option. There are members around various parts of the world who would not have access to trade on binancecom or coinbase pro.

We want everyone to have an opportunity to fully participate in qualifying for founders club. So, in the next few weeks, our team is working feverishly to add at least one additional exchange with a second to follow. Shortly behind this means that you can secure your founders club position with the required 3 x, 12 person structure who have upgraded to advanced or vip subscriptions, beginning may 1st 2022. We will require that your founders club qualifying structure must also be trading a minimum of at least six hundred dollars us dollars.

If this requirement is not met, you will forfeit your position in founders club and it will be given to the next qualifying member. On a first to qualify basis, package, sales commissions, withdrawals begin this sunday march 27, 2022, advanced and vip member commission distributions and withdrawals will be done on a weekly basis. Every sunday beginning this coming sunday, we will publish additional information on how to request a withdrawal. In the coming days, software service fee commissions will be distributed every two weeks.

Eazy Bot Official Launch Update

Our initial date for distribution will be announced in the coming days. For now, you will not see the ssf, the software service fee commissions in your wallet until the day of distribution. The easybotcom website, not just the login page, will be live next week.

The marketing platform will follow shortly. Behind a lot is happening, and we are very excited to take these next steps together, stay tuned for more important announcements and updates over the coming days. The end you

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