Eazy Bot| Slow Day But Still Made 0.12% Profit| 8.12% Total Profit For 1 Month Trading BTC And UNI๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ”ฅ

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easybot video and just again another daily update, um yeah, a small profit made today guys um, not much but hey, profit is profit. So it’s about 012 for today, trading uni usd to the markets. Yeah continue to to be slow. I mean they’ve been slow for the last well week.

Basically, i mean, since i started with uni usdt, with basically most of the coins um. There hasn’t really been that much movement right, but i mean eventually it will pick up but again guys. You know this is profits in the safety of your own of your own finance or kucoin exchange um.

Eazy Bot

You have to send money to anyone. That’s that’s what makes it so. Nice is because your portfolio keeps growing and you’re making realistic returns of real trades, and you know your money’s, safe, so yeah.

So far we are officially on a month in um 812, which i am very very happy with. I mean anything above 5 monthly like consistently is, in my opinion, very, very good and remember guys, keep in mind. We are still in a bear market right which we’re still in a downtrending market, and the bot is still performing really really well right.

So once we see like once, the market really officially goes back into a bull market or up trending market. Then we are going to see something really really good right, um, so yeah i mean like really really good, uh, meaning much much better returns, but again no promises guys, but but it’s just like common sense, really um. The bot will obviously do better in the up trading market because it’s just more opportunities to make profit, but in a downtrending market. Also again, that’s that’s the big thing guys in the downtrending market.

It makes profit, as you guys know, and it maintains the value of your portfolios. It maintains the value of your portfolio, plus it makes profit other bots. Don’T do that right, um, anyways, uh, so yeah.

I just worked this out. This was about 74 cents. I worked out the percentage based on i added funds again because i made some more commissions um, someone on level three.

I think uh bought an advanced package. I made 12 dollars there or for that sale, um yeah, so that’s pretty cool and it made another uh. Yeah twelve dollars so i’ll get again. I added it uh it was.

It was 642, so i based my 74 cents percentage off of six 642 before i added um, because i made the profit before i added um. The additional funds right, so yeah, anyways, making money safe and sound gone complain yeah. So again, guys um remember, as i say, my the percentages that i make. I base him off of the the amount at the time right so, for instance, if i’m trading 300 and i made 74 cents and obviously it would be a higher percentage right, profit, but obviously um again.

The profit that i made was based off of 642 dollars. Then it’s 012, so obviously the percentage return would be less for the same amount um for the same amount of profit made. Then you know with a small amount, it’s just a simple math. Really so yeah! That’s what i base it off guys! It’s um! It’s a fair calculation um, so yeah, it’s like it’s again.

It’s simple guys like one dollar over 100 would be one percent right. One dollar off of a thousand dollars would be zero point. One percent right. So let’s say you made one dollar off of you.

You had a hundred dollars to trade with today right and you made one dollar. Then you made one percent, let’s say tomorrow, you add another nine hundred dollars. Now you have a thousand dollars.

Let’s say for that day, you also make a dollar right. That would be zero point uh one percent, but then you still, i mean it’s still fair to say that you made 11. So i’m just saying you know so far with with the bot um, so yeah, that’s how i calculated.

I just basically take um. You know the amount that i made and uh you know like in this case 74 cents uh and then just basically work it out from there right off of the off of the investment amount i have been and it works out to zero almost 012 except all Right so yeah, i’m just quickly going to go into the affiliate site so again guys if you oh quickly for all the newbies as as usual guys, if you want to know where the trading is happening. Um.

What i mean by this is the only real platform online, where you’re fully in control your funds, where, if the platform, if easybot, were to disappear tomorrow, you would still i mean your money would still be in your own binance or q coin exchange right, um, including Your profits, because again not only is your investment as your investment here, your your profits that the bot has made for is also here in your own exchange. So i mean if, if let’s say, if you compounded with the bot for five years and easybot, disappears after five years, then you know just a hypothetical example. Then um, you know all those profits you wouldn’t. Obviously, you wouldn’t lose a little bit of progress at all, because all those profits that you made would be in your finance account so that which would be pretty cool right.

You wouldn’t lose your profit. So obviously you can i mean, like you, you can withdraw your profits any time, because again, it’s like in your own exchange right. So um, you know commissions that you make on affiliate side. That’s a different story that you have to withdraw from an easy bot wallet to your exchange, but uh yeah anyways, guys all the newbies as promised.

Yes, here’s full transparency uh. This is um what this is spot trading guys, so it buys in a little bit of the coin that it’s trading with that you choose. In my case, i chose uni swap there’s like 18 different coins. As of now to choose from that, the easybot can trade with they will probably add more, but for now there’s 18, that they trust 100, so yeah uni swaps being one of them.

It’s usually a good performer, but you know it depends on how the markets move but yeah guys, as you can see these two buyins right that brought in uh. Basically almost forty four dollars worth of a uni swap coin. So, as you can see, uh lookie here right so exactly the same amount exactly the same time, time period so again, how’s that for transparency, it’s simple guys! You simply connect the bot to your binance exchange with an api key that you get from binance or from kucoin right, and you only give give the api key permission or or the bot permission with via the api key to trade. It has no access to your funds or whatsoever in financial kucoin, so again guys fully fully transparent, fully safe uh.

You know it’s like a money printing machine, it’s way better than leaving your money in a bank and it’s one way how you beat inflation. One way how you also you know, can make money without being scammed right because 999 of things online are scams right, especially if they promise you fixed returns every day, especially if it’s unrealistic returns – and i mean a lot of them – are asking you to lock your Investment um for for a long period of time, which is nonsense, but yeah, that’s just my two cents on that uh. So yeah guys again, as you can see, here’s the uni swap coin um.

The bot is using usdt to buy the coin a little bit of the coin. That’s trading with the coin. What happens right if the market goes up in case like in this case uni swap if uni swap goes, the price of uni swap goes goes up enough like it goes up by at least 15 percent above the average price, in this case my average price.

For these two buyins is eight dollars and 88 cents and a little bit so if it goes above at least 15 percent above that um average price, then it will either continue. If the market continues to go up more than 15 percent, the bot will follow it. So if it goes up 10 20, it just continues like goes straight up like that, and the bot will follow it follow follow it until it goes down, maybe like zero point until it does a pullback of zero point, five percent and it will take profit off.

Whichever how much it went up ten percent twenty percent, so a brilliant video to watch for that is. Is this guys there’s some good examples here? Easybot corporate update august the 1st – and you also can get a good idea of how much the bot made in the downtrending market guys again, like i said we’re still in the downtrending market. Not only are we maintaining our portfolios, but we are making profits so yeah.

All right, so that’s enough on the trading um, as you can see. If you want to have a look at the charts so like i reckon uni uni swap needs to go up, maybe like to 920 or something, then the bot will consider to take profit. But if it goes up more great, then those two positions will make even more profit. So let’s see what it does right, um, just just just patience guys.

That’s all it is just let the bot work just let it work and by the way, guys, if you don’t know um you, you get free version, you get paid versions of of the bot right with the free version you can trade up to two coins, i’m With the free version, because it doesn’t for me right now, i’ll probably in you know in the future, upgrade to a paid version, because i want to trade with more than two coins at a time. But for now you know free package is perfectly fine because i simply don’t have enough capital to take advantage of a paid package um right but yeah. It’s definitely you know on on the map.

You know for the future um, but yeah i mean like you, could literally use this spot for free trade up to two coins, and even even if you like, have a lot of money like ten thousand dollars, twenty thousand dollars and you just wan na try out The bot for free guys, um, then i mean it’s, then you can try it out. I mean everyone gets the same bot again. It’s the only difference is with the paid versions.

As you get, you can trade more coins at a time. So you simply just get more of the software. It’s like, basically guys probably heard of get response or aweber. If you want, if you want more of the benefits of of the software or of that program, then you need to buy a bigger package or whatever um.

It’s the same with another another platform. Some of you might know it well canva right, there’s plenty of them out there, like, like similar platforms like that, if you want to, i mean you, can you can they give you like a lot to do? Actually a lot of good stuff for with the free version, but if you want more, then you need to get the paid version. I mean it’s that’s the same with easybot right um, but yeah guys. I mean like again.

If you don’t need an advanced package or vip package like in my case, they don’t get it as simple as that right because again, i’m only trading one coin as of now, but once i have a little bit more capital i’ll, probably go to two coins use The free package to its full potential and then eventually again upgrade to that one advanced package, preferably if i have like more than two thousand dollars to trade with and a vip package. Eventually, i mean only, i guess i, i think it would only be beneficial if you have like a minimum of five thousand dollars or more to trade with, preferably even ten thousand dollars guys. And if you want to be part of the founders club and then you just get those added, you know um benefits. Not only can you trade with up to ten coins and unlimited coins on the vip package right um trade on you can trade on more more than one exchange.

If, if that’s what you like, um vip package, you can trade on five packages, so um trade, five exchanges simultaneously um, if you uh well, we don’t have five exchanges available right now. Um, you know, for the easy part, i think is three binance binariesus and uh coin right, especially for the us users, guys use kucoin, um but more like ftx and kraken, and that will be added again we’re only four months old guys. So just you know bear with us and um yeah just for the vip package.

You also get that additional private oneonone support calls, which you know can can prove to be very valuable as well, so so yeah guys i mean. Is this really a lot of quality here and oh yeah? Also, your software service fee um decreases from 30 to 20 right. So basically, you keep. Instead of keeping 70 of your profits at a paid package.

You keep 80 of your profits, um that the bot makes every single time it wins, a trade um. So yeah guys there are some benefits from the packages um. That’s why people that my point is what i’m making is.

That’s why people are getting them, because you know people that that can’t take advantage of it have enough capital. Because again guys, like i say, don’t if you only have like say a hundred dollars or five hundred dollars, even a thousand dollars to trade with um. Don’T get a paid package, i mean you just this.

Is this: you can’t take advantage of the benefits. It’s no point um right, but again, if you have more capital and you wan na and you wan na consider it then yeah guys consider it right, because this is okay. This is pretty old now, but i always bring this up. I mean the reason why why the paid packages will be beneficial.

You know in the long term is again obviously saving the software service fees, but but it’s the whole, you know. For me, the big thing is trading with as many coins as possible because you have as many opportunities as possible to make profits right. It’s just as simple as that. It’s because, as you guys know, crypto fluctuates so i mean one coin could be the best this month, but the next month, the same coin, could be the worst coin, and so on guys i mean it’s like.

For instance, xmr was one of the worst performing coins in in that time frame in that 50day timeframe. Maybe in the next 50day timeframe it’s the bestperforming coin. Matic was the best performing coin in that you know 50day time frame, but maybe it will be the worst performing coin in the next 50day timeframe.

Again we don’t know but again guys so just a quick tip is um. Btc, try and not trade with bitcoin and ethereum. I mean, if you i don’t know if you really, if you really wanted and you can trade to those two but um. Otherwise, you know stick with the stick with the old coins, because they’ve proven to make.

You know way more way: more profits. You know so just just saying, because there’s more volatility, there’s more more market movement with with the all the old coins compared to bitcoin and ethereum, so yeah just a little tip there. Okay! So let’s go on the affiliate side.

So again, guys um, you, like always say you do not have to recruit. If you don’t want to right, but again it’s i believe it’s going to be hard for you to not tell at least your friends or your family members about this. If it keeps making profits for you right, um, so, but but anyways again, you don’t have to recruit us all.

You can simply just use the bot and make profit, and you know like, like i said and expect like some. I guess returns like this um on a monthly basis, again no promises guys, but this is what we’ve been seeing pretty much consistently in the downtrending market. So again, guys, like i say once we get in the bullish market, as we can expect.

Maybe three two four times, maybe even more than returns again, i’m just gon na go to i got ta say it no promises, but i mean based on the data guys. It’s like we can expect something special coming soon in the bull market. It’s like it’s going to be really cool to see what kind of profits we make, especially if the market just skyrockets, because it’s going to happen eventually guys the market will break out, because we just we had a major crash, and now the market is literally basically Um on a side trend, so it’s built up. You know reasonable amount of support already, so it’s just slowly but surely clawing its way up, but eventually it will be like a big pump and you can it’s just.

It will probably happen, but again guys it’s not set in stone, but you know based on historical data. That’s what we’ve been seeing right on the charts, so yeah all right! So now that i’ve just got, you know really told you guys about the affiliate um that – and you know, let’s get on to the affiliate side. Like i said guys, i made a commission today so and you don’t have to be a part of that.

If you don’t want to, but it’s there guys it’s there to basically give you the everyday um guy a chance not only to enjoy the bot but also refer to others and make a commission i mean the company could have gone the traditional route of just. You know marketing it like everyone like uh, any other company. You know um, okay, these days, guys more and more companies actually are affiliate, are adopting the affiliate marketing uh.

What’s the word, i’m looking for the affiliate marketing model right because it’s it’s just way more efficient. They i mean it’s, they found it’s way more efficient. I mean to just simply pay people to promote their products and to get sales, then then, to do all the marketing themselves and to spend millions and millions of dollars on trying to get people to buy their product or whatever right um. So, like companies like amazon, i know a lot of forex brokers, one of my forex broker, which is very respectable, broker, guys regulated license all the good stuff.

One of the best highest rating brokers also has a an affiliate program. I’M not sure how deep i think. It’s at least three levels deep or something right um, so you know nothing wrong with rewarding people that that refer refer people to your company, and you know that’s there’s nothing wrong with that, because i mean it’s like.

Basically, it’s like every single company has a sales team right right. Where that basically goes out gets customers makes a sale. Then the company pays them a commission without the sales people, the company will make nothing they need is you can have the best product in the world, but if you don’t have people to sell the product to go out and promote it and to market it, then It doesn’t mean anything right and, like i said it’s, would you rather prefer that the company just keeps all the money for themselves or you know they decide to give back to the people by, in this case, with an affiliate program, i mean they even changed.

The affiliate program – you just quickly, look at this uh, so this is obviously the new the package sale right with the service fee commissions has always been 20 levels deep. The package tells they change it to 10 levels. It used to be two levels deep right.

Only two levels: deep, but now the mediterranean level’s deep. Why to reward the people, especially the leaders in the company who are you know actively going out the whole time like day in day out grinding and referring more and more people to the company they’re. You know, because it’s only fair right, so that’s why they made it 10 levels to basically to say: hey.

You know we’re going to reward you guys even more if you, if you just go out and spread the news and shout this from the rooftops right, nothing wrong with that. That’s actually, it would be something wrong if they did not reward people for for going out day in day out and referring them referring people to the company’s products. I mean you know anyways uh. Let me just quickly go to this and i would say guys i mean if the products were crap.

You know in this case the bot. It’s software right, that’s the product. I mean it’s like microsoft as software that they that they sell you right um in this case, easybot has the bot, which is software, that they’re selling you if the software was crap right, if it was a bot that that kept making losses – or you know like Especially now, if like in a market crash, if it’s basically, if you’re sitting with a 80 90 floating loss, then i would say yeah, you have the full right to criticize it and and to say it’s some sort of a mlm or whatever right, but we literally Have obviously, firstly, this is not an implement just because there’s an affiliate program doesn’t make in an mlm right, because that would make amazon an mlm that would make the my forex broken mlm, which is this stupid logic. Really it’s just extremely flawed logic, but um yeah.

So i mean i even lost my chain of thought now, but yeah guys i mean many companies are doing it. I have affiliate program, oh yeah. What that means on the product is yeah guys.

We have a really solid product that works. It’s a profit printing machine right, so i mean i know: there’s there’s also companies we’re not selling you lotions and potions and pools and whatever that you don’t need right, not that i’m criticizing other companies, i’m just saying right. There was literally the first com, the first when i was introduced to to network marketing in 2019 right. Obviously now i prefer affiliate marketing because it’s just way better um but yeah.

When i started with online stuff with, i don’t even know really anything about crypto. I don’t even know what a bitcoin wallet was um and uh yeah. You know, network marketing, sort of introdu helped me help to introduce me to that world to the online business world and that but the company i joined like it was it wasn’t the one you know like the usually the first company joined, isn’t the one like, and I didn’t know any better, because obviously i was inexperienced. I don’t know any better to think that hey the products are crap right so and that company that i joined the products were terrible.

I mean we had these these education packages. They were, like you know. 40. 45, you would, you would have like just 40.

I think it’s like 45 minutes worth of videos that just tell you like a little bit about motivation and how to get motivated with your business and that which is fine. But i mean like the if you’re paying like you’d literally pay up to two and a half thousand euros for one of those packages right and they give you some some re rewards or whatever, which aren’t really worth, which aren’t worth anything to this day right. The company’s still around, but those rewards are still not worth anything they. They converted it into shares for some startup company, which again on maybe they’ll, be worth something in the future.

I don’t know right, but you’d pay two and a half thousand dollars for that education package. I mean, i think, actually, four and a half thousand dollars was the biggest package right right and and um you’d get like 45 minutes worth of videos. You wouldn’t even get a a proper course on how to do marketing um you would you you wouldn’t like uh, you wouldn’t even get a proper course to um to actually get a diploma as well. I mean it’s like if you’re paying that much you’d expect.

You also have some get some sort of a qualification as well right, so so yeah that was that was silly and um. You know like if it’s a so my point is: if you criticize a company because they have a crappy product, then i would be right by your side, criticizing it as well right if the product isn’t worth worth what it’s, what it’s worth you know, but with The easy bots case, the bot, is definitely worth every set right with the pay packages. Specifically now it’s worth every set the fact that they’re giving this away for free guys already – and we can trade up to two bots for free – is incredible.

They could have charged with that as well, because it’s simply that good, i mean you go on guys that people are are basically selling forex trading about stock all the time and it is martingale uh bots as well right, they’re selling these bots all the time, but I can tell you what i haven’t. I haven’t found a bot, that’s consistently profitable, like the easy bot and some of those bots are really expensive and they just simply don’t work. I mean, if, like some of those forex trading bots, i saw it’s like you just you just hear the the testimonies from people that, like how terrible those bots are the fact that that they literally blow your your trading, all your capital in a day or something Like that i mean, but people still pay for that. So if you’re criticizing something like that, yeah i’m right with you, but i mean again like criticizing easy bot.

No, it’s just you just don’t have any basis for for criticizing it again like you have nothing because it works it does it does. You know there’s this. This is um. I think this paint company, or something in in britain um, that is england or the uk.

Basically, right um that it’s it’s called ron seal and it i think this slogan is: it does exactly what it says on the tin, and this is easy, but to the t it does exactly what it says it does makes profit. You know before we before the easy bot launched um it made a like it was. The the the big thing was also centered around is is what what the management said is that the bot makes profit, even when the market crashes, because based on the back testing data from last year right and then obviously, we had the perfect opportunity. Um.

No one raising almost no one uh foresaw the crash. We had a nasty market crash, guys um, as you know, and the bot weathered the storm it. Actually it actually did what it what people said.

So so i mean usually you know when other companies market their product beforehand and says that does this and this and that it’s it’s usually and hype it up. It usually ends up to be a disappointment. Easy bot, as lift lived up to its name, has left up to all the hype right.

So yeah, it’s worth every penny. If you ask me every penny and again it’s it’s only fair. If people are are basically referring other people to to the company and to the products, then it’s only fair to reward them for it.

Just saying i mean like you would, with a sales person who works for your company and sells your products right. It’s like you’re gon na pay him a commission. I mean it would be criminal not to uh okay.

So it’s just got that off my chest. Sorry guys, you know it says long talk, but you know me: i always enjoy a good chat so yeah anyway, so affiliate commission for level three. So this was on my third level. Now i’ve got 12 there, so basically off of the old um.

If it was still the old package sale, just the two levels right then i wouldn’t would not have received nothing so, but because i am actively you know working with my team guys, because again i work with my people. Everyone on my team, you know if they give a hundred percent and i give hundred percent if they need me on zoom calls i’m on the zoom course doesn’t matter if the time zones are different. I mean like it’s literally almost three o’clock in the morning here and my like my body clock is, is: is i’ve literally had the weird weirdest body clock right now, because i i have people in my team from the us who are pretty much awesome. People right is sometimes if they need me this time in the morning, i’m up right.

I’M up. If i need to do a zoom call right now i’ll, do it right right? That’s that’s! Also. We we support each other.

We help each other succeed not again, not only are we giving each other a great product, but we’re helping each other succeed on affiliate side as well. What is wrong with that? Like really um, okay, so yep? That is that is that it’s another 12, so i mean we’ve literally i’ve literally made. Let me just go on commission’s from 30th 30 july 31st july, 1st of august 2nd of august 3rd 3rd of august 4th of august.

So this is what happens guys when you eventually build your team. You have to start this, you decide to build the team, and you know the duplication starts because i mean again the my duplication has started, but it still has a long way to go, but i mean just really scratching the surface and the and the commissions are Pretty decent – and i can tell you what guys these service fee commissions are going to turn into something crazy, eventually like it’s going to overtake the package. Sale commissions, no doubt right, but that’s like a longterm thing, but once you’ve once you’ve built it guys.

It’s literally you get paid, you work once your you work once you push push push push push and, and then you get paid over and over and over again for as long as the company’s around and you get paid really well, okay, this is the old that Was the old um i think pdf? Is that the old one uh? No, no? Okay! No, that the other one was the old one like with the service fee commissions. Guys i mean. Obviously you won’t you. You won’t see this.

I mean if you’re, building a team and obviously from the service fees. You won’t see these commissions um, you know. In the beginning i mean it will take a while, but like these kind of commissions, but eventually you’ll get there right, but the just basically.

This is just some potential on 10 levels. Obviously you guys know the service fee commissions. It’s it’s in it’s 20 levels deep, so the potential is even more than this, but it’s long term guys.

It’s um that that you can expect like some of these super super results. But again it’s like um. It’s awesome to have at least it’s nice to have something respectable, that you can build over the long term right, a quality product that you can share with people and give to people that will make their money without them losing their money.

You know what i mean, you know if there’s just in case the platform disappears, they won’t lose anything, they would have made money and it would would have been they would. I mean you still walk out a euro at the end of the day. You know like um so yeah i mean this. What’s like 17 close to almost 18 of service fee commissions, it’s it’s going up slowly, but surely every month right all the people i’m getting in but 18 right.

So i mean eventually that’s going to turn into a sizable. I mean monthly income so and then obviously the founders club’s a different story, guys. That’s like he’s part of the founders club again, if you’re building a team consider consider pushing for the founders club um, and then i can, i mean i can help you that i work with six and seven figure earners on a daily basis, like i always say, Because i do um again that that can help you push for for the founders club as quickly as possible, and you know to help build your team as big as possible.

So i found this club uh then. Basically, that’s like uh. You know five percent of the company’s revenue every single month, if you’re part of it for as long as the company’s around so imagine you know when easybot we don’t even have 100 000 users. Yet that’s not that’s! That’s nothing! Guys for the product.

We have. I mean eventually like like. I have no doubt that we’ll get 200 million users personally right, at least so once we get to that, i mean the the the founders got their first powder.

It was like 808 or something so there’s currently 67 founders, but they got their first power already um, so yeah, and it was that i mean yeah like i said it was 808 dollars, which i thought it was gon na. Be a lot less because, like i said guys, we are still only four months old. So the fact that the founders really got a payout is just says a lot about how well the company is doing, but yeah that 808 dollars can eventually become ten thousand dollars.

Plus very easily and that’s every single month, because it’s five percent of the company’s revenue – and i mean once that, once the founder once there’s a thousand founders, that’s it they’ll, never be more than a thousand founders. So it’s a very exclusive and very lucrative club to be in very, very lucrative club. I mean it’s just like an extra stream of income. It’s going to pay you over and over again for literally one one for working hard once and it will probably be.

It will probably won’t even be as like as hard as the work would like to become a push for a founder that won’t be as hard as your current job. You know, so probably won’t even be that hard, but you still got to put in the work. That’s that’s the main thing right, but yeah just something to push for, but again guys really, if you’re, just an investor then just use the bot enjoy the bot guys.

That’s that’s. What is there for to to print to basically print money for you on autopilot? You can just sit back, you can you can, you know, sit back at work, knowing that your money is also working for you right. So so not only are you then working for money, but your money is working for you and by and again by leaving your money in a bank again, this isn’t financial advice, guys.

Just personally what i do most of my money is usually in my crypto wallets. I don’t really believe in keeping a lot of money in the bank um, because it’s just and the bank is it’s losing value with inflation and all of those things i mean it’s like i could go on and on and on about it right, but uh. That’s just personally me guys, i’m not saying do what i do, but you know that’s just again like like something like this. The cryptic, in my opinion, right there, crypto exchanges and many other people that are more educated on me on the subject, will say that crypto exchanges are extremely um safe right about about as secure as your bank is because, if you, if you think, if you look At binance, if you look at q coin, i mean like the amount of security verifications and stuff you need to.

Do. I mean it’s crazy just to get into your account. I mean it’s more than then the security verifications i have to do to get into my banking app right so so yeah i mean your money’s, not not going anywhere it’s going to stay here and the fact that you have stable coin.

I mean you, don’t need you, don’t have to leave it into a into a crypto. That’s that’s volatile, and the nice thing about the the easy part is that it doesn’t buy in the whole coin. At a time. You can obviously set it for that.

If you want, but that’s at your own payroll right um to buy in more more aggressively but with the default strategy, it buys in a little bit of the coin at a time and in trades with that and then the rest is usd. So if there’s an emergency – and you need money for something and you need to pull up, pull it out of your crypto wallet, then you don’t have to take it out of your coins that are currently in the trade you can just take it out of some Of the usdt, that’s there, you know that’s the nice thing of having stable coins, i mean busd. If you don’t like usdt, you can use. Busd dye is also a stable coin, but okay, the bot, can only work with the usdt and the usd right.

Now. Just saying so, yeah guys i mean that is that’s basically that i mean it’s a longer update than i wanted to do, but i just thought: i’d have to get a few things off my chest as usual, so yeah 67 qualified members uh right now for the Founders club um, so we’re not even close to it, so i mean all of you still have a good shot at it. If you really want to go for it again, you can work with me anytime.

If you want right, that’s why i’m here to help you to get where you want to be right, so yeah, because i mean again, i would like it if i said that doesn’t benefit me, but you know there was someone said i think it was jim jim Rohn, if you you know, if uh, if you uh to to uh, basically to get where you want to be uh jeez. I can’t remember the saying now: what was it? Oh geez? If you help get oh yeah, if you help others get what they want, you get what you want right, it’s a value added exchange so again guys stay up to date with the zoom calls. I mean you have full access to that on your dashboard, as you can see, um how to get started.

Is here, but you’ll get you’ll, get it like a get started tutorial anyways when you click on my link below the video. My sign up link company overview. All that’s there for you guys really so yeah guys um! That’s that for the video um as usual, all my links are below right, including my sign up link for easybot.

If you wan na, if you love it and you wan na sign up right away, you can use the bot for free um or you can get a paid version either way i mean you can use the bot um and the free subscription guys is for life. Um the paid packages – you it’s a it’s a yearly, it’s an annual fee, which is i mean at least it’s not monthly. I mean annual, is still fit.

It’s still fair and reasonable um so once a year, basically um yeah. So it’s free to sign up and to get started and start using the basically a bot, that’s gon na print money for you and yeah. My telegram sorry link to my telegram group is below the video, along with the official company telegram group, so yeah guys feel free to join that as well and um yeah.

My phone number is below. If you want to reach out to me guys personally, um really do it anytime on whatsapp or telegram, you know just send me a message anytime right, especially if you want to. If you want to work with me right and six and seven figure earners so yeah um, that’s that so don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and, as usual, guys have a good one cheers

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