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Today we have uh, we have a couple of really important announcements that we want to spend some time talking about, and so the first one we want to jump into. Let’s just get into the good stuff, uh the first and and uh most exciting announcement. Let me make sure i’ve got it pulled up here.

EazyBot Update

Is we’re going to do something very special for you guys now? I know that you know we talk about this, a lot that we are a product first company, which basically means that uh we’re very, very focused on our product, we’re very proud of the product that we’ve developed and built. We’Ve had an opportunity to prove it in the marketplace. We’re excited about the results that it’s getting and we believe that, in the long run, easybot is going to be the most amazing crypto trading tool that anyone can possibly use it’s just gon na it gets better over time.

It’s able to trade, the market in up and down conditions and we’ve seen that happen, and so we spend a lot of our time really focused on the product. But as many of you know, probably all of you know if you’re on this call, we do also have an amazing affiliate program. The decision to build easybot was was uh one where we would leverage all of those of you who all of our amazing users, everyone who’s enjoying the product, and we wanted to be able to give our users the benefit of sharing it with others who better to Tell about easybot and how powerful it is and how how it can work, but the people that are using it and benefiting from it. So we have an amazing affiliate, rewards program and so for those who are building teams or even just referring a few other.

Eazy Bot Affiliate Promotion

A few other people around along the way we have something that we’re going to do really special for you guys and for the month of june, and this is actually retroactive to the month of june. We’Ve got an amazing june affiliate promotion that allows you to qualify for up to fifteen hundred dollars. We’Ve got five top positions that can be earned. First place pays fifteen hundred dollars.

Then we’ve got a 800 prize, 700, 600 and 500 for the fifth place. So lots of money out there to be earned it’s up for grabs, it’s retroactive to june 1st, which means that any vip uh or advanced package sales or upgrades that have happened for you, and this is only to your direct. So this is somebody that use your personal affiliate id to purchase a vip package, purchase an advanced package or upgrade from a an advanced to a vip if you’ve, if somebody in your direct organization who is direct to you, your level one purchases, a vip or upgrades To vip it will earn you four points for each one of those upgrades. If they, if they upgrade from an advanced package to a vip package, it will earn you three points and somebody who purchases an advanced package will earn you one point.

Earn upto $1500 Commission in EasyBot

So the top points will decide our top five positions. Just that simple. Now we’re really excited about the fact that in the last month we accomplished a number of things, cool coin was really the biggest accomplishment of them all, which meant that every single person in the organization, every single person on the planet, who wants to be able to Use and trade with easybot now has access to an exchange wherein they can do so, and so now is a great time to go out. We’Ve seen amazing testimonials, heard amazing, testimonials, seen amazing results, and so now is a great time to go out and share easybot with others, and this promotion is a great great way to kick off june.

Go into the summer with a nice bonus in place. For you, you

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