How To Withdraw USDT From Your Eazy Bot Wallet To Your Binance Wallet, My Very First Withdrawal!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ”ฅ

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. So today, i’m just going to do my very first easy bot withdrawal. So i’m going to withdraw some commission. So let’s get into that all right! So i’m on my dashboard, as you guys know my previous videos, i’ve made some commissions from package upgrades uh, so i’m gon na withdraw 180 dollars.

How To Withdraw USDT From Your Eazy Bot Wallet

So let me click on my wallet. I’M going to click here onward. Draw okay, i’m gon na withdraw 180, not the full 200, because what i want to do is i want to leave um. I want to leave like two dollars in there um.

You know to uh what sorry twenty dollars in this for for uh trading fees or uh service fees. You know so because i think if you have like less than uh to usdt in your easybot wallet in the bot start stops trading, because that’s the only way that easybot can get can take their. You know fees.

You know from it from every single trade that the bot wins for you right. So just keep that in mind. That’s the only money that you will need to send to easybot is like 20, maybe 30 dollars or usdt with the trc 20 chain. Guys remember make sure to get that right, um and yeah so anyways.

So i’m going to go here to binance um, because this is because obviously i’m sending it to binance, because i want the bot the bots going to be trading. For me, in my own binance wallet guys just so that’s where your trading capital is going to be um, so i’m trying to get as much as possible in there, for you know, i’m trying to get as much capital as possible in my binance, while it’s at The bot can trade and make as much profits as possible right because i know my funds are safe, so you know anyways all right, deposit crypto. So now it’s just going to select a coin.

Let me just select the coin: usdt uh, let’s make sure okay it doesn’t. It doesn’t ask for the network chain yeah. I guess it only matters.

As far as i know, when you’re sending usdt to your easybot wallet, you, you need to make sure that you choose usdt but with the trc uh trc, what 20 chain yeah grc 20 chain right, not with erc guys trc t4 trick or treat all right, uh Deposit to oh here we go here’s the network, okay, so i’m going to select this network because again guys you’ve got to make sure of that. Otherwise, you’ll lose your money. You got to make sure that it’s the correct network network chain, okay, so trc20, i’m just going to make double sure, because i don’t want to lose my money here so 180 we are withdrawing 180 uh with crc 20 crypto. Now i just need to get my address.

Uh there we go usdc tether, um. Now we’re going to copy this copied. We are going to paste it here. Um make sure it’s correct.

Yeah, it looks correct, looks correct to me guys all right and um expected arrival. One network confirmation, uh minimum deposit zero points like never buy, that uh select wallet, spot wallet, uh yeah, that’s where i wan na. Remember guys! That’s where you want it to be, because you, the bot’s, going to be doing spot trading for you, so you want it in your spot wallet, just a small little a detail there all right. So then we choose withdrawal.

So i’m going to receive 178 into my binance wallet. Please enter the top otp sent on your registered email to confirm so i’m going to go there. Now you guys are going to see some of my emails here.

Some more spam emails, yeah anyways, don’t worry about some of these emails are just spamming me in a whole freaking day that i need to block. That’s my bad um copy and we’re gon na paste it there. I don’t know if i’m supposed to show you guys the otp but uh so yeah guys.

You got ta, make sure that there’s otp, let me just copy it so but again, then again, everyone’s otp is going to be different as far as i know so. Anyways then we just make sure that’s correct. I i always like double triple check, my stuff guys you have to okay, so it’s pending guys and i it takes about uh. I said maximum 48 hours.

Will i choose one? Let me just see oh anyways, it doesn’t matter what what amount did. I choose now amount requested 180 to address pending 178 current values 22. So, where does that doesn’t take? Because i would, you would think that i’ll be left with a 20 usdt, because i must take the two dollars out of your balance or you to use the other usdt out of your balance, but anyways guys. I don’t want to make this video too long.

I don’t want to hold you guys up so now, i’m just going to wait now we’re just going to wait and see, wait, wait for it to appear in binance. They will speed up the withdrawals. You know as as the company as they you know, improve on everything and so on, as the rollout goes, because again guys we’re still in prelaunch, so just be patient.

Keep that in mind um give them a chance. You know and join us tomorrow on the um. What’s it again, the official launch for all the free members, it’s gon na be great um, the zoom, the zoom details will be below and it will be. It will be on the end screen for that and if you watch my previous videos, you’ll see, there’s a big zoom meeting happening tomorrow, guys so join us.

Uh anyways, guys uh thanks for watching um. Don’T forget to like to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel again guys my sign up link below all my other links for easy bottle below telegram group. You name it so yeah guys have a good one cheers

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