My Eazy Bot Is Up And Running and Working Fine!πŸ˜ŽπŸ€‘πŸ”₯

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel um just want to quickly update you guys on how my easy body is going, so i finally got it to to um start working um. I had an issue that i mentioned on the zoom call last night um about about um. It was something to do with the api key. So, as you can see, here’s the error message.

Eazy Bot

It actually showed something else. It showed uh signature not valid or something like that right, but now it’s invalid api key ipo permissions for action. So i just sorted that out. Um double checked: it actually created a new api key and just connected it to the new api key and it started working so as you can see it bought in a buy here, my balance is lower, which is correct, obviously guys what you have to under.

If you have to understand, is that your you still have the same balance, but it’s just basically what the body’s showing you is that it’s it’s taken, it’s it’s put in a trade and it obviously it gets taken out of your your balance. But once this trade takes profit that the bot took in yeah that the bot put in then you’ll see the profit it will show here at the bottom, obviously, and um and yeah the bot will keep trading. So all this is it’s just the bodies this.

This balance here is just the body’s just showing me how much it has left to trade or so how many orders it so, basically it um here it can put in a lot less or not, can put in less orders now so um yeah, but again guys. Your balance is still the same, just about put a trade in and showing you that now it’s got less to trade us because it’s already put a trade in. So it’s just just showing you all right just trying to explain that as uh as good as i can um yeah guys no issues their bodies running.

So, if you see what i just saw, then that means your body’s up and running just check on it. Like uh in, like every say a couple of hours or so just to make sure um just to make sure that everything is um up to scratch because they still again they’re still working out a few of the glitches and that in the system. So there was a there was a glitch where it was showing like more than one bot to my account and obviously i have a free account, so i can only show one: it’s only supposed to have one bottom there and it looks like they sorted that that Out already so yeah everything looks like it’s starting to run smoothly. Now all right guys, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and have a good one cheers

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