Eazy Bot Stands Out And Is Way Better Than Any Other Trading Bot Out There.😎🤑🔥🔥🔥

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. So today i want to explain to you guys why the easy bot stands out right. Why it’s way better than any other bot you’ve ever tried out um.

You know specific well, specifically crypto trading bots. I mean uh um or even better than than all the forex spots. I’Ve seen because usually the forex bots i’ve seen have um loan accounts and yeah wasn’t good anyways guys.

Eazy Bot

So i’m not just going to show you the trading aspects right i want to show you show you as well. You know the community and the transparency all that stuff. You know i just want to get you guys. I want you guys to get the full picture of why this is so much better um than anything you’ve joined any other opportunity.

You’Ve joined um, you know so that you can know you’re in the right place. You know at you know at the right place at the right time. You know so. Firstly um.

I just want to go again to the telegram group, so talk about transparency to talk about the community. So, as you guys know, this is our commercial license right. We have a office in dubai. Where is the office? Well, it’s right here.

So this is what the ceo said. Um great calls today. Everyone thank you on my way home from our office in dubai. I stopped to think about how amazing and beautiful this all is.

We are a real business with real offices run by real people, sharing a real opportunity, all right, guys um. So i just want to say: for those who don’t know, i will click i’ll um add a link right to the easybot official announcements group on telegram. You just watch here right here yeah, so so this is where all the official announcements are coming from um.

No one can comment here if you want the official group. I’Ll also add that so this is where you can comment, and you know, write a message and whatever you want to do, but these are the official easybot announcements. So there’s two different groups that i’m a part of – and these are the two official groups – guys don’t join other groups.

Please stick to these groups because my links are below for that right and come join the zoom meetings. All my links for the zoom meetings are below the video as well all right. So so, as you guys know um, i always talk about the zoo meetings and how great they are. You know and the full transparencies guys what you’re getting from this is the fact that you can sit and you can actually ask well on the zoom meeting.

You can ask the ceo a question. You can ask the ceo a question right. The founders, the founder of the company, you can actually sit and talk to him right if you have a question or query and to the sales director. So i don’t know what other opportunities offer this okay, we can actually sit and and chat with the ceo of the company.

You know like i’m, basically on almost every zoo meeting or the ceo right right. Some companies, like the previous bottle – i was a part of – was a decent bot um. You know decent company, but there wasn’t really transparency as to who’s running everything right.

There wasn’t there’s no offices anywhere and the bot was working. It was working. Okay, fine! It’s still! It’s still out there, i’m still a you know, good platform and whatever, but i just it just didn’t.

Have the community and the transparency that this opportunity has it’s it’s next level guys it really really is you feel, like you’re part of a family like you’re part of something bigger and it’s accessible to everyone? You know everyone can be a part of this. Everyone can connect the bot to their own crypto exchange and make profits from it because, because it’s free guys, it’s free to use, unlike other bots i’ve seen and that weren’t, even nearly as good as this spot is and i’ll get to that shortly, right, um. Why? I think it’s better, so so guys you, you are really right now you’re at the right place at the right time.

Um, it’s a very exciting time. You know in all crypto space with everything that’s happening right and the easy bot is is going to take full advantage of that by trading the crypto markets. For you, that’s what it’s designed to do, that’s what it is programmed to do so um. I just want to want to cover a question that that um, you know that that came up on one of my well.

That was actually more of a statement where the guy mentioned there um yeah, while it’s using the martingale strategy. So so, therefore, it’s not good um yeah so because of it, because what he’s saying is in the long run, it won’t be good, because if the market crashes um, then you’ll end up you’ll end up with a loss right or or you’re end up with a Blown account so, firstly, guys this is not forex trading. This is spot trading and i want to make that crystal clear.

So, what’s the difference with forex trading, when you’re trading something you’re not actually buying the the actual digital asset or physical asset like let’s use gold, for example, if you’re trading gold, you you don’t own the gold that you’re trading with that you’re buying on the exchange. What you’re selling on the exchange right? So, therefore, if you don’t have a stop loss on a forex account and your trade runs in in the minus far enough right, then then what happens is all your money will be gone. You’Ll, never get it back right.

The same with, if it’s a stop loss um, then then um. If it hits that stop loss, then you’ll lose that money and it and it will never come back right. So what you need to know is with spot trading. Is you don’t have to worry about that because the spot trading you are buying the digital assets, guys like you, let’s use bitcoin as an example, so i’m on my binance account here.

If i had to trade binance, if i had to trade bitcoin now, then then i then not only if i like were to put a trade in or open order right you’re. Not only am i opening a trading order, i am buying the digital assets. It’s i’m buying bitcoin itself as well at the same time right so that’s the big difference.

You need to know between forex trading and spot trading, so unless, unless the coin goes to zero, which i’ve never i’ve never seen that in the crypto market, uh, maybe with scam queens, but obviously with real cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, that you won’t see it it’s just. It’s not it’s, not it’s not possible! Really um! You know some guys. Will oh anything’s possible, listen guys, um get real, that’s i’ll! Tell them anyways um. So let me use an example right right if i were to buy bitcoin up.

If i were to trade it manually, then if i bought it there at the top that which would be kind of dumb, because i mean that’s alltime high, so you know after all time, are you actually starting to look at not putting in a buy trade um? But let’s say i bought up there right and now this is spot trading, so so i bought bitcoins. I bought one bitcoin up there right one bitcoins worth and i dropped all the way down here to where it is now almost 43. 000 right.

69. 43. 000.

Did i actually lose any money? No, because i haven’t closed the trade. Unless you close the trade, then then obviously, you’ve lost some money. Um, yes, bitcoin is at a lower value now than what i bought it for right up there, but the market, the markets usually swing back and you know hopefully it’ll break even or take a profit eventually you know so but again um, that’s something you don’t want.

That’s that’s something you should never buy at the top guys, but i’m just using this as an example, you can’t really lose because it’s spot training there’s no stop losses to be it. There’s no stoploss say here at 60 000 that i can hit, or at 50 000 that i can eat or it’s not gon na there’s no leverage here. So it’s not gon na.

If it gets to certain points where it runs, it runs enough minus that it’s gon na blow my account this. It can’t blow your account. It’s just it’s totally different than forex trading, so getting back to that guy with with the martingale strategy, so he was basic. So he’s assuming that this is a stupid bot, because with the previous bot i saw it was kind of dumb, but people were still making profits.

It was also using the martingale strategy. But what i say it’s dumb is because it was just it was just um like buying at no no strategy. It was just buying all over the places this the first transfer gets. It buys and i had to change the default settings because it wasn’t good.

I mean it would literally, the market would drop 01 and it would buy right. It dropped 01 percent, it would buy again and like individual individual positions and eventually your position is at a huge floating loss. So obviously, yes, you, you haven’t lost anything anything unless you lose that trade, but you don’t want to you, don’t want to wait for the market to swing back in a few months, a few weeks or a few months guys. But you don’t want to wait that long to make profits.

You want to make profits day in day out right. Let me go to the day chart here. Let me use the date chart. Oh weekly charts, fine, so i want to use it as an example.

So with that bot yeah, you might have an issue with the martingale strategy, but with the easy bot is yes, it will buy even when the market is crashing, but the difference is it will wait guys, that’s the main thing it won’t. Just buy buy, buy, buy until you’re sitting until you can’t buy any more and waiting for a big and then sitting with a big floating loss. It will wait right. It’s got a market crash correction built into it, which that other bot didn’t.

It also has uh scalp trading, which that other bot didn’t have other bots. Don’T have that right. This isn’t a mickey mouse company. This isn’t mickey mouse coders that are coding, the spot that have the ceo and the founder, mr muhammad ali um yeah.

I know the name is also same as the famous boxer, but anyways um. He has calculated he’s looked at every single aspect, what to put what to put in the bot right enough, a lot of videos about that but anyway. So this part – let’s use this in this example: okay, so 69 000. So the bot will watch it there.

If it, if it crashes the bot won’t buy anymore, it will wait to wait for it’ll. Then it’ll wait for the the market to reverse a little bit, as you can see here at about what forty five thousand ish forty six thousand it’ll wait for it to reverse boom it’ll buy and make a small profit that will scalp. That’s where the scalp trading strategy come uh bulk feature comes in right. The market will still crash.

The bot will wait until it reverses here. It reverses at 33, 34 000 around there right. It reverses the bot, buys back up and guys. I’Ve mentioned this in other videos.

I go into more detail about this in other videos, so i’m not gon na i’m not gon na go into that too much, but um yeah. That’s! Basically, in short, that the bot knows all you need to do is know. Is the bot is knows what it’s doing you know, regardless of you can call this, you can call it.

You can say yeah it’s using this strategy, it’s more than just the one strategy. The the body is. What i want to say is it’s not just a mindless bot, that’s that’s gon na or a stupid bot. That’s just gon na buy every chance.

It gets right it really. It really has builtin features that that’s gon na make it that’s. Gon na make your portfolio as profitable as part possible right your trades as possible as profitable as possible. That’s what it’s designed to do! It’s! It is programmed to even on a market even when the worst comes to us, when it’s a terrible day when the market completely crashes, to still make profit for you right to sculpt those little pull backs and then wait and then sculpt those little pull backs.

Another another thing i want to mention is: the strategy is based off of a six hundred dollars in your trading account. So guys, remember your trade. If you don’t know it yet your money is your the money that the body is trading with is not in your binance wallet or your coinbase pro. It’s not in your easybot account it’s in the bot trades for you in your own binance or coinbase pro wallet right and many more.

We added in the future so just keep that in mind, but the strategy is designed to cope the best with, and this is this is when this is assuming that the market crashes guys. This is the worst scenario that i’m put taking into account. Um 600 is what muhammad said. The ceo is, what he said is is more or less what the body is designed for.

So basically, what does it mean? Okay, so you need to have at least six hundred dollars in your binance wallet or in your your coinbase pro wallet for for the bot to trade optimally right for it to trade the best when worst comes to us or just in general. But that doesn’t mean you can’t trade with less guys. Yes, you can trade it less, but all that will happen is is the bot or easybot here on your dashboard? Will just give you a warning to say that okay, you are trading with less than the optimal. You know the the optimal amount right.

You know proceed at your own risk, so that’s all i will say, but i’m going to use myself as an example. Now, with that other bot i used – i i didn’t – have a lot of capital in there and i made a few profits here and there right, but when okay, obviously the strategy wasn’t good. When the market crashed, i was sitting with a floating loss um, but some of those trades came back eventually um. So i was still profitable in the end, but yeah um, but yeah guys.

You can decide. You can start with freaking, 10, 20, whatever 10 or 20 dollars. If you like, you know it’s um, i don’t think the bot can trade of less than 20 dollars, but um, i’m sure you know. If that’s all you got, then you can just get started guys and the bot can make some profits for you can even you even have the option if you are a trader and you know what you’re doing and you can tweak the settings a bit if you Like but you don’t have to guys because the settings, the builtin settings are already almost as good as you’re, basically going to get so you can start with this guys.

You don’t need to worry about that and i’m sure if the other bot, which wasn’t nearly as good as this one, which was kind of the other bot which is kind of like a little bit a little bit dumb, could make profits with a small smaller than Six hundred dollar calendar spot can also do the same so but i’m not allowed to make any promises. So i’m just going to go to this um. Let’s disclaim here’s, my presentation, um, all information presented here is for informational purposes. Only presenters are not financial advisors.

All the presenters opinions are their own and is not intended to be a substitute for financial investment advice parish results are not indicative of future results, all right. So now we got that done guys. These are live trades happening in real in real time, okay, but what you can do is, if you don’t have a lot to start with as well.

What you can do is add like a little bit right, instead of keeping your your money um, like just a suggestion for me. Instead of keeping your money in a savings account in the bank, you know where your money is going to lose its value anyway. You know, with inflation and year of the year um, you know, put it in a crypto wallet which is basically just as safe as keeping it in the bank and makes and let it make some proper returns guys. Why would you keep it in a bank when you, when you have something like this? It just makes no sense, because it’s your money is always in your control in your own wallet right.

The only thing easybot can do straight for you, that’s all it can do. It cannot touch your funds, and this is a point i’ve made over and over again right so yeah. This bot knows what it’s doing it can even trade with a small account. So if you have 50 bucks to start with fine, if you have 600 to start with fine, if you have a thousand dollars to start with fine, if you’re, ten thousand dollars hundred thousand dollars a million dollars, the bot will trade accordingly right and, i believe, even With a very small account, we’ll still make profits people, but but guys just keep adding to it.

I’M just letting you guys know that the the bot is designed to trade best at 600 or more all right, but that again, that does not mean you will not make profits with a smaller account, because also right now guys is the the markets. It’s a it’s. Pretty much the best time now to get into crypto markets right because, especially with a smaller account, because now the uh the markets are pretty much is going to go up. You know the markets are going to be bullish right now, because you’ll reset a sword at the crash.

What happens when it crashes? It goes back up again, crashes again goes back up again, maybe reaches an alltime high, we’ll see right so it’ll be a lot easier for the bot to to handle the market. If it’s bullish right now, you can execute more buyers. It will be a lot more profitable, the market’s crashing the bot has to wait.

You know it has to be more careful, so even with a small account right now guys um. This is prime position to to to uh get started with the easy bot by the time the market reverses again and crashes. You’Ve made quite a bit of profit and then, even when the market crashes, the bot can make more profits for you than it would have.

If you only started later on, you know with the next market crash, because there’s always the markets always going to move up, it’s always going to move down. There’s always going to be pullbacks in between that’s just how the markets move guys. So so yeah guys and don’t feel, don’t feel out if you have less to start with, because you can still be profitable this this body is designed to to make profit, even though this will work out, but i try it, but again it trades best with a Certain amount or more – and i mean this is also common sense, guys in trading, if you have a bigger account, it’s easier to make more profits. If you have a smaller account, it’s harder right because you have less to work with so again.

That’s, that’s kind of you know a nobrainer really um. Okay. This is what the coinbase pro exchange looks like ah another.

What do i want to mention guys um i’ll run through a few things on and i’m not gon na i mean i have a separate video on the presentation, but here’s like all the things i’ve mentioned, um, here’s, the ceo guys and you can actually meet this. This guy and talk to him or just gentleman she’s, just saying sky, this gentleman um you can meet him on a zoo meeting right. You can actually talk to him. You can ask him questions face to face what other company is going to give you that all right, that kind of transparency that kind of that sense of belonging.

You know, apart from making, apart from an amazing bot, that’s that’s really going to change the game. You have so much so much more. You know what you’re getting with you’re just being a part of part of the easy bot community.

Our mission is accelerating an easy transition into crypto by providing an opportunity to everyone. That’s why it’s that’s why the bot is free guys and yes, there are package. There are packages that you get some extra added benefits, but everyone gets the same bot, whether you’re a free member or a paid member guys, and by the way you once you have the bot for free, you have it forever. You can use it forever right.

There’s! No monthly fee there with obviously with a free subscription. You don’t have to worry about paying a yearly subscription, and this is with the other bot. That was the case right um with the previous part. I’Ve been a part of, and again that was a very popular, very big.

You know a lot of people were involved in that our value service, integrity, trust, respect, leadership, commitment, patience, quality, gratitude, consistency, okay, so again this! This is what i mentioned. We make investing in crypto easy easy bot. Put you in control, consistent, profitable returns, trade crypto, confidently build passive income, withdraw profits at any time. No experience is needed.

Okay, obviously guys, because some people ask okay, so have you withdrawn whatever guys? Listen! Your money is in your own exchange and again i’ve mentioned this. So so, if it’s in your own binance, while you’re in your own coinbase pro wallet, what do you think right? Of course you can withdraw because it’s it’s your money, it’s it’s! It’s never you’re! Not sending it to anyone right, you’re, fully in control of it, like you, would be in the in the money in your bank asking asking me if i’ve withdrawn from my binance, while my coinbase pro wallet is like asking me, have you ever withdrawn from your bank Right uh, oh gee, i mean so guys just um. Keep that in mind. Really.

Okay, no experiences, no experience. Neither guys you don’t need you! You don’t need to know anything about trading you simply it’s a plug and play system. This so easy. One click strategy setup connect it uh to your easy to your binance coinbase pro exchange and boom right.

You can start expecting profits to come in. It’s a money, printing machine, basically sustained 50 plus market drop, and this is again what i talked about right is is is what i wanted is to that guy, especially that commented um. You know about the whole martingale strategy thing watch your profits go up even when the market is going down, so the crypto markets are volatile even when there are drops of 50 or more easy body is intelligently designed to continue to trade and make profits for you. No need to wait for the market to correct easybot can close trades in profit continually during the most severe drops.

So even when, worse comes to worse guys, you’ll be profitable right. So because, that’s again, the body is programmed and designed to to make profits. Even in the worst scenarios, the worst situations, other bots, aren’t right, only profitable trades ever never close a losing trade again easy by intelligently programmed to respond to any market condition, keeping you safe from the worst possible scenario, taking losses with easy body control you’ll never have To worry about taking a loss, trade losing trade ever again and again guys you don’t have to take my word for it. You can try to bot for free and you can see for yourselves.

I put it to the test, it’s that good. Obviously again, i just need to mention it. It will be available if you see on my description below the video as well i’ll mention it there for the three members from the 31st of march. So just keep that in mind.

It’s not available to everyone yet because they gradually we’re still in the beginning of the beginning, guys still in prelaunch. Basically just keep that in mind: just be patient. Okay, we have automatic compounding as well it’s customized for advanced users, yeah so again, 24 7. Automated trading easy one click strategy, settings automatically compound your earnings, customizable for advanced users, perfect for small or large accounts.

So again guys. This is what i mentioned. If you have less than the recommended 600, it’s fine! It’s really fine, especially the way the markets are going right now right. Well, even again, even when the markets are crashing and you don’t have a lot to start with, the bot will still make some profits for you.

I reckon but again guys you have to test it out for yourselves get started for free, that’s a big, that’s a big thing, and yet again with the packages, you’ll just see the benefits – and i mentioned this in my presentations um. Let’s get a few more coins to trade with on the advanced package, again vip package, small coins, but you don’t need more than two coins to trade. Those guys, especially if you don’t have a big account um. You can always upgrade in the future.

Guys upgrading with the packages is investing in yourself right and obviously, if you want to be a founding member, then you need a vip package and a few requirements on top of that as well. So you’ll see the benefits you can trade with more exchanges. A lot of the stuff i mean you’re, getting with the paid packages, is the same you’re getting with the free membership.

So you don’t need to feel out if you, if you have the free package, you really don’t, but i would suggest to those who don’t have a lot to start with um or don’t you know a lot not to trade with in in their crypto wallets. Make some profits guys and then maybe in down the line in the future, you decide you want to invest in yourself right. Then then you can consider getting a package um.

You know the advanced package or the vip package right um. You know you can you can get it with the profits you made from the easybot. You know for those who obviously do want to do it now feel free to do it feel free to get these packages. I mean the benefits.

The benefits are really good, but yeah guys for those who can’t afford these packages – and you don’t want these packages, you don’t need it. You can just stick with the free package really and i’ve stated this many times, because again the free package is there to make it accessible to everyone. That’s one of the big goals of the easy uh management and community um. There’s an affiliate program, 20 levels.

Yesterday’s affiliate program, like i did mention right: it’s an insane affiliate program. You know 20 levels down again guys you don’t have to recruit, because the bot is going to trade for you anyway right. So it’s not a requirement or anything. You can just simply connect the bottle, will make profits for you, regardless of what you do right, but the affiliate program is there for for guys like me who like to get people involved, you like to help people like to build a community or to meet new People um you like to see other people succeed.

You know this is for you if you want to make money faster. This is for you, if you, if you like, don’t have a lot of money to start with, especially, and but you want to make a lot more money faster. Then you can feel free to build the network with easy bot and make pro make money from all the way down to 20 levels. So basically, your first level is your direct signups.

The rest are people in your team. You know all the way down to 220 levels, so your sign up sign up, sign up, signups you’ll be benefiting from them as well. So again i have a. I have a separate video where i cover the compensation plan in detail, guys so not going to go too much into it right now, all right, but yeah, guys again a compensation plan.

It can it’s for fully for the affiliates is, it could really add up. I mean it could turn you into a six figure: seven figure earner really quickly. The trading alone could do that right. The bot alone by training, for you could do that in the long run.

But if you want to get there faster, you know the affiliate program is open to you, guys so yeah guys. I hope i kind of gave you guys an idea of why this stands out from anything else. You joined in terms of security bot strategy, the community, the transparency you know. I hope i covered enough of that in this video, for you guys to just get it right um.

So another thing guys is what i want to say is like when you do join the zoo meetings. I know again like educate, you guys guys, educate yourselves, and i don’t mean this in a bad way. It’s like it’s, the more the more you know, the the more you earn in this in this in the online business industry.

Right keep that in mind. So it’s good to listen to six and seven figure earners and to see hear their story what it took for them to make it, and why especially, why now guys? Why? Why easy? But why did they guys like this high um? You know uh. What’s the word, i’m looking for um anyways, you know the guys or whatever six figure, seven figure earners um like. Why did they decide to get involved with the easy bot uh? It’s simple guys, there’s something here that someone that that the other opportunities just don’t have right and a lot of the things that i just mentioned: um and if you want more guys again, just join the zoom meetings um like like.

If you also want to know why this bot is so good, i mean, if you you have guys on there. A lot of them are really good. Forex traders right or just traders in general crypto traders, the the sales director himself, mr um, was it coach. Ken right and you’ll see him a lot on the meetings.

Is he basically talks about um he talks about. He was a forex trader um. He was basically married to the screens, which means he was.

He had all these screens that he was watching charts the whole day and he was that’s all he was doing and he said he was making good money, but he was, he didn’t, have a life right. So that’s why i eventually went tried all these trading bots. A lot of them didn’t work out the last trading.

What they tried was was okay, but it just you know they were it’s that problem i mentioned earlier. Is they well? It was also using, i think, the martingale strategy, but there was no real intelligence built in the bot. So when, when the market crashed, all of them were sitting with with big floating losses and that’s the first real for the mark. Wait for the market to reverse and yeah it’s just: they weren’t making any profits, while while they were waiting so um, that’s why all of them a lot of them, came together and decided as well, especially miss well muhammad ali he’s, not just the ceo and founder, Is also the brains behind operation, the genius mathematician who who invented the strategy of the easy bot right so that they don’t have the problem with a big floating loss having to wait forever for your trade to come back before you can make profits.

So so that’s a big thing guys, but yeah, that’s that’s. What you have to ask yourselves is there. Are there are guys that are really i mean, i think, there’s probably even eight figure earners that are currently using the easy bot or that are a part of the community. So when you join the zoo meetings, you see all these guys and then you just get the bigger picture because those guys wouldn’t be involved at us if they saw it’s just another trading bot, you know was just another just another online opportunity, that’s not going anywhere.

So they see real potential in this and you should too right this. Could this could also change your life? If, if you decide to take the step, just get involved get started and you know just do something anyway, guys um, i think that’s that’s going to be the end of this video. For me, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Always appreciate the support and, as always guys all my links are below the video.

My easybot signup link the links to the telegram groups, uh the link to the zoom meetings, the the days and the and the times you know the zoo meetings take place. Um, my phone number is also below. If you want to reach out to me guys, um on whatsapp feel free.

You can chat to me anytime um, you know, i don’t buy it so anyway, guys as always, thanks for watching have a good one cheers

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