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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to this easy bot, update video, where i’m just going to show you a few things that are really cool and really exciting um. So, firstly, if i go here to my easybot dashboard, um you’ll, see if i go to the notifications bell, there’s a replay on the easybot trading and market insight to ceo muhammad ali i’ll talk about that shortly. It was really. It’s really amazing to watch was amazing to watch and it is.

Eazy Bot

If you haven’t watched it, you should definitely watch it. Prepackage free package members now have access to trade up to two bots guys. So now you as a free member like myself, i can trade with more worth basically two coins at a time. So, for instance, if i were to if i were to trade with the koi with two coins um, just for example, i can trade with bitcoin and ethereum.

Obviously, if i have enough capital, so you know uh have like 600 for each coin, then i’ll trade i’ll go with, say what like, for instance, ethereum and then i’ll have one for bitcoin or one for xope or and one for ethereum classic or whatever you choose. What which coins you want to trade with but yeah? This is for the three members. So that’s pretty cool, because a lot of a lot of you guys have been asking about it.

When is when will you be able to to trade with more than one bot and more than one coin, you know for the free package because they did say from the start um. You know the three members will be have access to two coins at a time to trade with or two bots, so um they’ve lived up to their promise, so well done easybot team for making it a lot better for us as the members, okay, so another one Is the advanced package members now i have access to trade up to 10 watts. So this is the guys with the 250 package you guys, can trade up with up to 10 bots and up to 10 coins at a time now vip members and have access to trade with all available coins.

So you can trade with as all of the coins that are available on easybot okay. So let me just show you guys if i were to go to bots bot management, um, okay, you’ll notice, here with my bot um, i reset this one. It did make profit for me, so if you guys are just wondering you know, it’s been running for over a month now and you’re not seeing any profits here by me, um it’s because i reset the spot, okay um! Well, actually, i deleted the one bot that where the profits were showing and then i just created a new one, because it was some sort of a glitch which is which has been fixed a long time ago.

That’s why it’s not showing profit and also the reason is because i tweaked the strategy of the bot um. I didn’t stick to the default strategy and um. You know i’m waiting for my trays to come back, so that was my fault.

I screwed up there. So the point i’m making as well there is guys the default strategy is designed to make you money just stick with it. If you really want to tweak it if you’re a professional trader, that’s a different story, but but even so i mean the default strategy. Works perfectly fine.

If i stuck to it, then you would see you wouldn’t see zero profit here, even with the the new bot um you’d still see some profits there, um, but but anyway. So if i go to my binance wallet and then i’ll show you guys the profits there, just you know for those just in case, you don’t believe me um, i don’t know an exact number. I can’t really tell you guys how much i’ve made exactly, maybe because i also trade.

I also did some of my own trades, so i’m not really sure um, maybe, like i don’t know for the first month fifty dollars, including the bot and myself trading, and now i’m just waiting for some trace to come back to take profit because the market dipped Again – and i didn’t see that coming, but that was my fault again guys: it’s not the bot’s fault. If you stick to the default strategy, you’ll be fine, as you can see here, some of the trades this one executed 025 a total had bought in there almost with that position, almost 12 dollars worth of etc. At that time and so on.

Since then, i added a little bit of funds uh implemented. My own strategy did some of my own trades, but a lot of that’s the bot and a lot of its profits so from the bot so just to let you guys know so if i want to add another bot now um. Obviously i don’t have enough capital.

Now to add two bots, yet in my binance account but yeah i will soon um again. For those who don’t know all your capital is perfectly safe in your binance account. So you can’t be scammed with easybot, because you know they don’t have access to your funds. The bot, the easybot just trades for you in your own finance account so it’s completely free to use.

You can buy a bigger package if you have a lot of capital and you want to trade with more coins. It’s up to you, but for me at the moment i don’t have a lot of capital so for most people the free package, the free bot, is completely fine. You know, and if you want to it’s, also fine, if you first want to test out the bot to see if it works, you know, and if it makes enough for you, then, and then you can decide. If you also want a package, you know in the future, so just just putting it out there um, but yeah guys, mainly your funds are safe.

So, even if the easybot added easybot had to disappear tomorrow, your initial investment plus all the profits, the bot made for you – will be perfectly safe in your own binance account. Okay, so it’s full transparency, there’s no there’s nothing funny going on or anything there’s this actual trades going on in your own binance account so like i just showed you uh okay, so you would just basically choose a coin. I know. Uh.

Okay, first need to select an exchange finance and then i guess select the coin. So if i had to choose a different one, i don’t know um, which is a good queen to trade with not that i’m going to trade now with it. But maybe are they um then i put in a balance there, which i want to allocate to the bot, keep in mind also guys um, the money you put in here.

Um, sorry, the amount you put in here is how much money you want. The bot to trade with so in your in your binance account so say: no, even if you have a hundred thousand dollars in your account right, you can choose if you want the bot to trade with that full hundred thousand or if you want the bot to Trade with say a thousand dollars only or ten thousand dollars only right, it’s just assuming. If you had a hundred thousand dollars in your finance account, so you can allocate how much funds you want the bot to trade with and – and you do that here, okay, you can choose 100. By the way we didn’t.

We couldn’t get the bot to work with less than 100 capital, just saying um, so if you want to start with the easy bot at least 100 or more guys, keep that in mind in your binance account to trade with choose your coin. You can title anything. You can say say: millionaire bot, billionaire bot, whatever millionaire bot and so on. Okay, so you can choose whatever name you want and what a compounding default strategy um, if you don’t have a lot of capital like let’s say, if you have less than i think 300, then you have to take the auto compounding off.

You have to um. Just take use default configurations, or it will still be on the default strategy. Don’T worry about that? It’s just if you don’t quite have enough capital um for the default strategy to work then just take it off, take out auto compounding and it should. The bot should work okay, just on a side.

Note: okay, so we’re not gon na implement that now but yeah. I guess you guys have an idea more or less and then what you should see is: okay, well something what you’re seeing now with this this spot. That’s currently working this ethereum classic bot is, you should see there and ave one as well right, uh and now.

Obviously this guy has got a paid package at least got an advance package. Just keep in mind guys the packages all have to be paid every once a year. So if you’ve got an advance package, you’re trading with 10 coins, then you need to pay that 250 every year. Okay, it’s an annual fee, the same with the with the vip package.

If you like a high roller, if you’ve got a lot of money, then it’s a thousand dollars once a year. Okay, so you have access to that package, um all right. So this is what it looks like when you’re multiple bots, some of the profits made. I will go back to that now shortly.

Uh i’ve covered the bot story. Now um yeah, oh yeah, about this replay uh. I highly recommend you guys should watch it um.

You feel free to join the telegram group. All the links are below for that, okay or below my videos, like i said um, and it’s this one guys. It’s uh, this special trading and market insights community call, and you can see how the bot has been doing in the market conditions. Again this full transparency.

They show you all the trades, um yeah so and you’ll hear a lot of the testimonies of guys, especially in the scratching market. Um you’ll, be amazed, you’ll think, because you’ll obviously think out of what couldn’t have done well in this market crash. Well. Think again: okay, guys it did.

It did really awesome if you about the testimonies as well and all the trades that muhammad shows you. You know the ceo, so yeah join the telegram group get the video on or you can sign up for free with my easybot link and you can just simply um go here to the replay click there. Okay on the notification bell: um, here’s just some of the this is like a few testimonies.

There’s an amazing video gents very helpful for a beginner um favorite quote quote: people might lie, but the bot don’t lie yeah exactly from howie um yeah real real results guys. I mean and the numbers don’t lie as well, just adding that so again guys. I would again, you don’t have to watch all of this if you don’t want to, but just watch the like express, especially the very important parts where mama talks about other bot was doing, and some of the testimonies on you know what kind of returns the people Were getting um, you know, obviously it won’t make you rich overnight guys, but that’s not the whole plan again. The thing is just your funds are safe and you want to make a return on your investment.

You know not just over a few months, but over the period of a few years in all market conditions, you know without ever worrying about being scammed. That’s that’s all at the end, obviously again with easy bot. It is scam proof, but it’s scam proof, because again no one has control of your money, that’s being traded with.

Unless you don’t like binance or the wallet i mean, as far as i know, binance and binanceus for the us users is available. Okay, so all the us guys, don’t worry, finance dot us is available, but if you still have a problem again guys, my phone number is below just contact me on whatsapp, okay, um yeah. Let me just show you some. I took some screenshots uh from the zoom core uh.

Here we go. Here’s someone again uh a big account that mohammed was showing us. I don’t know if it’s his account or but yeah he’s the ceo uh yeah, just some of the profits that the bot made again full transparency guys.

I think this is just over a month, um trading with ten different coins, um about seven and a half to eight thousand dollars allocated for each coin. Uh hundred dollars made for bitcoin 171 dollars made for ethereum uh 190 there. But let’s go out percentages because, obviously not all of us have 8 000 to allocate per coin right.

Not all of us have eight thousand dollars period, but so if we go by percentages um again – and this will fluctuate guys – because someone should make more – someone should make less it just depends on the market is moving okay, um and some it’s good to diversify. If you can, luckily, even with the free package you can diversify, you can have more than one queen, so you know so one with one month again, you’ll score with one coin and the other month, your score with the other and one month the one won’t perform. As well, but the other might perform better again guys, it depends again on the market, but what you can be rest assured is, you will be making money medium and long term.

You know if you, if you take this seriously, not just like a if you’re treated like a get rich quick scheme, it will disappoint you, okay. This is a real opportunity of real trades going on with real transparency um. So let’s just look at a few here.

I’M just trying to work out percentages in my head. Just bear with me guys, okay, so this is about 15 return there for bitcoin, i mean still handsfree it’s passive returns. This is about almost two percent for ethereum in that month.

Uh. I think this is a month, guys might be less might be slightly longer, but yeah so total profit here is also about what two percent ish for solana. I think solana usdt to usdt.

Are they um 264 dollars? So that’s about roughly three percent um okay and then we have trx usdt. So for tron that month see tron performed a lot better um the bot performed a lot better on tron um that that was quite a good profit. There um that’s about 12 13 profit. I would say, because again, i’m just working it out quickly in my head now guys.

So if my percentages aren’t exact, then just you know bear with me, you can work it out yourself if you want um xrp. That was that what that’s about three three and a half percent profit there uh cordano and keep in mind guys. This is with this big market crash and you’re still seeing profits.

So it’s just a whole bit. The whole thing is also patient, because you might wait for a few trades to come back, but i’ll explain i’ll, explain more in the strategy shortly again, i would suggest watching that video, rather because you know what hearing it from muhammad himself, how he explains the strategy Because he obviously is the guy who created it um, as this is um cordano, ada uh. How much is this about a percent and a half profit? Almost, i think um dot usd so dot, almost what hmm, also percent 16 or whatever. If you want to be exact, crv um also performed really well.

That was basically over 10 11, more or less yeah for that month, and then we have ethereum classic also the one i’m trading with uh huh, it’s strange it didn’t perform as because i would think it would have performed better because it is quite a volatile queen. But, okay still not bad um 224 dollars, so that’s again about three, almost three percent 27 or whatever. If you want to be exact, okay, um so best performing coin, which was trx for that month and again guys it doesn’t guarantee trx will perform the best. All the time, because again the market fluctuates so um and then the worst performing coin was bitcoin because it’s less volatile of all of them.

I guess in that period, so i think it’s the least volatile of all the descriptors in general to be fair, um. Okay, so yeah there’s just some good gains there and again i went with it for percentages because again not all of us have that much money, but so you can more or less work it out the percentages and again guys some some ones. You might make more. Some months you might make less you have to you have to take it over a long period of time, but again it will make money for you.

Eazy Bot Makes Profits

That’s what this bot is designed to do it’s designed, usually in and quoting david de charl, charles um, ceo, mr david. Here i mean one of the zoom calls. It’s not no guarantee guys of again we’re not allowed to promise any percentages.

It’s against company policy, but between five to the bot is designed to do at least you know five to twenty percent a month and someone she might might make less than the five percent, but someone she might make more than twenty percent again. It all depends. These are real trades happening in real time.

Real market conditions guys no, no funny business here so yeah, so i’m just making i’m just emphasizing that point for you guys to understand it. These are just some pictures of all of the orders um. What’s oh yeah, the thing i wanted to mention is you see all these in the independent um, you know cells, even if the market was going down. Even if the body is waiting for some trades to come back, it can still sell off independent trades.

You know so it can still make profit along the way, while it’s waiting for some trades to come back, which is really good. So even if you’re waiting for some trades to come back, you’re still making profits. You know it’s not like um, like in my case where i basically tried to try to tweak the strategy and screwed it up. Basically um in my case, where now i have to before i can make any further profits.

I have to wait for my trades to come back, no yeah. If you stick to the default strategy, while you wait for some trades, maybe to come back, you’ll be making profits and every time the bot buys in you know, lower lower lower lower it. It lowers your average, which um you know your average price as a whole from all the positions collectively so um, which is also a good thing, because if it it can that that means that the market doesn’t have to swing back as much as it usually would. For you to you know, make a profit so, but again guys join that video, so that you can see that explained in detail.

It’s really awesome how the bot can just make profits in all market conditions with the level of transparency. I mean i’ve never seen this before in any other company and obviously the safety i mean usually you’re sending money to um another another person’s wallet and even like again, even the company could be legit in that, but it could still could still fold. I mean with your funds gone, you know, easy part. You don’t have you don’t have that issue where again, your your funds are in someone else’s wallet.

So if anything again were to happen, your money would always be safe. Okay, so your money is safe, plus you’re. Making you’re making more money, um uh. Okay, so see, i will say it again: you can either sign up for free, go to the notifications bar and watch this replay or you can just join on the telegram group and watch that.

But if i am your referrer guys, i would appreciate it if you use my link and i’ll do whatever i can to help you not just sign up. Not just have the bot work for you, but also, if you want to build a team as well, you want to tell the whole world about this and shut it from the rooftops. Then i’ll help you out with that as well. You know that’s what i can give my team members is almost 24 7 support.

Okay, i’m only human, but i do my best to support my team. Okay um. So obviously, if you want to get involved with easy bot, um, then there’s an easy bot getting started step by step. Pdf file.

Sheesh is getting dark now, guys, sorry about that. It’s just the weather came up quickly, so you can’t see my face as well, but you know if you want to get involved. I just showed you easy, stepbystep video, but also just reach out to me guys and what i will do is.

I will send you a a link where also this. This video is done by the guy who signed me up. Six figure earner, marcus, rexwell um. He set up this thing where it’s this video for video, on how to set up everything, your binance wallet, your bot, everything like that, so so yeah guys i mean.

That’s. That’s basically also what i can offer you is you know, then you can use that if you want to assign other people up again, you don’t have to because the bot will still be making profits for you. But if you want to sign people up, then you can also just send that link along and you never have to worry about.

You know yourself getting started. You know like just getting stuck with anything and and one of your team members getting stuck with anything, because we already, we already got everything sorted everything set up for you to get the best experience to get started as quickly as possible and to make as much Money as as possible with the easy bot, okay, guys so yeah as usual, thanks for watching uh, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and as usual guys all my links are below you know um so or below the video. So you know what to do.

Okay, if you’re interested in the easy bot, it is free guys it’s free to use. Remember that okay have a good one, guys cheers

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