Eazy Bot Trading, Very Slow Day But Still Made 0.2% Profit, 6.1% Profit Made So Far In 18 Days.😎πŸ”₯πŸ€‘

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel, welcome to just another update uh on easybot, and you know how it’s going, how the profits are. Keep you know rolling in so yeah um, another pretty slow day uh in the crypto markets, um it’s, but it’s still still made about 02 percent, which is still really good because again, if you can make, if you can still make 02 every single day it compounds Over a month, that would probably be like seven eight percent around there, which is still really really good, but um yeah, that’s a slow day one. I had another day that was like 03 and one the best day.

Eazy Bot Trading

I’Ve had so far is 15 percent. So and so far i’m up like 61 in 18 days, which is solid, i mean so maybe maybe this month i can get to about 10. That would be freaking awesome you know and because why that’s also awesome guys is because you know this is a this. Is a platform where you can’t get scammed right: it’s simply a bot that you connect to your own binance exchange or cuckoo and exchange, and and that’s that it trades for you in your own exchange.

So, even if easybot were to disappear tomorrow, um your initial, your all your investment money, including your um, your profits that the bot made for you would still be in finance or cook in whichever exchange you prefer right, game changer, but anyway, so um yeah up about 61, like i said so yeah, this is what we made so far. Today was 63 cents and trading with 270 capital um. I allocated 270 capital, as you guys can see it brought in some.

It’s training, bitcoin uh. So basically, it brought in some bitcoin um, and this is the usdt it has left for um additional covers. If, if bitcoin were to go down further, it would just buy in further and then get to a point get to an average price above the average price.

I’M at least 15 above the average price, and it would take profit so very simple, guys very, very simple, very effective, very awesome. It was actually a zoom call today how and they explained that in a crashing market. A lot like i load that video by the way, there was one coin that i think crashed about: 61 percent right 61.

Guys! So imagine if you bought that coin. Just before it crashed 61, then you would have been down 61 on that coin. So that’s crazy, but if you let the easybot trade for you with that same same coin, guess how much you would have made you would have made just over five percent in that month. So, instead of taking a 61 loss, you would have actually made five percent profit.

That’s insane guys! That’s the difference between easy bot and other bots is the fact that it makes profit not just in the up market. Anyone can anyone’s an expert in the up market right, we’re in a bull bullish market, but when the markets start trending downwards, when there’s a bear market, especially or when the market is moving sideways, then people start losing their money. So then you actually see you, the real traders are, but that’s why again guys? That’s why the easybod is a game changer, because even if you don’t even know anything about crypto, you can make money.

It’s literally it’s a builtin strategy. It’s a click! One click strategy boom, you’re ready to go right and they’ve been proving this. If you join the zoom calls i’ll have the links for that below. If you join the company zoom course it’s it’s you’ll you’ll see it.

The results are just ridiculous, ridiculously good dude, guys dude yeah, so yeah i mean pretty good so far, uh, oh yeah. I wanted to mention this. You see this notice this little red thing here.

Um signature for this request is not valid. So that’s basically my binance api key expired. So that’s what you connect your bot with um to well yeah that so basically use the api key to connect your easybot with um, your binance exchange, so that the bot can trade for you on binance acuity, but guys it has no access. The the easybot has no access whatsoever to your um uh.

What’s it um funds in your binance or coin exchange, it can only trade for you and you still. I mean you completely control your funds plus you can stop the bot anytime. If you wish.

Oh and you can trade with as many coins as you want, so bitcoins just wanted options. Let me show you guys: bitcoin is actually one of the on the zoom call, but coin was actually one of the least performing uh one of the coins that performed that didn’t perform as well. Oh, but i don’t know if i mentioned it, but if you guys wondering um, i’ve got 270 allocated, but i’m saying six point one percent, but i’ve only made eight almost eight dollars so guys, um. The reason for this is the first 12 days i only traded with 102 dollars with that 102 dollars.

I made 5 and i made another video about that. It was uh here. I mention it this.

This video here made five percent profit in the last 12 days. Then i added some funds, so the money that i got in um. If i had more money, i would add it added it.

Definitely because again, your my money is perfectly safe. I’D rather leave it in my crypto exchange and in the bank, because i mean like if you look at like what i’ve made so far 61 in 18 days um, you probably won’t even get that in a year with your bank. So i mean, and with a lot of other platforms, to be fair that i’ve seen especially with the legit platforms, a lot of platforms was promising.

EasyBot Profit Made

You, like five percent a day or whatever something ridiculous or scam platforms or ponzi schemes. You would you, don’t you don’t? Even want to touch those platforms anyways because, what’s gon na happen, you’re gon na end up losing your hardearned money anyways. So it’s better just to join something that is legitimate, that that also appeases your conscience right.

That is basically, like i say, um that you can also, if you are like a business builder, that you can also promote with pride right. He wants to share with people with pride, not not having to worry whether they’re going to lose their money or not, because everyone’s making money with this plus you know, there’s no rug pools. So it’s it’s really easy. What’s going to take over, in my opinion, so yeah don’t worry about this.

Please find your wallet to continue uninterrupted trading um, so this is just basically guys and because easybot doesn’t have access to your funds in your financial coop coin exchange. You just need to put a little bit of money in here to cover service fees for the trades. You know, that’s um, so this little bit of service fees go to to the company right and to the affiliates so yeah there you go.

This is just um, as you can see: 18 or almost 19 cents taking in service fees uh biggest one. I see, is 34 cents yeah, so there’s just little bits: 36 cents. So yeah guys just make sure this never goes to to zero, because if this wallet balance goes to zero, then the bot, the easybot, can’t trade for you. Why? Because it can’t it can’t take its um, the service fees right that is supposed to go to the company so yeah, that’s, basically only money you’ll ever send and if you want a paid package, if you don’t like um with the free package by the way you Can trade with up to two coins you get most of the benefits you got full com you’ve got full access to the compensation plan um and all that right, um.

But you know with the paid packages you can trade with, i think, advances up to 10 coins and vip. You can trade with all of the 22 plus coins. I think it’s about 22 coins and there’s some other benefits like oneonone vip calls and whatever, but anyways guys um.

The big thing about this body is also it’s for free. You can try it out for free and see for yourself how great it is and um. Then you can take it from there.

I mean again with the free package you get most, you get basically the same bot. Just you can try it. You can only trade it up to two coins, as opposed to 10 coins with the advance and 22 plus with the vip, like i just mentioned so yeah.

Let me just show you guys um, which coins are available as usual uh. Let me just show you guys. Uh select exchange; no, no, no, we want to oh yeah. No, no anyways need extra, select exchange.

Okay, so, like i said, bitcoin was actually one of the was one of those coins that didn’t perform. Actually that well compared to the other coins. I think the best performing coin out there was crv, because i think it’s way more volatile than bitcoin um, i think usually the most performing coins are the best to trade with so yeah.

There’s plenty of coins here that you can trade with. Are they it’s? Also? A pretty good one so and, and the thing nice thing is guys you can switch over to a different coin anytime, just um, if you do switch over to a different coin, just make sure that you eventually uh that you close that you first close the trades Or make sure that your the trades go a little bit in profit, you close them in your in the binance, your coin exchange right and then and then just continue, um switching over to different coin right. So yeah i’m only trading with one coin at a time because i don’t have a.

I love a lot of capital if i had a lot of capital. I’D probably be trading with as many coins as i can, because i like to it’s good to diversify, because you know one coin: you might make ten percent this month, another one you might make five percent another one. You might make 20 percent heck one one like it. It all depends i saw i saw there was one coin that they showed today on the zoom caller literally made like um.

What was it i think? Like fourteen percent, you know what yeah the one of them was. What look? It was a different zoom cool, but one of them today was like one one, trade, seven and a half percent for the account as a whole. That was that’s pretty insane guys. One trade, one trade, so that’s basically one day, seven and a half percent.

So that was not a bit that was, i think, crv or i can’t remember exactly what coin it was but yeah. I think matic also did really well um. That’s also a good point to trade at the moment, so yeah, if you guys, are just looking for coins to trade so yeah guys.

That is some of the results and, as usual, um for the new people, i’m just going to show you the trans level of transparency here that um, you know this is why i am so positive about the easy bot is because again, this is where all my Money is so you, basically, the bot trades if you st and it buys in the coin you’re trading with. So, if i was trading with ethereum, it would have, it would have ethereum instead of bitcoin right. So it’s brought in just show you how much bitcoin is bought in, as you guys have seen already.

Uh covered two positions, so just over 32 dollars of um, bitcoin, right, uh and what’s happening here. Is the market just needs to go up a little bit and then it will eventually take profit. So it’s just it’s just a patient thing, guys um, but it is fully fully automatic fully passive.

That’s a big thing here is you know you can go, you can go and work, you can go to sleep and the body’s still going to trade for you and make profits. So and it’s again it’s scam free guys. That’s the big thing! Because cheese aren’t we all uh, freaking, uh, sick of scams and rock pools, i mean i’ve had enough of scams and rock pools are already to last me a lifetime, and and this year alone i mean just so many um dodgy platforms out there – that you just Don’T even want to touch like you, don’t even want to look at so but anyway. So, let’s, let’s look at the exchange.

Uh look, let’s have a look. Okay, as you can see, guys look at the times and the dates of these two trades and the amounts right, 1597, 1611 and lo and behold, sixteen point: five, nine, seven, sixteen point eleven: what were the times there yeah exactly the same time period: uh 7, 56 Pm it’s 4 13 pm right there. We go so again guys that further.

That makes my point of this is where the trading is going on in your own exchange. So it’s basically as if you it’s the same as as if you were going to go in manually and buy the coin yourself right. This is what the easy bot does and just basically does it all the time right when you can’t the bot does.

Does it right and the bot does it way better than you can trust me i’ll try to do this myself? I’Ve got some trading experience, but um yeah, i just eventually. I just went back to the because i wanted to see uh. I wanted to really see if how good the bot is, and i wanted to see how i could compare – and i just know, uh no i’ll unleash your really really really good professional trade, and you know exactly what you’re doing and watch the charts.

Most of the time of the day, the the bot will definitely outperform you um, so no need to change it guys! That’s why it’s there just let it do its thing, all right, guys, um, yeah, there’s good coin exchange for all the us users use cook coin. It’s also really really solid exchange. Well, whichever i mean anyone, i think cook one is available to everyone in the world, so uh sweetness all right, so uh.

Let me just look alright guys, so if you want to know more about the easy bot um, obviously i have some videos on there. I do almost daily updates. Basically, whenever the bot makes a profit for me i’ll make an update.

You know because some days will be slow. Some days will be really good. You know some days, you’ll make really good profits. Some days you make less profit some days.

You might not make profit, but you have to take it over like a long period of time. Like say a few weeks or a month or so, then you can, you know i take it by a month by month basis, then i like say: okay, i’ve made, let’s say 10 this month and the next month, maybe five percent in the next one, maybe 20. Whatever you know so, and then i just counted together and um yeah, you know you have to be really.

You have to be patient, that’s just how it is. If you’re impatient in trading you get your fingers burned very quickly, okay, so um! If you want to know more about, if you want to know about the complete company overview there, it is founders, etc, etc, and here’s the affiliate plan, which is absolutely amazing and really really lucrative for all the business builders out there i mean jeepers guys and what I’M gon na say is um, you know if, if you want to work with sixth and seventh figure earners online, which i have access to myself, you know i’m. Basically, the guy who signed me up to easy bodies in contact with me every day he’s a six figure earner online, very successful. He does this fulltime.

You know he does this. He does basically affiliate marketing and i mean building businesses online. That’s what he does he’s freaking he’s one of the best and um.

You know the guy who got him into well. I think yeah, i think he’s a guy who signed him up is seven figure earner right. I also met him.

It’s a multiseven figure earner online um and these guys are helping me to you know, take my business up to the next level. I mean since they’ve been helping me out. I just my success has been skyrocketing right, i’m obviously not where i want to be yet, but it takes time right, but the fact that i’ve got people like this helping me all um every step of the way is awesome.

I mean they attend base. Basically, all of my zoom calls with you know, with business partners and so on. So you know, you’ve got a whole support team.

So if, if you want to get all the way to the top, you know again feel free to reach out to me. 100. You know, and we can schedule a zoom call anytime, my phone number for that.

My phone number is below the video, but if you just want to sign up, you just want to be an investor guys, um, that’s perfectly fine! You can also reach out to me. No problem again, my phone number is below the video, like i just mentioned, and um yeah. If you want to sign up to the easy bot uh, then that’s also below this video, so um yeah, guys um as usual. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to, like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, i really appreciate the support and all the love i’m getting for you from you guys you guys awesome and um yeah.

I have a good one until the next video cheers.

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