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Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video and yeah, just uh a daily update as usual, guys um. Well, it’s been a few days. It’s actually yeah i’ve um! It’s been four four five days now, since i haven’t done an update uh, you know just been busy, i guess um, but anyways guys so notice that i’ve i’ve, basically um, decided to actually switch to uh well to add another bot, because yeah i mean i’m all For diversification, so yeah i mean the matic bot is the one that i added on the 8th so so far it’s the profits have been really slow, even with uni swap the crypto markets have just been slow. The last i don’t know 10 days or so for the last two weeks i would say, but again guys um, you know it’s how it goes.

Eazy Bot Update

Some some weeks are good. Some weeks are slow, um and you know some months are good. Some months are slow.

That’s why it’s good to diversify your coins. I mean just by this example. This is an old example that i’m using now, but you can just see the differences one one coin for this month.

You know the best performing point for this month might be the worst performing coin for the next month and so on. Right like for that time period, matic did the best and um. You know, let’s say xmr or whatever was one of the worst.

So, let’s just say let’s say: xm xmr did the worst then, but maybe it did that better. You know it will do better the next month, then matic, for instance, you know so it can easily switch. So guys it’s it’s not about. You know the zoom calls.

It’s not it’s not about um, you know necessarily changing your coin. Every single month, it’s about trying to add as many coins as you can to your portfolio. Obviously, with a free package you can, you can add up to two coins, which is plenty for me right now.

Like i said, i only have i allocated like 710 dollars for both coins. Um. Okay, i have less in my what uh like money in my wallet but as you guys can see, but um yeah, some of you might have noticed. No, my portfolio didn’t decrease.

I just withdrew some money for um. I needed it for something so but um. I can always just add usdt again if push comes to shop, but for now, as the you know, as the market currently is, i have more than enough usdt to um to cover the positions that need to be covered right, um, so so yeah. I did a i’m going to show you guys some more commissions that i got.

I did a withdrawal, so anyways, so yeah guys um. If you want to know, if you want to see more recent results – and you can simply just go to my channel um – this easy bot, performance, insights and corporate update, then you can see how the bots also performing on other people’s accounts, and this is also as You can see this screenshot here um. This was uh on this was on the first of august, so it’s also more recent. So then you can have a look at all the different coins right and how they were doing.

But the main thing is guys, even if some, even if sometimes, if you’re getting like, if it’s slow returns um, then at least you know you’re not losing money. You know, as i think it was warren buffett who said: what’s the first rule: what’s the what’s the two rules of making money right, um, first rule, don’t don’t lose money and the second rule is don’t forget the first rule. So if you can manage a way to obviously make money without losing money, that’s obviously the right thing to do right and that’s what you get with easy bot and again guys um. We can.

You can expect like better results pretty soon. You know like better than this um if, if the market turns bullish again, because we’re still in a downtrending market, we’re not out of the woodwork yet in the in the crypto markets, but all the results you’ve been seeing right is in a downtrending market, where the Bot not only maintained your portfolio’s value, but also you made profit right. So that’s that’s the big difference between the easy bot and other bots, the other bots, don’t have any plan right when the market crashes, the other bots. You know you’re sitting with 80 90 floating loss like i’ve had with with um a previous bot i used to used to use before easybot.

They didn’t have any plan there right. It was doing brilliantly in the uptrend, but in the downtrending market. Oh my word guys. You would just bite your nails with easybot.

You didn’t have that issue right. It makes it makes profit in all market conditions. You just need to leave, it just be patient and let it do its thing like with matic right now, as you guys can see.

The last few days, it’s it’s been really slow, i mean 013 so, but it will pick up. It’Ll definitely pick up guys. These are the crypto markets right it doesn’t.

It doesn’t stay like this forever right, but that’s why i say also take your percentage like over. All what you’ve done you know so so my total so far has been 891 for 36 days and that’s really really good right. That’s what i was getting with with a different platform almost and that platform i had to send money to them. I wasn’t in control of my funds right and now they’re having issues and i’m still waiting to get my money out of it and it’s just a bugger up with easy botch, you’re always in control your funds, guys that’s the main thing, so you can build on This long term, you can let your money compound, you can keep, you can treat it like.

A savings account right. You can keep adding money every single month if you can right to your binance or your kucoin exchange and um yeah, just just let it grow guys because what’s the point leaving it in a bank and again guys, this is not financial advice. I’M just i’m just saying right: why leave it in the bank when you know especially like for me, crypto exchanges are just as secure as your bank is right and guys just quickly for the newbies, as you guys can see, um the body’s trading union matic. It’s brought in a position on matic now.

Let me just show you what it’s what it’s done so so far today, okay, it actually made a little bit of a profit that i didn’t see. So let me just quickly update that zero point or well. That’s uh. 11, almost 12 cents uh, but but hey guys, this thing is about it.

It will continue to trade and make smaller profits that add up, as you guys can see it added up to that percentage. Um that i just showed you guys. So this is not a uni swap buttocks, zero point or 11 cents um.

I don’t even know how much that is. That’s like 01 percent, it’s uh jesus like 004, or something right, that’s just at the top of my head. So let me just add that okay a little little bit to almost nine percent um that we’re at uh. Let me just so: it was 004 right, so zero point.

Four four percent today really really solid, really solid day and uh. Let me just add that we’re making money guys we are making money all right so slowly but surely yeah. So you can see this is the position it sold off.

Profit Today Trading

So this position took about. Let me just see this one took two days um to sell off, but then, as you guys can see, it made a pretty handsome profit there, 11 and 21 cents. So that’s one of the better ones: 24 cents, there 11 cents there and it will keep on.

Like like scalping, basically like again making putting in making these small little profits that add up and again guys, you can change the settings if you want right, but i would only suggest that if you kind of know what you’re doing right and you can be more Aggressive if you want to make profits quicker guys, but i’m just saying this – this setting is super safe, because this setting this this is the default setting guys that was designed for the ceo he’s a genius by the way, mathematical genius um, all the results you’ve been Seeing right is with this strategy this. This is the builtin strategy. This is the one click strategy. You don’t have to change a thing here, guys it’s plug and play that that’s the big thing, but if you want to like a quick way, if you want to be more aggressive right and you think that that your bot won’t need these additional covers for now.

Right then, you could just simply, as you guys can see all right. You see this three point. Three, nine percent.

The body is buying in 339 of my uh capital of my usdt every time, so it’s buying it’s using usdt to buy the coin. It’s trading with. So in this case, medic or uni, swap if medical uni swap goes up, the bot sells off your profit goes into usdt and it repeats the same process and it also compounds so yeah guys.

I just want to mention here that that you can change it to six percent, it’s 10, but again guys the more you change it. The the thing is like the the less covers it will be able to handle right if you go six percent ten percent or whatever it’s going to trade more aggressively. But if the market decides it, it drops again quite a lot. Then it might not be able to handle these covers right, and you wanted to to to take these covers.

Why? Because so that it can manage the crash, it can bring down your average price and stall and still continue to trade. You. Never you don’t want the bot to stop trading guys.

That’s the big thing so yeah just keep that in mind guys if you just decide to be more aggressive on it. Um like for me, i’m fine, i’m patient, i’m fine with the safe settings right now. I really don’t have an issue with it um for me, it’s right now.

It’s enough profit. I mean, like i said guys. I mean that one month was eight percent and i’m pretty as long as i can make five percent or more a month without without stressing about anything, then i’m happy guys.

I mean really, then i’m really happy, because i’ve tested out the more aggressive i’ve say. I’Ve. Basically, i’ve even created my i tried to create my own strategy and it just backfired really badly on me guys – and i have some trading experience – i’m not a novice, i’m just not a professional trader right. So that’s why i’m just enjoying um.

Just you know, nice steady returns, no problem without the stress, um, so yeah. What else? What else is there? Let’s just quickly look at matic, yeah somatics been super slow, as you guys can see. Last few days, it’s actually as you as as i showed you, it was one of the best performing queens for that time period until the 10th of july, but you know um.

So far it’s been slow to last few days, but again it will pick up so yeah. Let me just show you guys another thing um, the commissions i made for all you guys who are interested. Sorry guys.

My nose is just bothering me, you know, so i apologize for that um anyway. So, as you guys can see, i made another package sale today, someone upgraded from advanced um to to vip, and i’m just gon na mention guys we’re giving people a quality product. That’s why they’re doing this on their own right, they’re upgrading on their own? I’M not saying it’s a must you know, but if you have you know, if you have more capital to trade with, if you have at least like say two three thousand dollars plus to trade with then consider like getting an advance package because then you can trade With more coins and take more advantage of the market right so again you can, i mean, like i said, the cryptos move differently guys, so it’s really good to diversify.

If you can, if you can’t guys, you just go with the free package like myself and maybe in the future, if you’ve made enough money, consider the advance package, that’s what i’m gon na do. Well, i wan na i wan na go for the founders club, so i would like to be vip package just by the way guys if everyone in the founders club get like five percent of the company’s revenue every month. So it’s a very it’s obviously founders club positions are still available. If that’s something that interests you um, you should have a look at that.

I have some videos about it on my channel, but yeah guys. So this person who upgraded to the vip package gets to trade all the available coins and gets these added benefits. But the big thing for me guys is being able to trade all the coins eventually right and having that diversity.

Because again, this this example is perfect. Like, as you can see, all these coins are different results, so when you can trade as many coins as possible, you’re, not missing anything so again guys this is a valuable product and it’s just by the way. The packages are it’s a yearly subscription.

So it’s very, very affordable and again you’re getting a quality product right, but the fact that they giving it to you for free in the first place i mean just – shows the integrity of these guys. Um and you know, there’s nothing wrong with them. You know charging or charging if you want more charging a fee for for this software. If you want more out of the software right, but again it’s not a must to upgrade, and also, if you’re, if you’re an affiliate like, i say guys, i’m i’m a free.

I’M still using a free package because i don’t have a lot of capital to trade with right now, but um but yeah. I have full um. What’s the word, i’m looking for full access to the full compensation plan right? This is, this is amazing, so even as a free member guys, you don’t even have to use the bot, you can refer it to people and you can still make commissions out of it.

But obviously you know you want to use the bot right because it’s um, because it’s simply that good. Why would you not use it um, it’s free just again right. So these are all the the affiliate commissions i have made. You know just from yes.

This month has been has been pretty crazy guys i mean from the 30th of july onwards. I mean some really really good commissions on up to my third level, and this is what’s possible guys again, you can build a longterm respectable business with easybot right. You can give people a quality product and the company rewards you with an affiliate commission right, the company they they said they didn’t have to go that route.

With the affiliate um uh, you know going the route of affiliate marketing, they could have gone, traditional marketing just marketed it, and the bot would have still been a success. But then the company would have kept all the money and they decided. No, they want to give back to the people, that’s what is an affiliate program right and it also makes sense. It’s um.

The best marketing is also mouth um. What’s it mouth mouth mouth to mouth? What? What’s? So? What i’m looking for guys anyways! You know what what i mean right is word of mouth. That’s what that’s what i was looking for word of mouth, it’s the best marketing out there right and by having an affiliate program. You basically have that you know even companies like amazon, um, amazon, forex brokers, all the biggest companies have affiliate marketing programs.

You know they, it’s just. It just makes sense. So if there’s an issue with that, i don’t know why you have an issue with that. Like you know like, if you have a problem with the company rewarding people for um, referring them to their products, i mean that’s simply all it is right – and in this case it’s software, but it’s still a product right, like microsoft, as as software right that you Pay for right, the bot is software, guys it’s product as easy bot is a software company.

It’s not a forex, it’s not a broker or anything. It’s not a security. It doesn’t have to be registered with the sec or whatever anything like that, because all it’s giving you is a bot that trades for you on your own exchange. Your exchanges have to be you know they have to do all the the legal stuff with the sec and and and the fsca and all the regulatory bodies um all right, easy part just make, as you make sure they are registered with with um, obviously with us.

I t whichever itr people they have to be registered with right it authorities or whatever, because software authorities anything like that right um, so they have to be registered as a software company which they are. I mean i’ve mentioned this. I’Ve showed you guys a certificate in a different video, but again guys, even if easybot disappears tomorrow, where’s your money, it’s still in in your binance wallet and, like i always mentioned guys. If i go into the exchange here, i’ve just showed you those coins that the bot brought in there’s no leverage.

Also you guys by the way, which makes it super low risk, um trading. As soon as you trade with leverage as a doubleedged sword, you can you can make a lot of money very quickly, but you usually you’re going to lose your money with leverage. So this is spot trading guys.

So there’s no leverage here buys in the actual coin, waits for the coin to go up and it and then it sells off, makes a little profit and continues the same process the whole time. It just keeps doing it for you right. It’s a money, printing machine. So here you here, you have again, as you guys can see right.

The uni swap and the matic matic coins that it brought in right. The positions uh buy, sell, buy, sell right, as you guys can see. So this.

If we go back to i’m going to get back to the commissions now guys, i’m not keep jumping around a lot, but oh jesus, just logged me out. Let me just uh sorry for this guys um. If you’re inactive for long enough, then it will log you out so anyways yeah. I know this authenticator thing is a bit of a pain, but it’s um, it’s necessary guys.

I mean it’s gon na save you from hackers and all kinds of stuff. You know, like they’re, upping the security to make sure that our accounts is always safe right, so notice. These positions look at the time and the amount you’ll see the same thing with matic right same time. Same amount how’s.

This for transparency, guys like like always mention, is that’s where the trading is going on and obviously, if you’re using coin it will trading will be happening in your exchange. So then you have uni, swap let’s just have a look at that same thing. It’s the same thing as you guys see notice the times right.

This is where the trading is going on. This is where your trading capital is easybot disappears tomorrow, your money’s safe along with your profits, guys, five years from now you they say, you’ve made a lot of money and um with the bot, and it’s suddenly easy bot just disappears. Where’s your money going to be in here in binance or kukwain long term, guys long term. There’s no point in joining these stupid ponzi platforms that i even make reviews about.

A lot of these platforms is where they promised you fixed returns, and you have to lock your funds guys. That’s not real and besides you’re you’re, not making like money off of your investment you’re, making money of other people’s money right, the easy part, okay or some people like will say, with an affiliate program, you’re making money off of other people’s money. No you’re not you’re, making money with a product right. So it’s the same.

It’s the same. When someone buys something a product from you right, then yes they’re, giving them they’re, giving you their money right, yeah for your product, so you’re making money off of them, but they’re buying a product from you right in this case a quality product like easybot. So i don’t know what some people are on about about that, but yeah guys nothing wrong with having an affiliate program and rewarding people from referring your products for referring your products. In easybot’s case i mean otherwise, you know it’s like again, so many companies that are doing it right now, so yeah guys.

Let me just go back to the affiliate program. Ah, the commissions i made so yeah guys, usually within a day your affiliate commissions, reflect in your binance or coupon exchange or any exchange for that matter. Um so yeah guys it’s very lucrative.

You can build this long term and again it will keep paying you over and over again, because there’s a very high retention rate. Remember these these commissions will are like um, it’s yearly right, so it will keep paying you once a year every year, right and in the founders club. That’s a different story. I mean once you qualify for the founders club.

That’s an additional stream of income, so yeah and your package purchase will also show you if you, you want to purchase a package right. So the only time you’re going to send money to easybot is like you said, like you see guys, i left a little bit of usdt in there. Why? For my service fees, because easybot has no access to my money in binance, so for them to deduct their service fees for the trading um, you just have to make sure you keep a little bit of money like, in my case, your nine dollars and 19 cents. For the trading, if it goes to zero, the bot will stop trading so make sure you have a little bit of usdt in your easybot wallet just to cover your service fees, guys, um and again.

Another thing that i that i’m going to mention is oh yeah. If you, if you obviously, if you want to buy a package, then um the only time you’re going to need to that’s also the other time you’re going to send money to to the easy bot wallet is, if you obviously want to up upgrade to advanced vip Packages only two times guys, your trading capital stays in your wallet, so you’re in control. Here i can’t get scammed, can’t get drug pulled.

That’s the big thing all right. So let me just look at my organization here: oh sheesh, okay, i don’t even what the heck is. This okay geez looks like that. Wow guys.

Look at this. I this is actually the first time i noticed this wow like it was literally like a few half an hour ago. It was the old other.

It was like the old interface right. It looked differently. Uh, so i mean yeah. You can see: okay, total active bots, um direct referrals; 156.

Okay, total three members, 214. Okay, so because this was also a question, people are asking me: how can you see how if, if people are actually using the bot if they are active, if they’re, actively trading? Well, i mean here you go right, so yeah i mean here we’re using the bot. We have 56 active bots in the first level, uh 12, the second level 11 in the third level. So yeah guys for all of you watching this, you haven’t activated your bot, guys your bots um get make sure your bots are active, asap right, um yeah.

This is so cool. Okay, total advanced packages, 22 vip yeah. That’s also what i wanted to show you guys is.

I have two vip um now you know, as the one person upgraded to vip. It was literally this morning or whenever so awesome. Just for that, for that person who upgraded to vip congratulations – and i really hope that you benefit from it – you know like as much as possible, so this is pretty freaking awesome and then yeah guys, i’m gon na almost end off this video. I just want to mention uh, you know.

If you want to know more about the company, you can sign up for free check out the company overview um you can go to dashboard. Just that is so cool um, you’re gon na go to your dashboard and you can simply as well um for the zoom core schedule. Guys again, i highly recommend that you join the zoom course.

Here’s the whole the full schedule that you that um, you know you can see to attend. I also have a telegram group just by the way guys you can join that as well. Live too one it one group is just um for it’s just a channel where i post updates and stuff right and uh team resources, and then i and then i have a channel chat right where you can actually post messages and chat in the group.

If you have an issue or whatever or if you want to build big, you know like if you want to build a big organization and turn this into a six and sevenfigure monthly income right. So yeah guys now we have um. Let me just see okay, so this is my channel guys. If you want to know more about the founders club, that’s there.

I mean some of the recent zoom calls um company overview somewhere on also somewhere on here uh. You know i just have plenty of info. So yeah guys, you can also contact me directly um. You know my phone number is below so feel free to send me a message anytime.

If you have any questions, queries or again guys, if you want to build a big organization, i mean i work with six and seven figure earners on a daily basis. That’s why i’m doing so well because of the mentorship there right, really, if you have people that are willing to help you take advantage of that, just saying right and yeah guys, that’s that’s it! All. My links are below, including my signup link.

If you want to sign up right away, so it’s all there guys as usual um thanks for watching guys, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Oh, i almost forgot something guys. I wanted to show you just before i i go. I was like did i forget something i was like.

Yes, i thought to myself: no just yeah. Let me just show you quickly um. This is a testimony from someone.

Well i mean i think, they’ve joined, but yeah um, just gon na quickly mention something as well. Is the six hundred dollars per coin is recommended, but you can trade trade with less guys. You can always add usdt along the way right, especially for additional, covers um, but you can start with this.

I mean you can start with as low as 100 dollars. For the for the bot and again just always add to it that’s what i’ve been doing so yeah guys um. This is just an awesome testimony right here, uh.

I made a very big mistake for mistakes, for sabotaging myself in ponzi scheme that swindled away all my life savings sheesh, which i should have used to start easybot, but all hope is not lost. I respect you a lot. That’s why i want to start easybot as soon as i raise the 600. You really saved me from committing suicide when i told you that queen pocket swindled swindled me away away with my money.

I can’t forget this is now my signpost. So yeah guys. That’s a that’s an awesome, awesome testimony that was actually a guy that that sent a message to my upline in easybot, my upline and my mentor and yeah. It’s just you know at easybot.

We are changing lives as we go right, we’re giving people something legit, something that they can trust um and again guys like that’s why? I also do the reviews on these ponzi schemes and these these really shady freaking platforms, because i’m tired of getting scanned myself and i’m tired, i’m tired of seeing other people get scammed that that’s. Why again guys? That’s why i’m sticking to legit stuff! You know because i know better now in the past i just i was stupid and ignorant mainly and you know, lost a lot of money with scams as myself, but you know we live and we learn guys so just keep moving forward and stick to the stuff That actually works, and it actually makes sense – and it’s actually legit right guys thanks for watching uh again, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and have a good one cheers

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