The Eazy Bot Friday Zoom Meeting Starts In 5 Hours From Now, See You There!😎🔥🔥🔥

Eazy Bot Friday Zoom Meeting

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel. There will be a easybot zoom meeting tonight, um in about starting in almost exactly five hours from now so um yeah, it’s about where i’m at it’s um, i’m on i’m in south africa on a plus two time zone. So um yeah at six pm for me, um, wherever you’re at i’m just gon na, have to work it out. Um i do have some.

I do have a few different time zones and locations below the video and including with the zoom link, so just check below the video um and the companies you’ll find the company zoom link below so yeah guys um feel free to join us today. Uh come meet. The community come ask all the questions you would like go meet. The ceo, the founder and the ceo and yeah guys is going to be a great time.

See you then cheers

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