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Easy bot video, so, as you guys know, the markets have been extremely volatile in the last. You know a few months, especially in the last week and off we’ve seen a you know: continued crash in the market um, you know bitcoin crashed about what was it twenty five thousand dollars more or less um and any other coins just followed. So the big question is: how how did the easybot handle this market crash? How is the easybot doing what kind of profits is it making you so the video i’m going to show you was about. I don’t know about a week and a half made about a week and a half ago, maybe a week ago, around there um.

Eazy Bot

Since then the bot has actually made more profits, even though the market crashed even further but yeah. So to take you guys through a few things, so obviously, as you know, i have all the links, my sign up, link for easy part and all the the links to the telegram group and to the zoom zoom calls. Today there will be a zoom call, guys just gon na quickly put that out there uh yeah.

Here it is. If you wan na, join in and uh yeah just meet the community. I guess i don’t know if the ceo is gon na be on, but order. Ceo but yeah maybe they’re on, and you can meet them too all right, so that video was talking about um.

This is also one i would recommend you guys should watch this. Is the latest zoom call a lot of insights there on how the bottle doing um uh that video is somewhere here? But if you look the other one that i’m gon na play now but anyways? If you just look on the telegram group, you should find it um yep. So let’s go to okay, that’s my channel! That’s the easybot uh! Here we go.

Okay! So can easybot make profit in the down market. Well, um! This account okay. So this was about a week ago, maybe a week and a half ago same account right um. This is where it’s sitting now, since so since that this video was made um that i’m going to play now, the you know the bot has made quite a lot.

A lot of profits, so nice steady profits. Um, you know uh, nothing crazy, but again guys is the bot will make profits for you in your own finance exchange. That’s the big thing here right! You won’t see any crazy returns, but you’ll see see constant returns. If you take it over a few months in a few years like you’re supposed to treat it like a proper investment, then you will see you know some serious gains, but you have to give it time.

Otherwise you know it’s there’s no point. You can’t just take it over a week or over a few days and say: oh you know it’s not working for me. You got to take it over a few months now it’s also free to use. So i mean at least over a few months or a few years, but anyways um.

I always make that point. But again main thing is it’s perfectly safe, unlike other platforms, where you have to send money to you usually high risk. This is not because, yes, it’s still trading crypto, you know, which is a volatile asset, but um. You can’t lose your initial investment plus the profits that the bot made for you, even if easybot had to disappear tomorrow.

Your money would still be in your finance account. Okay, big difference between this and and other platforms, uh all right. So, let’s go back to let’s go back to the video and let me start playing it so this is this is the same account um and i’m going to play the video – and i hope you guys enjoy this, so you can just um see so, let’s see, If it, how it’s doing in a crashing market and, like i said, go on, go on the telegram group watch that video that other video – i just showed you further and then you’ll see even more results. So here we go.

I’M going to play it hello! Good morning, good evening, good afternoon, uh, my name is mohammed. I’M the ceo and founder of easybot, i’m just making this a small exercise to showcase uh one of our customers and wait. Hey guys.

I just need to switch my sound here all right, so the headset. Sorry for that, okay, hello, good morning, good evening, good afternoon, uh, my name is mohammed. I’M the ceo and founder of easybot, i’m just making this a small exercise to showcase uh.

One of our customers earning in the last 30 days just to confirm today, is what date is today: okay today, so i’m just checking it in google so that we have some kind of transparency. So today is 4th of may, and this is the account that we want to study right now. This person, this person started with 81 000 and uh his amount spreaded among 10 coins uh.

If we look at any of those coins, let’s say, for example, the bitcoin. Let’s go and look at the first trade to say when it when it started. If you see it started on third of april, so he just completed one month.

We can check that on all the coins or any other coin, just randomly to see ada. For example. Let’s go to the first trade yeah see the first trade also started on uh 3rd of april. So let’s look here: uh there are 10 coins and they have done different kind of of profits.

Uh. What i did is that i checked the the market price when we started each of those coins and then the lowest point of the market that these coins went to, so that we can say see how much profit this this person made and how much the market Have dropped since he started, so let’s go to the excel sheet. Yes, here you go so you have those coins.

Those are all 10 coins that he used and we put 8100 in each coin, so total 81. 000. This is the market price.

When the coin started or when the the trading started – and this is the lowest price that these coins have reached, for example, the bitcoins are 64 978 and the lowest market price that reached during this cycle, but during this trade is 37 700 719 that mean it Had a drop of 19 percent uh ethereum likewise was 3560 and the lowest market price that reached to is 2731. That means the drop of the market is 23 percent. If we look at seoul, it dropped 38.

Aave 44 trx have dropped. 19. Xrp is about 30 ada, 36 dot, 38 percent, crv, 33 percent and etc is around 45.

So i took the average here for all of these uh drops that mean the market has every drop of 33 percent. All of the coins were in negative were going down that mean we had a a downtrend market during this one month that this person started trading. Even though we had this drop of the market.

Still easybot was able to make a great uh profit for him. Uh. Just one is important note here that we will realize the whole profit once the whole cycle is closed. Looking at here, the profit look at bitcoin made only forty one dollars in profit.

Ethereum made uh. Ninety four dollars solano have made uh 133 afve 194 uh trx, made 195 186 for xrp 63 dollars for 88, 59, 95. Sorry dollars for dot and crv have made very good profit, mid, 473 and etc was 157, as i explained in the previous videos.

Is that easy bot is mainly depending on the tiny market movement, the normal daily movement, whether the market’s going up or going down it? Just uh depends on the up and down of one to five percent that happens in daily basis and generates small profits, which adds up to making good income looking at the profits in terms of percentage compared to the initial amount start with all the starting amount. Uh bitcoin just made only 051 ethereum made one point: one: seven percent uh solana; one point: uh; six: five percent aave two point: four percent and two point: 241 for trx: 23 percent, xrp 078 for ada, 11, 8 for dot and crv made 585 percent, etc. Made 15.

Thank you very much all right, so that was the ceo explaining uh quite a lot of stuff. There hope you guys enjoyed that um and bring some clarity and answer some of your questions on. You know how the bots doing in a crashing market, not just when it’s all hunkydory, you know in the market, because everyone’s an expert when the market goes up, but when it goes down, you know it’s, usually everyone panics and you know, sells at a loss or Makes big losses but with the easy bot you can avoid those losses, you can actually make some profits even in a crashing market.

That’s what what separates the spot from other bots right, but again, obviously i’m not guarantee guaranteeing anything. But you know again it’s a free bot so like what is there just as well? Try it right, um all right, so i just wan na quickly on a side note uh, i’m gon na go to my affiliate center. Let’s say to everyone joining the easy bottom. Two, those who have joined already um that you know if you want to share this with people, because again you like this – is something you can share without shame without you know having to worry whether it’s gon na you know disappear one day or whether you know People are going to lose their money because, obviously, like i said you can’t lose your money here, because your money is in your own crypto wallet.

So like again, if you what’s saying that is, if you want to share it with people, then um you know reach out to me. My phone number is below send me a whatsapp message. I can help you out. If i have to give you a quick tip.

You know make some youtube videos make some get yourself ourselves out there, guys um, youtube videos and tick tock, especially um. Get you a lot of traffic. Okay, so make your youtube videos make some tick tock videos about it, share it with p as many people as you can and you know, get them involved, build your organization and get some affiliate commissions. It’s that simple.

You know, because you get like a small little percentage of small little gainers, like from every single person’s trades from all their winning trades. You get a you, get a small percentage like a small commission from all of their winning trades right. Um. This from the service fees, as you guys know, is especially enough for the free members.

Uh 70 goes to like the profit 70 of the profits that the bot makes for you keep 30 of that goes to the person who signed you up or some of that, and some of that goes to the company as well. You know to keep the company running and then obviously paid members go have a 80 20, so they keep. 80 20 goes to company and affiliates okay.

So in the long term, this is a really awesome thing to build. Keep that in mind um yeah, as you can see, i have 60 direct signups, guys um, and you could also easily do this. It’s just most of my signups are just from making youtube videos, i’m just getting myself out there and sharing this opportunity with people on youtube and gon na start using tick, tock.

How Eazy Bot Handles Crypto Market Crashes

More then yeah. You know it’s um, but anyways, i’d like it. If all of you guys, all you guys are on my team, please reach out to me i’d like to add you on my whatsapp group as well, and i’d like uh like you to i’d, obviously like to help you build your team as well. Um yeah, if you want to, if you obviously, if you just want to use the bot, that’s perfectly fine.

If you don’t want to sign up – and so that’s perfectly fine, but i mean if it’s working for you, then then why wouldn’t you want to share with people right? But again that’s up to you. You don’t have to sign people up with this. You can just use the button. The bot will make profits for you passively.

So that’s what’s great about this. You have options guys um, okay, yeah all right. So that’s then, in probably the end of this video video within a video um and, as usual like i said, i hope you guys enjoyed it and yeah thanks for watching as usual, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and yeah, Like i said before, all my links are below, including my easybot signup link, the link to the telegram groups, a link to the zoom calls.

You guys know the zoom meeting, starting in about an hour. If you would like to attend so yeah guys have a good one cheers.

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