Profits The Eazy Bot Made Using 3 Different Coins Over The Period Of 7 Months Of Testing!πŸ€‘πŸ˜Ž

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. So today i just want to discuss a few um uh statistics and data that we receive from the grand opening zoom call um. I should have shared it with you guys quite a while ago, but yeah i kind of forgot about it. So here it is um.

It’s pictures that i took um. So while i was watching the zoom call, i uh yeah, i should have taken screenshots of it, but i don’t think zoom allows that in any case, so i was just lying there chilling and i saw this and like oh wow, this is actually pretty important stuff. Maybe i should show to people, so i just quickly took some pictures with my phone um, so yeah three, they tested three different coins over the period of um seven months right, and this is kind of the return so before before i go into this. I just want to say something is, i know some a lot of guys now have been um.

Eazy Bot

You know making small returns as they say over the last few days, since, since the launch and they’ve been complaining about these small returns, you know and seriously guys. Firstly, i want to say right that that you have to be patient with us right, it’s new company and everything, but the bot works right, so, secondly, like okay, so so you say, these are small returns but based off of what have you traded forex before? Have you traded crypto before most most of the guys, complaining haven’t, been, haven’t, traded, the stuff right and then again with easybot? There’s no losses here right you just it’s! This is all profit, so you can’t you you can’t test um how well this body is doing over a few days, especially if you haven’t, i mean no one has had losses, because that’s so again, the spot, the the easy bot promises, no losses, and it’s proven That right um, so i don’t know, what’s up with these guys, why join in the first place, because you know a lot of these guys are expecting unrealistic returns. Like scam returns like like with programs that that are that promise you one percent or more fixed returns a day or something ridiculous right, but those are usually especially if they don’t have transparency, then you know it’s scam right, but with this your funds will say: if You’re making a return, but it’s a small return on order to return.

It’s not there’s no loss. So what? What is the problem right? Um so guys are complaining about about these socalled small returns, but only but only um. How can i say uh taking it over a span of a few days? It’s just you can’t you have to test it over months and months and months over a year.

You have to treat this as a medium and longterm investment guys, and you have to keep adding to it because again, why wouldn’t you? Your funds are safe in the first place right, unlike with these other programs, that promise unrealistic returns with no transparency right, so don’t expect miracles guys like seriously. This is a good bot. It works. It makes profits for you um.

It will eventually set you financially free. You know it will be a good, definitely a good pension fund for pretty much everyone if they just keep compounding again guys when the compounding interest effect takes over, then you will have more than enough money right, but again it’s over time that you have to take It and again you won’t get this from any bank, these kind of returns. You won’t get this from any bank or any legitimate investment, and you guys know i have another program that i’m promoting right. It’s a crypto project, but then, with that, it’s a high risk right.

So that’s that’s high risk. This is this is as low risk as you can get. It’s basically no risk of your funds disappearing overnight or the thing folding or whatever.

Even if easy bot were to fold, your money would still be in your binance or coinbase pro bullet or all the other exchanges that they’re going to add. That’s where your money is. That’s where your trading capital is so yeah.

In any case, the returns to me are really good um from from easy, but it’s realistic and it makes sense and it’s transparent, where you can actually see the trades in your own finance, account or coinbase pro wallet. Okay, so that’s just for those guys like. I don’t really like to usually like to get so serious on my videos, but it’s just you know, because a lot of some guys have been have been giving muhammad grief – and you know the ceo and founder and and david grief, the ceo. All of these guys, and for what i mean seriously and about some of the glitches in that you have to understand this is a new company um, that’s launching and, and there are going to be glitches in that right, right, even banks when they start a merger.

There’s usually small issues in that kingston that that they need to work out before the merger. You know, works so here’s ethereum. So, let’s just look at the coin that performed the worst, so the one that performed the worst was bitcoin so guys you have to look at it um, according to volatility of the coin right, so the higher the volatility of the coin, the bet it is um You know for the easy bot it can make more profits, as you can see, is here’s mr david d, charles, the ceo um, again guys, if you’re on the zooms, you can see this stuff, you can see what’s happening behind the scenes. So that’s why i highly recommend the zoom calls.

So this was what bitcoin did over the span of seven months and your monthly. So this is the average guys per month. So some months it probably did maybe more like say some months, maybe that five to ten percent some months it did like maybe one percent and so on, but the total average per month that it worked out to was 236 per month, which is still decent because Again guys you’re making money, but your funds are safe at the same time, right again, think long term, guys don’t just think short term and again a lot of the guys complaining have never traded a day in their life.

They don’t understand how difficult that actually is. Especially to trade, something like forex and krypto, i speak from experience. I’Ve blown quite a few forex accounts and i’ve.

I’Ve like struggled trading the crypto markets as well, because it is not easy guys and you have and it’s a fulltime job. Then you can’t you can’t halfass it right and this and then there’s still no guarantee that you’ll make a success out of it. So to have a bot like this is a is really a blessing honestly that works.

There’s a lot of bots out there that just simply don’t work and that you have to pay for again. Why are people complaining if the body is free, if the, if you’re, using the bot for free? Why are you complaining so yeah? This is what bitcoin did over the span of seven months from a six from the six hundred dollars recommended capital to use per coin. You can use less um if you want the monthly profit was fourteen dollars, eighteen cents average and approximately hundred and eight dollars, and seventy eight cents and a guy again guys.

This is full transparency. This is no, you know hiding anything. You won’t get this from other companies right that that promise you ridiculous returns and that and i’ve looked at a lot right. So then the second best performer out of the three and again guys.

This is just three coins uh. Maybe the results with some coins are even higher, who knows or less or right, um, so ethereum, but better, almost uh. What what was it? Almost five percent? It’s a four point: five seven percent average per month over the span of seven months.

So if you take it um, basically over a month month or month, then it’s then maybe some months it did less than a 457, maybe some months it did a bit more right, but these are profits in all market conditions. Guys you, at the end of the day, you’re ending with a profit from whether the market goes up or whether it goes down whether it goes sideways. You you, you will end up profitable with this coin right, so the profit made over the seven months with the 600 was 191 dollars and 80 cents monthly profit was 27 dollars and 40 cents and again guys it’s only seven months.

If you take this over the span of a year, it’s going to be a lot more, especially if you add a little bit like if you treat it like a savings account, because that would be the smart thing to do right with something as secure as this. It’s better to for me personally and again, this isn’t financial advice, it’s better to leave your money in your crypto wallet than to leave it in your bank, because you’re not going to make nothing if you leave it in your bank, so yeah all right. So this was the best performer out of the three: are they so? As you can see here the cap over six and a half months, this one was over six and a half months.

Um, the capital was six hundred dollars invested or um in binance or in either coinbase pro binance right, because that’s where your trading capital is uh, monthly profit is 5335 cents. Approximate total profit is 34678 over the period of that six and a half months, um and then monthly profit averaged per month. At eight point, eight nine percent right so some answer that more than that, some ones that did less than that eight point: eight, nine percent. So nine, almost nine percent – okay and that’s a really good.

I mean, if you know anything about trading about yeah, just investing in general. Those percentages are really good, especially over if you take it over a certain period of time. So yeah again guys – and if, like i wanted to show you guys something as well – is the markets that are a big dip today.

I think they dumped bitcoin a little bit and the current uh queen that um my body’s trading also went down quite a bit right. So but the bot put in a buy again here at the bottom. So i’m waiting for that trade to take profit. So but the thing is like some of you wanted to trade aggressively.

If you were to put all your capital in there at the top, you would be at a 15 loss at the moment and would have to wait for your trades to come back. Instead of sticking to the default strategy and letting the bot do its work and buying individual positions, so, while you’re waiting for some trades to come back, you’re still making profits all the way up right, but again, you guys are welcome. If you really feel that you’re a professional trader or something, then you are welcome to to go in there and to change the settings of the bot right.

So these are the few buys the bottles put in. So now it’s just waiting to go to turn around and take profit, so it triggered those individual positions again guys i’m leaving this and taking it over a long period of time. Um the profits made at the moment doesn’t really worry me or concern. Me is the fact that, like the thing is my i know, my funds are safe.

That’s the most important thing to me and i don’t know one day, i’m going to wake up and then my money’s gone. I don’t have to worry about that right and i’d. Rather, take more profits than than huge losses in the long term or huge floating losses in because obviously this is spot trading, um, not margins and there’s no leverage and all that so again, guys, there’s no leverage.

So these, but especially whether they’re, having no lim with there being no leverage in spot trading with the spot, is the percentages that makes it so much. That makes it really good. I mean if there was leverage it would be different, but then again you would have so as soon as there’s leverage involved in it’s a it’s a problem. It’s a doubleedged sword if you’ve trade forex before you know what i’m talking about so yeah you’re welcome to change the strategy.

If you want, you can say, buy in more times from the start. You know, instead of once a year you could say two, you could say four and then on third time. If it drops an additional eight percent there, you could put in eight times whatever guys, whichever way you wan na do it.

If you wan na trade more aggressively but for me, is it’s like i’m still using the default strategy, i just changed up a few things like i just took away because, obviously, as you can see, i don’t have the 600 dollars recommended training capital. So i had to remove some of these margins. You know so that the strategy would work, but other than that i didn’t change a thing: okay, okay! Well, i increased my initial order a little bit to twenty dollars. Instead of what was it, i think it was twelve, so you can do that too.

If you wan na trade, more aggressively exchange your initial order to whatever how much you want the bottom to the bot to buy in at a time, you know i want to be profitable long term. I don’t know about you guys so again guys small profits over a long period of time where you stay profitable, is better than then huge losses. Um. Well then, then, big profits in the beginning, but then you’re in you end up with with huge floating losses in the long term anyways you want to stay consistent, but again guys.

You know, i think if you join something like this, you have to think like an investor so yeah, let’s, let’s use one of the percentages, let’s use the highest average and again guys, i’m going to say that that past results aren’t um. You know guaranteed future results. Okay, so the results you got in the past won’t necessarily be the results in the future and the future results might be better or worse, but this was tested over seven months, which is a which is quite a bit of time, so to see whether the thing Actually works, or not i mean, and it was tested in all market conditions. So again it’s proven itself to be part to be profitable.

So let’s take the six hundred dollars recommended, let’s, let’s use um the highest one: okay! Well, let’s go with specifics. 889 percent – and you can do this yourselves guys just google compounding interest calculator um one year – let’s use it over one year and see how much we can make no man. How is this? Oh, this was over. Twelve is just twelve months or one one here.

What whoa, oh, no, that’s! I chose compounding daily my bad guys, monthly monthly, it’s just um yeah, that’s pretty crazy! Okay! So over a year you’re, almost doubling your investment just over a year. That’s that’s! Not bad! Is a bank going to give that to you so yeah? No, actually, sorry! In future investment values, more than double you’ve made a thousand and sixty seven dollars with going by that percentage. This is over a year. What, where else, are you going to get this? Where your funds are safe, like i’m just saying, if you, if you got another thing going, that’s just to save that’s giving you better percent, better returns great, but for me this is really good.

These are good percentages for anyone. For that matter, not just i mean, if you ask any investor or trader: if you go to trading school, you come out of trading school, they tell you if you can make three percent a month as a professional trader, then you’re doing a good job. This is, this is more um and a lot of the guys on the zoom calls like coach ken who’s. The sales director um was a fulltime trader professional trader and he says the body’s doing better than what he did.

So that’s just that says a lot. Doesn’T it okay, so over five years you’re making assuming that you, you haven’t added monthly, more funds um, you might almost made a hundred thousand dollars. Let’s take it over ten years. This is only a six hundred dollar investment guys.

Where else are you gon na get this okay? This is the highest percentage we’re using from. Are they but still over over 10 years? Look at this look at our compounding interest takes over over a certain period of time, 1647 million dollars and your funds are safe. Even your profits guys are in your own wallet, so if easybot had to disappear so after 10 um 10 years – and let’s say you didn’t take any of these profits – which i doubt uh anyone would be that patient.

Then then, your money would still be safe, including your profits that you built up and you waited patiently for so many years. So over eight years you already it’s about seven and a half years, you’re, looking at your first million going based off of that percentage. Okay, so let’s use the lowest one, let’s use bitcoin, and this is the default strategy, guys that that mohammed, the co worked out for us using six hundred dollars.

Okay, lowest percentage still making money still making money not as much. But you know over 10 years. You basically how many times made almost 20 times your invest. Investment still.

Nothing else legitimately would give that to you. Okay, so let’s take it over. Let’s see how much, how many years it will take us with assuming that that percentage stays the same over.

You know when when would we get to a million okay, it would take a lot longer with that percentage. That’s why you trade the most volatile coins, just by the way, guys um speaking of volatile coins. If you want to check um, which coins are most volatile so again guys the higher the volatility of the coin, the better it is for the easy bot to make profits. That’s why i chose ethereum classic, so it’s it’s sorted by um, most unstable.

So that’s most volatile guys. Volatility is but basically instability. That’s a good thing. If uh for the easy bot, because it’s trading it – and you can see not all of the easy bot coins uh the coins that easybody is trading with or on here, but some of them most of them are okay, so you can check this and then you Can decide which coin you want to trade with? You want the easy bot to trade with for you.

That’s why again, i chose ethereum classic because of the coins i checked. Ethereum classic was the most volatile of the coins on easybot and ave is also good. As you guys saw with the percentage um so again, guys, i’m not promising any anything, any percentages here, i’m just showing you what some data, what has been proven, what has been done, what what is real, what we can see what you can expect, but again sometimes You might make less, sometimes you might make more now, where is it? What happened to ethereum now? Okay, well ethereum anyways ethereum! Let’s just put in there four point six.

What was five seven, i believe five, seven um monthly calculate okay. This is over 20 years now, but um yeah, okay, still over 20 years, you’re never going to make this with your job with your job 2728 million dollars. Let’s see what we make over 10 years, so when okay 10 years you’re, making 127 128 thousand dollars and ethereum is not even like ethereum bitcoin are volatile, but not really that much guys. So there are again that’s why i recommend that website.

So your first million you’ll, be it will take you 13 or 14 years. This is again assuming that you’re, not adding anything. So so, let’s, let’s take that 600 right, let’s say, add: 100 over a month, let’s use the lowest percentage again. 24 calculate so again guys this money you’re adding, is perfectly safe, you’re, adding it to your binance wallet or to your coinbase pro wallet as trading capital.

Okay, that took quite a long time to load, but even with the lowest percentage. You see what the difference it makes now when, when you we added um funds right, you see the difference 100 every month. Eventually you get to 14 million after 20 years with only 24 a month.

It’s guys insane, isn’t it. So this isn’t a get rich, quick scheme, but it will. It will eventually get you where you want to be.

I mean it’s, i guess most of our goals are probably a million um. Let’s go 10 years because we should get to probably two million um, assuming we add almost almost, we add 100 monthly. So i’m guessing let’s go with 20 and see how long it will take us, okay, yeah after 20 years. It’s just crazy guys.

I mean it’s assuming you add 100 every month you could probably add more once you start making some of these ridiculous amounts, but again guys that’s compounding interest for you and the numbers don’t lie. Why is it saying, though, deposits um a thousand two hundred dollars, i’m depositing a hundred? Oh, it’s taking it over here, never mind thousand okay yeah! I get it uh, okay, so after 11 years, you’re you’re sitting at over a million um assuming you’re doing just what i did now compounding plus add 100 every month, um cool. You see what happens when you trade. This, like cheaters, like a savings account – and i know a lot of you – can can add more or a bit more well off, so you can add a bit more funds, it’s whatever guys, whatever you can, what money you can put away.

You know everyone’s different so and what you can start with by the way we got. We got the what to work with as little as a hundred dollars to start off with, but you know yeah lower than that. It won’t work okay.

So, if we’re using the highest percentage, um adding 100 a month just 100 a month over a span of six and a half years, you should get to a well probably six. Let’s just check here um. This is monthly. Now, okay get to a million after 75 months, so that is four years five years.

What is it just making sure you, four years, five years, five years and three months, yeah you get to over a million using compounding at this percentage monthly, i’m adding a hundred dollars every month to your trading capital, so yeah guys um. I hope this puts things too into perspective, a little bit that you have that you widen your perception that you look more longterm start start being narrowminded. You know like i know it’s not all of you, it’s just for all those guys um that don’t see the bigger picture. You know because again on the group there was you know.

If you scroll through the messages, then you’ll see some of the guys they weren’t happy anyways, not everyone’s going to be happy, but at the end of the day the point is that i’m showing you guys is this: the spot works the proof. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is there, so you know as usual, guys thanks for watching thanks for putting up with my little bit of iran. But what what can you do guys? So thanks for putting up with me as usual um all my links are below the video. My easybot signup link my phone number.

If you want to reach out to me on whatsapp anytime guys, really i don’t bite um and then you know, if you don’t have a binance wallet, then my binders links below the link below the video um links to the telegram groups, the zoom link, but guys, If you do join the telegram group, um then make sure you sign up to easybot first, because you know guys are complaining there that there’s people there’s scammers coming on the group that aren’t even part of easybot right, so that are messaging people individually. So don’t don’t be one of those guys, don’t just don’t be that guy sign up and then join the telegram group. That’s what i would suggest it’s free to sign up. It’s free to use the bots, so i mean really okay, so yeah.

If you want to join the zoom meetings, there’s one happening in about 22 minutes from now companies you mean feel free to join it and yeah. I’Ll, probably i’ll, probably see you there and yeah. So don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and as always guys thank you for the support and have a good one guys cheers

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