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And here’s the story we’re going to talk about here today. It’s one of the things that we’re really excited about easy ivan. Has these amazing amazing stories that we’re going to dive into and uh talk about what this means and really help you to understand why this is so powerful, so muhammad’s going to show you this actual account, but i’m going to tease it and set it up for You so we’re going to look at an account that opens uh right around the 10th of may.


Excuse me, 10th of april, so we opened a trade here right about 42 and what happens you can see? The market was actually on a downward trend when this particular user started this trade. So here just imagine for a moment you decide you want to get into crypto and i mean who knows it’s going to continue to go down, but you want to get involved. So you get involved and then the worst thing happens, the average person gets in crypto in the market crashes. This is like literally what happens here.

It just continues to drop, and so for most people you get dejected. You think this isn’t, for you there’s something wrong with you. You just don’t know how to make this work.

Well, here’s where easybot is so powerful. It takes. This entry point allows the market to do what the market’s going to do. In this case, the market decided it want to go, it wanted to go down and it went down quite a bit, but along the way along this movement as it dropped, easybot was making profits the entire time, and ultimately, this trade never came back to the original Position the the trade started at 42, the market never recovered.

We closed the trade here, easy about close the trade at 27, a total of and a half percent drop from its entry point. You can see that here from the trading view, so in a 34 and a half percent drop easybot actually closes this trade in profit over six percent uh. What this shows you is proof of concept that no matter what’s happening in the market.

Obviously, a market going up is a great place to make money, but what’s what about a market that’s going down, we have the ability to make money in that environment as well. This is what we’re really really excited to share with you here today. So muhammad are you: are you ready to jump in there and talk a little bit more about this? Okay, so this is. This is the actual trade that just uh david have shared just now a moment ago? Uh, if you see here, the decision have closed and price was uh 421 paid and then, from that point onward the market was only going down like the 422 uh, 34, 40 one and then at 37, and then uh went all the way down up to i, While the market was fluctuating easy, but as everyone knows it was buy, it’s buys themselves in small parts and what it does also.

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It brings down the average price of the top trade down while the market is just moving down and makes a small profits on the way, and so all of these, as our profits buy and sell, buy and sell, buy and sell all the way down until uh. The moment came to a point where it could close the trade all the trades on the top had the price of 2745, so the the the trade which was open at the price of 42. It’s closed now at 27 and still made a profit of uh about 200 usd which here, which represents about 667 of the capital that’s being used here.

The capital was about 3 000. So we’re talking about uh three as 66, the fact in crypto market or in any market is, if you work based on speculations most of the times. You might be wrong because you depend on news.

You depend on on technical analysis, uh predicting that the market is going to go up, so you buy and wait for the market to go up to the point that you protected and then you sell, but well if the market goes down, that’s something that is not In our control and not in anyone’s control, it’s just the the market movement is like that. So what i designed this strategy is that uh then we designed it to work on the worst case scenario that if the market is is just goes down and it stays down for a long time, because no one knows when the market is going to come back Up to the initial point, so it’s basically the the the bot is sustaining right now, with the existing strategy. More than 50 drop of the monkey, the market dropped 50 and stays there for forever.

Profit in a Down Trend

Still, the bot is going to be bringing that trade, which is on the top down to the current market price and close that cycle and bring back the money into usdt or into dollars. Uh plus the profit. That’s made, and that’s exactly that’s an example of what? What’s what the bot is doing?

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