Eazybot Affiliate Rewards, Dynamic Compression, 7 Figure Potential, This Will Blow Your Mind!πŸ€‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

All right we’re going to talk about the easy bot compensation plan: three: easy streams of income. The first is your annual lease sales. The second is software service fees, and the third is a software service. Fee matching bonus all right, so i want to say this before i go down this road so that everybody understands what we’re about to talk about is the opportunity to accelerate your earnings by referring others.

It absolutely is not required in order for you to enjoy the best of these. You can simply start and open an easybot account for yourself and start trading and allowing it to trade and make money. For you never tell anybody. That’s perfectly.


Okay and you’ll have a great experience with easybot. However, if you would like to we give you the opportunity as an affiliate to share easybot with others, you can share it with a few people or with a lot of people and build a team, and so i’m going to show you what that looks like. If you decide to take advantage of it, so we have a 10 level annual resales program. This was just updated.

What that means is, if you refer one person who purchases an advanced package, you’re going to get paid 60. If you refer somebody and they purchase a vip package, they’re going to get paid 250 now the qualification is kicks in on your levels. One excuse me on your levels, two through ten. So in order to get paid on levels two you need two sales and levels.

Three three sales and so forth. Now what happens is when we refer to l1 and l2 and l3 and so forth. These are the folks that your people have invited.

So your people on your l1 on your level, one have invited their own people. That becomes your level two and the people on your level, two have invited their own people. That’s your level three, and so the beauty of this is that you’re getting paid in into an organization by people who are signing up to start to use easybot, and you might not even know these folks, you maybe never talked to them. You didn’t know they were interested, but you’ve got a team, that’s out there working and they could be generations away from you with dynamic compression anybody, who’s not qualified.

So let’s say somebody upgraded on your level five, but there’s nobody qualified between you and them. Then that commission rolls up to you it’s the beauty and the power of dynamic compression. So that’s on your annual lease sales.

It refers to my id easybot, get paid as much as 250 right out of the gate for a vip upgrade all right. So here’s a hypothetical example: we gave you two on vips on the left and advanced package sales on the right. What we’ve done here, i’m going to just explain what what you’re looking at so we took 10 levels and we assumed that there were four sales per level, so you enrolled four people.

They enrolled that 16 on your second level, those 16 enroll for so that’s 64. On your third level now, this is a perfect scenario that, by the way, by the time you get to your 10th level, there’s over a million people in your organization. I think we all know – that’s probably not going to happen just that way. So the the commission is that’s represented here for your annual lease sales at 726 million dollars, probably isn’t going to work out exactly like that.

But what, if only 10 of this scenario, came to fruition? That’s a 726 000 payday. What, if only one percent of this scenario came true for you, but because you got it started, you have the opportunity: 72 000 in vip sales. So these are just some examples to show you what’s possible and why this 10 level compensation plan for your annual lease sales is so powerful all right. So next up is ssf commission.

So this is the other way. This is the second way that we get paid and you really get to maximize your earnings here by building a team. Okay, so software service fees also has dynamic compression.

Here you get to earn a percentage of the software service fees paid by your team now levels. One through five will pay you five percent level, six to ten four percent levels: eleven through eighteen, one percent in levels 19 through 20, a half a percent. Give you an example very much like the one that we just looked at now.

There are 20 levels of potential software service be commissioned here, we’re just looking at an example that considers the first 10 levels so same scenario. You’Ve got four bots on your first level, 16 on your second 64, so forth, and so on and by the time we’re on your tenth level. There’s over a million bots that are running here, we’re using average ssf per bot per month of about 20, and that gives us a total monthly earnings.

Eazybot Affiliate Rewards

If this scenario worked out just the way that we did was perfectly built four by four by four by four by the time you got to your tenth level, the total monthly earnings for this organization would be over a million dollars. Well, we know – that’s, probably not going to get built as exactly you know, as as perfectly as as we’ve outlined it here. So what if we just did 10 of that and we had an average ssf generated per bot per month of 20 at 10 of the possibilities still over a hundred thousand dollars per month and even at a one percent success rate you’re still talking about over 11 000 per month, so we just want to give you an idea of what’s possible and how powerful this compensation can be.

If you decide that you want to go out and share it with others now. The third way that you can earn is through the ssf matching bonus programs and again here you can maximize your earnings by building a team with the matching bonus you earn a percentage of all ssf commissions paid to level one and level two members, so everything that Your level one referrals earned in their paycheck, you earn eight percent of that you’re in a matching bonus, that’s equal to eight percent of their check. It’s amazing there’s no requirement for that. Simply refer somebody if they go out and they go to work and they happen to build a big team and they’re earning a big fat check.

Well, you get eight percent of that and even better on your level two. So maybe this isn’t somebody you directly referred. Maybe you don’t know anybody, that’s going to go out here and go to work, but somebody that you know might know someone, and so isn’t it nice to know that you get some benefit from that as well. So somebody on your level, too goes out, builds starts.

Building a nice big team and gets a nice big fat paycheck. Well, listen! Everybody! On your level! Two you’re gon na get a three percent matching bonus from so whether they’re out working hard building a big team or they’re just sharing it with a few people. Your level ones and level twos are sharing a matching bonus or easybot is paying you a matching bonus as a thank you for introducing them to easybot all right in the founders club.

We’re gon na round out round up the opportunities to earn with easybot, but founders club is the is, is the one that there is a limited time to take advantage of, so it’s kind of a big deal. Let’s talk about this, for just a second qualifications are very very simple: you’ve got to be one of the first 1 000 members to accomplish the following three things: the first one is, you have to sponsor three members who upgrade to advanced or vip and are trading At least six hundred dollars, then you need to help those three people sponsor three members who are advanced or vip. Subscribers also trading at least six hundred dollars, and then you yourself need to subscribe and be a vip member trading.

At least 600 accomplish those three things and be one of the first thousand members to do so, and you will share in a bonus pool that represents five percent. All the company revenue once you’ve qualified for a position in founders club. You are qualified forever. I just want you to imagine for a second, the product that i just showed you in the company that i just introduced you to we’re building this company to be here for the long term.

We believe we have a product that people will absolutely love. They find it easy to use they’re, seeing it make profits for them. So we don’t plan on going anywhere. We do plan on growing very, very quickly, very, very big, all throughout the world.

We have members using easybot in just about every continent all around the world. Dozens of countries represented, and so you would want to be a part of founders club. If nothing else, maybe you don’t see yourself as somebody who’s going to be a big team, but you get to participate in a pool, that’s being built by people who are building big teams.

So that’s how you get to plug in this is our way of thanking those who are with us at the very beginning that helped us to found this amazing company and who are out here working sharing the story and introducing others. So today you have an opportunity to be a part of founders. Club qualifications are pretty simple, encourage you to consider doing that, for yourself,

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