Eazy Bot Updates, 📣 Withdrawal Requests Are NOW LIVE! 📣 And Slight Delay For The Bot Trading.

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, update video. So i’m just going to show you guys some exciting updates that i just saw today on the telegram group uh. By the way, all my links are below that for both of the telegram groups, the official telegram groups guys do not um go into other groups because um, you know just just stick to the official groups.

Please um, because you know you never know if um uh, that some of these fake groups are shady people, so guys stick to the official groups and also another thing is yeah. All my links again are below the video, including the sign up, link and so on. For easybot all right, so, as you can see um, this is a big one.

Eazy Bot Withdrawal Requests

Withdrawal request on our live. Here’s what you should know. The minimum withdrawal amount is 25 usdt, so basically 25 dollars. The maximum that can be withdrawn per request is 999 uh dollars or usdt.

Each withdrawal has a two dollar processing fee, which all submitted by 9 pm est will be processed within the next 24 hours. Every day withdrawals are only sent via usdt with the trc 20 chain network chain. The user must have a usd trc20 address to receive the payout uh all right. So where we oh okay, never mind uh.

The first withdrawals may take 48 hours to process um due to potentially high demand. After that withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours. Please note: withdrawals from your easybot wallet are for affiliate commissions, earned all trading funds and profits will always be in your exchange, account binance or coinbase.

So again, guys um. If you don’t know all you, that’s where the that’s, where your your trading capital is safe and sound in your own binance or coinbase pro wallet or and many others wallets to follow um. You know, as as the company keeps rolling out, basically um, so yeah. Just keep that in mind.

Please guys! That’s where your trading capital is in your own wallet, you don’t send it to easybot the bot’s going to trade in binance coinbase pro for you, okay uh. Another update in this was yesterday, so team server updates over the weekend have pushed our timeline to launch live trading for advanced and vip members back just a bit. We expect open trading on tuesday, so i’m not sure if this is uh today, tuesday, because today’s tuesday um or next tuesday, but anyways any continues to say our apologies for the delay. The team is working diligently and we are excited to get everyone trading thanks for your patience and understanding, um, so yeah guys, it’s either we’ll either we’ll be ready today for the paid members and then the three members should be available three days later, maybe on friday.

So that should be on the 1st of april or it’s either next week, tuesday, for the paid members and then next week, friday for the free members to start trading with the pot so either way guys we’re going to get started. Um, just um just give give the easy bot uh staff a chance to um. You know, sort everything out so that everything is 100 ready when we start so that there’s no glitches or anything guys um. I personally would would rather it’s i don’t mind waiting a few extra days.

You know so that they can make so that make sure you know that everything runs smoothly, so guys just be just bear with um with the easybot staff. They are working around the clock to make sure that everything is 100 userfriendly and working for all of us guys so that we can start making as as much profits as possible from the start and get this thing going all right. But what you can obviously do in the meantime is um.

You know if you are a business builder again, you don’t have to be one. You don’t have to sign anyone up, but if you do sign people up, i have videos about that. Then then, uh, you know get your team together, get everyone ready before the big launch, because this thing is this thing is going to take off like like you’ve, never seen before. So that’s going to be it’s going to be an astronomical growth.

You know it’s going to be crazy because exponential growth from the start, so yeah get ready, guys get serious, get going. Um anyways guys, like i said before, all my links are below the video for the telegram groups um my signup link. You know if you want to get get started. My phone number, if you want to reach out to me on whatsapp, feel free.

You know um about this opportunity, um and yeah guys thanks for watching. As always like the video subscribe to my channel. I really appreciate the support and yeah guys have a good one: cheers

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