Eazy Bot| 0.3% Profit Today, 6.4% For 23 Days Trading BTCUSDT. Made Another 60$ Package Sale Bonus!🤑

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easybot um video and update. So here you guys go. I made a little profit here of 74 cents which, if you take it by percentagewise, it’s still it’s a 03 percent profit more or less right.

On my account, which is pretty solid, like i said guys, if, if i had more capital um to add i i would add it, i’m probably going to add some capital soon, because i made some commissions um and just keep keep. Let it keep it running. I mean let it keep compounding it’s been. It’s been amazing so far with literally with the worst coin, to trade with i mean trading, btc, usdt, um, and why i say it’s the worst coin to trade with us literally, as you can see two point: seven.

Eazy Bot

Seven percent um by this example last 50 days right um compared to compared to these others. I mean yeah, it’s the least volatile coin. That’s why it’s less got less movement and but if you look at matic i mean it’s crazy, but yes, it’s still six point. Four percent guys um so since since the fifth of july, so that’s 23 days so whether i’ll get to 10 in a month, um, that’s yet to be seen.

I actually want to change queens or maybe zoomatic ethereum classic is also doing really well at the moment. Um, like things can change guys like coins fluctuate. This is just the thing i’m going to mention again is is um like like, for instance, let’s take yeah, let’s take ethereum classic, it could be one of the worst coins for that time period, but maybe next month it could be one of the best i mean, If you you look at the chart, look at look at how it’s been pumping um, let’s go to a different time frame here. This is literally a 15 minute time frame guys.

This is look at where it literally started 23 dollars price right, it’s 26 july. So two days ago, and it pumped all the way to almost 34 dollars. So i mean this is like again guys. The crypto is like the the wild wild west.

So, what’s that, like a 35 gain in jesus in like two days, so it’s going to be interesting to see um, you know come the market inside school. It is every two weeks on a friday there’s a market inside school right um. There was one last week if you check on your dashboard um, you can check all the replays i’ll show you that anyways um so friday there was one and then uh what was it um so in two weeks, basically, not this week or next week, there will Be another one and then it’s going to be interesting to see how ethereum classic has done in the last two weeks.

I mean it’ll, probably be up there with one of the best performing ones along with matic and uniswap. So so this is pretty cool. I mean she’s, but yeah crypto fluctuates guys, but these are some of the returns and this is in a bear market. As i keep me as i mentioned i’ve, i’ve talked about this in different video, but it’s like talking about like this is the bear market.

So imagine on a bullish when we really really get super super bullish. Now i mean expect to see three to four times, maybe even more more um returns than you’re. Seeing here and again, that’s not promises.

But again it’s just like looking at the data. Looking at the results i mean like again, this was in the crashing markets in a bull market in a side, trending market we’re going to see some some really really good gains. I’M really excited because again like these are gains that you’re making um in the safety of your own wallet right, you’re, fully in control of your funds, like with other platforms, you promise, whatever similar returns or more returns or whatever it’s usually usually, are usually scams because They and they promise fixed returns, but there’s no evidence of how they make the money here.

Everything is transparent, so, as i always show you guys, so if you can see like the most recent trade um here we go. Let me go into my exchange. This is where your money is guys you can either use bitcoin, binance or googling.

So and i’m going to talk about the commissions i made as well um from another. I’Ve got another advanced package, so i just want to quickly for the i know, there’s always new people coming to my channel and you know, and i try and accommodate everyone. So as you can see, you saw that same trade um in easybod.

Look at that one here we go uh. Where was it? Where was it? Was it uh there? We go so same. Trade same amount same time as you can see those brought into those two buys and it sold off and it made a little bit of a profit. So it’s small profits.

All the time that keep compounding guys like again was today was 03, but some days you need to be patient, because the markets only started picking up again, especially bitcoin um the last day or two i mean, as you could see, this trade literally took um five Days to take profit – and i know bitcoin is one of the worst trades. That’s what uh coins to trade? That’s why i’m going to switch, but i just want to run it for a month and then i’ll switch over to different queen, because i just want to go by month by month basis um and keep stats like that. I guess and if you’re wondering again um. I have mentioned uh what six point four percent is because i started 102 dollars about the first 12 days right.

So then i made just over five dollars: um. That was a really good 12 days and yeah. That’s what i got five percent and then it made an additional.

When then i added funds and made an additional 14 percent on the funds that i’ve added. So i currently got 271 dollars that the bot is trading with um, so yeah it’s going really really good right now, really good uh, okay, so and oh yeah. I just want to show you guys with ethereum classic look at where it was. This was on the 23rd of july and it just kept climbing, and i mean if you look at how it crashed guys, it was literally down to almost 12 dollars.

It almost touched it right there, and this is an example. Sometimes you will have to be patient, but the bot keeps bringing even when the market crashes it keeps bringing down the average. It keeps making little profits along the way. So then you have unrealized profit, but then eventually, if it gets, swings back and it gets you to the lowered average price, doesn’t it doesn’t need to get back to the initial buying? That’s what makes it so awesome the bot will continue.

Even if the market never comes back right, the bot will continue to bring down the average to where the market currently is, so that you know not only maintain your portfolio but also make profits guys. Just again, this is like the worst case scenario. This was a nasty nasty nasty drop, very nice to drop so now i hope so.

I believe now we’re gon na looking at the markets myself, you know as a trader i believe like since we had such a bad crash. I think we can expect some side trending market and, while we’re starting to see some big moves, some bullish, some positive bullish, um uh. How can i say a market, so you it’s a good time, also to start using the easy body if you haven’t um started using it um, because you know the people who started cheese like look at ave was also one of the coins that has traded.

That’s also um, like we launched on the 31st of march. So then are they just just dropped all the way to 250. Like a 70, i don’t know she’s it’s a crazy 75, more than almost 80 percent drop and the body’s still trading um. So we’ll see in the market, insights um what they’ll have to show us, but i’m not trading, all the obviously it’s one of the companies accounts that they keep showing that they keep showing us the stats um yeah.

This was a crazy drop, but this is also gon na. This was a good opportunity like right when easybot launched 31st of march to see how you know if, if the bot can really still make profit not only make profit but also maintain your portfolio in a crashing market. So because that’s a big thing guys a lot. Everyone’s an expert when it’s when the market is going up every every one, um most of people’s bots do well in the markets going up, but when the market crashes, they lose all their gains to all their returns, plus they bought for um.

Their portfolio goes down. It’s just a mess, the easy part is, is the stand, is the standard where it just makes profits all the time right, but again in obviously the crashing market like again in a in this case of ethereum classic as well? You have to be patient at times, but just let the pot do its thing guys and it will weather the storm. So, as warren buffett said, you know what what are the there’s two rules into making money? First rule: don’t lose money. The second rule.

Don’T forget the first rule right so obviously, with the easy part is you can bet on not losing money plus making money, even in the worst market conditions and again you’re, always in control of your funds guys and there’s no leverage, there’s no, there’s no stop losses To be hit because it’s spot trading so when the bot um puts in a buy right it, but it buys in the actual queen, as you guys can see right when the bot does a trade it buys in a bit of the coin. Most of you already know this, but i you know um, as you can see, bitcoin there’s a little bit of bitcoin brought in there as you can see it bought in the actual coin. So if easy white word to disappear tomorrow, what would happen? You would still have your all your money here, including your profits plus plus you’d, have you’d basically just be left with crypto guys, so it’s foolproof 100, it’s 100 scam free so and it’s free to try out.

Yes, they are paid packages, but first write a free package and see if it if it um works for you, you know. Like um, i mean i talk about the packages in a different video, so the free package is for life guys and you can trade with up to two coins at a time, um all right. So oh yeah, yeah yeah.

What i wanted to mention is i’m going to my wallet. Okay, there was a service fee deduction, so it was over 106. As you see, this little service fee was taken off. I’Ve got some package sale commissions and, as you guys know, in a previous video, i talked about my first package: sale commission on level three level, two and now on level, one more recently, so yeah, i’m very excited about that um! It’s just the thing: is people see the value in this right, a lot of people have it have enough capital to take advantage of the packages, so they get it so so a lot of summer guys are trading with 10 coins and more at a time, and You can only do that with a paid package right, so it depends what what you want to do but again watch my other video where i talked about when i talk about the pay packages and the potential benefits, but i’m on free.

Because again i don’t have two thousand dollars on water traders, so just buying a paid package won’t won’t benefit me right now, but i’m definitely going to upgrade. You know once i have enough capital, because again it’s like diversifying your portfolio is a very good thing to do, because so that you don’t miss opportunities in the different coins because again um the more coins you’re trading with the more more opportunities you have to profit Right because the coins fluctuate and move differently every single month, like i just mentioned so so yeah and i got some service feed commissions this. This is going to be huge in the future, guys watch what shot this is going to snowball.

Eventually, that’s going to be big, so yeah, i’m probably going to withdraw this uh pretty soon uh, maybe later today, tomorrow i’ll see um i mean they. Don’T really need the money right now and but yeah i’d like to add it to the bot in any case. So you know have a little bit more capital. The traders.

That’s also good make that extra bit of profit. That will make a difference in the long run, so yeah company overview what else you want to look like? Okay. So, just again i want to touch on the the replays, so that will be, i think, in the dashboard.

If we go here in um, this was a good one, easy bot performance and trading inside. So that’s that’s one that i would highly recommend looking at guys. If you haven’t signed up sign up and have a look, have a look at this, this call guys this was really really really good.

If you want to look at all the other zoom calls you can simply yeah, you can simply go as you can see, clicked on that little arrow, thingy, um click on it vimeo link good afternoon right uh, and then you can see all the videos so yeah Guys um, that is, that, for this video i just oh yeah – and i just want to mention if i do have a a telegram channel, so the link for that will be below where i share all my team resources and everything with you guys. You know to help you get off to the best start possible um. I also share geez. Let me just go out there.

I also share my phone number below the video. So if you so, i mean feel free to reach out to me on whatsapp any every time. Guys, especially, you know, if you’re really really serious about joining the easy part, but regardless, if you just have questions or queries, send me a message anytime on whatsapp or telegram or join my telegram channel, whichever guys um really feel free to do so.

My easybot signup link is below the video along with you know. If you want to sign up right away along with also all the zoom call links for you know for the company zoom calls, which i would highly recommend also attending. You know when you get a chance, so yeah guys um thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and, as usual, have a good one cheers

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